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nd. SPDF Day 25: For Gandhi there was an Ultimate, Unforgivable Sin… reticence to give ones life for others...

nd. SPDF Day 25:  For Gandhi there was an Ultimate, Unforgivable Sin - COWARDICE - BEING UNWILLING TO GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.  Nonviolence was his preferred choice, but violence was infinitely superior to not butting your very life in the way of evil.

***** SPDF Day 25: Chris Hedges - These armies of [educated liberals] serve a corporate system that will quite literally kill us

Christopher Browning’s collection of essays, “The Path to Genocide,” notes that it was the “moderate,” “normal” bureaucrats, not the zealots, who made the Holocaust possible. Germaine Tillion pointed out “the tragic easiness [during the Holocaust] with which ‘decent’ people could become the most callous executioners without seeming to notice what was happening to them.” The Russian novelist Vasily Grossman in his book “Forever Flowing” observed that “the new state did not require holy apostles, fanatic, inspired builders, faithful, devout disciples. The new state did not even require servants—just clerks.”

“The most nauseating type of S.S. were to me personally the cynics who no longer genuinely believed in their cause, but went on collecting blood guilt for its own sake,” wrote Dr. Ella Lingens-Reiner in “Prisoners of Fear,” her searing memoir of Auschwitz. “Those cynics were not always brutal to the prisoners, their behavior changed with their mood. They took nothing seriously—neither themselves nor their cause, neither us nor our situation. One of the worst among them was Dr. Mengele, the Camp Doctor I have mentioned before. When a batch of newly arrived Jews was being classified into those fit for work and those fit for death, he would whistle a melody and rhythmically jerk his thumb over his right or his left shoulder—which meant ‘gas’ or ‘work.’ He thought conditions in the camp rotten, and even did a few things to improve them, but at the same time he committed murder callously, without any qualms.”

These armies of bureaucrats serve a corporate system that will quite literally kill us. They are as cold and disconnected as Mengele. They carry out minute tasks. They are docile. Compliant. They obey. They find their self-worth in the prestige and power of the corporation, in the status of their positions and in their career promotions. They assure themselves of their own goodness through their private acts as husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. They sit on school boards. They go to Rotary. They attend church. It is moral schizophrenia. They erect walls to create an isolated consciousness. They make the lethal goals of ExxonMobil or Goldman Sachs or Raytheon or insurance companies possible. They destroy the ecosystem, the economy and the body politic and turn workingmen and -women into impoverished serfs. They feel nothing. Metaphysical naiveté always ends in murder. It fragments the world. Little acts of kindness and charity mask the monstrous evil they abet. And the system rolls forward. The polar ice caps melt. The droughts rage over cropland. The drones deliver death from the sky. The state moves inexorably forward to place us in chains. The sick die. The poor starve. The prisons fill. And the careerist, plodding forward, does his or her job.


SPDF Day 22: J-Street was on the Hill today: “I am not willing to die for Palestine”....

***** SPDF Day 22:  J-Street was on the Hill today, or many, anyway. "What do we have to do to stop this?" asked one of them as he passed. "We have to die, or be willing to die, so the Palestinians don't.  There is no other answer for social change, in history." "I've been fighting this for 50 years, but I'm not willing to die for it."  That is why there is currently ZERO HOPE for the Palestinians, (US democracy, stopping Ecocide...).  Lip-service. J-Street (or, fill in your do-nothing, pay nothing, risk nothing 'activist' group)- fun meetings, moralistic masturbation, huge circle-jerk. Pay the price???? Nah. Not since the '60's.  Activism by 'free lunch.'  Uh, there is not free lunch, just more dead Palestinian children.  Have a nice f'cking day.


****** MUST READ. NOW. Robert Reich: In Our Horrifying Future, Very Few People Will Have Work or Make Money. Think you're safe because you're a professional? Think again.

***** SPDF Day 19 vlog. Between 2000 and 20,000, maybe 200,000, of we Palestinians will be slaughtered within the next year and a half...

SPDF Day 19.  Between 2000 and 20,000, maybe 200,000, of we Palestinians will be slaughtered within the next year and 1/2.  Everyone knows this.  As a Palestinian I hate you American and European Free Palestine activists more than I hate the Zionists.  You are using us for your moralistic orgy.

You can't possibly thank the writing another book is going to stop the most powerful military in the world, the Israeli U.S. military complex.  You can't possibly think that BDS is going to stop a population that entirely unlike South Africa, is totally psychotic, posttraumatic, siege mentality, has contempt for the rest of the world, and has been planning all along for the isolation that is now threatened.  You can't possibly think that a march, here, demonstration there, more articles in journals no one reads,  tantruming and whining in congressional sessions occasionally... will stop the Zionist Maffia... in literally 1000 years!


And you only have, WE only have, months to do it.  (I forgot, after the next wave of we Palestinians, then the next wave, then the last of us are exterminated... YOU GET TO GO HOME, FEELING SMUG, AND RIGHTEOUS, THAT YOU 'TRIED.'  YOU NEVER TRIED. YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED. YOU HAVE USED US, TO JERK OFF.)

And on top of that you can't think that your puny BDS which can only get a tiny segment of the Israeli economy, most of which is military and high tech you can't possibly think that that will be offset by the billions of Adelson and the other criminal American families with their billions that bankroll the Zionist mafia.

