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Ignite soul log April 13th. The tedious foundational work may be coming to an end.

As the weather gets extremely hot down in Lone Pine and az hikers begin to frequent the portal an additional 2000 feet of climbing, much time has been going into readying the vehicle for that challenge. Very expensive in terms of time, money, not so much. This is an experimental vehicle going where no one has gone before. A tremendous challenge has been trying to find the combination of controllers in the proper location to reduce the tremendous time lost to allow the electric motors to cool down. Limited success at best was achieved. But what could be learned has been learned and will be applied.

Time will tell but this should be a fairly High return investment. Hopefully so.

Solar RV cycling April 12th. The purpose is to press compress the spine each stroke. New organizing principal.

Dangerous and exciting time. Physical seat radically oriented to backwards. Body finding new optimum.

New findings.

Purpose of these forward stroke is to compress the spine.

Body is to be checked in with periodically as to the mechanics. Is it happy?

Body must be shifted far enough that the knees terminate at the rotation point of the pedals. If not very frustrating and frustrating over rotation occurs. Worrisome because the knees clear the cross bar by about only an eighth of an inch.

Radical seat rotation makes sense. Does not seem to be a magic bullet of any sort. Yet this is only day one.

Inconclusive but remembering the up stroke as a deliberate feature of timing and aiming is a good idea it seems. Get also helps Lathan the stroke. And it set up this thrust importantly it seemed.

Pressing against the aligned lower spine seems to be now bringing back elements of upright cycling. Head forward curling backflow tight into the seat. Trusting against that aligned spine.

Finding, making, the target point on the ground in front of the vehicle is really really really difficult and really really really crucial.

Everything is in two elements, properly positioning the body so that the outward thrust of the thighs compressors the spine, a entirely stable platform, and hitting the target consistently based on the needs established by the Cadence and the force. Very difficult. Absolutely crucial.

The young autistic boy politely, intellectually took over the adults Observatory meeting.

My friend has two autistic Sons, 11 and 9 or so I believe. The 11-year-old went to an evening adult Observatory conference recently. Politely, taking his turn, he wound up taking over the meeting, appropriately, with his discussion of advanced Theory regarding black holes and white holes.

Some with autism have an enormous advantage over the rest of us. They lack shallow empathy, the empathy that makes us sheep, the empathy that makes us be quiet unless we fit in. The shallow empathy that prevents us from following our dreams and capacities. Thank God Greta, leader of the youth environmental movement, is autistic. Yes, she does not fit in, she is not a sheep, and she identifies the Sheep around her.

Maybe the same for this young man at the adult Observatory meeting. And of course we pathologized these. Because they don't fit in with the norm of being f****** sheep.

The medicine is this, be the change you wish to see in the world. No one wants to be that medicine, no one wants to take that medicine. The

The medicine is this, be the change you wish to see in the world. No one wants to be that medicine, no one wants to take that medicine. The rest is history. And the funny thing is, making the attempt is the only path to Joy. The only life of joy.


James, the only citizen of nature, you are, that I have met. My friend Mike said this, I think, paraphrase.

Mike, Mary, and their extraordinary little dog Miko, have been friends to me in the last couple of weeks. It has been such a delightful encounter.
Two days ago Mike handed me a book and obviously thought it would be a good idea if I read it. This after I had mentioned that my reading list is 200 years long, and that losing weight was what I was trying to do with the vehicle. LOL. In the last few days the beginning pages and some of the last have been read to me during the journey.
Breathtakingly useful analysis of the disease of capitalism, materialism, colonialism, tribal Christianity.... This being my very inadequate initial synthesis.

Our Collective software is a software operating system problem, not Hardware. Damn the children, we will not change our software!

