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Solar RV cycling log April 27th. Millimeters of body adjustment maybe crucial.

Several weeks ago major change was made to the physical seat orientation. New holes drilled, the seat made more recumbent. This seems not only to have been a necessary adjustment but there is a vague recollection that before James replaced broken seat brackets more than a year ago he may have done this and forgotten. That would explain a lot why things have felt so foreign so often these last 18 months or so. Fighting to reclaim  lost performance.

No, no, no, no, James does not understand why day after day, journey after journey, his body is still demanding to optimize. Shaking his head.

And it is. Constantly it is trying to improve things and so far James basically trusts it's wisdom.

Tonight has been a good ride, the objective being staying with in the comfort level of the body so it is not  a verse to these long voyages, getting an excellent work out and this will be well over a thousand calories, probably 1,300 more, and leaving the mind largely free for study. James has allowed a slight lapse on the latter tonight to make room for some things the body was trying to explore.

Who knows why, but the body wanted to explore tonight finding the mechanical relationship to the fictitious gear at the knee. Gear at the knee is fictitious, but the absolute mechanical linkage to the real chain ring is not fictitious.

So it is as if the body was saying, okay, this imaginary chain ring at the knee is a good idea, but I want to feel the mechanics of it up close and personal every stroke.

And there has been some of this for weeks. The whole notion of digging, feeling the end of each stroke as one would in an upright cycle has been a very helpful factor.

That emboldens and informs the body maybe. I think so. So tonight the body said, okay, I have a feel for this, it's helpful, but you're actually not putting me in contact with a real thing and I want that.

Side note. Why has James driven off the road, off the edge on to the gravel, right wheel, at one point four mi an hour, for about the sixth time tonight?

So tonight has been, James, dial way back on the motor ratio, you do one part the motor only does 3, that means a very slow cadence, and James, go as slow as you want in the cadence and therefore the velocity as a vehicle. Where is the mechanical end of your fictitious knee gear? Well, I said, we are in the vicinity of it and we have been for weeks. The body said, no James, that's not good enough, I want to feel the actual thing.

And in this third hour of trying to satisfy, it is being approximated. What seems to have achieved that was Scooting the butt forward a good inch or so so that a full full full rotation down to about 45 degrees which is the physical full leg extension on the pedal, fully could feel that sort of hard point. And it was not up until now. And it is liking this. The body is saying, okay, you're getting me something to work with in tactile. We don't have to rely on imagination quite so much. Well, we have banged knees once. On the two inch aluminum cross bar. Ouch. We had to move towo thin towels back about 3 inches so they are less under the butt and more under the initial lumbar of the spine. And the thick wonderful seat cushion back another 2 in as well so it was not interfering with the thighs.

Totally no fabulous numbers here. But the body is right Lee happy that it's doesn't have to do so much guessing. It can feel the reality of the machine. It is substantially emlowered  automatically it seems and that makes James glad. More automatic.

Yes, who knows what can of worms this will open. LOL.

Ignite Soul log April 27th. The forest for the trees James has been missing. Meditating this morning on LSGIA being helped.

Frustrated is James that his metrics LSGIA being are stag not at about 7.5. Horribly frustrated? No. But frustrated? Yes. And glad of it. No frustration, no potential for growth.

So on the regenerative downhill Glide this morning which takes a little over an hour, speed limited so this the batteries are not overcharged by charging too quickly, James took to meditating on LSGIA being, his first part of his  prayer, not our Father, LSGIA being. Which as he has written and said is a better descriptive of what the great soul throughout history have meant by God, Or father. LSGIA Being.

Well, this brief meditation not unlike one that I have done in the past regularly, very predictable Lee brought to mind iconic LSGIA beings. Not that there have been a whole lot of them, there have been at most one in a million, and maybe one in a billion.

Not a long meditation nor an attempt to be exhaustive.

Three came to mind. The man Jesus. Sophie Scholl of the white rose Nazi resistance, and Franz Jegerstatter, a ref user of the Nazi war machine, he in Austrian, knowing that it meant rapid execution which indeed it did.

and a important insight came this morning. How James, and we more Broadway, miss the forest for the trees. The most important point, the most important character of these individuals and those like them, is not what they did, but what they were. They were ls beings. They were bits of creator. They were children of creator. And they were joy, the joy of creator and creation. Every breath. Certain of that I am. They could not anymore, would not anymore, throw off this nature to save their lives and avoid torture, then they would commit suicide. Because that would be for them what they would experience a suicide. Death of their very nature which they cherished. In themselves and others.

