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"Jesus DEMANDS we Judge, 'cept 2 types: a. Superiority of one to another; b. that anyone's beyond Redemption (but that the 'church's' beyond Redemption's ok." SL

"Jesus DEMANDS we Judge, 'cept 2 types:
a. Superiority of one to another;
b. that anyone's beyond Redemption
(but that the 'church's' beyond Redemption's ok."  SL
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"Start, a dear 'Friend' just was massively cruel. Have you advice?"

"Friend, I'm honored and glad that you asked. I do feel I have a view worth sharing, but of course you'll need to decide its applicability and validity for you.

Most of my life to date I'd be deeply impacted by mean or cruel behavior directed toward me. But not, thank God, at all for 8 years or so now. Zero. My Heart hasn't hardened at all in that time, quite the opposite. But my Understanding of Life has grown ever so much.

Here's how the breakthru for me came. Someone had been just hideous to me, and the thought that came to me was - 'Uh, under what circumstances would Teresa of Calcutta (substitute your own personal hero of Humanity) have behaved that way to me?' 'UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, EVER.' Immediately what clicked was that the behavior was clinically "sick," "ill...." I happen to be trained in psychology so understand that I mean "clinically" sick; I'm not throwing stones. Well, in seeing that I was receiving sick behavior, two things happened within me then, and since in such situations: 1. I no longer took it personally, which if I did, would paralyze me with hurt, rage, self-doubt..., and 2. It put my relationship to the inflicter in perspective - they were sufficiently unhealthy that a "healthy" relationship with them was obviously impossible, massively unlikely, unworthy of the time and effort....

Soooo, with all this did I then, and do I now in such situations respond instead with a sense of superiority? Does a good MD feel superior to a sick client? NO! But with the clarity I've just outlined to you I'm able to move on emotionally to the Life of Service where Joy is to be found, and not get bogged down. And, I've learned the humility that Jesus had, "no one comes to me except that the Father brings them." Such sickness that can be so hurtful IS NOT CURABLE DIRECTLY by us. It just isn't. AND IT FEEDS ON THE ATTEMPT BY THE WOUNDED PARTY TO HEAL IT! Sooooo, I just move on. If Our Father, Fate, Chance softens / heals the heart of the wounding party at some future date, YAHOO, I'm there to celebrate! But I leave that in Our Father's hands, and move on, realizing that by refusing to get derailed by cruelty done to me, and devoting myself to folks that desperately need, and can absorb my Loving service, I'm being the Light that could possibly lead to a regrowth of Humanity in the person that was horrible to me.

I don't know if this is helpful to you at all. If it is somewhat helpful, but provokes another question or so, please feel free.

Your brother, sl

ps: Of course, with all I've said above, of course this was enormously hurtful to you at the time, but I think it needn't be hurtful going forward.


Our 1 Choice: Stuff, Superiority, Institutions or Soul, Solidarity, Service." SL

The Map of Your Two Options - Joy / Life / Love or Pleasure / Hate / Death 
(repost from several years ago, copied below.)


Dr. King thought that clearly Jesus taught us that Spirit is everthing, so he wanted to understand conceptually what constituted the dimensions of Spirit. He figured that such a clear conception would enable him and others to develop that Spirit to its maximum strength / capacity, and to enable a much clearer warning indicator of when the Spirit was nonexistant or critically ill. The following depicts Dr. King's conception. Each dimension can expand or contract independant of the others. The larger the area of the rectangle, the more complete and healthy the Spirit. Jesus tried, and so far failed at making this our Religion:

The dimensions of Spirit / UNIVERSAL LOVE / Otherishess / Brotherhood / LIFE:

I've found Dr. Kings conception enormously helpful, but I began to wonder - is Adolf Hitler explained simply by being a small version of this cube - weak in every dimension. It became clear to me that no, this does not explain a Hitler. There are opposites for each of these dimensions. I believe that what follows is a reasonable and profoundly enlighening attempt at what this opposite, Flesh is. The U.S. and U.K. have succeeded beyond the dreams of avarice so far at making what follows the World Religion to which we enslave ourselves and eagerly sacrifice our children:

The dimensions of Flesh / Selfishness / Lust / Capitalism / DEATH

Dr. King: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others."

Jesus: "What good is it if you have all of the world, but lose your Life?"
Life's central choice: Stand on the spirit of


"Wrapping OT, NT Hate around Jesus: The Final Crucifixion." SL

"Wrapping OT, NT Hate around Jesus:  The Final Crucifixion." SL

The Double Bind is the most toxic, deadly experience for the human
nervous system - "I Love you," the Priest says as he rapes the
THE HOLY SPIRIT (conscience, truth, sense of humanity).  It
Crushes the Divine within us an leaves no way back.

