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Sol graphics help badly needed.

Graphics help badly needed.
It is wonderful that this Mission has matured to the point that the message is clarifying, to tremendously reduce the distraction posed by this marvelous Technical Machine, (useless distraction, because there are no souls to multiply it meaningfully), and, to be a much better lure for the one in a million Soul dying to ignite, or for help to stay ignited.
I'm open to any and all thoughtful suggestions. I am quite comfortable with the verbage, but the graphics although they can work, are so uninteresting. Not to say I am looking for cute, I am not. But slightly more interesting. Please share this with anyone that you think might have constructive ideas. There is a good chance of committing and executing, fairly expensive, both sides, within a week. The side panel is roughly  58" long and  21" high.  The white area in the rendition above is the angled portion which is another 32", but will not be part of this side graphic. Thanks. James

Update, the idea of using a photograph as background had never come up, but it brings things much closer to useful. Sure would like your ideas.

On thankfulness: what if you automatically lost everything for which you are actively thankful? You could well.

 On thankfulness: what if you automatically lost everything for which you are not actively thankful? You could well.


Solar RV cycling log March 29th. The seeds of recent weeks keep blooming. Leg thrust, upleg timing.

Solar RV cycling log March 29th. The seeds of recent weeks keep blooming. Leg thrust, upleg timing.

Yes upright cycling dialed back 30 degrees.

Yes, digging. Done properly this orients the body toward high power and very little forward movement.

Seemingly big discovery. The up stroke is the timing stroke. In climbing essentially this is a fixed gear bicycle. The adjustment to severe and not severe grades is cadence. This has been a mystery, oddly, slowing down the cadence. The answer seems to be to essentially the up stroke, taking up time, slowing everything down, and also setting up a sharper dig.

This last point on top of all the other maturing developments of the last month are enabling something not seen in a long long time. Slowing and easing the paddling so that it is not frightening Lee tiring, fatiguing.

With few exceptions this 2000 foot 6.5 my climb has been every other day. This particular journey is on top of 1400 calories yesterday. So the body is far from rested. And yet all of this is coming together nicely and quite manageable.

Reminder, however, two other variables yesterday and today, mechanical, machine. Target human machine ratio is between 1  versus 4. Until yesterday the target was approximately 1 versus 3. This allows for slightly higher cadence. Secondly, the newer, more sophisticated controller is now the primary and on all but extreme grades the only. It is much more fluid in ways I don't understand but it is quite different. How these two variables are producing or not this very good performance climb is unknown.
Finally, words escape me to describe this. In this final third of the voyage with the up thrust deliberately acting as timing the down stroke is taking a slightly more pronounce forward ejection, eztrusion, it feels quite appropriate, normal, fluid, sustainable, efficient. It is detached from the notion, somewhat, of driving to the bottom of the stroke. Psychologically, that is. This raises concern about simple sustainability, conscious competence.

On this last point, this is not a heal thrust, it is not, but that is the closest imagery that I can come too. It is not a heel thrust. But it is a Thrust out again, probably approaching what would be happening on an upright cycle. It's a Curious Thing, my legs have a logic of going in opposition to one another, so if the up thrusting leg goes up the bottom leg wants to go down. But that was not the optimal tonight. The upper leg was going up in a way to provide time for the bottom leg to thrust down, out, at about 40 degrees as it would on an upright cycle.

Ignite Soul log March 29th. Leo s Jesus is world transforming, saving, completely.....

Free, legal, clean download of the first volume here.

Ignite Soul log March 29th. Leo s Jesus is world transforming, saving, completely revolutionary. Was this the real man?

Toast toy is the preeminent transformation all man of the last two hundred years, father of Gandhi, uncle of Martin Luther King jr. The Jesus he found in the Greek Gospels was the ultimate transformational soul of all time.

Did Tulsa Troy find this Jesus? His detailed translation notes, details, detailed, details, would enable a scholar Lee answer to this. Maybe this will demand two or three or four or five readings from me to attempt to do that Skyler Lee work because none of the current Jesus scholars seem to give it any mention.

With the primary demand on James to be as transformational a soul as possible, metabolising responsible Lee as possible these two most transformation all souls of all time would seem to be what is called for. So much to do, so little time.

The last several months James has spent insane amount of time studying the 200 verses that current scholars say the man Jesus actually spoke. The Leo s translation confirms what James sees in those 200 vs., but richer by an order of magnitude. Stick figures versus a richly detailed painting.

Basic question seems to be, which is more trustworthy, a revolutionary Jesus or the war creating status quo offering Jesus of the church? What is divine, godly, important, about the latter?

Note to James, believe what someone tells you by their behavior.

Note to James, believe what someone tells you by their behavior.


Solar RV cycling log 3/28. Yes, upright cycle, dig

Seems like much learned this journey. However, controllers have been swapped creating a different engine dynamic, and ratio of engine support has been moved up word such that it is more like a bicycle with James + 40 lb rather than 90 lb.