Does this matter? Who knows? Who knows they are LSGIA being? Not two in a billion. Who cares? Not 3 in a billion.

But those three in a billion do. James does. Jesus did. The gate is narrow few will enter in he said. And he loved, he lived for, giving a chance to those one in a billion. And had he not, had not, those two or three and a billion would have been lost. But they were saved by the likes of these. What a wonderful thing.

Yes, near all ignore the truth. The followers almost without exception use them as props.

Life without severe back pain no longer of thing. Interesting challenge.


This terribly self-absorbed lady had James in a fury.....

About a mile and a half up from Lone Pine is the first really really nasty climb. Probably 13% grade. That is really really steep. Climbing it yesterday, about two-thirds of the way up the worst part, James saw a four-wheel drive Range Rover type of vehicle pull past and stop about two tenths of a mile right on the crest of the hill on the shoulder. James was Furious. My God, I'm trudging up this hill and this clueless lady, I could tell it was a lady, is fussing in the back of her car, standing in back of the vehicle with the big gate open over her head. Lady, go change your child's diaper someplace else. Go arrange your suitcases somewhere else! It's necessary for me to stop when you could do this another 10th or two tenths of a mile ahead?
Traveling at a mile an hour, which happens on really steep grades, the lady was seen walking down the hill, and it soon became apparent she was walking toward the vehicle. She had a bag in her hands. She came alongside the vehicle. Don't stop! Apples and oranges. I stopped. Really there was no way to accept the bag without stopping and it was no longer the worst part of the climb. Bless your heart I said. She began walking quickly back towards her vehicle careful not to obstruct my path of travel. And then she turned on her heel and came back, you stopped, I'll give you a push. I laughed. Not necessary ma'am. Thank you so much.

The Kingdom of God (Joy) is within you. Do unto others all things whatsoever you would have them do unto you, and you enter in. Did I f****** stutter?


Solar RV cycling log April 25. Energy into the feet is energy away from the drive cog at the knees?

Sure, the feet ankles and shins want to get involved. But why? Some of the answer is that it promises relaxation to the thighs. A promise that either it cannot keep or he keeps at the expense of energy being delivered into the vehicle. It is a siren song which sings very sweet Lee but maybe just tonight is being unmasked? For what it is?

Tonight is a good voyage. The priority is on study and that is going very well. The second priority is not to discourage the body through over exhaustion some of that may have happened in the last week and there's an attempt to restore the lack of fearfulness in the body. LOL. An additional factor is that unlike the winter time that exacts a terrible price on a sweating body, not so much in this milder weather. Point being we are beginning to realize that rather than a gigantic output every other day that big voyages every couple of days in a row are an option. Travel to the town has been in every other day event. When Whitney portal is open that may be more like once every 3 days. With some travel everyday. Again, that means that the voyages don't have to be 1500 calorie voyage is. They could be thousand calorie  but two or three back-to-back is pretty good exercise.

Tonight will be a thousand calorie plus voyage creator willing. 1350. Possibly another 500 calories tomorrow.

The organizing principle, the great friend tonight is the notion that the knees are powering a chain ring at the knees. Coupled with the idea that there is a chain on that ring and some level of constant pressure over the front all the time is a good idea.

About 60% into the voyage a new idea appeared that maybe has been seen a long time ago. Momentum in the ring participated with by the knees. And that has caused an experience of the knees almost resting against the forward half, especially the forward 20 %, of that chain ring. Not sure where this will be in the long-term scheme of things but it seems worth indulging for tonight at least. It may will be a good evolution.

With that notion of momentum with the chain ring and the knees sometimes manifest as being at equilibrium with the chain ring pushing back, and sometimes slightly overcoming constantly that momentum. In situations requiring a little bit more power or when the legs feel up to it.

Ignite soul log April 25th. Beloved Freddy Perlman, against Leviathan falling into the ultimate trap?

Tremendous respect from James to Freddy. Tremendous courageous brilliant relentless truth seeker he seems to be. A giant. Tremendously stimulating book in an important way.

But the trap of almost all of the greats seems to have been fallen into by Freddy.

What trap? That paradise is external. Such a shame, for James. If he fell into that trap. That he fell into that trap. Such a great intellect. James needed him to go beyond so James could learn more.

