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Solar RV cycling blog July 26th. Lay down, roll down, your thighs underside every inch of the trip. As gently as needed.

Moving toward the level of natural feeling of the heavy travel a year-and-a-half ago. Barely two-thirds of the power, but that may come, and it really doesn't matter. We are getting older. And it is not a time when extreme travel everyday is required.
All of the recent principles are being born out.
However, they are acting as stepping-stones stones toward what James is thinking is a higher level of Performance, Based on the current feel, and based on the relationship of this to some very good old Friends.
As per the subject line of this post, the best mental model today is to lay down the thighs, roll down the thighs, every inch of the trip. This helps achieve using the size as the power, and they invite a coordinated up list of the other leg in a useful fashion that has not been happening for quite a while.
Another quite useful idea which appeared and then disappeared several months ago, is to try and be as tired at the beginning of the journey as at the end. Yes. This at times invokes a level of relaxed cycling, without wasting energy on circinus.

Thu 26th

Plan for today is to reach the post office in Bridgeport, all downhill. Retrieve some packages that were forwarded. And then continue West Northwest about 10 miles to a resting spot for the night.


Solar rv cycling log July 24th. James, you want to disable the lower legs? Remove any doubt they may have that your thighs are doing the job every inch.

Over the years disabling the the lower legs to keep them from interfering with the thighs has probably required more attention, been more distracting, than anything. 

Just this morning The subject line idea emerged. And it could well be the answer. When the feet ankles and calves are trying to get involved it may be a sure sign that the thighs are not doing 100% of the job. and the  lower legs will try to fill the gap. James, don't leave any gaps. 

this could be huge. 

All important lessons of the last 8 months, the last 3 years, And yesterday, all are playing a role today. This maybe one last important piece coming into place.

Protect reignite soul log July 23. we saw you climbing the Hill, we read your signs, we know what you are trying to do. We are with you.

this from the young man speaking for he and his partner, as James arrived at his spot in the woods to rest for the night. And after young man help James push the vehicle over the crest


Solar RV cycling log July 23. More theories?!? What?!?

This is freaking crazy! No, all of the prior theory should not be thrown out! Maybe they each have a place. What the hell is going on this morning? An


Solar rv cycling blog July 22nd. Total warning!

Best guess today is that almost all of the logs of the last 8 months Have been very good, if one wants to make the best of a faulty body mechanics model. I'm not sorry for James, but for anyone seriously following I am concerned. 

Although there are times in the last 8 or 9 months where James has Suddenly realize that this is a recumbent bicycle, It seems that never was that fully grasped, and never held on to. 

Point being, The fatal flaw has been, James thinks as of this morning, Lack of crystal clear clarity that All energy Need be directed 70゚ forward. Exactly as a cyclist would be directing energy straight down. 

James, you have spoken of this in the past! In approximate terms, yes. Fully grasping it, clearly grasping it, as is happening right now, maybe never, maybe not in the last 8 months, maybe not in all the years with this vehicle. 

 Maybe this post today is all a mistake. Doesn't seem possible. 

Also doesn't seem possible that it has taken James 3 or 4 years with this vehicle to grasp this now. Be that as it may, that seems to be the case. 

It cannot be disputed that the position of the cyclist in this vehicle is rotated approximately 70゚ backwards. Therefore, if a traditional cyclist is directing the force of each stroke Directly downward, then it is certainly appropriate that the cyclist in this vehicle direct all force 70゚ forward. 

That was done yesterday, and so far this morning. And it is a fairly Significant evolution, and maybe profound. 

The following has only one data point, but it is extremely interesting. For the last several weeks An application and watch fit bit have been employed. For many months James has calculated his energy input As a multiple of what the torque sensor reports, 3.6 being the multiple that translates Human W into calories. Most days this fitbit application that calculates calories based on heart rate elevations from resting, has reported considerably higher calories than the calculation 3.6 ×  torque sensor registered watts. 

The observation here maybe an aberration. And in several days there will be more data points. But the initial thought is that by lacking any clarity that the direction of energy must be 70゚ forward, much energy has gone into the last part of every stroke being downward, maybe 40゚. If this was substantially wasted energy then it makes sense that although James has been putting X amount of energy into the crankshaft that much more energy has been expended, an additional 10, 20, 30% has been expended, wasted, in a last 2nd downward motion. Will be intere sting to see. Seems unlikely that this is not the case.

Solar RV cycling log July 21st part two. F*cking shoot me!

It is unbelievable, technique for James can not and will not settle down! this is unbelievable! 

New insights. That is a good thing! after years of doing this? F****** crazy! 

He has been clear on what hes trying to do .

Solar RV Cycling llog July 21st. oh, and then this cyclist passed. WTF?

Things are going quite well but it is just amazing how James is not finding the perfect brew groove. 

South of Klamath Falls about a year ago out

Protect, Re-Ignite Soul Log July 21. Jesus gospel, teaching, revealed. Tolstoy.

What is being studied is Tolstoy's summaries of his chapters from the 4


Heart rocks. Thank you for giving us something to think about.

Just good, decent, couple. Would be hard for anyone to think otherwise. This up at

My teaching consists in doing the will of the spirit, which gives me life. He who does this will know that it is the truth, for he will not do what seems good to him,.....

My teaching consists in doing the will of the spirit, which gives me life. He who does this will know that it is the truth, for he will not do what seems good to him, but what seems good to the spirit which lives within him. Your law of Moses is not the eternal law, and so those who follow it do not execute the eternal law, and do wro