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BIAS, against any individual or group is discrimination, bigotry , Racist,  elitist, evil, unacceptable, dehumanizing, sin. No honest, no........

BIAS, against any individual or group is discrimination, bigotry , Racist,  elitist, evil, unacceptable, dehumanizing, sin,  anti-Christ. No honest, no sane, individual can believe or assert that America, that the u.s. people, that law enforcement, the government, is not biased against exactly those who Jesus Championed, exactly those who Jesus elevated, exactly those who were the Center of Jesus family. The disadvantaged,  the minorities, poor, the different, the marginalized, the weak, the unreligious, the unpopular, those of a different faith, the non-conformist.... That one received such negative bias, or the group that receive such negative bias, not for an instant does it justifying or forgive bias against in return. Love those who persecute you. Do good to those who persecute you. They will know you by how you love. I don't know about your father, but my Father loves every individual exactly the same , and experiences immense pain with even a disrespectful,  harmful,  unkind word thought or uttered toward one of His children. Okay, he loves those who experience bias against them, more. As you do unto the least of these, the least of these my Family, every creature, you do unto me.


***** 01.24.13 D20-2 Under MASSIVE ASSAULT by my Fleshly Spirit

I don't exaggerate.  It is quite excruciating, a level of attack by my fleshly spirit I don't recall the like of in 8-10 years.

The addict, me, raging affloholic, that has been 'clean' for a decade, strongly of my Heart, the Loving Spirit, and all of a sudden under massive temptation to relapse?  Uh, that would be me right now.

Does the addict relapse?  I won't.

Does the addict WANT to relapse?  Probably not!  Not the "REAL" person within the avatar gone wild.  I DON'T!  But the Fleshly Spirit?  Well, the story goes that it gave Jesus one Hell of a run for his money at one point!  Sure is doing the same with me right now.

My 'world,' my 'battlefield' of 10 years now is pretty well ripped away - not the need, not the impending Ecocide... and the other issues I've been dying to resolve, but the battlefield.  This is a Good thing, but my Strategic View of the world, well founded, long and arduously built, has been a Pillar of my Spiritual Life, and it is ripped away, largely, by Pr. Obama and Organizing for Action emerging as a better way to Fight.

This umpteenth Hunger Strike in an older, much more tired than ever body.  And particularly exhausted as it struggles now to metabolize calories.

The Cancer - 6 months of debilitating Chemo, to Start.  In a DC homeless shelter, where I need to be, with the concerns of security, theft, disease, lack of privacy....  The solitude.

All aspects of treatment, currently unknown - will those who were going to treat me, will they take up the task, again?  What will be the regimen?

Days now off the street, cared for by a friend(s), in an opulent, warm, comfortable, convenient... oh so seductive environment, facing imminent departure from all that....

Hopeful and fearful of our chances of Averting Ecocide now.  The prospects of an Organizing for Action Army alongside Pr. Obama is Hopeful, but Institutionalizing of anything is deeply worrysome.  At the least, it is a worrisome unknown for me, throwing me off balance, throwing me, uncharacteristically into a bystander role in recent days - by-standing, waiting, watching... death for me, for anyone.  But I will regain my balance, and return to devoting each breath to what I can do; leaving to others, what they can do; and in returning to a full, hour by hour focus on what I can do, I'll regain my source of Life, my Daily Bread, my Daily Ration of Helping Creation.

 So, in recent hours my avatar, my Fleshly Spirit has pretty successfully hijacked me, sidelining my Heart, my Loving Spirit that has been firmly in charge, to my infinite Joy and Peace of Heart, for so many years now.  Oh, there have been smaller struggles for control within me throughout this last decade.  But I don't recall anything of this scale. It is The Matrix, the seductions of Empire, Satan, Evil, Death, Suffocating Selfishness, Sin - that which is attachment to anything but Creation, the Creator.  I was raised to this Living-death, more than most.  Thank God I know it now, and can see Pleasure Island for what it is Living-death; what Jesus died to Save us, Redeem us, Ransom us from.

I expect my Heart to be fully back in charge, within hours, or a few days.  And writing of it here, is part of the Healing process.  But wow, is this painful, and alarming.

Thank God I learned to meditate when I was college age; but wow, do I need to re-establish those long unused skills to break the strangle-hold this Fleshly Spirit has on me these last several days!  Just so I can meaningfully Pray again!

I expect to return full-time to DC on Monday to resume the fight there - 22/7 in front of the Canadian Embassy until the chemo begins some weeks hence; and then in front of the Embassy during the day, when chemo and my body permit, fighting online, and with cell phone as Organizing for Action begins to provide ways for us to fight for our kids future.


Def MW "Cult:"

Definition of CULT

: formal religious veneration : worship
: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents
: a system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator cult

***** nd 'Jesus ENTIRE Teaching: Virtue (living virtuously) is its own reward. The ONLY reward worth having. Period. That's all.' Loving

nd 'Jesus ENTIRE Teaching: Virtue (living virtuously) is its own reward.  The ONLY reward worth having.  Everything else is addiction; forms of affloholsim, error (sin,' from the Greek, (or Roman?)). Period. That's it.  That's all Jesus taught.' Loving



USA Today: Citing police abuse, Hispanics leaving Connecticut town

‎"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." SL
Santiago Malave has worked law enforcement jobs in Connecticut for more than four decades, but as a Puerto Rican, he says he cannot drive through his own town without worrying about police harassing him.


letter from prison - Fr. Louis Vitale - SOA Watch - 6 months. Again.

