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Medical update, onset of blindness: I think that my specialist today.......

Medical update, onset of blindness: I think that my specialist today...

... is less concerned than the last week specialist as to macular degeneration. Yet, she, today, can not yet explain why my eyesight has degenerated so rapidly in only a month. The cataract in my left eye is large enough to explain some of it but it does not neatly explain all of it. Yet, we have tentatively scheduled cataract surgery for mid December. But before firming that up she wants me evaluated by a retinal specialist. That is scheduled for the last day in November now.

It is unlikely, based on review of today's specialist, the most senior that I have yet seen I believe, it is unlikely that this is a situation that can not be arrested. The specialist last week seemed quite concerned about macular degeneration. Depending upon the type that is something that can accelerate with little ability to stop it. Today's specialist suggests that it is not as advanced as I was understanding.

But again, the rate of deterioration is something that today's specialist cannot explain based on what she is seeing so far. So November 30th hopefully we will learn more.


***** I'm moved to tears. Are you hungry, the young African American city worker woman ask me? Her face looked.......

***** I'm moved to tears. Are you hungry, the young African American city worker woman ask me? Her face looked familiar, but just as though I must have glanced and seen her face sometime in the city area. Maybe today. Are you hungry, she asked, at about 2:30 or 3 o'clock this afternoon? She handed me a bag from Panera Bread as my face glowed in appreciation at the kindness of her offer. I took her hand and in reverence kissed the back of it. I'll guess she knew that I have been here in the cold and now drizzle since daybreak, in front of Center for American Progress where Netanyahu will speak tomorrow. This my pitiful, near hopeless attempt, to help encourage, help stiffen the spine of one or two souls in this building.


Netanyahu is here on Monday, at the Center for American Progress, to make peace with these Democrats at CAP, so the fascist Democrats in DC continue to get the Zionist money and votes. I am here all day long today.......

Netanyahu is here on Monday, at the Center for American Progress, to make peace with these Democrats at CAP, so the fascist Democrats in DC continue to get the Zionist money and votes. I am here all day long today with the Free Palestine vehicle. If there is a living soul alive inside as opposed to the Walking Dead fascists that most of them are, then maybe the presence of this vehicle will give them something to think about over the weekend.


***** Update on my human rights activism work. 100% of my energies are

Update on my human rights activism work.

100% of my energies are now devoted to stopping the grotesque violation of Palestinian human rights. Gone are my efforts to stop global warming. I have really lost all loyalty to the human species. The species that would allow the violation Palestinians is not a species for which the universe is better off. If we throw off the Israeli American decimation of Palestine I'll reconsider.

As I've written in recent weeks it is clear to me that those most responsible immediately, aside from we pathetic citizens, are the most respected news organizations, Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press.  They write Israel as an equal fight, like Russia and the United States, not what it is, today's Warsaw Ghetto, today's apartheid South Africa, today's Jim Crow South, today's African American slaves....

This is my third day in front of Associated Press.

Two weeks ago my target was Washington Post. I have moved from there in part because this past weekend they ran two shockingly appropriate articles.

I anticipate that for the foreseeable future from early in the morning until mid evening when I need to eat, thaw out, and rest, I will be in front of the Associated Press 13th Street.

This past weekend I staked out two Whole Foods Markets on the theory that the influential in DC would frequent those places. I think that was a good idea and I'm likely to continue to do such things. Earlier, it directing my attention to tourists. I think it is more productive to target those in DC who can influence the people in so-called power.

Last week I also spent time up on Capitol Hill where the Congress creatures slither and at Union Station where the Senate staff transit to and from work on foot. I expect that each week I will repeat that pattern as well.

Yes, I expected that I would be in Florida by now. Till the recent acceleration of horror on Palestinians, that was my plan, to be traveling the country with this vehicle promoting renewable energy.