Damn, that program won't run! What's wrong with the computer? There were devices and maybe still are that could run dual operating systems but just one or the other at any point in time oh, and there was always a considerable effort to switch from one system to another. One application would run but only if the correct operating system were in charge. Easy fix. Switch operating systems. Our insane mania this culture for dozens, hundreds, thousands of years, we keep looking for the hardware fix for the  programs of Justice, fairness, equality, peace... Better crop methods, better irrigation methods, faster internet, more money, safer housing codes, different laws, capitalism, socialism, democracy, whatever, and that has never been the fix and will never be the fix. Changing the operating system so that the soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, is in charge, has only ever been the possible fix.  Confucius, Buddha, Jesus,  Hillel ,  dozens have given their lives  so we would change operating systems.  No.  We instantly distort their message into some Hardware solution. And we will destroy our children, we are destroying our children, because we will not confront that, we will not do that. Fuc the children.


Solar RV cycling log April 10th. What??! Months of agony for not adjusting the seat?!?! Need target each cycle is on the road ahead. Who knew?

Friend Mike rides a electric recumbent. Sure, Brian try it, several days ago he said. James Did. Holy s***, thought James, this makes a lot more sense. Torso aligned naturally as it is in a conventional upright.

Dang, no one seems to make  stand alone recumbent seats that could be fit for this vehicle.

Middle of the night, bing! James, four bolts hold this seat. You have a drill. Drill different holes, and go the seat back!

1100 calories in two what tonight will be a super ride of close to 2000 calories possibly, adjusting the seat is not the magical it, but the next best thing.

Without applying the hard one cause of the last 6 weeks, who knows. But they have been applied and after several hours of constantly improving struggle we are in a new ballgame it seems.

The cour lessons of the last 6 weeks are all being confirmed again.

But the vehicle is now significantly solving the alignment issue with the help of a rolled up towel in my lumbar.

The old important lesson of caring forward the dynamics of an upright cycle, full downward extension for the thighs, knees, was the Northstar compass that finally brought us to wonderful performance. As mentioned above the posture alignment, something for the thighs to trust against, is now done largely by the vehicle. With the fbutt  way way way forward and a rolled up towel supporting the lumbar.

Finding the end direction and point for the for word knees, underside, remained a mystery for a while. But now at least tonight seems clearer than ever. At very low cadence it is about 35 degrees up from perpendicular. At faster cadence get moves up. Finding this and targeting it with the knees, underside, is totally necessary.

Several items were left up high at the base of the mountain this morning, argh! Several bath mats that are put on the ground that help maintenance psychological very much. Maybe they are still there. Probably would be in the morning. But if this amazing old buddy is up to it we will go the extra her 13 mile equivalent tonight and benefit from trees that can block the wind which has been consider Bowl these last 3 days.

Squeezing the left knee toward center is worth mentioning. That left left leg likes to go rogue as you might recall being mentioned.

Laying back on the job is worth mentioning.

Staying at 50% of power or lower it's worth mentioning.

The more emphasis, sliding the butt way forward, ridiculously forward, is giant. With the huge side benefit of taking stress off the knees. More needs to be learned but the guide seems to be aligning the Torso with the spot on the ground that the knee needs to hit.

When it feels best, there's also a surprising direct line thrust thing experienced with the underside of the knee from the beginning of its thrust directly to the point on the ground that it needs to hit.

Update. The Super Ride discussed above did not happen. We have done 1440 calories, the body says, enough for tonight. We can do the rest in the morning.

Ignite souls log April 10th. Many distractions, necessary, solid forward progress.

Trial runs  of translation of Jesus 200 versus practiced this morning were exstream Lee encouraging.

My friend Mike, he and Mary are celebrating their 49th anniversary Today. Such nice friends they seem. Good to each other I think. Mike recommended a book to me, against Leviathan, Perlman the author. Mid-1980s publication as I recall. A wonderful scholar and a very serious human being from what I can tell from the early parts of this book. wonderfully and responsibly cerebral, but trying to understand a problem that is fundamentally the disempowerment of the soul, the limbic system, is limited at best from a cerebral point of view.

More distractions these next few days, preparing this miraculous vehicle for three or four months of dramatically more demanding climbing than we have even been doing. But the work of recent days and the next few is relatively inexpensive, good practice for James, and is likely to pay very high dividends in coming months.