Freedom is not freedom from just Leviathan, but freedom from that illusion that the ultimate experience is any sort of external environment. It is not. It cannot be. We are creatures trapped within our nervous system. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Point being when we decide that external circumstances are necessary to optimeyes  our internal experience, we have to that degree sacrificed our freedom and our joy.

My point is not to find fault with Freddy. My point is to reflect on and learn from  what I'm finding there.

Although it is too late for the mastery of cultural abomination drenched history to make the future different, to some degree it can inform my work as a physician of the soul. An igniter of soul. And probably Freddy's work will be sucked dry by James further for this potential advantage.

Although somewhat crippled in use from this by the absence of notes at the end of the book, citing his sources in detail, James continues to find that the courageous truth seeking speaks loudly from the pages and therefore James will go deeper regardless. Grateful. Much appreciation. And even despite this tremendous deficiency mentioned at the top of this post. Still much of tremendous educational useful value in this book. What a wonderful contribution.

However, neither, this is critically important, neither can the optimal internal state of the nervous system be divorced from what it perceives in the external reality! This is the most important point in the world. To paraphrase, live as tho the entire world depends upon what you do, that your entire joy depends upon what you accomplish, and realize that you will probably make no difference at all, except in the attempt you will be infinitely joyful!


Ignite Souls log April 24. Back and vehicle big distractions but moving forward. Initial Graphics completed.

Peddling and sitting in the ergonomic recumbent seat are very therapeutic for the back it seems, but not sleeping, not lying down, not being on the ground, very destructive it seems.

Unlike this morning in Future Days the attempt will be made to get cycling first thing in the morning.

not recognizing the pattern, and of necessity, this morning was spent in some pain  replacing a left front wheel brake cable, one of two breaks, that has been failing in an odd way as it turns out and badly compromising the breaking. That seems to be rectified.

The catastrophic motor failure of 2 days ago may have taught an enduring lesson, James, make maintenance and upgrades a daily part of the routine. A check list has been established and Light maintenance and preventive maintenance May well be attempted daily now. And some was conducted today. And more plannwd for tomorrow.

The order was begun with FedEx for the  side panel of Sol, and the rear gate. Their process online is a bit cumbersome but I expect that by tomorrow the order will be finalized and by month's end the new graphics should arrive and be installed. That's quite important.

Kingdom of God! Kingdom of good! Throw your lot in with goodness and take the consequences!!! How is the opposite working out for your children????

Kingdom of God! Kingdom of good! Throw your lot in with goodness and take the consequences!!! How is the opposite working out for your children????


Ignite souls log April 23rd. Against Leviathan, the Roman Catholic Church as global Empire.

Brilliant the scholarship, courageous, analysis, imagining, that is at least tremendously stimulating to James and maybe some of it bed rock when he gets a chance to annotate the black and white. Real flashes of brilliance.

Fatigue, back pain, evolving cycling technique, vehicle repair and upgrade, all distracting from this brilliant Lee written book. Brilliantly created book. Honestly created. At much risk and toil I suspect. A labor of love for us. For truth.

Taking me in fundamentally new directions I do not find this book doing. Putting substantial flesh on the bones is what I have  sensed to a degree.

No grasp yet have I what by Leviathan he means. Speculation that it is meme.

April 23rd soler RV cycling log. Alarming, interesting, morphing going on.

Pulling a chain over the front of the chain ring that is at my knees down about 15 degrees from horizontal is the primary mode today. And using the rest of the cycle to attempt to put gentle pressure on that same chain ring at the same place, the crest of the chain ring where it extends over the front. And attempting to stay at or below 60% of theoretical power.

Keeping the gear at the knee very low is crucial.

Keeping the shin ankle and feet totally limp and there by out of the way of the knee action is extremely helpful and largely successful tonight. when energy returns to the shin calf and feet it is noticed rather quickly how the efficiency and power decreases. And effort increases.

Keeping the gear down and out, the central dig area down and away is crucial.

a better way of conceiving of speed as a means of reducing force required is speed of the chain particularly over the nose of the chain ring at the knees.

Oh, and there are indications that this type of cycling the way I'm doing it in a recumbent is extremely regenerative of this damaged lumbar region. Time will tell but after three and a half hours of climbing in this vehicle the back feels much much better. Amazing.

Anti-abortion? No deeply moral person has this as a major agenda item. Nor, is unconcerned.

Rear Sol gate graphic. Thoughtful comments appreciated.


Solar cycling blog April 22nd. Wax on, wax off.

I have no idea where I am relative to being a serious cyclist in terms of strength and performance. There are reasons to think that I am pretty extremely accomplished. There are reasons to think I am laughably dumb as a post.

