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The Arc of the moral universe is long, it bends toward Justice, and that's Doom for the human species. The loving soul is saved from this, not M...


The Arc of the moral universe is long, it bends toward Justice, and that's Doom for the human species. The loving soul is saved from this, not materially, but in life experience, of Joy, by being the will of creator, loving all of creation.


"James, You are a prophet in our times... Don't give up hope James", my most sacred of sisters just wrote. James does his best work living without hope.....

 "You are a prophet in our times, James. Our sometimes, very sad times.  I understand . Believe me, I understand.  Don’t give up hope, my most beloved badger friend!  Let me know where to send some cash. Winter is coming!  And there are more of us out there. We get too busy and distracted and fail to watch out for our brother and sister."

She also wrote," you are a mess, but a great and ancient soul." I replied, takes one to know one. She replied, " haha!"

James: Actually, that's really strategically true. Takes one to know one. That's why our work is to be one as intensely as we can because it might reawaken that knowledge, that's soul, in another soul. I absolutely believe that's really our entire work. At least it will give the opportunity for joy to another individual, misery, but Joy, and if many were to wake up in time that's the only way. The rest is details.

Sister: Yep. People need models same as you see JC and Gandhi as models.  You are a model for persistence through thick or thin, rain, sleet or snow. You raised the bar, little badger!

James: Several days before what I thought would be five years in prison for being arrested at Standing Rock, James realized once and for all he has no hope. And every day since then these recent years has reaffirmed that objectively, objectively, in truth, there is no hope. Because there are not a fraction of the people with Souls still alive to use the technology that we have in abundance to save a habitable future for the children and grandchildren. There is no basis for hope.

But there is a basis for devoting every waking breath to the work of attempting to inflame one's own soul and thereby maybe ignite and or protect the soul in another. Why do so? For the joy of it, and the joy it just might restore to another soul. And if there was a way of wakening Hope beyond that, it would be down this exact path.

 And to this she added: "Yep. People need models same as you see JC and Gandhi as models.  You are a model for persistence through thick or thin, rain, sleet or snow. You raised the bar, little badger!" 

James reply: takes one to know one


***** I don't recall ever feeling more hopeless than I do at the moment about the future for humankind and creation. During the 35 days on the road....

I don't recall ever feeling more hopeless than I do at the moment about the future for humankind and creation.  During the 35 days on the road I was forced to escape the many many hours a day looking at what is happening in the world, Palestine in particular, but Syria, United States, well, pretty much everywhere. In the last 3 weeks I have been able to devote many hours a day, as I have, looking at things square in the face.

Early on felt moments of elation with words from Francis on his current tour, but in the last several days I have seen him gravitating toward meaningless dogmatic doublespeak and there by diluting his earlier, crystal clear message, of living universal family.

Several days ago there was a physical attack on the vehicle where I store it at night stealing $200 worth of electronics that are useless to anyone but me. A grim reminder of what hideous creatures we've devolved to in this loveless, godless, lost... culture. Yes, this victimizer was undoubtedly poor, probably homeless. More deadly by far are the ultra wealthy vulturous creatures on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday I was subject to a withering verbal attack by a psycho in the shelter.

At the moment I can't think of a more sane, moral applicable tale than that of Don Quixote. The only hope is for personal salvation in this life from living the material and spiritual hell that is earth today. To do so by fighting the unwinnable fight, dreaming the impossible dream, fighting when the odds are impossible.... Yes, truly, with no hope of winning.


***** Responsible people need to stop figuring out what others need to do and look in the mirror and figure out how to redouble what they do. Life is not a spectator sport. Life is not playing imaginary chess with the lives of world leaders. Life is the messy, impossible, hopeless pursuit of what one can do individually as pitiful as that may be.

Responsible people need to stop figuring out what others need to do and look in the mirror and figure out how to redouble what they do. Life is not a spectator sport. Life is not playing imaginary chess with the lives of world leaders. Life is the messy, impossible, hopeless pursuit of what one can do individually as  pitiful as that may be.


***** SPDF Day 52: MUST WATCH. VLOG. Sadly, It seems to me in that there may be little or no benefit in continuing this death fast beyond this Day 52.

