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James and important things, James and Sol, Jay and Daisy...


We love you, she spoke loudly out the window...


I really don't know love at all... Joni Mitchell?

 The Epitaph on our species, and on virtually all of us.

And even the one in a million of us that have been loved probably don't know it. Unless we are unconditionally loved and feel it from our first days, as I was by my father, we can't know love.

Daisy in The Great Gatsby.

Jesus loved us, but we don't know it despite all the singing.

It's life's Illusions I recall. Yes, all of us have the illusion We've Been Loved, that we are loved. Not I, except by my father. A curse, the divine blessing.


A fellow I know mentioned that he is soon going to have a child....

 Some very thoughtful and well-intended individuals think that we can only become, or we are most likely to become, full human beings when we take responsibility for the life of the child. In my own case there's much truth to this oh, that is the things I'm glad of in my character probably would not have happened had I not had two biological offspring. In our horrible culture it is more likely that that responsibility will bring out the worst in us. But if we take great care it may do the former. It has always been true that the choice before us that we refuse to see but the choice before us each individual is to live a life of pleasure  safety material well-being, or, or, or, a life with joy which allows the former to be at riak and is willing to pay that price for Joy, forgetting self and serving others. What has not been true until now is that every child  virtually now faces material hell where the old choice of Happiness safety and comfort material wealth is no more. So it is only those children by luck and or good parenting that have their taste for loving service of others for joy nurtured that will have a life worth living. Hugs.

I envy you James. With a tear in his eyes I think.