The vehicle was really purchased with that in mind. So I am repurposing the vehicle and my daily activities. The vehicle remains hugely valuable to my work. It is attention-grabbing, speaks intelligence, credibility, and the signage is primarily to free Palestine. And, it is a roving office for my work, which was part of my original intention.

Any who have followed my work understand that the third population for which I advocate are the homeless and poor, and the way of means learn to monumentally downsize, to live sustainably, and to redistribute our resources to our brothers and sisters who need them more than we do. Another part of my reason for getting this vehicle was the notion that it might be my home base. That is, I might move out of any abode even as humble as the homeless shelter I have been in, into Walmart parking lots around the country, I thought. Maybe now, into the streets of Washington DC. In any case, it is now serving as a platform for my all day electronics based work. I run off of the Sun. It provides the presence and signage that I need. And it is a zero cost, now, means of transportation.


***** Day 4 WPSYZH. The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de CervantesI feel I am unable.....

"The greatest madness of all is to see things as they are and not as they ought to be." Miguel de Cervantes
I feel I am unable to go on like I was last week, that I should not, and that it would be madness to do so. I fell back into the trap of seeing reality as how things are. That is, I was accepting that the way things are is reality.
And the way things are is insanity.  Living normally in the face of the Zioni Holocaust funded and armed, politically supported, politically enabled, by we nice Americans, is insanity. Accepting that we nice adults that are perpetrating this are normal, and sane, our true selves, our grown-up selves... is insanity.
I was living it, this false reality, and it was killing me ... the madness of it, the insanity of it.
No, I will, now, I think, I hope... find the sanity, and hold on to the sanity, to see that it is our insane selves, the Satanic selves that we have allowed to hijack our true selves, our universally loving child selves, that it is insanity for me to see those insane selves as reality.
I will accept that now I will be seen as infinitely more insane by onlookers cuz I think now I will live the reality that the hijackers are not the central reality, I will not address myself to them, I will not have my thoughts preoccupied with them, as I have.
No, I will keep my eyes on the prize, the revolution by our child selves, our universal family selves, our godly selves... as reality.
I will live in the reality of these unseen spirits taking over. Live to incite that reality, though I will fail, be ridiculed, may be imprisoned, may be institutionalized... for doing so.

Sensing my deep depression, my body and I.....

Sensing my deep depression, my body and I decided to keep me in bed for nearly 48 hours. This seems to have been a good choice. My mind and soul did much work to adjust to the ever greater horror, the even deeper evil in humanity than i had yet seen. I seem to have made enough adjustment that I am back to fighting strength and on post of the blood soaked Washington Post since 7 a.m. this morning. I may focus my efforts almost exclusively on this bloody propaganda arm of the Zionist Empire for the foreseeable future.


***** Unable to leave Washington DC at this time. The desperate urgency to end Israel's genocidal invasion of Palestine prec.....

***** Unable to leave Washington DC at this time. The desperate urgency to end Israel's genocidal invasion of Palestine precludes resuming the ride for creation around the country at this time. Also, several on going medical situations remain unresolved and will take more time to resolve. I anticipate doing what little I can to create a presence for Free Palestine around the Washington DC area. Today in front of the Washington Post that alongside The New York Times has more Palestinian blood and entrails on their hands and in their mouths than anyone else including AIPAC and the Christian Zionists. They are propaganda whores of the worst, most vile type. Hell does not have a place hot enough for them. Why, in god's name, are people not swarming the properties of the New York Times and The Washington Post demanding more than deadly propaganda they spew? Again, there is not a hot enough place in hell.... -- Sent from Fast notepad


***** The voyage around the country may be delayed....

***** The voyage around the country may be delayed....

The escalation of Israel's extermination of Palestinians, the urgency that that demands of me, may preclude resuming the journey around the country at this time.

It maybe I can better serve Palestine by doing what I can to saturate the Washington DC area. Using DC as a base, I may better serve by each day targeting different suburban and university locations with the vehicle which is intense with Palestinian signage.