I STRONGLY suggest reading the transcript as you listen to, watch, this vlog.  3:42, onsite, Capital $$$ Hill.

This is day 52 of Stop Palestine's Death Fast.  And I've been here on Capitol Hill since 7"15 this morning.  The Congress scum have just finished their hour in the Capitol building and have most or all returned to their offices and shortly will return to raising money from the special interests until they reconvene on Tuesday of next week.

Sadly, it seems to me in that there may be little or no benefit in continuing this death fast beyond this Day 52.  I feel and experience zero urgency in reaching that decision. Zero. Neither my body nor my mind are the least bit eager to reach that decision.  But each of the last 52 days suggests to me that I have learned, any onlookers if there be any have learned, and anyone in the future has been positioned to learn as much from this campaign as is likely to be achieved. 

There is no event that has transpired yesterday or the day before or today that has anything to do with this view that I am finding within myself today.

I have spoken recently of intending to go several more weeks to be able to more fully express my rage, my horror, my agony at what we Americans are doing to our Palestinian Brothers and sisters. But I don't think that more than 52 days will make any difference in expressing the clarity of my depth of feeling, depth of commitment, desire to pay the ultimate price as soon as it can be taken to save even one Palestinian Life.  I don't think it will make any difference. 

It is clear to me that, as I saw, but with less clarity and less evidence, on the prior death fast I conducted in front of the Canadian embassy to stop global warming, that there's no life left here in America, except maybe among some of the remote indigenous tribes, there's no life left to benefit from this action, the witness, that I have been living.  It is a graveyard.  The thoughts

I shared in yesterday's video log was a significant advance in my understanding of things.  The video log of yesterday.  We are such a degenerate culture, we have lost our capacity for empathy, and it's not by accident in the sense that we pursue that with all of our might.  And the latent, untapped humanity, the latency capacity for loving, in the available population to the nonviolent warrior, is the raw material that is the basis for any hope in nonviolent actions such as this Death Fast.  And this most recent 52 days of experience, of drilling to tap even the merest hint of that resource, indicates that there is none available in the United States.  Virtually none.  Zero.  We are a dead people. 

Of course I saw that by the end of the Death Fast to stop global warming several years ago in front of the Canadian Embassy.  And I had not totally forgotten what I had seen.  Every day since has reminded me, to my horror.  But as I have shared in earlier video logs for this death fast I perceived that this was different in the immediacy of the ongoing horror of our torment torture terrorization and termination of our Palestinian family and that as a consequence there was a Palestinian Diaspora and a relatively heroic free Palestine U.S. activism in which there would, I thought, be a latent humanity to be taped and educated by this Death Fast if not in my lifetime, afterwards.

Each of the last 50 days, 52 days, has taught me that this was completely, profoundly, absolutely in error.  I have taken small but reliable steps to make certain that the leading organizations and individuals, Jewish Voice for Peace, Open Hillel, If Not Now When, If Americans On Knew, Miko Peled, Allison Weir, the Australian Robert Martin,(THE BEST POST '60's ACTIVISTS I'VE EVER SEEN, excepting Peace Vigil Thomas, some Indigenous Peoples, ISM in Palestine, maybe some of the Christian Peace Maker Teams, and Diane Wilson,, and maybe Rick Hohensee, too, who seems deeply committed) Code Pink...  And others knew of this Death Fast.  And there has been zero response.  Zero.  Deafening, profoundly telling silence.

I am convinced by these 52 days that those that I just mentioned and others like them are not what I had believed.  I mean, they are not committed to Freeing Palestine.  They are INVOLVED in freeing Palestine.  But they are not COMMITTED to freeing Palestine.  The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.  There is no marine and that is not committed to the mission except a dead marine.  There is no special forces that is not committed to a mission other than a dead special forces representative.  There is no high stakes business person it is not committed to their venture except one that is going out of business or losing their job. 

Even in this greatest evil on earth today, the subversion of the world's superpower to execute a slow motion genocide on behalf of a Satanically powerful and sick Zionist mafia, there is no Vanguard outside of Palestine itself that is committed to stopping this atrocity.

