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If you would lose your life for the sake of the good news that we're here for the joy of serving, you will gain it.....

 37000mi at 10/hr is 3700 hrs, or 300+ waking days 

W Edwards Deming, possibly a saint, certainly the father of the International Quality movement. The purpose of an organization is to help people have lives.


Question answered.

 Months ago an extremely expensive camera was purchased to replace the one that went up in flames with Sol. There's been no need for it up until now and James was wondering if it would ever justify itself. Question answered.

Important update. Did my mystery friend in cycling finally take off the mask? I think so.

Sol just lifted her right off the pavement.


Wet, rainy, no sun.

In Northern Ohio approaching Michigan. No complaints, but not much travel tomorrow, but probably some, maybe fifteen or Twenty miles to the next Walmart or to a nature preserve I see. If internet is available as it is likely to be maybe some time to work on various websites. This and... is there a site that contains the most enviable lives, the most important live, throughout history that I know of. All real life characters is I recall.

Tomorrow 2 fictional characters are likely to be added at the head of the sequence, Luigi, the father, life is beautiful, that magnificent movie. And Don Quixote at least as portrayed in the musical. Even th ahead of Jesus who I consider the premiere historical figure that shows us the type of human we need to be for others, for joy. Also I'll consider adding the likes of the parents of the Sandy Hook children, and the parents of Rachel Corrie, the likes of whom transformed unbearable sorrow into meaning and hope for us all, ennobling the tragedy of their most loved ones.

Regarding both sites, but particularly this one, just yesterday the clarity occurred to me, James, what you need to be spending your time on now, as your mastering the movement of Sol sufficiently is to think about the most hopeful lives you've ever encountered and how you failed to give them the help that they needed to cross the threshold that the great Souls have shown us we all could cross for the benefit of our loved ones. I hope to be having time to begin that long long work ahead.

Cycling breakthroughs. After weeks of them this may be the biggest distillation.

Quite a few logs today, audio and also video. These last few are the capstones, some of the earlier ones of today may be quite Fringe.

The approach to Jesus.

 Now I want to become a really serious mountain climber but never being on a mountain or facing the risk or being on a rock face or all required. Four, I want to be a world-class ocean swimmer but never getting in the water oh, never the exhaustion, never the hours of swimming. So this is totally absurd correct but this is exactly what we have when we spoke called follow Jesus. Following Jesus means having some association with the name and some of the words and mostly followers with ideas that we like, totally on our terms, our way of thinking and acting and behaving and preferring. I want to speak French without a word of French French French ever being understood by me or spoken by me okay? Voice typing while traveling in the Wind. Corrections later maybe.

Most liberals know that democracy is going down. And they hate it with every fiber of their being. And they ain't going to do a f****** thing.


New mode for Sol, new mantra for James.

 Mountain mode, now plains mode.

1. All 4 cylinders engaged, back primary. No feet! Cylinders are full back digging, and lectures two inches above and 2 in into the thighs.

2. Joyful Joyful joyful perineum spinning nuvinci in joyful equilibrium. Perineum the only point of contact.


The Workman is worthy of his meat, and presumably a place to sleep. Jesus. I am such a Workman. It will be interesting when one of the places that I respectfully select to sleep decides otherwise. It hasn't happened yet. And I think it is a gift to offer each place the opportunity to make that decision.


To me, this that Khanh Dam made, is the Loveliest thing.


Two or four Sheriff's passed me today.

 If I could capture a photo I probably would not, out of respect. I think it's the sacred encounter. Each time they're given opportunity to think, what the f*** should I do? In each time, so far, they decide, he's not hurting anybody, it's about Jesus it seems, I suppose I should just keep on driving past.

A marathon, I run the calorie equivalent of 1 1/2 every day, the joy and that is what?

 Four years my mission has caused me to try and learn how to move myself and a heavy object 40 miles a day everyday. And dutifully I've stayed at the task. Many times I have thought I had learned a lot, and every time I was correct, but that's different than saying I was at the Pinnacle. I Experience being at the Pinnacle now, or very close there to. Logs of the last days speak of this.

NNo question I have been growing tremendously in my cycling ability, and the suffering to do so has been enormous. So what?

