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From Habima Square to the IDF headquarters on Kaplan Street, waving Israeli flags and holding signs that read “Intifada government, go home” and “There is no security without a solution.”

Netanyahu approves expansion of illegal settlement near Nablus

***** Utterly breathtaking, magnificent. Young Jews from around the world disrupt world Zionist Congress to demand the occupation be ended

US Slashes Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians, Boosts Israeli Military Aid by $1 Billion

Video. It's really stormtroopers beating innocent Palestinian man

I guess I'm called to be sort of a vaccine. I'm called.....

I guess I'm called to be sort of a vaccine. I'm called to be sickening to as many as possible that parts of themselves, or parts of the community, strengthened in ways that enable them to survive and thrive. Yes, so far, I don't seem to be doing a very good job of it. But this is what I am called to be, what I am called to do.

Video Shows How the U.S. Dropped 2.5 Million Tons of Bombs on Laos

J ournalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists in Paris

US cuts $80mn in aid to send message to Palestinians: Reports

The New York Times blows it again: Why its Israel-Palestine coverage gets it so wrong

Israel “Violating Every International Law” with Use of Lethal Weapons against Palestinian Civilians

Israel’s toolbox of repression

***** !¡!¡ stop what you're doing. Read this. Share it. Get it read. "We Jews (believe) we are superior to others, (rightly) we control the fate of those lesser others, (rightly) we are allowed to disregard laws and any basic notions of human morality with regard to Palestinians."

Israelis storm troops shoot to maim, cripple, or kill.

Israeli troops execute Pal boy north of Jenin

***** Senior Israeli Officials in Their Own Words. Racial Hatred.

Palestine 1920's, 30's

1939 Australia Palestine soccer game

'Every dark skin in Israel is now a target'

***** Wash Post. We are lifelong Zionists. Here’s why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel.

In the Field with the Israeli Rabbis Protecting Palestinian Olive Farmers


Don’t believe Bibi - Israel has already changed the ‘status quo’ at Al-Aqsa

'US responsible for crimes being committed in Palestine,' Hezbollah chief says

***** My encounters with the pro-Israelis:.....

To say that they are Nazis, or, Naziesque, is not a slander from me but a psychological description of their mental state. It is as clear as anything can be. The best description of it that I have seen is in a presentation by Gideon Levy given in White Plains New York several days ago. It is posted on my blog.

Israeli settlers shoot Palestinian child in head.

Investigation of Mosque Arson Closed Due to 'Insufficient Evidence'

***** The effectiveness of the pro-Israel lobby to intimidate our press has reached new heights

***** I feel like I have come home, returned to the family into which I was born. Living........

***** I feel like I have come home, returned to the family into which I was born.

Living in solidarity with our global neediest family... is how I experience my life now. Yes, that may be an incredible delusion on my part. But I think it is less delusion and more reality, and surely an expression of relative truth in my life, that I now live infinitely more in solidarity with our neediest brothers and sisters on earth, in terms of my resource consumption, devotion of my attention, focus, devotion of what resources and talents I have....

Oh, I highly recommend it. It is heaven, yes, and hell. But it is heaven, returning to our family, what could be more heavenly? Nothing. It is the only revolution that has ever been possible.

Salon. Israel's descent into right wing extremism.

“Hamas believes in a struggle against the oppressors,” he said.

Illegal Israeli settlers defines his religion to Palestinians: you will be our slaves, if you are worthy, if you behave well. No, he was not kidding. Look it up.

University of Chicago, Jewish students for peace receive death threats

***** watch. Palestinian kids on Arabs Got Talent.

WATCH: Jewish extremist tries to stab 'rabbi for human rights'

it is open season on Palestinians for Israelis now.

***** French high court confirms BDS activists’ discrimination convictions

Video. Israel shoots Palestinians to kill or maim and lets them bleed to death

Israel’s nuclear advisory panel endorses Iran deal


Palestinian MP: Palestinians not intimidated by Israeli arrest campaign

2 Palestinian youths fatally shot by Israeli troops in O. J’lem

We Palestinians are not Native Americans but is the US ready to implement its own law?

Israel DID change the status quo on the Temple Mount/Haram el Sharif – two years ago

Why Palestinians Need an International Protection Force

***** video. Call today's Republicans what they are, American Taliban.

***** Painting Palestinians as Nazis, Netanyahu Incites a Wave of Vigilante Violence Netanyahu’s comments about the Mufti were much more than a hysterical lie.

GAZA: One in three exit permit applications for medical care rejected

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

I have never felt more alienated, alien, alone... Honest.

WALL.E. I have never felt more alien, alienated, alone, isolated... Honest, clear-sighted, willing to see the truth. There is no event that precipitates this observation by me. It is a lifelong series of events culminating in this view which has been with me for my lifetime with increasing clarity over the last few years. Neo had his suspicions, he clearly felt alien, before he took the pill. But after we can guess that he had a profound deepening and validation of that feeling alien. I really feel just like that. I might be wrong. I might be going crazy. I might finally be having the courage to be sane. I think it is the latter.