That is a dead, and not to be saved, U.S. population.And of course it is this U.S. population that is the engine this behind ecocide and behind the final termination of any and all democracy in the United States.  So what I'm saying is not relevant to only the totalhopelessness for stopping Palestine's Death, it is even more so an observation of hopelessness for any saving of U.S. democracy and or the stopping of ecocide.

I'm guessing that the perceptions I'm sharing with you will hold and that within hours or days this Death Fast will be terminated.

Again, I find no particle in my body that prefers for this, rather than to be finding what I perceived at its beginning that this was both why I have been born, and that it could be a matter of supplying the key to those after I died to bringing about the end of these three Armageddons.  If any part of me saw a glimmer of this hope, on this day 52, then none of those thoughts I'm sharing here would be in my mind.  But I see not the faintest glimmer. 

Instead of a glimmer of hope I see the evidence I cited above as virtually conclusive than we are dead, there is no latent humanity to tap. 

Earlier today I posted graphic and an article from Penn. that I found quickly searching for data that I've known since my master's in psychology program in 2000, that the measured apathy among college students has declined virtually every year for many decades now, and that's what I'm seeing here.  We have systematically, relentlessly, passionately, fiercely, destroyed our humanity in ourselves, in our children, year on year, decade on decade now.  And now there's no one left to save US, to save Palestine, to save Creation.

So what now?  There are individuals to be saved. 

Yes, I keep surprising myself.  But as I sit here it seems virtually impossible to me that by continuing such efforts as I'm doing at this moment, without the Death Fast, but with the posters, and with great discipline and commitment, it seems near impossible to me that I can't at least slightly improve the life, but not save the life, of one Palestinian child in the next 20 years.  It seems impossible to me that by my committed life I can't improve the spiritual life, by moving another in the direction, to the path, of infinit piece of heart, participation in loving, deep joy, profound vitality, that is my experience in every waking second, and in that sense it seems impossible to me that without the Death Fast, but otherwise continuing in the direction that I have been traveling in recent months and years, that I can't improve someone else's life. 

Yes, that's a rather different order of magnitude goal than Stopping Palestine's Death, and stopping ecocide, and saving democracy, although it never occurred to me that I could do more than my tiny little part. 

But maybe, maybe forever for me now, those three goals are dead within me now, for all the appropriate objective reason.  But certainly at the moment, I feel nothing but peace and clarity with the notion of continuing to strive as I have been striving but with the goal of improving just one other person's life. 

I may well have spoken very similarly at the end of the Ecocide's Death Fast of two or three years ago.  But I certainly have a greater base of information contained in those years, and contained in these last 52 days, may give me a much greater conviction and peace and clarity as to all this.

Although I discipline my mind relentlessly in the way that a hideous creature like Donald Trump disciplines his investment habits, and I have disciplined my mind relentlessly these 52 days, there have been moments when my mind has wandered to what my future might look like were I to terminate the Death Fast.  Among the thoughts that have occurred to me are attempting to become more knowledgeable and to share what I learn along the lines of thriving amidst the Armageddon's, and I know that that is entirely possible, to thrive amidst the immediate, unstopping, unstoppable, unfolding Armageddon's.  I do it every second.  But I think there's much I can do to learn more that could be a guidance to others, and by making the attempt I would both lead others in that direction and provide greater clarity and depth as to how and why it can be done and how to do so. I'd have a particular interest in h0w to guide parenting of children who are born, and encouraging, PLEADING, the case to not bring more kids to live Armageddon.

And I have thoughts about how to continue to lead the life of minuscule consumption and maximal output, contribution, that is the life I've been living ... the ONLY joyful life - Serving the Neediest, from the Soul, in Solidarity. 