The few bits of input so far on the graphic plan for the right side of the vehicle are appreciated yet they have in no way dislodge the current plan which James is really quite pleased with. he expects that by the end of the week they will be put into production and received within two weeks.

James translation of the 200 verses from Jesus are the other very high priority but getting these vehicle issues out of the way is the higher priority.

James has power. Current case in point. Yesterday James put away his winter boots. This morning the temperature was 27 degrees. The boots are back out. The Truman Show?

5 Ways Money May Be Costing You Studies show that wealth can be detrimental to individuals.

5 Ways Money May Be Costing You
Studies show that wealth can be detrimental to individuals.


Solar RV cycling log April 8th. Experienced a pure recumbent today. Quite a lesson.

Mike, my new friend, came by as I Was preparing to Journey up the hill, he on his pure recumbent terratrike. Generous as he is, he gladly let me give it a try. Wow. Extremely enlightening. Not unlike conventional upright cycling, his pure recumbent makes it quite obvious to the body what it is supposed to do. The modified recumbent that is my vehicle does no such thing. Nor does it prevent it. And upright cycle aligns the body with the thrust of the pedals, straight down. The pure recumbent aligns the body directly with a pedals, about 70 degree recline. On tonight's voyage attempts were made with some success to achieve a similar reclining posture, scooting the rear end considerably forward on the seat, and learning to experience the mid back as the place that the thrust should act against out at roughly 60 degree angle. Also learned from the brief ride on that pure recumbent was how extraordinarily extraordinarily extraordinarily effortless it is to move it. And that encouraged an experiment on tonight's ride of establishing a power ratio so that James was moving himself plus about 40 lb instead of himself plus 250 lbs. As a consequence on tonight's ride James burned just under 1200 calories as opposed to the 14 or 1500 calories that he prefers. But much higher sustained output power was also observed, long stretches of 140, 150, as opposed to the 110 watts that has been seeb recently.

It seems like the really really really important lesson of tonight was that the place to be thrust from is the mid back reclining as much as possible, buttocks slid Way Forward, and the thrust should be along that recline to an air place at about 65 degrees. Laying down on the job has a place here.

Trump and his vile tribe of pathogens are a god-given vaccine....

Created by the force of creation we are. Incarnation of that force we are to be. Deviance is everything else.

Created by the force of creation we are. Incarnation of that force we are to be. Deviance is everything else.

April 8th ignite soul log. Virtually no comepatriots in this mission. Not complaining.

Each call of recent weeks for assistance with graphics messaging has received at most one answer. Definite silence. No offense intended to the mission and none received. What does it mean? For certain no passionate comePatriots, partners. Could mean friends are a bit aghast. Complete disinterest is my best guess.  Extraordinary how what one person finds worth their entire being, everyone else finds totally disinteresting. So it has been for thousands of years now for Jesus, Buda, Confucius. Oh billions are interested in what is projected up on these individuals but no one is interested in what they actually taught and lived. The rest is the history of species Extinction.

The graphic for the right side is probably finished in concept, unless there is some unexpected useful input from others. Within two days the final production artwork should be completed and then within several weeks the final product received. In all likelihood the back panel will also be designed and created at the same time. Each side will cost probably two or three hundred dollars so the left side will probably wait until the right side and the back panel prove themselves.

Trump and his tribe of pathogens are a God given vaccine. Could inoculate us against accepting evil.

Trump and his tribe of pathogens are a God given vaccine. Could inoculate us against accepting evil.

I am crazy for certain, when those in this culture don't consider me so.

I am crazy for certain, when those in this culture don't consider me so.

Help needed. Serious input needed. Rt side of Sol

Solar cycling log April 7th. Conventional cycling is thrusting against something, the torso, the pelvis. Who knew?

This is feeling like a gigantic step forward. The first time grasping what the essence of this recumbent cycling is and what the notion that it is a upright bicycle rotated backwards means.