In Mufti speech, Netanyahu showed his obsessive hatred of the Palestinians Israel's PM is gripped by an obsession in which even Hitler, the archetype of evil and Jew-hatred, has to play second fiddle to Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian predecessors.

Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map

Video. From Palestine. Children against tanks. Stay human or die trying.

How NPR talks about Israel/Palestine

You can’t say U.S. media is reporting violence in Israel-Palestine in an evenhanded manner

BBC implies Palestinian dead are Israeli

Israel killed boys as they sought soldier’s help


Settlers attack Palestinian boy picking olives near Jenin

Washington plans up to $1 billion hike in military aid to Israel

***** It is a sad reality that, unless Jewish lives are lost, Israelis and the Western world tend to feel that the occupation is not a problem

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles

*****!!!!!##### please act immediately. Tell New York Times to report truthfully on Palestine Israel

After Netanyahu comments, Germany says responsibility for Holocaust is ours

Israeli forces deliver demolition orders in Jordan Valley

WPSYZH Day 'Suspended.' Was Neo...?

Was Neo ever foolish enough to think he could awaken masses of those in the matrix? Did he repeatedly go through cycles of being so foolish?

My campaign to awaken the Washington Post, that notion, is the equivalent of Neo, not trying to awaken the masses in the matrix, but trying to awaken Smith headquarters.

The Washington Post are the script writers for the matrix, they're the programmers of the false reality, the most dead, the most sick, the most compromised, the most corrupt...

Yet again I have profoundly misjudged how dire and dead things are. My opportunity is not to try and awaken The Washington Post, my opportunity is to hope to awaken or strengthen one other alive being in my life time.

Opposition blasts Netanyahu for 'distorting' Holocaust history

Benjamin Netanyahu blames Holocaust on Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini

Israel kidnaps 6 youth from city leading nonviolent resistance

Israel murders 5 more Palestinians bringing the total to 50 in October

Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler and to blame Palestine for the extermination of Jews?

Neocon Scheme: Send Nuke Bombers to Israel

136 attacks on medics, 47 dead and thousands injured, says Ministry of Health


***** Must watch. Norman Finkelstein current slaughter of Palestine

***** Facing down hecklers in NY, Gideon Levy calls for equal rights for all in one state

Palestinian woman dies after tear gas inhalation as settlers seize homes

Israeli settlers steal olive harvest in Salfit

Video. Israel brainwashes its kids to hate and kill Arabs.

Video. Ronnie Barkin. Israeli Jew. Israel is not a democracy.

Israeli troops demolish apartment belonging to family members of man who killed Israeli last year

***** Canada's general election has concluded with a landslide win for the Liberal Party and their leader, Justin Trudeau,


***** Day 4 WPSYZH Washington Post Reduces Palestinian Victims to a Word Problem

Ashrawi: Israel is transforming its own public into vigilantes and gangsters

Many Low-Income Workers Say ‘No’ to Health Insurance

Photos of Palestine olive harvest 1900 to 1920's

Palestinians facing 'futureless future with no hope' - Norman Finkelstein

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian girl in al-Khalil

Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police 'disappeared' 7,000 people

Israeli forces arrest 20 Palestinians in West Bank

Republished by Jewish Voice for Peace JVP: It's time to challenge the status quo in Palestine

Israel using 'preventative arrests' to stifle dissent

Israel furious at S. Africa invitation of Hamas delegation

Palestinians 'Living Under Two Occupations': Violence Spikes in Israel and the West Bank

No discussion of Israel or Palestine at Democratic debate

**** MUST WATCH. Blumenthal, Hedges. Media 'Sadism and Savagery I've Never Seen Before': Max Blumenthal & Chris Hedges Discuss 2014 Assault on Gaza As tensions rise in the occupied territories, last summer's brutal siege of Gaza can't be forgotten.

Outlawing Israel boycott in Europe revealed as key AIPAC goal

US trade union undeterred by legal assault over Israel boycott

Obama Says Israel Will Only Be Secure With A Two-State Solution

***** Day 4 WPSYZH. The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de CervantesI feel I am unable.....

"The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de Cervantes
I feel I am unable to go on like I was last week, that I should not, and that it would be madness to do so. I fell back into the trap of seeing reality as how things are. That is, I was accepting that the way things are is reality.
And the way things are is insanity.  Living normally in the face of the Zioni Holocaust funded and armed, politically supported, politically enabled, by we nice Americans, is insanity. Accepting that we nice adults that are perpetrating this are normal, and sane, our true selves, our grown-up selves... is insanity.
I was living it, this false reality, and it was killing me ... the madness of it, the insanity of it.
No, I will, now, I think, I hope... find the sanity, and hold on to the sanity, to see that it is our insane selves, the Satanic selves that we have allowed to hijack our true selves, our universally loving child selves, that it is insanity for me to see those insane selves as reality.
I will accept that now I will be seen as infinitely more insane by onlookers cuz I think now I will live the reality that the hijackers are not the central reality, I will not address myself to them, I will not have my thoughts preoccupied with them, as I have.
No, I will keep my eyes on the prize, the revolution by our child selves, our universal family selves, our godly selves... as reality.
I will live in the reality of these unseen spirits taking over. Live to incite that reality, though I will fail, be ridiculed, may be imprisoned, may be institutionalized... for doing so.

