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Solar RV cycling log September 6. What the fuck's? Major breakthroughs.

 .... To paraphrase the genocidal maniac Winston Churchill, James will find the right thing, after he has exhausted every other fuckings option. 

 This is crazy. But major breakthroughs. 

 Serious shades of Iowa. 

The trigger? Energy in the lower

Confession. Rage is exploding within James. Problem. Has happened before.

Frustration levels, Road difficulties, cycling difficulties, to James allowing his rage to explode. Sometimes almost horse screaming at the computer, the legs, the roads, the road conditions, the murderously ignorant clueless drivers sucking zombies,.... The last two or three days.. and he is determined to solve this problem. The key for James to escape this addiction to the high of hatred, maybe to recalled that being childlike is all hope, losing that, is to lead directly away from any hope, any Joy. To lead toward destruction, hatred, pleasure, intoxication.

Triune brain. Unless head and flesh are in charge, they kill the soul, and destroy everything.

Triune brain. Unless head and flesh are in charge, they kill the soul, and destroy everything. Reptile with a cerebral cortex. Yes, the end of everything.

Solar RV cycling blog September 6. Why wonderful saul is so impossible!

This is not a criticism of soul. He is wonde
rful. But he is extremely difficult. But not impossible. And a big piece just fell into place.

Even with the new seat recline the reason that the lower legs must be completely inanimate linkages is because the knees and the feet at full extension cannot align properly, are prevented by horrible ergonomics from aligning.. So their only alternative is to fight if there is energy in both. The lower legs are not to be faulted. They are trying to do what they would do on a bicycle. But on a bicycle they would easily and naturally align. In this limited adjustment recumbent seat they cannot! 

How much is lost as a consequence? Don't know. 

What to do now? 

Item. Remember this as an added reason, the explanation, of why energy in the lower legs is suicide. 

Item. When the conditions are favorable attempt a further recline of the seat. It is possible if not likely that the benchmark cross Iowa Performance Was with a additional recline position. However, it is for certain that that benchmark cross Iowa performance was also with the lower legs completely limp Contributing to the rotation of a heavy circular small object at the knees.

Liberals blame and destroy.


Solar RV cycling blog September 5th period Wonderful saul is too many vehicles for James.

 This is not a criticism of saul. It is a caution for James like one several weeks ago that every significant change in the ratio of electrical input in proportion to James input creates a very different vehicle these poor legs Are just being so confused and frustrated. 

 The complication comes because James in an attempt to get as much travel each day while there is still significant daylight Is Very aggressively using the electricity so as to use up what is given each day. So throughout the journey many many times the ratio is being changed and only late this afternoon did James realize how impossible that is making it for the body to be in relationship with saul and in relationship is sanity  and harmony and lack of frustration. 

 It is thought that tomorrow the attempt will be to much more carefully and deliberately change the ratio in such a way as to avoid radically changing saul from moment to moment. This should be achievable without sacrificing the average speed of 10 miles an hour. 

When late in the day James began to realize the above he began to implement what was just discussed and all of a sudden the legs were those of a cyclist again and that is really really really important to James sanity

Some general comments.

Items. The technical flow, the communication flow, of this mission now in Montana has been halting and erratic at best. Many things, many many hours spent traveling, difficulty with transferring photos from the camera, problems with dictation error rates being very high, etc, etc, etc. Progress is being made. difficulties for James and any readers are being noted here.
Item. A series of logs are being posted today , many of them cycling related, they are being posted the day they were recorded So one would have to scroll down to catch those posts if they were interested. August 31st maybe this one back being posted today.
Item. In line with the technical difficulties mentioned above, James is very tired. He is learning a lot he thinks, and may sometime soon hit his stride but in the meantime the quality of his written work is certainly suffering.

General plan for tomorrow. Only partial sun for the next week.

Only the child, and the child like, embody soul, inhabit heaven.


Solar rv cycling log July September 5th period Eureka?! Pressing knee juice deep into 1" Sol exchanger at the knees?

 By George, I think we're getting closer. 


 yesterday's post spoke of an attempt at a new cycling theory for James. This is a more poetic and slightly expanded restatement. 