The major event probably in front of me is the closing of the shelter, the homeless shelter, in which I've resided this last year that has been such a godsend base for my operations.  The central thought I have, to move, which would enable me continued to do the work that I do here in DC, involves moving out into an electric vehicle; no, not a car, an enclosed electric bicycle.  The upfront cost of $6-8000 is not insignificant unless it's considered against even the cost of the tiniest of house or certainly against the $600 to $1000 monthly cost of an apartment here in DC.  And then the ongoing costs are virtually zero in as much as it is solar powered.  I'm concerned about the legality, that is whether it is legal to sleep in such a vehicle in DC, but it is legal to sleep on the sidewalk in DC, so in all likelihood that would not be a legal barrier.  I'm concerned about being here on Capitol Hill or in front of the White House with such a vehicle but that too should be a minuscule risk, inasmuch as it is absolutely, thoroughly, illegally a bicycle by every consideration in all 50 states; that was an important design criterion by this North Carolina based engineering team.

4:48pm 4/23, Capitol Hill:

.......... If you value my work at all, and no way am I saying you should, but IF you do, or have in the past, then I have a request. Watch this video, and the several others linked to within it, deeply. And if, upon reflection, you find any deep, important, reactions within yourself, primarily about my view of the world herein expressed, you will do me a kindness by sharing either in a comment on FB or on the blog post itself. BTW, with zero joy, with zero relief, with great sadness (the tears, sobs of sorrow, come to me now) I am terminating the Death Fast now. So sad. So dreadfully sad.) There is no point in continuing, and what slight work I can do for even one in the world whose Spirit or body I might save or help, is in jeopardy any longer that I remain on this Death Fast. James



Notice:  Transcript is always slightly enhanced over the live video. 

SPDF Day 27: A person is neither aLive, nor an Activst... who would not eagerly give their life for the justice of their fellow human beings. This is history.  This is the history of social change.

(If the shoe does not fit, don't wear it.)  There is very very very good news.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  You are not activists.

Alice Paul and the suffragists alongside her that would pay any price, were activists.  There was no personal price that they would not pay to achieve their goal.  They did not do what was convenient, they calculated what was necessary, and they paid the price.

That is anathema to todays so called activists. Utterly, explicitly, forecefully forbidden. Literally incomprehensible, today, in the US outside of the few fighting global warming by placing and keeping their very lives in the way of Ecocide.  These exceptions prove the rule.

There are no activists today.

There were activists in Tahrir Square several years ago.  There was no personal price they would not pay to achieve their goal.  They expected it would cost their very lives these young people.  Exactly because they were willing to pay that price the onlookers of the world could not stand to see that price exacted and rose and demanded of the leaders of the world that their lives be saved by meeting their demands.  And they were.

 There was only one group for whom Gandhi had utter contempt and that was those who would not happily risk or give their own lives when justice demanded it.  I've written weeks ago of the law of social change which is the law of paying the price, the law of suffering.  This is an immutable law.  And yet for the last 40 or 50 years those that call themselves activists, the most educated in our society, almost always from affluent or relatively affluent backgrounds, are in ferocious, catatonic, psychotic, clinical denial of this law.

It is said that patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels.  No, activism in the United States since the late sixties is the refuge of scoundrels.  It is where one goes for zero personal accountability, the approval of one's peers in excoriating anyone and everyone except those in the same group, holding oneself and ones group to 0 standards, certainly not the historical standards of true activism, and certainly not the standards of results.

The Washington DC not many years ago there was Ngo after Ngo, activist after activist, rapturously involved in historically doomed,, tepid, comfortable, self serving 'activism' to supposedly Save Darfur.
Fact, the leading such group, "Save Darfur," was headed by a pleasant fellow.  At times that I deemed it constructive and appropriate I clearly, honestly, forthrightly and vehimintly confronted the total hopelessness, the total inadequacy, of the strategies and tactics that were being attempted by this group.And indeed, as was patently obvious to anyone that WANTED to see the truth... they saved not one Darfuri, but they had a nice time, got lots of press, had nice confortable jobs for years, added to their resumes, got credit on their college degrees....

Several years later I saw the head of this preeminent Save Darfur group outside a supermarket. Actually, he saw me and wanted to speak.  To his credit he said to me, why were you so hard on us?  I said, just as when a Dr. hangs out a shingle proclaiming that they are a Dr., thereby setting life and death expectations for those who choose to enter, you did the same by calling your group Save Darfur.  You set an expectation that impacted millions of people and yet you planned and attempted nothing that would ever come close to saving those people.  This is a moral problem that I had a duty to those brothers and sisters in Darfur to attempt to confront.  This is a moral failing I had a duty to you to try and bring to your clear attention, and I felt that you were not seeing it, as a result of active denial or otherwise.

