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He died tonight, Sol, the vehicle.

This is the email sent later to the electronic supplier in Vancouver Canada. Their height help is likely needed in diagnosis and possibly in shipment of a replacement part

.Justin, guys, dead analyst?!?! RIP?

[ note. The cycle analyst is the electronic control system for the vehicle, in addition to managing operations like throttle it tracks speed, tracks human energy, energy into the motor, and very importantly provides most of the regenerative braking capability. virtually all of the breaking for this 900 pound payload is the regenerative braking and with the loss of that brain tonight it was a very treacherous 4 Mile, one thousand foot descent. Almost immediately it was discovered that the brake pads for one of the two brakes were totally gone. I was very careful but we had to get down trying to beat full-on hypothermia and hopefully the rotor was not destroyed. Tomorrow morning we'll dig into it. Justin is the world's go-to guy for this equipment which he designed. And it is his company. They are closed weekends so I might not hear anything until Tuesday but it is not rare that in a crisis he responds over the weekend.]

Temperature plunging, a thousand feet up, on my two thousand foot 1600 calorie climb, drenched in sweat, the battery I was running on quit, I plugged in another, the system came on, and nothing, not a hint of life in the motors but everything else seemed to work. Power was getting to both controllers, and the light on the face Runner was solid, but on the older controller  it was erratic. Three or four of the normal pulses and then  something irregular and then maybe a couple of normal pulses and something else irregular. No pattern that I could detect. The throttle registered on the cycle analyst but nothing to the motors. I was clueless. Don't laugh. This is been so stable it's been so long since I have had to troubleshoot anything. But somehow I had a hunch that the throttle was not being seen by the controllers. Thankfully the throttle cable was long enough and I ran it directly to the controller's bypassing the cycle analyst. Bingo. The motors worked. Then some things on the cycle analyst began to catch my attention. On the main screen, the bottom left should read watts. Instead the letter was not W, it was A. And then on the screen that reads out how many watts since the system was last reset, which for me was at the beginning of this trip 4 miles earlier, it said something like 7,000 watts, and 1700 watts per mile on the following screen. What?

It was risk of hypothermia I was covered in sweat. The temperature was plunging. So I'm back at the hostel where I stay sometimes.

I sure wouldn't mind some thoughts from you guys. In the morning when I have warmed up I anticipate getting my laptop and attempting to refresh the firmware to see if that's the problem.

Sure hope to hear from you guys.

Of course, it's the weekend.

Oh, and I trust I'm not getting anyone in trouble. Seriously. I called at 10 to 6, I didn't expect to have a signal but I did, got your switchboard, oh we're closed our hours are whatever until 6 p.m. . 10 of 6 I called ARG!!! LOL.

The only other system anomaly is for the last probably several days, the last several trips up the mountain which I do at about a mile and a half per hour so that I can do 25% of the work, every couple of minutes one of two things happens but not on any predictable schedule that I can find, either the motors drop out for a moment, a second, but very noticeable, the system lights and power do not flicker, but the motor dropped substantially, and on the cycle analyst it shows about a 50 watt drop, or, much less regularly, it pulses about 50 Watts. My first thought was that it was one of the batteries but it seemed to have done it on any and all battery combinations and each battery.


Odd, is it not? Yes, this is what Joy looks to me like. It always has. My father looked somber like this. This is my....

Odd, is it not? Yes, this is what Joy looks to me like. It always has. My father looked somber like this. This is my view of Jesus, King, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Confucius, and yes, Buddha. The most enviable Souls there have ever been, no?  Yes, to me. Since my earliest memory.  Enviable!  Admirable yes, but enviable!  No? Joy is quite the opposite of what we worship in this Society, pleasure, happiness, Glee..... I've tried those. They are like eating sand to me. Joy is being alive, and nothing else is. I highly recommend it. With all of my life.
LOL. If you do not resonate at some significant level with this, and this is not a challenge I'm giving you, it is a loving observation, if you do not resonate with this, then do not walk, run, from any closeness to my work. Because my every fiber of being is trying to drag people in this direction of joy.


Horrible expense, potentially Dynamite investment in the vehicle.

