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Oklahoma City back on track or Wednesday. Machine shop work.

This was a gigantic day energy-wise, maybe too big. That was not the plan but there was no logical place to stop earlier. It was a very good ride, slightly or substantially favorable Tailwind. Very good son. Very good cycling but that's pretty normal now.
Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the weather turns much colder and cloudier and rainy or snow. The prospect of being indoors on Wednesday in the Machine Shop may be impossible but it would be a good way to spend a problematic travel day.

Calling all Engineers. Details to follow.

Calling all Engineers. Details to follow. Passive solar water heating for this vehicle? The sun is low on the horizon today and getting lower every day., this is not Peak Sun hitting the solar panels perpendicularly.
And yet 400 watts per hour has been our reading for the last hour or so. In the summertime with the sun right overhead 380 watts is a good day.

What's going on? Temperature.
Warmer months there is plenty of solar and son for hot coffee in the morning. That is not an issue. However, solar thermal require sitting for several hours stationary pedals.
But obviously heat is a problem for the panels. And if there was a way of dissipating that  heat with water tubing and there are obvious advantages.
And in the coldest month the availability of warm or hot water to circulate around the batteries would be a nice and obvious advantage.
There are three panels that can be popped towards the Sun they are on roughly one in square aluminum tubing. They would be the easiest Prospect for running tubing behind. And maybe that would be a phase one. There are three more panels laying flat on quarter inch poly carbonate and very thin tubing circulating underneath them might be a good Phase 2.

it's not something that's going to happen unless it catches the fancy of some engineer that thinks it through.

Video logs. Their souls touched, and mine.


Thursday the new ETA for machine shop in Oklahoma City. If all goes well.

Daily exercise regimen. Additions. Horrible recent performance.

So many distractions do with travel difficulties.

I will have mercy, and not sacrifice....

Very cold weather and hand. This presents a danger to the batteries.

My Traveling companion, Michael, did some timely research and tells me that charging while below zero the batteries can be destroyed. This was just in the nick of time, I think. With additional planning that should become manageable including hot water bottles and thermal bags when needed.

And at times bringing indoors the batteries where it is warm. During meals. Etc.

For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

"Human Scum."

Trump is weaponizing the government against his American opponents.

We're not getting out of Amarillo today. Doesn't break freezing till noon.

Got some replanting and rethinking to do. May or may not change overall intention to pick up another eight states. Turning on seasonably cold really fast.
fc CC v b v. :        


It seems we are to fight on tomorrow, Friday.

Safe and sound was Saul when we return tonight  to the Walmart parking lot. Very uncertain how far we can get tomorrow. Maybe only a few miles. It was a good six inches of snow and very cold tonight and tomorrow. Much of it was slushy. Unclear how clear the roads will be by even midday tomorrow.

Saul has been in creator's hands all day.

What an odd conception for someone that does not believe in a sentient creator.
There is low grade anxiety all day. James determined that the best plan was to leave

For today's pleasures they destroyed their children's tomorrow's.

Ice and snow on ground likely to slow Us by another day.

Qualified advice needed.

The information that I see suggest that prolong winter should not hit this quadrant of states in the photo until mid-December. No guarantees. Is this a correct view? Maybe you know some people that has good information on this? My desire is not to linger, just to set foot and then head south. What is the latest that I should plan on sitting this small area? A day or so of snow that will melt is not a problem. Prolonged winter, snow, is.

Current exercise regimen for James soul

All's fair in Love and War.

No child of our father has a home... Jesus

Departure tomorrow morning expected.


Library and Buffet waiting out the storm during the day tomorrow. Oklahoma City expected about Tuesday next week.

Some snow proofing, rain proofing, and electrical work done today.

So bathed in corruption is my life, every day. What do I do?

This is a horrible question that faces me and one that I am so grateful for. Not alive would I be if I did not let it grip me. 

Sitting at the moment in a McDonald's drinking a 75 cent senior coffee. Using Google News, google drenched in blood and evil. Picking up products

Expecting to remain in Amarillo until after the storm.

Local Walmart is quiet and amenable it seems. There is a nice nearby library where much of the next two days will be spent. Snowproof and wind proofing today at the hardware store. Adding calories at 2 all you can eat buffets. But this is difficult. James nervous system is somewhat addicted it seems to the Daily travel routine. It will be good to give us the experience of having to deal with its absence.


Slow day tomorrow expected. Rest, some maintenance and upgrades. Buffet. Then 10 miles east.

Video log stirring Souls.

Yesterday long anticipated study and analysis's of all 1000 phrases and versus from Jesus was begun.

This on a spreadsheet that James created a long time ago of the so called red letter versus from the gospel, the words allegedly spoken by Jesus. 

Now, per earlier writing of many many months ago James aasertion that the scholars are correct that no more than a 3rd and closer to 25% of those 1000

Completely relaxed torso. Sack of potatoes. Big extra points.

This seems to be the new number 1. 1. Completely relaxed torso. To. Egg beater perinium. That's sort of it today and this is been a excellent cycling day. Sustainable, enjoyable, very