Again, to his credit, he replied with astonishing candor, James, he said, I had no idea how to save the people in Darfur.  I give him credit for the candor, but he still had no idea the horror of what he was saying.  And I find him completely representative of the activism in the United States, or what considers itself activism, be it for stopping global warming, preserving some shred of democracy, or freeing the Palestinians while there is still a living Palestinian left.

The left in the United States adores excoriating the right in this country for their denial, especially in the subject area of global warming.  The denial on the right is nothing compared to the denial on the left of their own irresponsibility, non-solidarity with those they purport to be fighting for, lip service, self serving efforts that have the certainty of not achieving the stated goals but only of serving the egos and other gratifications of the so called activists.

The left's denial near incomprehensible.  This is not slender from me.  This is not condemnation.  It is an opportunity to seriously consider it, thereby it is an offer of liberation.

King, Gandhi, any and all of the true activists, in their own way lived, believed, and articulated that someone that would not risk their very life, happily, in the service of justice for their fellow human being, was already Dead.  None of the 2015 activists that I see are anything of the sort.

None or few are hypocrites on purpose.  They've been taught and learned well a lie.  They've been taught a means of behavior that is not activism, but they've been told in word and deed for 40 or 50 years that it is.

If King, Gandhi, Jesus, and the like are correct that cowardice is living death, and by my life and words I believe that they are, then I am not slandering, I'm attempting as they did, to offer Life, to the activist, and to those they think they are serving..

A person is not living who is not ready to give their life for the justice of their fellow human beings, to paraphrase Dr. King.


***** SPDF Day 26: ***** DYING IS NOT MY GOAL… life for at least one more Palestinian… is......

[Note: My brain is getting quite fuzzy, along with my eyesight. That coupled with deep fatigue... are resulting, I'm sure, in a higher rate of typos, and other errors, that I'm sure we both wish were not there.]

SPDF Day 26:  My goal is not to die.  My goal is that Palestinians not die, and I'll GLADLY pay any personal price for that goal.  I'm happy if that price is the ultimate price for me.

As I wrote several weeks ago, this Death Fast is correct for me in this time of complete and utter hopelessness for my Palestine Family.  In such complete darkness, complete hopelessness, objectively, based on all the self-serving, self-gratifying, hopeless, meaningless US 'activist' Free Palestine efforts... this Death Fast against such utter bleakness 'could' be seen at some time after my death, and awaken a few, to the only action that could be CERTAIN to Free Palestine, in sufficient numbers, and then to stop the descent of US into Fascism, and Ecocide.

If that utter bleakness dissipates beyond a point, this Death Fast by just one, me, would be throwing away life to no purpose. In a completely dark room, even a huge one, a tiny candle can be seen from anywhere in the room.  But if the darkness is dispelled, it cannot.

I'd be GLAD to have this Death Fast terminate my life.

I'd be GLAD to find out that a Real Dawn, aggressive, determined, committed, urgent Obama  Admin efforts... was breaking for Palestine.

I'd NOT be GLAD, but I'd recognize and possibly respond to... a 'possible,' 'perceived,' 'uncertain' dawn... such as the news that France is planning to reintroduce a 'Palestinian State' resolution in the UN, and that the US is 'planning' to go after AIPAC, and support a UN resolution.

If these dispel, for good or ill, the utter darkness of the moment, I'll be forced to consider terminating this Death Fast to avoid throwing away one of the only True US Activists that my Palestine has.

The potential harbingers of such 'light pollution,' if not true Light, that I see, the potentially Strategically important news, I' post on this site.

NOTE: If, as there would be, if there were Real Activists in the US, there were 100, or 1000 of us doing what I am, Death Fast... first to Free Palestine, then to save Democracy by getting the money out, then to stop Ecocide... then the above would be less of a factor, if any at all.  100 candles can be seen even in a semi-lighted room.  But one cannot.


