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D85 40H 'Update on Hunger Strike, etc.' SL

D85+40H 'Update on Hunger Strike, etc.' SL

Pregnant mom dies shielding [other's] schoolchildren from rooftop gunman in Brooklyn
A gunman perched on a ooklyn rooftop opened fire Friday, grazing an 11-year-old girl and killing a pregnant woman who was shielding several of her kids.

Climate Change Deniers Abandon ‘Befuddled Warmist’ Berkeley Physicist Who Came Around On Global Warming
Climate change deniers thought they had an ally in Richard Muller, a popular physics professor at UC Berkeley and famous anthropogenic global warming skeptic. Now that he’s come around, they’re abandoning him.


Obama Feels Your Pain, Cuts A Check
We couldn’t believe it ourselves, but apparently, President Barack Obama has written personal checks to some Americans who write him about their financial hardships.




California becomes first state to adopt cap-and-trade program,0,1125437.story
The California Air Resources Board on Thursday unanimously adopted the nation's first state-administered cap-and-trade regulations, a landmark set of air pollution controls to address climate change and help the state achieve its ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Groundbreaking data tracks carbon emissions back to their source
Which of the following accounts for the largest share of the UK carbon emissions? All our holiday flights, all the power used in our homes or... Russia?


50% of All Workers Made Less than $26,000 in 2010
‎... the lowest level since 1999, after adjusting for inflation

Lindsey Graham says GOP opposed Libya mission because Obama was president - Politics Wires - MiamiHe
WASHINGTON — Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., hailed the death of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi Thursday but chastised Congress for its hesitance to assist anti-Gadhafi Libyan rebels and for criticizing President Barack Obama’s use of U.S. military resources to assist in air strikes.

A skeptical physicist ends up confirming climate data
Last year, a prominent critic of global warming claims decided to reanalyze the data. To his surprise, the data held up.

Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns
Independent investigation of the key issues sceptics claim can skew global warming figures reports that they have no real effect

By 2060 Half a Billion People Will Be Trapped Amid Climate Change, Study Warns


Late Night: Jon Stewart: Republicans don't like most Americans
Jon Stewart: On "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart wonders how Republicans can "love America so much but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it."

D85+42 'Health-Going-Critical Approached? Kill Carbon Fast update.' SL


Wallets will soon feel effect of climate change
Higher costs for city water, rising home-insurance rates as sea levels rise, and programs to encourage people to leave their fossil-fuel-burning cars at home were cited Tuesday as ways that climate change is, or soon will be, hitting home for B.C. residents.

The U.S. Could Get 120+% of Power From Solar Transmission Line and Highway land
by John Farrell What if the U.S. could get 20 percent of its power from solar near transmission lines without covering virgin desert? It could. Transmission right-of-way corridors, vast swaths of vegetation-free landscape to protect high-voltage power lines, could provide enough space for over 600,0...

Major investors seek new carbon emissions treaty
By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press – 4 hours ago if (gbar.lPWF) { gbar.lPWF(function() { gapi.plusone.render('plusone-div', { "size" : "small", "count" : "true", ...

Irish firms start to see fiscal benefits of carbon reporting

Irish business leaders are starting to put sustainability and carbon reporting at the core of their business-planning strategies, recognising both the challenges and the opportunities arising from climate change and emissions reduction strategies. That’s according to the latest Carbon Disclosure Pro...


Evidence Builds That Scientists Underplay Climate Impacts
Far from being “alarmist,” predictions from climate scientists in many cases are proving to be more conservative than observed climate-induced impacts. The observed rate of Arctic ice loss exceeds the projections of all IPCC climate models — by NSIDC scientist Julienne Stroeve updated through 2011 (...

Five Ways Your Bible Translation Distorts the Original Meaning of the Text
Unfortunately, etymology, internal structure, and cognates are the three pillars of Bible translation. And with them, the power of history and a focus on the wrong parts of metaphor degrade all English Bibles even more.

Group says Tibetan set herself on fire in protest
By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press – 49 minutes ago if (gbar.lPWF) { gbar.lPWF(function() { gapi.plusone.render('plusone-div', { "size" : "small", "count" : "...


Norman Morrison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Norman Morrison (December 29, 1933 - November 2, 1965), born in Erie, Pennsylvania, was a Baltimore Quaker best known for committing suicide at age 31 in an act of self-immolation to protest United States involvement in the Vietnam War.

Climate 'grave' security threat
Climate change poses "an immediate, growing and grave threat" to health and security around the world, according to an expert conference in London.

US military says clean energy, dealing with climate change is a matter of national security
By Peter Lehner, Executive Director, NRDC/New York City When you’ve seen your soldiers die protecting a fuel convoy, you know that the need for clean energy and efficiency is real, urgent, and transcends political squabbling. Last week four high-ranking officials from the Army, Navy, Air Force...

Media Ignore Study On Real Price Of Coal-Fired Power | Media Matters for America
A study published in the prestigious journal American Economic Review estimates that the costs imposed on society by air pollution from coal-fired power plants are greater than the value added to the economy by the industry. The study concluded that coal may be "underregulated" since the price we pa...

Another Tibetan Sets Fire to Self Over China Rule
Coverage of world news from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Alaska woman joins protests with Occupy the Tundra banner
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - When Diane McEachern ventured out onto the foggy western Alaska tundra a week ago to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, she had no idea her tiny demonstration

DON'T MISS: Herman Cain’s deep ties to FASCIST Koch brothers key to campaign
Cain’s economic ideas, support and organization have close ties to two billionaire brothers who bankroll right-leaning causes through their group Americans for Prosperity.

Sean Penn: Tea party wants to ‘lynch’ Obama - CLICK
‎(Photo Credit: AP) Sean Penn – actor, activist and outspoken liberal – unloaded on the tea party during an appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” on Friday. Looking particularly scruffy, Penn echoed comments made by his Hollywood colleague Morgan Freeman last month, explaining why he thinks the tea pa...

Obama GOP appointee says GOP lawmakers are do-nothings - CBS News