650 bucks just invested in a final battery for the vehicle. There is some risk because this is a non-traditional set up, with ongoing charging from regenerative braking, and solar at the same time as output to the motor. As usual, going where no one has gone before.
But experience, very long arduous careful selection, and some advice from an expert, it should be okay.
And it should provide a tremendous safety factor and very very long life for this battery setup now.
Lithium ion batteries wear out not so much because of the Cycles, but because of the Heat and strain in two different situations, pushing out the last little bit of energy, and being charged all the way to the top.
This final battery will add dramatic capacity and a fourth, or third, battery running in parallel which dramatically, hugely, reduces those fatigue factors on each individual battery. The best estimate of this procurement is that if this vehicle runs another 10 years and 40,000 miles quite possibly no more batteries will need to be purchased.

Shockingly surprising, and encouraging. Cycling log. February 14th.

Back in September prior to the month in Washington DC which broke continuity, there was a period of absolutely amazing efficiency, sustainability, reasonableness, fluidity, and decent performance. What I recalled was that it had to do with pumping the knees up and down particularly important was the upstroke, it was as though the knee was Rising pumping energy out of the ground below me. And I wrote as such. Returning to the vehicle after a month it was impossible to recreate that. And much Agony and turmoil, totally not complaining, has ensued in the following months.
Several days ago there were brief glimmers of that becoming attainable again. And in a mile and a half Journey today, heading up toward the base of Whitney, the miraculous situation solidly presented itself again. Without the mindset and muscle compliance of remembering this is a recumbent seat, a recumbent bicycle, it is totally impossible to achieve. But with that mindset fully in place it is almost a natural byproduct. Seems impossible but it is almost certainly the case.

The brightest Penny you are not, James. The wind knocked you on your butt, and, continued

The wind knocked you on your butt and you still continued up the mountain? The brightest penny in the pile you are not James.
Walking out of the hostel gust knocked me on my butt on the stairs.

On we continue to, a mile and a half up toward the mountain, just too risky, too dangerous, horrible gusts.

In the final analysis checking in with the clients, in my imagination, they said, James, you are risking the vehicle why? Go back to the hostel.

That's where we are.

did you see the articles about the river of wind coming off the Pacific into California creating all this? The estimates are something like 12 times the amount of moisture in the Mississippi river is in that River of air.

O and how did he know?  A guardian angel of this Mission came forth with some funds today. Bless his heart.

Wonderful Folks at this hostel. They can't do much, very little, but they do what they can to ease the financial strain.

Paradise, heaven, in this life on Earth, Jesus and all the prophets preached. Perverted Christianity destroyed all that truth.

"Other books such as Leviticus, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, I
Enoch, andJubilees, maintained the mysterious location
of paradise, suggesting that it suffused the entire land of Israel or even the whole Creation.34 One ofthe mysteries ofDilmun and Eden was their precise location.
Whether in the direction of the rising sun or between four great rivers, paradise confused any attempts to pin it
on a map. It eluded the control, captivity, or ownership ofany one nation, people, religion, or time. In direct contrast to the wars, economic exploitation, fratricidal divisions, and environmental devastations of empires, it offered experiences and visions ofjustice, of the goodness of ordinary life,
could be experienced as real and of a
vibrant peace. Paradise was described in terms recognizable as earthly life at its best. In these descriptions, it
not as a permanent state ofbeing but as aspects oflife itself. It flourished where people took responsibility for the well-being ofall
and respected
and protected the great cycles of life that sustain human life.


Humanity, like God, was responsible for making life flourish, so thatjoy and beauty might bless the world. Immediately....

Humanity, like God, was responsible for making life flourish, so thatjoy and beauty might bless the world. Immediately upon finishing the whole Creation, God rested and hallowed Sabbath rest as holy. As an image of divine life, this conclusion, on the seventh day, suggests that taking delight in Creation and stopping work regularly to restore the energies of life are also human values.

In Genesis, humanity was instructed to be vegetarian, as were the animals, rather than rapacious or predatory. God said, "See I have....