***** SPDF Day 23: ***** EXACTLY THE SICKNESS (USELESSNESS, HOPELESSNESS) of 2015 – activists are devoted to the lie that their very lives are not, are NEVER, DEMANDED OF THEM ...

***** SPDF Day 23:  Exactly the sickness (uselessness, hopelessness)  of this 2015 US, the 2015 'activists,' is that they think they are NOT called to give their very lives for their causes. THE FOUNDATION ON WHICH UNVIOLENT ACTION RESTS, IS EXACTLY, THE WILLINGNESS TO DIE FOR THE CAUSE.  THERE IS NO NON-VIOLENT ACTION, OPPOSITION, RESISTANCE OF ANY HOPE WITHOUT THIS.



SPDF Day 17: I expect to terminate this death fast within the next few days. I'm no expert on missiles but I know that some are equipped with an abort mechanism.  Anyone that launches a campaign of any sort and regardless of changing circumstances is unwilling to change their plans as a zealot, a madman.  This death vast was begun on the day, on the night before, Netanyahu was here in Washington enabling Congress to demonstrate its complete corruption, and his as well.  It was a time of complete darkness.  Utter hopelessness.  Absolute shamefullness among the cowardly inadequacy of the American Free Palestine activities. 

We American activists don't do what's needed.  We do what's convenient.  We do what feels good.  We do what attracts money, followers, accolades, while enabling us to continue on with our over privileged lifestyles.  The exceptions prove the rule. 

I think that may have changed now.  No, it has changed.  The question is how substantial is the change, and will it continue. 

I posted earlier today some discussion of my analysis of the situation.  At the core is the widely covered news that the Obama Administration may have been given enough license by this criminal Netanyahu and his criminal Israeli country to act aggressively to impose the international law of record, the 1967 borders and the right of return for the 3.5 million  Palestinian refugees.  I make not the slightest assumption that tomorrow's headlines might not reverse all this.  But I do make the assumption, it is my analysis, that A. it could be substantive, and B. It changes the clarity of the situation with in which I am on Death Fast.  Even the most infinitesimal candle in a room of absolutes darkness and be seen.  Well I could be that candle on the day, and on the days since, Netanyahu was here in town.  But for the moment the room is no longer nearly so dark with these obvious considerations on the part of the Obama Administration.

I suspect that I'll not reach a final conclusion for several days.  I'll continue to watch the news for clues as to whether this is substantive or illusory.  But within hours or days I think there is an excellent chance that the best way I can serve the part of my family that is Palestine is to terminate this death fast, regain strength, continue my online work, probably continue my vigil and work, and to watch for the next point of clarity as to how I can serve, which could well be, if the next absolute darkness appears even almost immediately, to launch another death fast.

As I wrote in an immensely important post the other day, I feel not the slightest hesitation to have my life terminate now, this instant, if it can save one Palestinian in the next 20 years.  But the clarity for that at the moment may have been lost, and there may now be new and better opportunities to serve even more.  I'll see.

I will, I AM giving my Life for Palestine, for the infinite Joy of it. The only variable  is how to best serve in doing that.  I'll continue to re-calculate breath, by breath, by breath.


detail. I've just shared this with one of the greatest living souls I know alive today. This friends FB profile has me very worried....