Israeli soldiers force to Palestinian children to strip in the street.

Palestinian child injured during Bethlehem clashes

***** The single-state solution is already here

***** Gideon Levy: U.S. Criticizes Settlements While Giving Israel "Carte Blanche" to Continue Occupation

“Your walls will never cage our freedom”: Black-Palestinian solidarity video goes viral

Critics hammer ‘NYT’s Rudoren for daring to convey Palestinian experience

Israeli court refuses appeal, will go ahead with demolition of family home in Hebron

Israel’s Friday Bloodbath. Washington absolves Israel of Blame

Israeli minister: ‘There never will be a Palestinian state.’

15,000 Chicago protestors demand end to Israeli occupation

Obama backs Israel as 5 more Palestinians are killed


The New York Times and The Washington Post have more Palestinian blood on their hands than anyone. By spouting their lies, their murderous misrepresentation of the Israeli Holocaust of Palestinians, they are the major murder. When they are stopped in their bloody lying the genocide will stop.
I expect for the foreseeable future to be a daily presence in front of The Washington Post. Most days it will be from before 8 a.m. till after 6 p.m. I think it likely that at some time in the future I will commence an open-ended hunger strike, water only, to add emphasis. I am extremely glad to see this opportunity.
Yes, I will have no impact. Yes, I will once again fail to make any difference. I will once again fail to stop the Zioni Holocaust. But I will not fail to try with my last breath.
I am extremely glad to see this opportunity to attempt to help.
Yes, the last hunger strike almost killed me, 8 days of hospitalization kept me alive (SPDF Stop Palestines Death Fast). Too many done so far, on top of the cancer and the abdomonal surgeries. I don't care what happens to this body except that it be used to serve my real body which is all of humanity.

Israeli police evicts Palestinian family from East Jerusalem home, gives property to settlers for new settlement

Students protest Palestine occupation, recent violence

***** Angolan Rapper Breathes New Life Into ‘Freedom Now’ Movement, As Hunger Strike Threatens His

5 Black Churches in the Ferguson Area Have Burned Since Last Week, Media Shrugs

***** video: Israeli soldiers, we were ordered to do things we were raised not to do

Israeli settlers brutally attack Palestinian municipal worker

“Die, son of a whore!” “Give him one in the head.” This is what it sounds like when Israeli security kills Palestinian kids Josh Ruebner

Israel demolished 46 Palestinian houses last month

New Jewish network launches worldwide initiative against occupation

U.s. taxpayer slaughter of Palestinians is well underway- 44 Palestinians killed, 1829 others injured

Sensing my deep depression, my body and I.....

Sensing my deep depression, my body and I decided to keep me in bed for nearly 48 hours. This seems to have been a good choice. My mind and soul did much work to adjust to the ever greater horror, the even deeper evil in humanity than i had yet seen. I seem to have made enough adjustment that I am back to fighting strength and on post of the blood soaked Washington Post since 7 a.m. this morning. I may focus my efforts almost exclusively on this bloody propaganda arm of the Zionist Empire for the foreseeable future.

Hershey, Nestle and Mars have been using child slaves to make your chocolate. See for yourself.

Scotland’s Green Party passed a motion on Saturday calling for the boycott of Israel and the removal of Hamas from a European Union list of terrorist organizations.

Politicians in Israel speak there racism and ethnocracy

Pro Palestine, pro-israel protesters face off New York City

Thousands March for Palestine in Chicago

(pictures) ‘Israel’ summarily executed 5 Pals in one day

London's solidarity with Palestine

America’s dark imperial legacy: It goes much deeper than George W. Bush


‘Caught on Camera:’ eight extrajudicial killings of Palestinians

I am at a new low, continuing confined to bed, hoping to recover in time to begin fighting.......

I am at a new low, continuing confined to bed, hoping to recover in time to begin fighting again tomorrow morning. I spent three days in front of the Washington Post. Then it came crashing crashing down on me. They are not a news organization in error. Have always been a propaganda organization for the status quo. Same for the New York Times. Realized this when I began to think what role they have played in the other American horrors. Vietnam War. Iraq war. South African apartheid. On and on and on. Never been about news. About maintaining the power elite in their status quo. My understanding the truth increases and it gets worse and worse. It is hard for me to deal with, but I will.