SSoul and I are doing about 40 miles a day, in Fairly good solar conditions but the wind is beginning to get a bit adverse. A routine right now is to try and hit Krogers between 11 and 8 in the evening then they have their $5 meals and the ladies that serve them tend to be extremely generous. Chicken sadly, and potatoes and corn. In much better solar conditions this wouldn't be necessary, Crock-Pot would be sufficient, but energy for cooking is a little on the scare side.

II think what I'm doing is absolutely crazy, crawling across the country at 40 miles a day, killing myself, it just seems more sane than anything else I can think to do, sharing about eight pieces of the scripture that the man Jesus probably actually said, about how to find joy in this life. Which works for me.

Team effort, not you feet, cycle the nuvinci directly under the perineum.

Ohio has the nicest State Park system I've ever seen.


That large bottle of Gatorade was real money to this fella with his very old beating up truck and very raggedy clothes.



What explains the misery on the faces of these people in Ohio?


Cycling: and then it was near disaster....




Our cowardly savagery with the word homeless

Something that my brother wrote helped me come to grips a little bit more with the language that we use, I don't mean yours, you would know this is an issue that I think about a fair amount. The passive of homeless. And to me it is not passive. Thank you for giving me this springboard in my thought. Something more like housing deprived, de housed, housing deficient, housing starved, robbed of housing.... It is not passive. It is the choice that we with houses make. Your loving brother. James


Bullfighting is an atrocity. Whatever Laurels may have been laid on it by the greatest writers. But by way of analogy, if James is not flirting with the bull of evil, he's cowering away from his work.

Truly at the risk of being gored.


My guess is that the aptara is being ruinously oversold. Someone should wake them up.


750 watts an hour? Full of s***. Unless they either have some sort of supercooling on their panels, or much higher efficiency panels than are available on the market. Much more efficient than mine, 24%.

Granted that they probably have the extremely low drag they claim, they're still 1800 f****** pounds.

Unless someone wakes them the f**** up, they're going to have plenty of initial sales, 50% of the users will say they were lied to, it will poison the product, then going to the tank. Jeffrey Moore, crossing the chasm. 

The death of another great potential product. Totally needless.

What I'm doing is crazy, it just makes more sense to me, a lot more sense to me, and anything else I could think to do.


You should tell me if you think of any place for me to stop along this General Route that might do some good. Actions, communities, whatever. But only thoughtful ideas will be considered.

And there is nothing sacred about this specific route. Rather, it would be adjusted based on thoughtful ideas. 


Investing so much of everyday in traveling with Saul, but learning so much. Should pay great dividends in the months ahead.

We gorge on happiness, pleasure, comfort, stuff, and die from starving Souls.

Today's synthesis, fairly wonderful. The purpose of peddling with the first 2 in of the Exotic and thigh, is 2 engage the quick-twitch muscles of the central mid-back with the central abdominal skin support.

 Today's synthesis, fairly wonderful. The purpose of peddling with the first 2 in of the Exotic and thigh, is 2 engage the quick-twitch muscles of the central mid-back with the central abdominal skin support.

Equilibrium, so easily forgotten and such a nice friends land remembered. Equilibrium is found by being proactive and cycling to find that equilibrium with song it is a place of sustainability and mutuality.

And the mid back and lower back are where that state of ability found and created by using the buttocks. 

Morning. There are some wonderful but suboptimal implementation. The correct implementation seems to be definite perception that one is pulling energy directly up along the spine for taking me the back of the spine, directly up, not laying back at 10 or 15 or 20 degrees. Straight up the find Chris and when this is happening it is a effort of primarily the quick-twitch muscles in the back of the buttocks and upper spine or lower spine and also the torso.

If God's people, if Jesus people, are the ones that love God no matter what, that would be the Palestinians.

The last of the mountains. Until Montana? I shall miss them. They are no longer a terror, but friends, thanks to Khanh.


In this world of extraordinary material need, How much you spend and/or horde for yourself a pretty good measure of how dead your soul is.

 In this world of extraordinary material need, How much you spend and/or horde for yourself a pretty good measure of how dead your soul is. 

They support Trump because he favors their strength: willingness to torturement terrorize terminate. No, really. Wouldn't you?


My religion is to follow my father, found in my soul, that says the same things that Jesus father said about how to live in this life, for the joy of it.


These folks would be crazy to want liberal government in their lives, indeed taking away their freedom. Stay the f*** out. We'll take care of ourselves.