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Completely relaxed torso. Sack of potatoes. Big extra points.

This seems to be the new number 1. 1. Completely relaxed torso. To. Egg beater perinium. That's sort of it today and this is been a excellent cycling day. Sustainable, enjoyable, very
efficient it would seem, James carrying 32.3% of this 1200 pound payload. So himself plus 250 pounds. Very high quality shoulders of the highway for the most part. Very road efficient low rolling resistance. Tail wind probably 10 or 15 miles an hour. Significant, but not gigantic. Sustained average human  output 240 human watts.

Egg beater imagery is gigantic these last several days. More specifically the imagery is of the beaters themselves at the pretium and they cycling is to keep them spinning inward toward the pretium. Where did this come from exactly? Asked James Scotty and subconscious nervous system or supra conscious nervous system. But what a blessing. And imagery is an operative word. It is a bit difficult for is language system to come up with the word egg beater. Other words try to crowd in period but he is much more successful at many times immediately being able to pull in the imagery of those egg beaters right at the pretty empty and they purpose of cycling and the function of cycling is to cause them to beach inward. So many automatic benefits of this period It triggers various forms of intake musculature drawing back drawing in which is otherwise not a normal reflects but comes fairly easily with this imagery and appears to be absolutely ascensional in terms of timing. 

Also this inward cycling egg beater at the premium so far automatically invokes the muscles in a circuit or unending sort of way as are those egg beater blade spirit Sis is a really fabulous development. 

Additional metrics carried this will be about a 30 mile 39 mile day, very respectable. Climbing and dissent neutral. James expanding just over 700 human W which fit bit calculates at about 2400 calories. Sort of a model day. Keeping the battery and motor, human in both cases Very well prepared And yet reasonably sustainable day upon day. And allowing time for study, writing, reflection , conversations, meaningful treatment of those that approach

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