At various times in this very good performing journey, low output per hour but extremely sustainable at extremely low RPM so James is carrying himself plus almost his own weight again tonight. 1/3 of this 900 lb payload. Quite comfortably. At various times particularly early he thought that it was a matter of pushing against the spinal column aligned with the direction of trust. And that was nice for a while but it was easily lost. Very difficult to maintain that spinal column alignment with such a forward direction of thrust. But it seems that what was really needed was trusting against the pelvis somewhat tilted in alignment with that forward thrust. The buttox and thighs need something to thrust against. Yes, there is the seat back, and that plays a role but somehow that doesn't do it. And that certainly is not the answer in conventional upright cycling.

Certainly tonight feels like an important milestone. And a key element of that is an acute willingness to slow the vehicle down, way way down, way way way down, as much is needed to maintain that comfortable smooth out trust against the inertia of the pelvis.

An issue in the background rarely spoken of but they're pretty much every journey… discomfort in James knees that rises up sometimes. It is a high priority to eliminate that to protect long-term cycling. There is a high correlation with that discomfort and finding that they thrust has shifted from the forward part of the thighs down into the feet and legs.

Is the case during every week of at least the last month the real cornerstone is being aware that the body needs to feel the mechanic of an upright bicycle. And throughout this journey and most specially when things aren't feeling ideal sooner or later that touchstonr comes into mind and is tremendously helpful if not immediately eventually in bringing things back into a line.

Almost certain is James that the amazing performance reported for the end of every long journey is the body somehow finding this need for alignment with the pelvis, the torso, finding the place to push against. But only today is this coming to conscience competence with James.

We carried probably between 28 and 30% of this 900 pound payload up the hill tonight. Just over 1,500 calories. Very good ride.

Ignite Soul log April 7th. James will translate Jesus gospel????

What is involved in a translation? No, really, what is involved in a translation? The mechanics, correct? But how little of a great translation is that?

At some level translation is technique. But thousands approach the technique of a Monet, or Motzart, or a Charles Dickens, thousands at least. And they cannot approach what these people have done. So important translation is not a function of technique, or in the case of the Gospels language expertise. That plays a role but not the dominant one.

0 credit to James he has from his earliest memory seen a Jesus through the church translation that the church doesn't see, and only one in a million see. Schweitzer saw it, Gandhi through Tolstoy and a few others.,

At least for James, James has a gift of seeing Jesus, maybe no one else will ever agree.

And more to the point of this log James realizes that he has profound Lee allowed the church translation, that artistic abomination, let alone the abomination of word choice, James has let that determine his own translation too.much too long. That should not stand.

James is so eager to emerse in Tolstoy’s translation. And that must happen. But first  James must take the 200 verses that we were given by that little colored guy Jesus, and do his own translation. Starting from the English rendered by the Jesus seminar, but going beyond that. He has already begun during his up and down Hills voyage, listening to those verses. And beginning the translation in his mind. High priority must be placed on doing this in black and white. Then Tolstoy.

Downtown with Sol the vehicle today a gentleman approached and we had such a wonderful conversation. Well, mostly output from me, but I'm so glad we met and he is glad too. What I told him about the soul, the limbic system, he was clearly glad to know of and is unlikely to forget the conversation. Without James extensive study every week James would not have been able to import that information.

Tonight James encountered at least an utterly breathtaking Lee magnificent spirit over by the two ladies, the four legged ladies, vanilla and chocolate, although this individual corrected me, blondie and brownie. LOL. What a blessing to encounter this beautiful spirit. A vegan since childhood. I don't want to hurt animals she said. She spoke from a beautiful place in her heart, although later on there was some stridency evident, but why shouldn’t there be? She obviously feels a deep solidarity with all living things, and is upset, out raged, hurt, when other parts of her are hurt. Comented often have I telthe zero interest blondie and brownie have in me. Well this magnificent spitit  it turns out several times a year maybe four when she's in the area from LA will camp out for days, and walk miles to find and feed these two ladies. Vanilla, the particularly standoff fish one, she just loves it when I put my arms around her neck and on and on and on. I'm serious. How unfair! I’m totally delighted.