No matter. What does matter is that I'm able to get tremendous amounts of exercise for the purpose of supporting the longevity of this Mission which seems to be hitting some stride, and while conducting the exercise to utilize the soul and mind to learn and grow in capacity and capability. All of that is happening in recent months.

Having the Mind free while getting extensive exercise, these are not separate things. It is really difficult to concentrate on study when the body is trying to figure out what the hell to do  while becoming increasingly exhausted on four hour voyages..

Wax on wax off. The young student had no idea what the hell he was doing painting fences. But all of a sudden that came together.

The last week is that sort of thing and it continued today. There have been times in recent years when performance was extraordinarily High and the enabling Factor was the idea of maintaining momentum, sometimes of the vehicle, sometimes of an imagined sphere at my knees, other times and imagined sphere or cylinder at my feet….

What seems to be a Monumental breakthrough occurred days ago when it was realized that yes, yes, yes, yes, James, if you devote all of your attention and energy to cycling an imagined gear at your knees that is the same size as the gear at your feet that will optimize everything, including your shins and ankles and feet being inert Pistons driven by that motion of your knees driven by the thighs. Gigantic. And in recent days the logs have spoken about how friends, elements of powerful cycling in the last years have begun to come out of the woodwork and unify around this.

Exhausted today from the 14 hours to correct the destroyed motor, and from all the time down on the ground that required with this badly damaged back, tonight's Journey was attenuated, only 500 calories. Probably the other 1500 will be expended tomorrow.

But in tonight's brief Journey a treasured old friend emerged and this time made sense. Maintaining momentum, but not some abstraction, not really, maintaining the momentum of the exact replica of the gear at the feet which is being pumped in a circular fashion but landing hard on full lower extension, digging, maintaining the momentum of that. And another old friend related, maintaining a Cadence so that the body is given full chance of optimizing and improving the rhythm of all that.

This may be laughably slow, years, to gain this clarity. Or it may be relatively High Caliber visioning. I don't know which. I do know that it is promising of the objectives mentioned above.

Ignite souls log April 22nd. Very brief but extremely important study recent days. Against Leviathan. Freddy Perlman.

With the miraculous, kind, supportive help of my new friend Michael, the skilled engineer, and 14 hours, Sol is mobile again. 14 hours is so expensive, and it makes my head spin feeling so slow, but the world expert Justin, Vancouver Canada, in these things this afternoon, said, James, that's about how long it takes. Most of the time was figuring out how to open and doing the motor in the rear wheel and replace all the connective wiring and then get it closed up again. But getting the wheel off, replacing the chain that was totally destroyed, reassembling and storing all the tools and equipment, about 14 maybe 16 hours. And of course most or all of the work has to be done down on the ground and that is where it is really really really really bad for this newly damaged back.

This tired old body really really really really really wanted to go to the hostel tonight. But it didn't make sense. In fact as nice as that is in really really bad weather, it is no guarantee of a good night's sleep. Last time the  first person I've ever met the could snore all night long, all night long, all night long, was there.

So finally the soul and mind won out and we begin an abbreviated voyage, only 500 calories.

Point being that recent days have required enormous amounts of time to repair and upgrade this extraordinary vehicle Sol. Leaving agonizingly brief time for study.

It will take two or three more readings, including one stationary looking at black and white, annotating, to begin to digest this brilliant massive contribution by Freddy Perlman. It is the most important book on world history by far that I have read.

In its own way it is what saving paradise, and the great transformation, really should have been. Both of those two really are substantially trapped by the notion of how things are. Wonderful scholarship, great contributions, but very much of the status quo all said and done. Not going to shake the foundations of this dying world.

I don't know that Freddy set out to shake the foundations of the world, and he didn't. Like all such visionaries the world ignored him. But I don't know that he set out with an agenda as the authors of the two other books did. Other than to find the share the truth.

I do not detect any sub agendas intended or otherwise for which he is to be tremendously credited, making his work very very helpful.

Published in the 1980s as I recall, he for saw the destruction, among other things, of mother earth, more clearly and importantly then just about anyone that I know.

I hope that I can trust his scholarship and so far that is my sense. If this continues it will be quite a gold mine for my work. My sense so far is that among other things he points to the few truly revolutionary efforts and groups going back thousands of years. I had hoped to get that from saving paradise and the great transformation but that didn't really happen.

It could well be that Freddy's providing that.