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My life's work now..... Religion of, Loving Spirit in Action ism....

Proliferating, developing, substantiating with knowledge developed these last two thousand years, Jesus religion of, Loving Spirit in Action-ism, I suspect will consume every breath of mine till I have no breath left now. Rather, spearheading an effort, attempting to be Catalyst in an effort, keeper of an effort but not owner, 2 pick up where Jesus and his earliest followers, and the creator of most of the world's great religions, see the all-important Tolstoy letter to a Hindu, is what I will be doing with each breath I'm quite sure. And to embody. Example is not the major thing in influencing people, it is the only thing. Albert Schweitzer.

My life's call may have come today.  As Francis of Assisi heard the call to rebuild the church ,  I have heard the call at midnight  to pick up  the work that Jesus and a few of his followers, extremely few,  began  of  developing and  spreading his religion  which I think I understand is called something like,  Loving Spirit of Goodness in Action-ism.

Today is such an explosive creative Avalanche for me that among other things I may be having some redundant posting here on the blog and or on Facebook. I must run that risk.

And as your loving brother, in responsibility, I suggest to you that you stop whatever you're doing and you follow closely on my Facebook page and subscribe to my blog right hand side for the free Anonymous daily summary of posts. There, I've done my part. The rest is up to you.

And yes, some of you will receive a periodic reminder from me as you have. Though this will be less and less. One of the most painful lessons that life keeps keeps teaching me is that I hurt possibilities for the future when I enable the reticent Behavior even among, maybe especially among, those in whom I see the most promise. I am everyone's brother, especially the most promising that I see, I am not their mother.

Although I'm constrained a bit at the moment, thankfully I found internet here in the desert with a mile hike each way, but I do not have access to WiFi which I would need for my laptop to be useful. Point being that much of the initial creative work will occur at the blog, but greatly hampered until in a week from now I have WiFi and laptop, that was created by me more than 10 years ago with an interesting title, rather an interesting URL which is long and cumbersome, Jesus God good Etc and Jay. Jay being the name I was called for most of my decades. This is the riddle that I was tantalized with the blog that long ago. The relationship between God and good and Jay. Only in the last couple of days as the word good, and goodness, have rocketed to the north star that I think we all need to find and that Jesus was trying to point us to and the other great religious leaders, only in the last couple of days has the puzzle of that URL begun to come clear to me. Life is interesting. God is good. Good is God. The spirit of loving goodness, loving the spirit of goodness, he is loving God. Loving the spirit of goodness in action is the only worship of God that God wants. It is the only true worship of God, creator. This is so obvious. How is it taking me 66 years to see the clarity, though my heart has been pushing me in this direction since my earliest memories.

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