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Update, nope. Cycling. Cycling, finally, after 6 years? Quite likely.

Was today extraordinary because recent days have been so hard? Possible but I don't think so.

Why is the Rubik's Cube not five times greater in each dimension? Because it would be so many variables that no one could make any sense of it.

Cycling is just the right amount of variables, not too few, but not too many. Guess what James has been trying to do for 6 years? Have an infinite number of variables to manage, almost literally, and he didn't realize it of course.

Some things that have been developing in the last weeks converged today into this realization and some other factors. In no particular order:

* cycling becomes possible when the Torso provides a sufficiently stable environment, even as much or more than the right relationship to sol.

* three points provide the environment where the legs can cycle. The very very lowest point of the spine or pelvis, about 3 in up from there in the spine, and the point in space where the toes would almost reach full extension but instead experience the place where they should slightly drop, a null space.

* the first two points when the upper point is slightly ahead of it provide a vector and a backboard if you will against which the legs can extend.

* it is entirely not the function of the Torso to provide any of the energy toward the pedals, it only confuses and introduces infinite variables and locks up the legs when it tries to do so.

* it is 100% the function of the Torso to provide the structure that frees the legs to cycle.

* one of the features of cycling is constant Cadence and in this case constant contact with that null space described above as the objective point and synchronizing point, the timing point, for the cycling.

* output has not been better in years. Perceived effort for output has not been better in years. Enjoyability has rarely been so good ever.

* an attribute of cycling is proactive initiative, the legs, need to feel proactive and somewhat in control and the above provides that, and the slightly aggressive tilt of the angle of the first two points, roughly the pelvis, is essential to the legs finding and having that initiative.

* 100% of the cycling is a convergence inside the triangle defined by those three points.

* update: It seems impossible to overemphasize that the starting and ending point is keeping the Torso properly occupied so that it is not trying to do the legs work and leaving to the legs the work of the Torso which is to create the frame of the cycle.

* and anchoring the bottommost point of the three at the base of the spine against the back of the seat so it can be pushed again, there may be nothing more important than that.

* and it is the opportunity of, it is needed of, the Torso by positioning it's own weight and gravity to cause all the energy to be within the triangle and not to escape.

* the opportunity of the Torso is to fulfill a proactive I've got you to the legs. The opportunity of the legs is a predictability for the torso. The focal point being cycling of the feet out to the no point.