So your incessant books, book tours, talks to churches, talks at synagogues, emotional attempts to heal heal Hillel and Judaism, your BPS, your undignified ranting in Congressional Sessions or your taunts of AIPAC...  You can't possibly think that they're going to save even one Palestinian Life.

Yes, of course most of these (not the undignified ranting) can be part of a solution, the same way the woman's auxiliary can be part of a military, the USO can be part of the military campaign, the army can be part of a military campaign.

But without the insanely committed special forces, the outrageously risky marine forces, there is no campaign, there is no hope of victory.

You god damn liberals are using we Palestinians in your moralistic orgy.  And it's not neutral.  You create the illusion for otherwise good hearted people that the solution is on the way.  And with that illusion you keep them on the sidelines.  Oh well, I guess it's going to be OK.

Have the freaking decency to escalate - COMMIT, PUT YOUR LIFE LIMB AND TREASURE IN THE WAY OF THIS AND KEEP IT THERE UNTIL YOU WIN OR YOU DIE.  'EXAMPLE IS NOT THE MAJOR THING IN INFLUENCING PEOPLE. IT IS THE  ONLY THING.' Albert Schweitzer.  'PAY THE PRICE, THE AWEFUL, IMMENSE PRICE, IT WILL TAKE TO STOP THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL MAFFIA NOW, OR DIE TRYING.  THIS IS A HOLOCAUST.  THIS IS YOUR HOLOCAUST ON YOUR WATCH.  MAKE 'NEVER AGAIN' MEAN... NEVER AGAIN... OR DIE TRYING.  (The scale is smaller, but THIS IS THE HOLOCAUST ON YOUR WATCH. ACT LIKE IT!!!) Have the freaking decency to behave as though 2000 to 200,000 people are about to be slaughtered, YOUR people, YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY... because they are, or go home, and shut up, and stop creating the illusion that anything is in the works to save we Palestinians because currently nothing is.

Oh, and to my Palestinian brothers and sisters... STOP THE VIOLENCE.  STOP THROWING ROCKS.  USE YOUR BODIES TO CONFRONT THE VIOLENCE.  LET THEM KILL YOU.  PILE UP THE BODIES.  Every rock you throw, tho it is your right, keeps the all important world's confused, timid, but good-hearted bystanders of the world... ON THE SIDELINES.  Stop it.  Study MLK Jr.  Study Wael Gohnim. Study Tahrir Square. Go to (set your ad block on your browser first to block the porn ads) The Pirate Bay dot se / Unviolentpeacemaker  to the blessed site 'UNVIOLENTPEACEMAKER.'  Some loving soul has put virtually ALL of the greatest books on non-violence, Palestine, Ecocide... up there.  Buy the materials when you can, but READ.  STUDY.  LEARN.  Violence is suicide for us Palestinians.  SUICIDE.  We are going to die, many of us more, before an end can come.  We need to make every death count!!! AND THAT MEANS NON-VIOLENCE.  DEATH FAST.  LAUNCH VERSIONS OF THE MARCH ON THE SALT-WORKS, THE SALT MARCH.  STOP THE ROCKETS.  ALL THEY KILL IS INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT!!!!!  PLEASE!!!!


vlog. SPDIF day 17: this death fast is for everyone I know and everyone I do not know. This death fast is against everyone I know, and everyone I don't know. (If the shoe does not fit, don't wear it.)

This death fast is for everyone I know , and for every one I do not know, born and to be born in the future.  I experience all of these as part of me.  I experienced all of these as part of my family.  That's just how it is with me.

And this death fast is a protest against everyone I know , and everyone I see involved in the so called free Palestine effort.  Against individuals?  Of course not.  Against grossly inadequate, cowardly, self serving behavior of nearly all the individuals involved?  Absolutely.

Every one of the people I'm describing may be doing exactly what history requires.  But to my trained eye none, with a certain exception of Diane Wilson (on other crucial issues), and the possible exception of very few others, with the near certain exception of the international solidarity movement activists in Palestine, with the near certainty exception of some other activists in Palestine.  With the fairly certain exception of much or most of Hamas, heroic, intelligent, informed freedom fighters.

But I just mentioned dozens of people on a planet with seven billion.  This death fast is a protest against the behavior of almost everyone, above the age of 12, on earth, particularly we over privileged in the United States .  We are behaving like the walking dead people that we are.  In willful, catatonic denial .  Fiddling while Rome burns.  Not lifting a finger so that our nieces and nephews, our children, our grandchildren, have a future remotely worth living in terms of democratic society , a planet habitable , other than the police state that is being developed in Palestine for export to the elites around the world. 

America’s immoral exceptionalism: The lie we keep telling ourselves about foreign policy and democracy

Chris Hayes show likely to be terminated. Chris is far and away the most trustworthy newest personality on television. This speaks volumes about we Americans. We are not worth saving. But the Palestinians are.


nd ' "If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," do ya think we should worry about the 600 families in the world whose wealth is greater than 4 billion of their brothers and sisters? Do ya think? DO YOU THINK????' Loving

' "If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," do ya think we should worry about the 600 families in the world whose wealth is greater than 4 billion of their brothers and sisters? Do ya think?  DO YOU THINK????' Loving