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Who knew? Cycling is something best done by the thighs

Voice logs today and yesterday.

E-bike 24 hours a day in the cold.

 Roughly one week's worth of experience this now and fairly encouraging.

About 3000 watts of electrical energy are being applied each day. Roughly 1,000 Watts from the short solar days low on the horizon, which means 2000 Watts out of and through the batteries.

The batteries are in a soft sided thermal cooler of decent quality. 8 days worth of cycling has them at about 80° in this sealed soft-sided cooler. That surprised me. But there it is. A red cooler.

Last evening at 9 it was 36 degrees outside, quickly dropping 230 and below all night. This morning inside that cooler it was 40°. Safe for the batteries. Had I flipped on the $30 Walmart heating pad that snake through the batteries probably it would have been 60 degrees not 40 degrees inside this morning. Had I flipped it on for only a couple of hours. Or, had I filled the two hot water bottles with very hot water it would have been probably 70°.

Also, Oh my goodness a 15 or 20 mile-an-hour Tailwind reduces energy requirement by 50% and a headwind increases it by 50%.


James, instead of fighting for Humanity you're fighting for just two or three? You f****** hypocrite.


Much of the last two decades James has been scathing of those sitting on the sidelines instead of attempting to rescue humanity and decency. Scathing. Incendiary. And now in the final moments when the world's greatest criminal could be removed from office James has nothing to do with it and is racing to attempt to help one heroic soul in the work of raising to needy children. F****** hypocrite.

Except as for the last year or so James has admitted that his entire life he was wrong, the human species be on small tribes of 10,000 years ago was never able to be anything other than a cancer. This is history, and it is honest evaluation. Large groups cannot create the cultures that would create the majority of moral decent Humane people.