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Slowing down on posting for a while. Double Shifts at the White House

Troy, who with Connie and me have been maintaining the Vigil is away for several weeks.   Hence my computer time is cut to nil.  I'm sure I'll sneak some time in, but not much.

***** A Progressive Budget Alternative

Our budget starts with an ambitious agenda to address the most pressing matters facing America today. We invest $991 billion in non-defense discretionary spending for fiscal year 2010, which is $469 billion over the President's budget.

Truth is, I "get" Jesus; and currently I've got a powerful pulpit (in front of the White House)

Well, if I don't "get" Jesus it is time to lock me away. 

But I've no shred of a doubt that I do "get" Jesus.  It is just so obvious to me because my understanding of what he taught and how he lived is the perfect-fitting cornerstone integrating seamlessly with all I've studied and learned these many years now in the realms of psychology, literature, cinema, sociology, neuro-biology, religion, philosophy... and PERSONAL MINUTE BY MINUTE LIFE PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE for decades now.  I was a world-class skiier in my youth.  Not so much because others said so, which they did.  But because the Truth said so - the Truth of how my understanding and action interracted with the Mountain and Snow.  Undeniably I had become an Authority.

Last night was not atypical at the White House ( ).  A crowd of high school age students from around the country with a group called Close Up came by.  Somewhat uncharacteristically the conversation was turned by them from the topics of nuclear disarmament and climate change that I stressed, to the crosses on my head, and Jesus.  As typically happens one of the students took the role of asking me questions and commenting.  In this case she was from a fundamentalist Christian viewpoint.  Obviously she was honestly concerned / disturbed as my beliefs unfolded before her in our dialog:

*  The man, not some mysticism is what I am inspired by, as was the Hindu Gandhi;
*  Jesus concern was Heaven IN THIS LIFE for us, not some later life.
*  Of course the Bible is fallible - a hazy window at best back through 2000 years and thousands of authors with who knows what agendas.
*  Jesus is the most perfect model we have of Universal Love.
*  Yes we are born with an evil spirit (conditional love), AND the Spirit of Universal Love.
*  Jesus died that he might save us from the evil spirit, and win us for Universal Love.
*  And if there is a Heaven after this life, that's not my business.  My business is to "do unto the least of these (NOT the Lesser of these),"  "lay down my life for my brother," "do unto others ALL that I would have them do unto me"....

My interrogator was not upset, and even was moved somewhat by my views.  But the crowd with her was deeply encouraged by and grateful for the views I shared, as they made an impassioned and aggressive effort to communicate their agreement to me as they were departing.  "Oh, I sssooooo agree with everything you said!"

What did Jesus say about being the "salt;" the "levin?"

A friend I used to have said, "Start, why don't you become a priest?"

I'll settle for Appostle / Disciple,
at the gates of the Global Empire,
at the dicisionpoint for the future of all Humanity.



Wana bankrupt warmaking???? ACT TODAY (Tues): Congress votes on global warming budget this week!

ACT NOW: Congress votes on global warming budget this week!
  Dear Start,

Thanks to your efforts this week, both the House and Senate Budget Committees managed to fight back a serious lobbying push to strip global warming from the President's budget. This was a major hurdle, but the fight is far from over! The budget will head to the floor for a vote this week, and we have to act now.

This is such a critical vote, because without budget funding, we won't likely see global warming legislation pass this year. We can't procrastinate about global warming any longer. We MUST take bold action THIS YEAR.

We don't have much time - Congress will be voting any day now on the President's budget, including action on global warming - we have to act NOW.

Call Congress right now and tell your Representative to pass a budget that includes limits on global warming pollution. Making a call is easy, fast, and extremely effective. Simply follow the steps below:

1) Call (202) 224-3121

2) Ask the operator to put you through to your Representative's office. If you don't know who your Representative is, then give the operator your zip code and they will let you know and put you through.

3) Someone will either answer the phone or you will be able to leave a message. Here's what you can say:

"I urge the Representative to support the President's budget, including action to cap global warming pollution."