In Genesis, humanity was instructed to be vegetarian, as were the animals, rather than rapacious or predatory.
God said, "See I have given you every plant yielding seed that is
upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food. And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air,
and to everything that creeps on the earth,
everything that has the breath oflife, I have given every green plant for food." And it
was so. (Gen. 1:29-30)

Building an army of LSGIA Beings, Jedi of the Soul, is my work. Yours too, I suggest?


Ransoming Souls log. February 13th. Many distractions, staying focused quite well.

  1. Substantial distractions including adverse weather, unusually questionable forecasts, continuing battery failure, living in the rain which is a new challenge.
  2. Yet thankfully the nervous system is becoming more habitual in keeping the clients present, so much less time is being lost to these distractions then otherwise.
  3. Hours of good audio study of saving Paradise, an inexpressibly important look at Christianity the first Thousand Years and Beyond. In this world dominated by the perversion calling itself a Christian Nation, any responsible citizen, every responsible citizen, should be mastering the scholarly information provided in this book. Saving Paradise. Free download at
  4. 50 or 60 mile an hour winds are forecast for here in Lone Pine where we are seeking Refuge tonight, morning and midday tomorrow. But the plan is to Embark as that begins to subside, about 2 in the afternoon, and climb back up to the base of Mount Whitney.
  5.  this old body, a fabulous servant, but cripples after all the cancer operations in terms of the amount of sleep it requires every day, between 10 and 12 hours, and 16 hours last night. So maddening, but not a glimmer of an option seems to exist. It is our necessary normal it seems.
  6. Subject to unexpected results and testing tomorrow morning, this evenings testing suggests that at least one if not both of the heroic original Organic Transit batteries have given up the ghost. A final outlay of between 700 and 750 dollars tomorrow if necessary should secure a battery combination now that should last another three four five six years. And to provide margin against what occurred yesterday, being forced down off the mountain because of totally depleted batteries.

A transformational soul need I try to become. You too, no? Is anything less acceptable?


February 12th, ransoming Souls log. Interruptions, impulse control remaining strong.

  1. A rough stretch of weather for the next several days add strong potential for distraction and lost time but James impulse-control is substantially better than in a long time.
  2. Left front tire blew having been ruptured by a sharp Stone yesterday.
  3. Considerable study completed while traveling downhill and under electric power uphill having become exhausted yesterday, wonderful workout, exhausting, moving now into the portion of saving Paradise about the revolting, heartbreaking, disgusting, malignant per version of Christianity starting in the 700 or 800 largely led by Charlemagne.
  4. 40 mile an hour winds are forecast for midnight but the base of Mount Whitney is our location for the night anyway. We should be able to withstand that okay. Unpleasant and draining.
  5. The very cold weather is subsiding and the wind should not be high tomorrow but rain all day.
  6. With all that the plan for tomorrow is study all day of saving Paradise, which in a world dominated by a so-called superpower Christian Nation, is a monumentally strategic body of information to master for us all. Available no charge PDF download at
  7. And because the temperature is moderating for now at least, and the wind low, despite all day rain the plan is to descend into Lone Pine so that the other every other day 1000 plus calorie exercise routine can be maintained.

Cycling log. February 11th. Utterly transformational?

  1. Regrettably must be brief, last two hours of cycling were in freezing temperatures, an hour before arrival feeling in the front of the left foot was lost and it's still not entirely back. Must get into a sleeping bag.
  2. Jodie Foster, contact, almost killed by her engineers who's best efforts placed her in a seat secured to the Pod that had not been specified by the original designers. And then she chose Simplicity, released, and total Stillness. Two days ago the report was, oh, this is a recumbent! Today is 4 Hour climb was with that knowledge in place. And it transformed everything. The last four months of wonderful arduous agonizing forward and back progression may all have been because the body was not being placed in the recumbent posture.
  3. More on this tomorrow.
  4. Bolts secured for installation in next several days to provide secure torque arms for the wonderful new rear axle brackets.
  5. Placing the body in recumbent position, which visually May amount to nothing, it may be simply a thought process that causes the right muscles to disengage and the right muscles to engage, brought back the phenomenon of pumping the knees that was so extraordinarily effective in the days approaching Reno in September as I recall.
  6. And another long-lost treasure seem to come back as well. With this notion of pumping when the going gets tough it leads to a patient's, an ocean of focusing on getting every possible bit of energy out of the inches of ground we are traveling over, and it serves to deliver power, relax, sustainable.
  7. The cold weather is killing the battery in this Smartphone. And these toes need attention. Good night.

