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WPSYZH Day 'Suspended.' Was Neo...?

Was Neo ever foolish enough to think he could awaken masses of those in the matrix? Did he repeatedly go through cycles of being so foolish?

My campaign to awaken the Washington Post, that notion, is the equivalent of Neo, not trying to awaken the masses in the matrix, but trying to awaken Smith headquarters.

The Washington Post are the script writers for the matrix, they're the programmers of the false reality, the most dead, the most sick, the most compromised, the most corrupt...

Yet again I have profoundly misjudged how dire and dead things are. My opportunity is not to try and awaken The Washington Post, my opportunity is to hope to awaken or strengthen one other alive being in my life time.


***** Day 4 WPSYZH Washington Post Reduces Palestinian Victims to a Word Problem

***** Day 4 WPSYZH. The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de CervantesI feel I am unable.....

"The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de Cervantes
I feel I am unable to go on like I was last week, that I should not, and that it would be madness to do so. I fell back into the trap of seeing reality as how things are. That is, I was accepting that the way things are is reality.
And the way things are is insanity.  Living normally in the face of the Zioni Holocaust funded and armed, politically supported, politically enabled, by we nice Americans, is insanity. Accepting that we nice adults that are perpetrating this are normal, and sane, our true selves, our grown-up selves... is insanity.
I was living it, this false reality, and it was killing me ... the madness of it, the insanity of it.
No, I will, now, I think, I hope... find the sanity, and hold on to the sanity, to see that it is our insane selves, the Satanic selves that we have allowed to hijack our true selves, our universally loving child selves, that it is insanity for me to see those insane selves as reality.
I will accept that now I will be seen as infinitely more insane by onlookers cuz I think now I will live the reality that the hijackers are not the central reality, I will not address myself to them, I will not have my thoughts preoccupied with them, as I have.
No, I will keep my eyes on the prize, the revolution by our child selves, our universal family selves, our godly selves... as reality.
I will live in the reality of these unseen spirits taking over. Live to incite that reality, though I will fail, be ridiculed, may be imprisoned, may be institutionalized... for doing so.


The New York Times and The Washington Post have more Palestinian blood on their hands than anyone. By spouting their lies, their murderous misrepresentation of the Israeli Holocaust of Palestinians, they are the major murder. When they are stopped in their bloody lying the genocide will stop.
I expect for the foreseeable future to be a daily presence in front of The Washington Post. Most days it will be from before 8 a.m. till after 6 p.m. I think it likely that at some time in the future I will commence an open-ended hunger strike, water only, to add emphasis. I am extremely glad to see this opportunity.
Yes, I will have no impact. Yes, I will once again fail to make any difference. I will once again fail to stop the Zioni Holocaust. But I will not fail to try with my last breath.
I am extremely glad to see this opportunity to attempt to help.
Yes, the last hunger strike almost killed me, 8 days of hospitalization kept me alive (SPDF Stop Palestines Death Fast). Too many done so far, on top of the cancer and the abdomonal surgeries. I don't care what happens to this body except that it be used to serve my real body which is all of humanity.