4) Let us know that you made the call by clicking the button below.

I made the call

Greenpeace activists just like you have already sent more than 34,500 letters to Congress urging them to keep action on global warming pollution in the budget. With the vote coming up any day now, we need you to go a step further and call now. Please make your voice heard today.

For our future,

Samantha Rodgers
Greenpeace Field Organizing Director

StartL here: Status Report

Hi.  I'd like to offer you an update on what's up with Start.  Here's a stream of consciousness with a touch of organization.  :-)   

*  The last month, sans laptop, has been tough, in large part due to the devastating systems-shock of being sans-laptop at precisely a time when I needed to be away from a desktop computer due to the daily commitment at Peace Park I've assumed ( ).  For me this is like having my hands amputated, or being placed in solitary confinement precisely at the time my loved ones needed my full presence and attention.  It has also been a devastating, healthy shock to face the truth of how little my work is valued by others, that there was virtually no concern that my work was devastated by the absence of a laptop.  But, without exception in my life the following is True:  "If it does not kill you, you grow."  I regret nothing in my life that at the time I experienced as a mortal body-blow.  Without these devastating blows, the things that within myself I find hopeful for the world, would not exist.

*  Late last week, an Angel has ordered a laptop for my use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even though this has not yet arrived - next week, this has been an enormous shot in the arm for me; like receiving a transfusion - not just the fact of a laptop to be available, but the fact of the kindness, thoughtfulness, caring, support, comradeship... that the offer and execution represents.  Like lying in your hospital bed and learning that a surgical team is going to attempt to re-attach your hands, in time for you to return to work on saving your family.  Did you ever see the movie "The English Patient?"  It is not unlike that movie for me without a laptop.

*  For the foreseeable future my #1 priority will be supporting and sustaining the 28 Year Anti-Nuclear Peace Vigil at the White House.  If there is such a thing as the Divine, the Sacred (and at least in psychological terms there is, with absolute certainty) this Vigil, and the commitment is embodies on the part of Thomas, Connie, Ellen, Troy and others - is Divine, Sacred.  God clearly is calling me to do my part to make certain it endures.  With Thomas up fighting for us on a new terrain, it falls to me to join Connie, Troy, Ellen and others to directly and indirectly sustain this unique, Life giving, Hope giving Monument to Peace Building of such importance to millions around the world who are educated, inspired and engaged by its existence.

*  I yearn to be back on Capitol Hill at this crucial time.  Whether Congress backs the Budget put forth by Pres. Obama, will entirely determine the future of Humanity / America / Planet Earth.  The next 30-60 days are entirely crucial - what Congress signs or shirks is monumentally crucial.  But I cannot be two places at once - The Hill and White House Vigil.

*  Tragically, very few folks have yet subscribed to the new blogs I maintain: and .  Any success in life I've had has been based on a rare ability to cull through mountains of information and "see" the really strategic, crucial information.  For my personal role - my Peace Work - I need to do this now.  These sites are my personal repository.  And I'M FINDING THAT THEY ARE UNIQUELY VALUABLE REPOSITORIES.  I cull through the results of about 40 google spiders I've activated every day and post just the deeply strategic articles that are available.  I barely have time to study these articles due to my laptop-less time at the White House.  But in the moments I can steal to study these sites - THEY ARE A GOLD MINE.  And this weekend I've started a 3rd: .

*  Among the few things I deeply, authoritatively understand is Strategic, High Stakes Leadership.  I've studied and practiced this my entire adult life.  Every day my head spins at the brilliant Leadership Pres. Obama demonstrates.  "Greatest leader in the history of the world," I tell people every day.  He is.  God damn us if we remain on the sidelines while he fights with his life for ours.  I refuse to.