Ransoming Souls log. February 11th. Revelation about early Christians. Very affirming day.

  1. This log will be regrettably short, maybe expanded tomorrow. It is 9, a wonderful exhausting dangerous climb up the hill 4 hours, 1600 calories, 20 degrees Fahrenheit right now, and feeling in the left foot is back, sort of. Need to get into a sleeping bag soon.
  2. Saving Paradise, Parker and Brock, two sisters, is beyond revelation. The church the first 1,000 years included figures of Brilliance and goodness and honesty and creativity as important as those we know of in earlier years, Hillel, Jeremiah, Confucius, Buddha. Assuming that Brock and Parker are honest and as insightful and scholarly as they seem, and that is my assumption, this book is an extraordinary gold mine for those that wish to find earlier Giants of empowering the soul and liberating it from the tyranny of the head and flesh, cerebal cortex and hypothalamus respectively. Free download at This cannot be over stressed.
  3. There were many distractions today, not negative, but many distractions and better than any time in memory going back many many many months, the clients remained front-and-center much more than in many months, and James impulse control was much more effective.. Very encouraging.
  4. Despite how arduous and revelatory was today's cycling a good two and a half or three hours of the 4-Hour climb was very productive study time on the book just mentioned above. This is encouraging progress.
  5. The study by James, his arduous tedious preparation these many months was put to the test yesterday and today as two Dear very needy very capable Souls brought crises in his Direction. It may be that he was of some considerable help. This because of all the arduous preparation. Hence the ongoing progress noted in the metrics chart above.
  6. A sister of the soul that James has never met in person, only Facebook, we had a wonderful important Rich dialogue today.


Ransoming Souls log. February 10th, steps forward, two steps back come up Slight progress.

 winds were too dangerous to stay up on the mountain tonight where otherwise I wanted to be and have been. So Refuge is here at the hostel, dear funds being expended but that's what they're there for I guess. The mission ends pretty quickly when this pulse does, or when carelessness lets the vehicle get destroyed by high winds.
Forward progress made beginning annotation of saving Paradise, academics Brock and Parker, must read. My soul was correct, all my life, no credit to me, the first thousand years of Christianity was about establishing creators kingdom here on Earth, materially, and or inhabiting it spiritually, by being the spirit of creator. this abortion called Christianity is made out of whole cloth by the resurrected scribes and Pharisees, the forces of Satan, witting or unwitting.
With the disruption of change of venue some disciplined avoidance of indulging James impulses were lost but not entirely.

Time was spent attempting to track down the metal fabricator who has since moved that could create a better torque arm was spent, but not successful.
A dear soul from years ago reached out of the blue to discuss a deeply troubling personal matter. Ongoing study the creator has had me doing was instrumental to whatever help I gave this individual. That was a privilege and a blessing.
Creator willing tomorrow will include the 3 hour exercise climb, that the vehicle could easily do in 40 minutes without my interference, and probably most of that time and the rest of the day will be on the study and annotation of saving Paradise. Available free download at
However first minimum Hardware will be secured and later in the day installed I expect, to solidify the torque arm Arrangements on the all-important new fortified rear axle brackets.

100% about heaven, Paradise, kingdom of God on Earth, Christianity the first Thousand Years. These are the facts. Saving Paradise, Brock, Parker. Must read.

100% about heaven, Paradise, kingdom of God on Earth, Christianity the first Thousand Years. These are the facts. Saving Paradise, Brock, Parker. Must read.

The only living, joyful, are those serving those poor souls in solidarity. Truly. 

The best intended politics in 2019 and forward is too little too late. The collective moral body is totally cancer ridden. the only Revolution is healing that. No one cares to.

The best intended politics in 2019 and forward is too little too late. The collective moral body is totally cancer ridden. the only Revolution is healing that. No one cares to.