I've just shared this with one of the greatest living souls I know alive today.  This friends FB profile has me very worried.  The advice I've shared with this friend is instrumental in my being able to go forward day after day, I hope it can help this friend if needed, and I hope you may know others who it may help... so I share it with you:  "Dear friend, do you remember we corresponded a month ago or so?  Please don't mind my comment here - just laugh me off if you need to... that'd be ok.  But I'm concerned with your fb profile photo. I'm not objecting to it. I'm not offended by it. I'm worried by it.  I'm worried that I see deep, prolonged, depression there, and that worries me because depression can be deadly, as you know, and I, we, need you in the fight for the long haul.  I"m not meddling, feel free to tune me out, and know that I don't expect, want, or need a reply.  A Palestinian fb 'friend' said to me not long ago that he could tell by the pain for Palestine that I live, he said, 'I don't know anyone that is more Palestinian than you are."  I LIVE agony for Palestine, every breath.  They are my Family. Brings me to tears.  But, thank Creator (whatever She is), that i've learned that Loving is the answer, my answer, The answer, Our answer to bearing such horrible pain, for so long, and channeling it, not to our own destruction, but toward the destruction of the Injustices that cause the pain.  Am I lecturing you? No.  :-(  Am I judging that you don't Love?  I'm judging that you Love profoundly.  But Loving is a very dangerous thing to do... and it can be done in such a way that it leads to self-destruction.  I judge that Robin Williams was among the most heroic practitioners of Loving that has ever been on earth... but he was sufficiently flawed in his near Infinite Loving that it killed him.  I think the problem for the likes of Robin, me, you, dw... is that the loving, NATURALLY, leads to Depression... unavoidably.  But unless we are immensely vigilant, that depression can back up with any level of hopelessness that we allow.... as to how to stop the external horror.  And there are no sufficient answers as to how to stop the horrors.  BUT THE DIRECTION CAN BE KNOWN... AND THE DIRECTION, IF WE ARE SELF-AWARE... CAN BE KNOWN, AND CAN BE ENOUGH... CAN BE ENOUGH... AND SAVE US FROM SELF-DESTRUCTION OF BEARING THE PAIN...  AND THE DIRECTION IS "LOVING" (Serving in Solidarity, from the Soul, the global neediest).  Please, if it can serve, if it can help, please bear this in mind, or laugh at my well intended stupidity.  JUST, BE WELL.  WE NEED YOU.  Your brother forever, no matter what.  (Among the best I've seen the above captured is in a quote from Teresa of Calcutta, "I've learned the paradox that if I love until it hurts, there is no more hurt, there is only more love.")  (((HUGS)))


***** Loving's dialog with a dear, Wash, DC, Parent

[Note: some will have found this post from this graphic -
Photo: NO NEED TO GOOGLE, per the pic - here's the link:

[Note to a dear friend, an accomplished, impactful writer, in the DC area,
who has been a dear friend these last several years - this friend and
the friend's young family.]

My gauge of you is as an extraordinarily good, loving, responsible,courageous... parent and spouse.  As such, I believe you would
have the desire, and strength, to want to see any harm coming in their
direction, sooner, rather than later.  I have so wanted, in the case
of those for whom I care.

Such a parent, and spouse, would want to
see these, links below. Based on my lifelong background of sifting through
the minds and ideas of leading edge scientists in industry... and my 5 years
dedication to understanding global warming, ALL, links below, are from the standpoint
of the leading edge, MAIN STREAM scientists, these (below) ARE the
mainstream scientific and economic projections.  Nothing the least
bit 'fringe' about them from the standpoint of the main stream
scientists, 97% of them.  (100% fringe from the standpoint of Fox News,
the right wing media, and the fossil fuel $1b per year (recent main stream
articles) misinformation machine.)

And the one direction of their views, year in, year out, year
by year, for the last 30-40 years, is that any current year's data says
that their prior year projections of horror were, uh, too, way, way, WAY too
conservative.  This never changes, year in, year out.  Even the scientists
are subject to internal denial of the facts, science, and the implications.
It is overwhelmingly bleak, and terrifying:

3 min or so.  Dr. David Suzuki, Canada's equivalent of Bill Nye the science guy, tho more scholarly -

10 min - very good, 2014 synopsis:

2 hour more in depth, what my 1000's of hours of main-stream research
confirms (2007, but very much correct on all the main points), and 99.9999% more
than all but 1 in a million citizens understand about where we are:

Scholarly papers -

Well footnoted to main-stream science, tho the author has taken a more courageous,
honest, more forthright take on the implications of the science than most others have
to date:

Gold Standard Scientific Position, 12.03.13, Nasa's James Hansen, et al:

What these articles and videos above do not cover, is the other Armageddon unfolding,
global fascism, police state, the end of democracy in America (Bill Moyers) Here, here, here, here.

