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25 degrees this morning at the truck stop, here's ten dollars, thank you for what you're doing in the cold.

 A young man, certainly not of means in this West Texas desert Outpost. The prior night it was $35, a trucker, a farmer by the looks of him, or Rancher. So wistful, so deep in his prayerful wondering over what this vehicle and this Mission represent. Drawn by the iconography of Jesus, none make such contributions thinking that this is even a tiny bit dogmatic. Never, never, never, never do we ask. During any month there are probably four or five encounters like this and about $150 in funds that are desperately needed. We're just barely solvent with my paltry slightly above poverty level Social Security funding us. And the gigantic contributions of the creators of these trailers. There have been, there are, souls stirred by this mission. Each one a sacred treasure.

Cycling. Oh, we are dancing partners, and I thrust from the seat back, swing your partner...

  • Dancing partners with me in the lead.
  • Entirely an operation of the back just like a deadlift standing, that's where the strength is, unless one wants to blow out the knees. Not necessary.
  • Head back.
  • Pressing the back, the shoulders, into the seat, acts like a throttle, informing the outgoing thigh the power that it has to deliver.
  • Two dance Partners, not one, because of the constantly training changing lateral Horizon of the vehicle, this t r i k e.
  • James must find a dance each moment, each segment, each day, that is supposed to his liking and also acceptable to his partner. It can be done.
  • A shallow, flat, modified w continues to emerge when things are going well.
  • There may be a place for slow cadence in finding the relationship but it is also necessary to go to High Cadence to find the spinning nature of it.
  • 85% of the energy is from the outgoing thigh No More Than Three in thigh stump, the role of the indrawing thigh to position in height for the next outgoing thrust.


Cycling. I think I just woke up [literally] to what's been killing me with this vehicle?

  1. A conventional bicycle is a Stern Taskmaster, if you don't get it rolling and keep it rolling you fall off. On a recumbent trike if you don't get it rolling smoothly it couldn't give a fig, it just laughs at you while you build deadly habits, driving yourself crazy digging your own grave.
  2. I spent three months out at Mount Whitney 3 years ago and I became addicted to 4 hours worth of climbing up anywhere between 6 + 15% grade all day long. At 1 mi an hour. It has taken me three years to recognize and to begin to shake that addiction.


Cycling. Am I there yet, after four years? Could be.

 It would be wonderful if someday some extremely accomplished cyclist, maybe an extremely accomplished recumbent cyclist, try to move this vehicle. Would they find it a snap? Would they find it a nightmare? The latter I think. Profoundly difficult. But maybe we arrived back home today.

  • James, of the hundreds or thousands of cycling legs on this blog, stay with this one unless you absolutely need to go to the others.
  • The essence of conventional cycling is that with the perineum on the bicycle seat, the first three or four inches of the thighs launch down toward the crankshaft, no? How did it take us four years to grasp this?
  • Launching four in smooth pulses through the rail that is the spine pointing, through the perineum, just above the crank axle, where the weight of the legs born Oz at the feet and a few pounds 3 inches out on the thigh, on that imaginary rail.

I view those with conventional sanity in these desperate times with a combination of rage, horror, sadness, and pity.


Conservatives crucified Jesus. Later regretting it. But not regretting their conservatism that did so.


That of me that I can control, my head and flesh, is mine. My soul, I cannot, but it is the source of the Divine Vision, intuition, inspiration... if I will only listen.


When I can blame my infinite failings on outside forces, I may have temporary relief. But when I face the causes in myself, I have the chance, and joy, of fixing them.