Be that as it may. More testing in coming days.

For the first third of the journey the human wats per hour were the best in maybe a year. 150 and it did not seem to be extremely exhausting. Because of the richer motor ratio the cadence was probably 62 instead of 40.

But maybe the primary factor was that more than ever two elements were combined, conventional bicycle rotated backward, therefore extending the knees to the full down position, coupled with the notion of digging.

Now entering the final 25% of the journey, the notion of digging is mature ring, the target of the knees for full extension has moved down to possibly 30° a more aggressive digging. With a very fatigued body this is increasing sustainability and power. Nice.

This last 20% a sharpness to the digging that is very appropriate, a slight chop. Seems to be enabling with that targeting 30°, lower, on the steeper climbs.

Ignite Soul log March 28th. Study Tolstoy four Gospels continues fruitfully.

Ignite Soul log March 28th. Study Tolstoy four Gospels continues fruitfully.

Tolstoy starts with the assumption it seems that Jesus taught us a new way of life. And that this was to be found in a translation of the Gospels not influenced by the dogma of the church and it's political desires. He tells us, and seems himself to believe, that this is what he found.

Although I am inclined to agree with him, what I am more certain of is that what Tolstoy writes, weather fact or fiction, holds tremendous hope for the individual that takes what he write to heart, as did Gandhi, less directly dr. King, and Tolstoy himself.

He understands evil, Satan, the tempter, the devil, to be the flesh.

He understands God, the father, to be of life the spirit of life.

A best estimate is that soul is the piece of Anatomy that he is targeting, but neither he nor Jesus had the benefit of today's neural Anatomy.

The scholarship of his own and that he referred to is more than 150 years old. How might his outcome have been different if his extraordinary intellect and soul had attacked the task today? Initial search by James indicates that no scholars have been interested in what Tolstoy found and his detailed translation and  notes.

How can we be so disinterested in work that created Gandhi, Tolstoy, and King?

Tolstoy understands that John and his teaching, Baptist, was pivotal in Jesus development. John teaching that the kingdom was already here. Tolstoy understands that was the spark Jesus went into the desert and was inspired with the rest.

One can see that Tolstoy was appalled by the dis figuring gymnastics the church has gone through to achieve nearly every objective besides that of clearly putting forth, and yet first clearly understanding and seeing, the teachings of Jesus. Reconciling Jesus teachings with the entire Old Testament  certain that they are all consistent and Tolstoy says Jesus teachings were in entire refutation of what had come before.

Destroy understands that Jesus teaching was freedom from the law in the way that the butterfly becomes free of the caterpillar. The law was directive for a people that did not know God. Jesus teaching was to connect people with God with in which they didn't know. Liberated them to be dutiful agents of that creator within.

Material progress is little if anything more than figuring out how to steal someone else's income. Full disclosure, that was my career, though I didn't see it. Denial.

Inequality completely corrupts, the filthy rich of course, but the rest of us that sell our souls for their...

Inequality completely corrupts, the filthy rich of course, but the rest of us that sell our souls for their
crumbs, working for evil instead of good. Who escapes this?


Tolstoy (father of Gandhi, MLK JR): "The name or title Son of God has been given by the Church exclusively to Jesus Christ; but it is never used in the Gospels in this restricted sense, being applied indiscriminately to all human creatures...."

4. The name or title Son of God has been given by the Church exclusively to Jesus Christ; but
it is never used in the Gospels in this restricted sense, being applied indiscriminately to all human creatures. Thus, when speaking to a multitude of people, Jesus Christ says—
Matt. v. 16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your heavenly Father.
Matt. v. 45: Be ye sons of your heavenly Father: for he lets his sun rise on the good and on the evil, and he lets his rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous.
Luke vi. 36: Be ye merciful, even as your Father is merciful.
Matt. vi. 1: Take heed that you give not your alms before men, that they may see you: for so you shall receive no reward from your heavenly Father.
Matt. vi. 4: Let thine alms be given in secret: and thy Father, who sees in secret, shall reward thee openly. Matt. v. 48: Be therefore perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matt. vi. 6: But thou, when thou prayest, retire into thy room, and, having shut thy door, pray to thy Father in secret; and thy Father, who sees in secret, shall reward thee openly.
Matt. vi. 8: Be not like unto them: for your Father knows whereof you have need, even before you ask him.

Solar RV cycling log March 26th. James, you forgot it is a bike?!?

Solar RV cycling log March 26th. James, you forgot it is a bike?!?!

Much time on maintenance the last 2 days. Not an unhappy thing. Necessary. The replacement part and tool arrived. Much to learn and relearn which was done. Finally installed and working and we are on our way, a little more than halfway on a very productive climb up to Whitney.