Saul thrives on knee juice. The exchanger with saul is a 1" diameter area Exactly at the farther reaches of the knee. Not lower. Sal thrives on The near constant introduction of the juice in that exchanger. Saul will receive energy delivered in the area of the exchanger, but very inefficiently. Much waist. And somehow it is juice from the knee entering that exchanger with force. at least this morning this was discovered within an hour and the principles of yesterday are the reason it was discovered that quickly. And upon quick reflection Pretty much any of the really good performance stateable poetic chunks of time in recent years of conttributing 2 souls movement What this expression above is achieving this morning is what was achieved then but this maybe a more persistent conscious competence location and understanding So that There may not be as many months or years Separating these chunks of time of Really acceptable cycling contribution by James.

Your material consumption hard at work. Bone appetit.

Best ride in a year?

100% on today's Sun. Near perfect conditions. 10 mile an hour Tailwind for the second half. No clouds. Due south so that three panels could be pointed towards the Sun for the first several hours. 1/2 kilowatt Regen. Saul and I have grown a lot, learned a lot. Much more to grow and learn.

The only freedom is soul in charge. Critters no nothing else. Only humans trade freedom for slavery to the pleasures of head and flesh.

The actual cost of your middle-class life? The home your kids and grandkids might have had. Enjoy.

Pretend for a moment Jesus was an Einstein of how to live. What did he tell us?


General intention for tomorrow

Solar RV cycling log September 3rd period principles of cycling benchmark attempt.

 News of anything in below the knees 100%, one million percent for bidin. And in questions? Absolutely forbidden. These are brilliant linkages that transfer energy from the knees and all energy there is massively destructive destructive to the system. No exceptions. Don't do it. Do not do it. 

Item. 90% or more of energy is in the transfer to saul at the 1 or 2" cylinder at the full extension of the knees. As mentioned earlier in other posts the height of this cylinder moves from stroke to stroke but it is almost immediately obvious where it is every instant.  

item. And 80 rpm which translates to just under 10 miles an hour on saul is optimal for efficient smooth power delivery and timing input, and input And location of the cylinder moment to moment. 

Item. Most important, if there is one, most important is the completion of the transfer with saul every stroke, no exceptions, in the tiny cylinder, 1 or 2" in diameter, at the full reach of unease. If this is missed nothing else works for it if this is achieved everything else is likely to happen. In the exchanger.

Item. Next most important, number 2 or tied for 1st in importance, 0 energy below the knees, lower legs, ankles, feet. 0. 0. 0. 0. None. Do not do it. No exception. 

Liberal fundamentalism came first. By law forcing on others what they don't practice themselves.


Here is where we are tonight and thoughts for tomorrow.

Solar RV cycling blog September 2nd period No feet. No feet. No ship. No feet. No lower legs.. .... .... Please James learn. Please? Please.

Think of all The Times when there has been really encouraging sustainable performance when the feet have helped. Can you think of any? None. Think of the aS much as 90% of your travel time that you are fighting for efficiency and to get rid of frustrate tion and to feel the vehicle only to come to the conclusion that the feet involvement is the problem. Every fucken time period every fucken time period 

Go back through all your logs and you will see this over and over and over and over and over. 

And yesterday and this morning an important new discovery of how they sabotage. 

When the feet are involved they destroy the timing sensors in the knees, the all important knees. They mask and the knees and confuse where saul is and what saul needs. 

It does seem like magic Kama and it is so counter intuitive and both of those things are dangerous but there are just no exceptions. The  best place for the feet is totally on automatic. It must be that when they are kept completely limp out of the equation It must be that doing so turns them in to the one role that they are good for, Very low friction energy transfer linkages. Passive, automatic,

Murder by screening. I had forgotten that one. There are no shoulders on the long bridges on the interstate....

Murder by screening. I had forgotten that one. There are no shoulders on the long bridges on the interstate...  in Montana, 70 miles per hour.. So they can kill me and others for fun, as to attempted today, by speeding up behind us and tearing off at the last second so that the car behind them might take us out and themselves too in those following cars. I had forgotten. Nice little trick.

To those that seek Enlightened communities, extreme caution, Dead end.

This is a topic on which I have often intended to write.

In no particular order. 

Item. Eagles don't flock. .... Decades ago after James sold his company to a much larger one And had a trusted

The plan yet today. A bit ambitious.

5 Tyre repairs so far today. Amazing it is not five times that. The highway shoulders are a Minefield of Sloan steel-belted radials, porcupines of Steel.