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Practically all Americans are severely brain-damaged. The Trump supporters, the most.

The human species in large numbers disgusts me.

Biggest burn in years today? It was a good ride, difficult, high winds but mostly favorable. Very cold tonight.

Preparations for the cold, mostly making available winter clothing, seems adequate so far. We seem to be prepared and up to the challenge.

Dark chocolate.

Oct. 10. We helped to Stir a soul. More credit to the soul than to James. Protect, reignite Soul log. 

In the hardware store today picking up a bit that had been ordered there were 2 cashiers, both female. The one handling my order was very polite and Happily respectfully dismissive of my answer to her questions, where was a going, to all 48 States which my soul told me to do before self immolating at 1 of the concentration camps where we are destroying children because their skin is the color of Earth, life, not the color of death, bleached bones, like mine. There was another female cashier, late twenties may be, and she seemed to move way. After going to the restroom, James returned to the counter to retrieve his goods, and this other cashier said, I don't know if you like dark chocolates, but here are several. It seems that she almost had tears in her eyes. Of grief and solidarity.

Citizens want the truth, essential to their role in governing. Consumers want what they desire to hear. There are no citizens.

The Press gives Their audience what they need to hear, infotainment gives what they will buy. There is no press.


light day expected for tomorrow

Video logs

Do not watch the low resolution below. Click this link for the original. All five segments most brief.

2 of these photographs are beautiful, one fuckings ugly. Unless like an alcoholic might consider a find bottle of scotch beautiful, in which case they are all lovely. Stop fucken consuming! Stop at. Stop the rape. A rape in a luxury hotel is still a rape. Stopped the rape.

Oh, we are at 7000 feet. So that's why is a little short

***** October 7th. rule number one, plant your Perineum. 2. Repeat. 3. Every moment that is necessary.

Such a simple gigantic evolution and combination. 

So much of the last year has been James' body fighting itself. 

Some of that fighting, maybe much, maybe most, has been the body desperately seeking a place to work from, a place to fight from, a center. And left to its own devices it goes for the pedals. Maybe this is not unlike running where somehow the ground  becomes a center to work from. A platform, a base. 

Be that as it may.  

Beginning a week or so ago the perinium, that 3 or 4" bit of tissue in the crotch became apparent . And attention to it helped a lot. But just yesterday it came to greater clarity. Plant it James 1st thing you do and the 2nd and the 3rd and repeat, plant it. 

This happens automatically peddling a conventional cycle. But for James in this recumbent nothing automatic about it. 

Nor does the body fight it or dislike it. 

Nor does the body do it intuitively or easily remember it without some vigilant reminding. And monitoring. This is a wonderful development. 

It is hugely liberating of the legs in an odd sort of way. It lets them flail, flap, spin. All dangerous words but the best I can think of at the moment. There is no less power or sustainability than anything else James has attempted and probably 30% more available raw power and absolutely sustained. This is not a gimmick anymore than sitting on a hard narrow conventional Leather bike saddle was a gimmick for James in all his developmental years as a kid. But in this recumbent and probably any recumbent achieving the same  biomechanics, the same physical situation requires some imagination and vigilance.