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Ignite Soul log May 19th. Practice as soul is promising.

The notion of Detachment, Buddhist I think in origin, is something that I dislike. Not an idea that I am fond of ever. But some form of it is what I'm experiencing, a superior form I believe.

With practice my awareness of when I am being my body, or enmeshed with discomforts or unhappiness or pleasures of the body, with practice that awareness is becoming more reflexive, rapid, frequent. And that allows me to make a choice. James, is this what you want to be right now? Always the answer is no. It's a very glad answer. Very glad is James to have the choice. And each time so far he has been able to easily make the choice and step back into his soul, lovingly aware of the calls of the body but choosing for the joy of it to be inhabiting his soul as supervisor. Each time that is who and what James wants to be. Surprised he will be if he ever finds that he wants to be something else.

Not infrequently when these choices arise James is fleetingly aware that this could be practice for someday in a trump prison where prolonged torture might be a possibility. Does James expect this? James is aware that it's a possibility. And he is aware, although this is not his reason for making the choice, he is aware that this is practice. Important? Significant? Sufficient? Don't know. But he's glad of it.

Important modifications improvements, upgrades, at the site.

I don't know, is it important to understand human beings? Is there anything more important than understanding human beings? I mean, humans are the ones destroying all life and goodness on Earth. And as a human being is there anything we care more about than the one in a million that might be sparked to sanity? And joy? Not me.

Brilliant or not, and I was not early on a fan, I'm finding the book by Dasher Keltner, born to be good, free and legal at, to be an absolute must read and study. I found the first couple of chapters quite distracting. I wonder if he felt he had to put the bad stuff first? But then it really gets going. Stanford University, no, Berkeley, a properly respected World Authority.


MMASS DD. Everything is dying now of Massive Mutilation Assault and Starvation of Soul Destruction Disorder. MMASS DD.

This is the science of it. This is the physics of it. The only chance for Humanity, for the human species, was to accelerate evolution by placing the soul, the mamalian brain, in charge of reptilian brain and cerebral cortex, we have done the opposite and aggressively visited mass disorder on virtually all of humanity.

There have been those that saw this mass destruction, throughout history, Confucius, Budda, Hillel, Jesus , Muhammad, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others. They have been ignored, crucified, turned into bromide State, used as room deodorizer on the otherwise slaughterhouse stench of our cultures these last seven thousand years.

It is now beyond hope for the species and a million other species immediately. It is beyond hope. But there will be remnants, poor souls, brought into the world by already dead soul-crippled parents, because no one of soul would bring another child into this deadly hell of a world in writhing deathspiral.

But none the less there will be remnants, there will be the The occasional blade of grass that for some unknown reason has the potential to sprout out through the otherwise toxic waste dump to the re-ignition, The Rebirth, of their soul, their DNA given limbic system in charge. And all of our efforts must go toward these green shoots.

And what is the form of this mass disorder?

Churches, Synagogues , mosque, schools…. They are death chambers for the soul. They are places where children are sent to be turned into cog in society, in business, in the corporations, in corporate medicine,.... and this is not possible without first destroying the Soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, or so cripping it that it is totally totally near death. The soul being the place of honesty, truth, wisdom, compassion, unity, revolution when necessary, justice, goodness, equality, community, Universal family. Business can't have that! Psychology can't have that! Academia can't have that! Politics can have that! Extraction industries can't have that! Politics can't have that! Klan supremacy can't have that!

No, these are death chambers for the soul. Gas lighting, is mutilation of thinking capacity, death to the notion that earth can be heaven, no, only some life after this hellish existence. Realize your Creator given potential as a human being? No! Become a cog in the machine! Destroy those wings, burn them, mutilate them! Docile thinking machine, or useful docile arms and legs for some soul-crippled monster at the top to manipulate and exploit! All causing Walking Dead, joyless, pleasure-addicted mutilated creatures.

And what must we do now to counteract this massive destructive disorder?

What is known of that, and the elements of that answer are to be found at this site, which is an ongoing work in progress.

But the essential challenge, the essential need, to help those One in a Million grass shoots against impossible odds, is to create the mechanisms that Foster, nurture, life based on intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic. Although this is not the language at all or purpose of a book called Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner, a mediocre book, but an important placeholder, our neuro biology is pointed to here that supports, and calls for this effort.

James has long diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and underestimated the scope of the disorder. Up until now understanding it as MEDD, massive empathy deficit disorder. It goes much Beyond empathy.