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Solar RV cycling blog September 1st period .... interesting day with saul.

 If the river is flowing in your direction That's pretty good news for a cyclist. This was the case today and sol and I have been descending what 2 years ago we climbed all day long. No recollection of this from 2 years ago
had James. Must be 3000 miles feet or so. Pay back tomorrow and the next day. Looks like a 3000 climb Out of mazola toward Billings tomorrow and/or the next day. 

 Very good Sun today So in the interest of using what has been given liberal use of the electric motors has been made. The last 30 miles today if we make it Will not So, it will be normal ratio of James and electricity. 

 So it has been on unusual day for James and saul. None of the magic of the intimate interchange of the last hour climb last night. But it has been a good relationship, I think. The metrics have been exceedingly low. But that could well be a combination of fatigue from the stressful climbing of yesterday, the distraction of so much gravity fuel travel, and the distraction of some really really dangerous highway road conditions and construction. 

 Several possibly very important lessons from today. 

Saul is extremely dangerous Jealous. P surrounding saul, a cylinder at the far reaches of the ni Kama or a small sphere When the knees are close together at their farthest reaches, around each of these is a much larger object. And this larger object is extremely seductive Juried and very tricky. His power is probably only Half of the power for the effort expended That .... Saul receives at the small objects mentions. Tremendous dilution which exhausts and frustrates James. 

 A second lesson Maybe An old friend that showed up today hurried the small orb when the knees are held close together. This maybe a particularly efficient receptor From saul. Not sure.

Update. Some important developments. 

 James, remember, your job is to get energy to saul in the exchange chamber at the end of the knees. That's your only job. 

Exchange chamber! Point being, each cycle is not complete until the exchange of information is experienced. And it turns out an important part of the sin formation is, energy packet delivered. 

 A new friend showed up, one from the to day approach into yakama. The clarity that contact with saul required a background energy of very light exertion toward accelerating a little faster than the current rpm as a way of keeping the knees in contact with the circular object. This afternoon James was finding his left knee dropping and having difficulty in finding Where it could deliver energy to the chamber, the exchange chamber period Came to mind was this notion of slight acceleration of the knees around the circle And the left leg could find its foothold again. 

A point noted that the idea of pushing energy into the exchange chamber is seemingly not the same as delivering to the small tight cylinder at the end of the knees that seemed so adequate and correct from several days a go heading North into curd lane. Not sure how this will play out but the notion expressed for today seems to be quite adequate and enDuring

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