Dear Start,
Hope this email finds you well. We just received the letter below from prison from Father Louis Vitale. Fr. Louis was arrested together with David Omondi, Nancy Smith and Chris Spicer by the Fort Benning military police during the November Vigil when they carried the call to close the SOA onto the military base. Father Louis and David were sentenced immediately to six months in federal prison. Nancy and Chris are currently preparing for their federal trials on January 5, 2011. They will use the courtroom to put the SOA itself on trial. Several others are also still facing charges after having been arrested by the Columbus police following the rally on November 20, 2010. Support the SOA Watch Legal Defense Fund with a contribution today. You'll find addresses to write to the prisoners below.

Letter from Father Louis Vitale, SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience:

Two weeks have passed since David Omondi and I began our sojourn here at Irwin County Detention Center in southern Georgia. Some may say, "Vitale has protested himself back into the pokey below the Mason-Dixon line" and "He has been jailed again in an effort to bring peace and social justice." SF Chronicle 11/28

LouieMany ask, "Why do you keep doing this?" We try to respond: "Because the oppression goes on and our nation is a major participant in that oppression of the poor and of all creation." Specifically this manifestation of mourning focuses on the School of the Americas (WHINSEC) at Ft. Benning, Georgia, where U.S. military have taught counter-insurgency techniques, including torture and disappearance, to Latin American military. It still goes on, as recently observed with the outrageous coup in Honduras carried out by graduates of the School of the Americas. In fact, our involvement in oppressive militarism extends throughout the world!

But why so many times at Ft. Benning (my fourth arrest and incarceration, and so far from my home base)? The School of the Americas is an icon of our intrusion into developing countries over many years and the source of horrific massacres including religious leaders and thousands of peasants. Also Ft. Benning is a major military base feeding vast numbers into the war machine. Thousands gather annually to mourn the victims and to call for an end to our war machine that continues to grow into more bases, nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, even into space war (and the new X-37B militarized version of the space shuttle).

Are we ready to declare peace and act in its presence? Let's call - with all our energy - for nonviolent solutions now, transforming many peoples' lives and our world. Our work is cut out for us as we must be vigilant and active with nonviolent resistance. May we move towards peace in the new year.

[Louie, serving a 6 month sentence for trespass at Ft. Benning, was moved from the Irwin County Detention Center on December 15, and is currently in transit. We will let you know as soon as he reaches his final destination.]

Write the the Prisoners of Conscience

To write to Louis, please direct correspondence to: Fr. Louis Vitale, c/o The Nuclear Resister, P.O. Box 43383, Tucson, AZ 85733

To write to Michael David Omondi, also sentenced to six months for trespass at Ft. Benning, please direct your correspondence to: David Omondi, c/o The Los Angeles Catholic Worker, 632 N. Brittania St., Los Angeles, CA 90033

If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more, please write a check to "SOA Watch Educational Fund" and mail it to: SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, DC 20017.
We appreciate your interest! You are subscribed to the SOA Watch list as
Contact us.

Our mailing address is:
SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, D.C. 20017, USA

Our telephone: (202) 234 3440

Click here to fund the campaign to close the SOA.

"Yeah, I give food and money to that homeless guy," the Secret Service, retired Marine officer mentioned in passing to me. (CLICK for more...)

"Yeah, I give food and money to that homeless guy," the
Secret Service retired Marine officer mentioned in passing to me.

As we were chatting last night at the vigil, my SS officer friend Kevin
noticed a form walking thru the park. "I figured he was dead."
See how he walks funny? The front of both feet have been
cut off - frostbite or diabetes. He used to hang out just outside the park by a warm
grate. I'd give him food and money," he mentioned in passing.
"I haven't seen him in a year. Figured he was dead." Kevin
was visibly relieved.

"Give me a military man to fight alongside any day. Don't give
me any cowards." Gandhi. Me too.

This is a hard Christ-mas for me cuz I can't think about Jesus. SL

For the last 10 years ago since I've returned to my
Sanity / Humanity, Christ-mas has become a massively
wonderful time of my year.  Up until then it was always
a hugely pleasurable time of year.  Now it has been
infinitely better.

All recent years I've devoted days on end to deeply
reading and pondering Jesus' Life and Words.  The
closeness to Him that resulted is unspeakably Divine.

But He has called me to create a book, a compilation
of my writings thus far, this year, and my earlier
Christ-mas devotions to Him so massively
moves me in every way that it would incapacitate my
mission to compile the book.  :-(

My wish is to use the first days of the DC Gov seasonal
lull that I'm usually slave to, to complete the job and
THEN to spend the time with Jesus.


Shaquille O'Neal has gone out of his way to charm Boston since signing with the Celtics this summer.


Israeli Truth Assassins ADL et al in Seattle
Israeli Truth Assassins ADL et al in Seattle
A group called the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign has paid King County about $2,760 to rent ad space on the sides of 12 city buses. The ad shows a Palestinian family standing next to a demolished house in Gaza, with the words