*  Here at the Peace House Ellen and I, with the vaccuum presented by Thomas' moving on, have undertaken to strengthen the sense of mission, purpose, and meaning among we here.  We now have a brief House Book that articulates what we stand for, who belongs here, what behavior DOES NOT BELONG HERE.  This is an enormous step forward in terms of building on what already has been done, and as Ellen says, necessarily moving even beyond "the high standards that Thomas set."

*  Spring is the highest impact time to be at the White House Vigil - it is then that the middle and high school trips flow through.  The Vigil is an enormously powerful pulpit.  You can imagine.  Yes, probably 80% of the groups are carefully steered entirely away from the vigil by their Censors (teachers).  But another 20% escape this fate - some carefully steered exactly TO the vigil by their teachers.  It is an extraordinary and sacred opportunity to be able to have 3-15 minutes to deliver into these open, pliable, receptive souls.  Sacred.  15 years ago I'd have had little to offer.  35 years I'd have had much to offer, and finally, today I have much to offer again - Humanity, the Truth of Humanity.  Is it making a difference?  None of us can ESCAPE making a difference; direction and degree are the only variables for any of us and any and every moment of our lives.  For Start Loving, in this day, at this time, this is an enormous, a Sacred Channel for what I have to offer, to deliver.  In the minutes I have with each group I deliver along the following lines:  we work here, for 28 years now, to get nuclear weapons off of your planet; we also work here to confront the other threats to you, my brothers and sisters - the brutalization of Palestine, the theft of oil from the Middle East; AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - the 400 BILLION TON METEOR HURTLING TOWARD EARTH - THE CO2 WE'VE PUT UP THERE, that will destroy civilization if we don't stop it;  that it is always the youth that have led humanity out of the darkness, that they can succeed, and that if they do not succeed Hell will reign on their planet; that what we at the vigil do is a different kind of soldiering - the only kind that ever has or ever will advance the Human agenda items like - women having the right to vote, ending child labor, ending slavery, ending the Vietnam war....  Clearly some of those in each "audience" are profoundly touched by our brief interchanges.  Worth my life?  Duh.  Oh, yes, sometimes our conversation goes to Jesus, prompted by the Crosses on my head, and I share, and frequently they eagerly identify with:  the Man Jesus is who I care about, my #1 hero, Gandhi's too, our Einstein of how to be actualized Humans, how to escape Hell-on-earth.  So often, they "get it."  This is pretty Sacred.  This is profoundly Sacred.

*  When there are not receptive "audineces" at the Vigil, via radio (NPR news, CSPAN) and MP3 (Thomas') I study DemocracyNow, books on Climate Change, Anti-Nuclear and key articles I haven't time to read otherwise.  There is not a second to waste.

*  My sift at the signs is 5:15-10:15pm.  All waking seconds that I am not there I am on a desktop computer at the Peace House (thinks to Ellen and our House benefactor) researching Global Warming, US War Making or republishing segments of DemocracyNow! pertaining to either of these subjects.  Additionally, on the rare occasion when there is an important citizen action in DC (Power Shift for example) I video that with equipment Ellen has provided me) and get that up on YouTube for the purpose of encouraging the participants and educating others as to what is possible.

*  My other pulpit of some considerable power is where I now have over 330 "Subscribers" and where I publish a dozen or so new videos every day; and where there is some level of daily dialog with folks from around the world regarding what is posted there.

Hmmmm.  Well, I've forgotten some things, but this will have to do for now.


Near-perfect Joy-finder. Gandhi's Talisman.

"I will give you a talisman. [At random moments throughout your day,] apply the following test. Recall the face of the poorest and the weakest man [woman] whom you may have seen, and ask yourself, if the step you contemplate is going to be of any use to him [her]. Will he [she] gain anything by it? Will it restore him [her] to a control over his [her] own life and destiny? In other words, will it lead to swaraj [freedom] for the hungry and spiritually starving millions?
Then you will find your [time-wasting, Life-wasting] melt away

[and Meaning / Life / Joy flood in]."

- One of the last notes left behind by Gandhi in 1948, expressing his deepest social thought.