All of the logs of recent weeks apply and are confirmed by this good journey. The notion of digging on this constant climbing is very helpful. As mentioned in prior logs. But it's hard to know just what that means. Sometimes it seems to mean doing what is necessary to drive the end of the thigh downward to completion. And for a long while that felt satisfactory. But is it sustainable? Is it optimal? Is the body actually searching for something different? Maybe. Maybe what it is saying is dig by going for power not in the complete forward stroke, but in the last third or 25% of that stroke. Maybe that is the sustainable  that it's looking for. Not sure. But doing it right now more than half way up the hill it is at least a nice change of pace. Probably more than that.

Some parts new and old that have been nice at various parts of this journey. Picturing that the actual purpose of peddling is to turn the chain through its cycle. Keeping the torso perpendicular to the vehicle not to gravity.

We had had a good 6 days of rest. Maybe that is why instead of 25% of the energy coming from the body it is approaching 30% this journey.

And as always, cycling with the thighs, particularly the forward parts, as opposed to the foot.

And just now, LOL, implementing the crucial revelation of recent weeks, this is a conventional bicycle but tilted 40 degrees back. Press the stroke all the way down, 40 degrees for work. It seems to dovetail nicely with the discussion of digging above.

And for the first time since probably two years ago for a period Of this journey avoiding the temptation to pressure with the back, leaving that to the lower back and upper buttocks.

Igniting Soul log March 26th. Tolstoy”s translation of Jesus saved King and Gandhi....

Igniting Soul log March 26th. Tolstoy”s translation of Jesus saved King and Gandhi from the church. Fact. And they in tern saved some of us. Does it matter?

So the work that created Tolstoy out of impending suicide, his translation and harmonization of the four Gospels, is not available in current print? A complete version is not available online? Think about this. Take your time.

Martin Luther King jr. Was headed away from the church, away from being a pastor, alienated at Best By the Church of his father. It was the understanding of Gandhi, and of a Buddhist monk Hanh, and most importantly maybe, Walter Rauschenbush, defamed and obscured Christian teacher at a university upstate New York, Christianity in an age of crisis. It's almost like we, and certainly the church that excommunicated Tolstoy, it's almost like the church doesn’t want folks like this.

After hours of trial and error a fairly clean version of part 1 of 3 of Tolstoy’s Harmonization was found and page by page copied into one document that today James is having read to him on the voyage up the hill. It is arduous, very technical, Tolstoy’s line by line word by word explanation of his translation decisions.

Never will James know if it was correct. Would Jesus agree with Tolstoy? Never will James know. But if Einstein rendered equals MC squared out of some psychotic trance, if he actually got it from a million monkeys typing on type riders, would it make equals MC squared any less powerful? Off shoots of this arduous work by Tolstoy included the kingdom of God is within you written years later. A more informative title would have been, the essence of Creator is in you}. Young Gandhi read that and his life took a new course. When I read that book, particularly the last two chapters as Tolstoy directs his readers to start with, it was like a  physicist coming across Einstein's writing for the first time. Holy f***. Of course this would ignite a Gandhi.

His part 1 and all three are extremely technical. Can James grasp this? No. But by investing some time in this can James make an ethical informed decision as to how trustworthy or not is Tolstoy’s work? Yes.

The log is now termed igniting soul log. This is a good step forward. Is it permanent? Maybe. Time will tell.

The blog is now subtitled, for joy serving soul in solidarity. Is this permanent? Probably.

Several interactions of more than a few moments with folks lately suggest that James is becoming less of a not igniting soul, a not, transformational soul.

Central to this early part of toast toys translation, is the notion that Jesus showed us what we were born to be, born of, living in body months of the Father, the force of life, the wisdom and intelligence of life. And Tolstoy asserts  that almost no one knows that this is what we are, and what we are to regenerate. It does not strike me as a new idea. It strikes me as a confirmation of what my soul has always known. But only in recent decades had the courage to fully embody.

Granted that Gandhi was absolutely correct, full effort is full success, there is something more than that however. Jonas Salk invented the vaccine for polio. Presumably he was a driven person to achieve this. Prior to achieving it if driven and committed he was a full success as Gandhi says. But actually discovering the vaccine was also a part of success.

The point? Gandhi if a truthful person considered himself an abject failure at the end of his life. Karen Armstrong says that Buddha considered the same of himself. They were wrong. They were both wrong. When Jonas Salk created the vaccine had no one used it he was still successful in creating the vaccine. He created the possibility of cure. Buddha seems to have become a transformational soul as did Jesus and a few others. And probably Gandhi also. These were successes, not failures. And James is feeling a success in that regard. Resting on that? Revelling in that?  Celebrating that? Not at all. But James has become, if only partly, if very imperfectly, a transformational soul. So much more to become, to learn, to implement, if given the time.


Tolstoy saved his life from suicide  by translating  the Greek  Gospels , bypassing the abortion called the church, and spent the last 40 Years of his life writing what he found. Gandhi's life was born in Reading Tolstoy, The Kingdom of God is Within You. King was born by inspiration from Gandhi. And in Reading, Tolstoy, The Law of Love and The Law of Hate, in seminary. Just saying.