Mike and Molly and Nico there excruciating Lee adorable little doggie, are at the place that water is retrieved every couple of days by me. No dis credit to anyone, an exquisite blessing it is for me to encounter them these several times. Married more than 40 years, that's not important. Incredible friends to one another it seems. He is a pioneer with mobile solar and there are some technical issues that I discussed with him and another issue that he helped me out with.

The translation by Jesus James is beginning work on is a matter of tone and attitude. And substance. Some people see Mount Whitney and the mountains and lakes beyond once, are impressed and then move on. John Muir saw and it captivated his life. Those are different reactions. Qualitative Lee and quantitative leave. Same external reality, pro found Lee different understanding and appreciation.

James is finding some certainty that he and everyone have been totally missing either the spin that Jesus experience or that  he was pointing at. It is about the joy, the heaven, the reality of being a soul, limbic system, on earth in this life. James is surprised to be seeing this, the same way he's surprised at the different coloring on Mount Whitney and in the clouds each morning. He must get this out where he can see it more plain Lee and maybe discard it, or maybe stand on it and grow from it for his remaining days. More likely the latter. Has he mentioned maybe 18 years ago he caught a glimpse of this and then was detoured. His choice. Maybe the detour was right only so he could come back and stay the path this time.


Help needed. Please forward to who might. DC ebike electrical advice.

This email was sent to my friends in Vancouver Canada, grin Technologies, the supplier and go go to place for ebike electronics in the world. But they are very backed up and I wonder if you know anyone that might provide Insight on the following.

Extreme every-other-day climbing ahead for months. This is the forecast here in Lone Pine. As the Heat and bugs rise the three miles up to the portal, 5 miles of 9 and 13% grade will be usual.

I think I'm all set, but if this is crazy please let me know. So far this morning it was tested and seems to be okay.

Bottom-line question, if with only one or the other receiving power, one positive input wire disconnected, the other controller connected to the battery, can I leave in place the FaZe Runner, and the old 40 amp controller phase wires connected in parallel to my mid Drive crown?

The grin fine controller seems to have found its niche, driving the crown in the rear wheel which goes at such horribly low RPM. It provides nice substantial power, no torque of course, and it does not overheat.

On the really steep climbs the old 40 amp controller driving the mid vehicle motor and I have way more than enough power. And neither overheats. Not appreciably anyway. But that combination is insufficient for The Descent, it cannot keep me slow enough with regenerative braking Beyond about 6% grade.

But the FaZe runner on that mid vehicle motor with the grin fine controller in the rear wheel has no problem keeping me at about 6 miles an hour.

So I've got the equipment the problem is, not at the same time.

I would have preferred talking to you all first but it seemed to me that if a controller was not receiving power, the red battery lead disconnected, it would be as though it were not in the system. Sorry if I'm giving you a heart failure but please let me know.

What I am needing is a way of quickly changing over the system from climbing mode to descending mode.

And my initial tests indicate that yes, based on temperature, the controller that is receiving no power from the battery, ground wire still connected but the red Power lead disconnected, the controller not being used space Stone Cold.

The questions I have which I pray you might have time to address.

1. Is this okay or is it a bad, bad bad, bad bad bad idea?

2. Can you think of a much better way for me to do this?

If it is okay:

3. Any idea where I can Source a switch that will enable me to select between power from the battery going to One controller or the other? The stuff I could get at a hardware store certainly wouldn't handle this amount of power.

4. If the paralleling of phase wires described above, and tried this morning, is okay, could I do the same thing by wiring up a parallel harness for the hall sensor wires?

In any case,

5. Can you point me to a way of hooking up a second temperature meter to the second motor not through the cycle analyst I'm sure, but can I do a external sensor so that I can watch both Motors? 

Thanks Friends. James

More and more I experience being a soul. It's a wonderful thing. More and.....

More and more I experience being a soul. It's a wonderful thing. More and more my only concern for the body is when it goes, or is taken from me, my work will stop. So much still to do.