Wrapping the Love of Jesus in the Hatefulness of the Old and New

Note to a dear fellow Traveler, a missionary for Jehovah's Witnesses:

Brother, this note may end our relationship. Our Father's will be done.

Every day now is teaching me to HATE the Bible.  As long as you've
known me, and for decades prior, I've resisted this lesson.  But no longer.
I detest the Book used to justify the Crusades of centuries ago, the
Crusades of today with so-called Christians - Satan's minions actually -
brutally establishing their will on our Arab / Muslim / Palestinian brothers
and sisters... the Book used to  justify Slavery, Apartheid, subjugation
of women / male superiority, pedophilia, mindlessness instead of
Holy Spirit  ....

But, but, but... what about the Good Christians - the Good product of
the Bible??!???!???!?!  Too far and few between.  They are the
EXCEPTION, and the exception proves the Rule.

One of these days I'll buy a Bible and make it what Jesus attempted to make it,
by ripping out and burning every page except those containing His words.
Every page, Old and New Testament. 

When I meet, and am Examined by Our Father, and Jesus,  they
will grill me harshly on why I resisted this lesson for so many decades.

Your Loving brother,


'The job of the citizen is to die for the common good.' Gandhi synthesis

'The job of the citizen is to die
for the common good.'
Gandhi synthesis, consequence of his reading of
"Unto This Last," by John Juskin, one
of the two books that created the
man named Gandhi.

"My non-violence does not admit of running away from danger and leaving
dear ones unprotected. Between violence and cowardly flight, I can only prefer
violence to cowardice. I can no more preach
non-violence to a coward than I can tempt
a blind man to enjoy healthy scenes.

Non-violence is the summit of bravery. And in my own experience, I have
had no difficulty in demonstrating to men
trained in the school of violence the
superiority of non-violence.
As a coward, which
I was for years, I harboured violence. I began to prize non-violence only
when I began to shed cowardice.... A rabbit that runs away from the bull terrier
is not particularly non-violent. The poor thing trembles at the sight of the terrier
and runs for very life. (YI, 28-5-1924, p178), M.K. Gandhi.

More here: Gandhi - Give me a military man


My beloved friends -

Late December has become an extraordinary season for me these last 5-10 years.

I'm free now of all the distractions.

I'm free now of the perversions in which I'd been steeped, addicted to for so many
decades - that this is a season of "stuff," rituals, parties, songs, family (and therefore "NOT-family,")
dogma, ceremonies, symbolism, physical miracles, "magic," sex, banquets, treats ....


Finally, this is the season when I come the closest to our beloved
brother Christ (Spirit of, Being of Universal Love) Jesus.  Our Father willing, I'll spend many hours
this next week  or so reading and pondering deeply the words of Our Brother, over, and
over, and over - basking in the Radiance, Wisdom, Truth of his Universal Love for us, you, me, all
of our Sisters and Brothers, born and who in the future are born. Basking in the Truth, Love, Life,
Peace and Joy of Him.

I'll be with Our Brother Jesus who Loves us all more than anyone ever has, but as
we all can learn to do, as we MUST QUICKLY re-learn to do - which is what Jesus died to give us;
which is the ENTIRETY of what He died to give us - HEAVEN IN THIS LIFE, INDIVIDUALLY,
and if enough of us get it right soon enough - HEAVEN COLLECTIVELY, Saving Civilization - Literally.
Nothing less. Nothing more.  Nothing else.  Simply Heaven on Earth is what Jesus was Dying to give us.
I Start am the "son" of Edward.  SO IS MY BROTHER EDGAR.  "Son" is NOT an EXCLUSIVE term!
"Christ," along with terms like "Marine" are designations of Character and Competence; but
non-exclusive - begging to be earned, achieved by those dying to Serve.

"Love as I have Loved," he said.  [What, He gave us a direction that He knew we were not capable of?  Rubbish.]

"If you Love me, you will do greater works than these," He said.  [What, He was kidding?]

We are all to become, to return to being the Christs we were born as - Beings of Universal Love.
Christ Jesus died to make us Christ Start, Christ Leon, Christ Diane... BY WHATEVER NAME,
OR BY NO NAME AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Beings of Universal Love - as you can be, as some of
you are, as all of us can fully become.  Our Achievement? Our Glory?  Of course not.  Our DUTY.
Our Joy.  Universal Love's GLORY. Our global Family's only Hope.  Humanity's Only Hope.

"The Kingdom of God (Good - Universal Love) is within you.  BE like a Child [before lust, hate, division,
superiority, exploitation, greed, not-family...] and enter in."

Loving you all,