Now, hold on for just a second before you decide I'm a loon.  This below is main stream headlines
the last few days.  Now, if 85 rich owning 1/2 the world, and the top 2% owning
virtually all of it, if this is not Fascism, the rich owning everything,
the rich (their money and power) 'owning' the
government officials, then, well, hmm, it IS Global Fascism, by whatever name or guise.  These people don't
own the 50% because they have good intent; and it requires no 'conspiracy' theory; it is
only to say that 85, or 10,000 people with that much $$$,
near all the rest of us with any power (gov officials) are going
to be sure not to threaten, and to curry favor with, these people.  Not one in a million
of us would risk family, education, job, status, comfort... by not pursuing
the money and favor of such money.  Let's be real:

The World's 85 Richest Now Worth as Much as 3.5 Billion PoorestBusinessweek
85 richest people own as much as bottom half of population, report ...Opinion-Los Angeles Time

One Stat to Destroy Your Faith in Humanity: The World's 85 Richest ...TIME

World's 85 richest have as much money as 3.5billion poorest people ...Daily Mail

World's richest have same wealth as 3.5 billion

Richest 1% own nearly half of world's wealthUSA TODAY

World's richest 85 people have as much as bottom half the population

McClatchy Washington Bureau


The point?  Armageddon, 2x, is unfolding before the eyes of every parent in
America - 

1x Armageddon: Earth may only be habitable for another few generations, convulsions
beginning immediately; and the

2x Armageddon: Demise of Democracy in America, and the unfolding of 
Global Fascism, a 4th Reich, tho unnamed, is unfolding before the
parent's eyes. It will be one life for the top 1-10% (the owners and their corpratocracy),
and another life entirely, rapidly becoming more bleak, for the rest, the expendables.

For the 'rest,' I'll spend the rest of my life sentence doing what I can to help.
More here, and unfolding here over time.

For many more years to come, most parents will not find the Loving to come out
of their comfortable denial.  But some will find the Courage, the Loving, and begin
to figure out how to help their children grow, and find Joy, and mitigation of suffering,
in this terrible, terrifying, convulsing, collapsing, violent, vicious, deadly, and soon dead, new world.  I'll do what little I can to help them.
No need to reply to me. 

Your Loving brother forever, no matter what.

------- Addendum-------

Comment from a young, in college FB friend, MW (initial CRUCIAL dialog, HERE):
'Awesome. Thank you. So depressing. Seems hopeless.'

'It is, materially, hopeless, ONLY because millions will not take the streets, unviolently, UNTIL THEY WIN A FUTURE FOR THEIR KID'S.  But some of the most joyful people ever to have walked the earth, will be the folks of your generation that carve out a loving life of mutual community and service, off grid, sustainable, outside of empire. Folks are doing it. Within weeks I'll be diving in to begin understanding, cataloging, sharing, following, and if I'm lucky, joining and helping such communities.'




You'll be able to tell if and when a serious climate movement arises - it'll be when McKibben is boo'd off the stage for being a spineless, defeatist, cowardly, whining auth-whore.

[to this comment I made this morning on FB, Doug asked: "got a successor?]

A vacuum would be infinitely superior. He is sucking all the air out of the room. This isn't personal, it is professional. He is the antitheses of those who have brought social change, and HE IS THE FIRST TO SAY IT - 'OH, I DON 'T KNOW HOW WE CAN WIN!!!!!!!' I don't fault him for not having what it takes. I DO fault him for not facing what it takes - WE HAVE A HISTORY OF WHAT IT TAKES - MALALA, KING, GANDHI, JESUS, ALICE PAUL, INEZ MILHOLLAND... RADICAL COURAGE, PAYING/OFFERING THE INFINITE PRICE. If he and his hopeless got out of the way (not a snowballs chance it hell - too self pleasuring for them all) AT THE VERY LEAST IT WOULD MAKE Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) EASIER TO SEE, TAR SANDS BLOCKADE, BOLD NEBRASKA. This PRETTY MUCH PROVES MY POINT - YOU'VE SEEN THE RECENT WIKI-LEAKS OF WHO THE FOSSIL FOOLS INDUSTRY VIEWS AS A THREAT - WAS MCKCHICKEN / 350.ORG ON THE LIST? NO. RISING TIDE, THOSE LIKE THEM, WERE!!!!