***** My body dreads resuming the travels. My soul knows nothing but doing so.I have.....

***** My body dreads resuming the travels. My soul knows nothing but doing so.
I have nothing but deepest gratitude for the opportunity to resume the campaign, traveling around the country with this vehicle for Palestine, for the future of all creation. My body dreads the departure... sleeping in parking lots, unwanted everywhere, no security, extreme danger, at times, on roads, cold, wet, uncertain food based on unsolicited donations,  physically exhausted and in pain....

I care about my body. I listen to my body, occasionally. But my soul who is who and what I am. My soul is all that I want to be. So is all any of us should want to be if we were saying.
Seen on Facebook long ago: you do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

Departure time is uncertain: have pending medical exams, orthopedic, vision, and dental. Hopefully all this week, and from them I should know whether I can depart late this week or whether some future medical appointments will dictate that I stay in DC longer. And each day I stay increases the likelihood that weather could postpone my departure by months. 

But my guess, and my determination, is that I will depart before the weather makes it impossible.

My expectation is to head south, probably along the recently devastated coastline, to Florida. And then to travel west along the coast. I don't know how one crosses the desert on a vehicle like mine, or a bike.

I'll end of the journey when I see some better way to serve humanity or my life or health are terminated. My guess is that this journey will take me around the country for the next 10 - 12 months. I have some vague sense of attempting to transit all 48 contiguous states.

What then? I don't know. But I have a sense that this vehicle will be my home base, my home, 4 whatever years I am left on earth.

 I find spending more than is represented by this vehicle morally abhorrent on a planet with so many in dire need.

What resources may come to me in the future, beyond the bare requirements of sustaining this ride for creation, belong not to me, but to my needier global family. And high on the list are the masses that have been destroyed, largely, to generate what wealth I have had in my life... The Native Americans and the African Americans.


***** I don't recall ever feeling more hopeless than I do at the moment about the future for humankind and creation. During the 35 days on the road....

I don't recall ever feeling more hopeless than I do at the moment about the future for humankind and creation.  During the 35 days on the road I was forced to escape the many many hours a day looking at what is happening in the world, Palestine in particular, but Syria, United States, well, pretty much everywhere. In the last 3 weeks I have been able to devote many hours a day, as I have, looking at things square in the face.

Early on felt moments of elation with words from Francis on his current tour, but in the last several days I have seen him gravitating toward meaningless dogmatic doublespeak and there by diluting his earlier, crystal clear message, of living universal family.

Several days ago there was a physical attack on the vehicle where I store it at night stealing $200 worth of electronics that are useless to anyone but me. A grim reminder of what hideous creatures we've devolved to in this loveless, godless, lost... culture. Yes, this victimizer was undoubtedly poor, probably homeless. More deadly by far are the ultra wealthy vulturous creatures on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday I was subject to a withering verbal attack by a psycho in the shelter.

At the moment I can't think of a more sane, moral applicable tale than that of Don Quixote. The only hope is for personal salvation in this life from living the material and spiritual hell that is earth today. To do so by fighting the unwinnable fight, dreaming the impossible dream, fighting when the odds are impossible.... Yes, truly, with no hope of winning.


Cancer update. Curious; I began crying during the 35 minutes brain scan just now.....

Cancer update. Curious; I began crying during the 35 minutes brain scan just now...
I was totally fine. My heart rate was 100% normal, I am certain, I was totally relaxed. Why crying? I don't know.

 I think it had to do with this: my chosen way of being is to live the pain of the world, the second by second agony of Palestine, the infinite pain of all creation going forward on writhing planet in death pangs. I don't dwell on that pain. But I keep it at the center of my being at all times because it is the primary informing of what I must do. I think by all objective measures I manage that enormously well. But I keep myself on the edge at all seconds that I am awake.
Have you ever had an MRI? They are overwhelming experiences. It is your head, for 35 minutes, 1 inch away from everything going on in a massive construction site. I had one about 3 years ago when they first detected the cancer, at Howard University. I had forgotten what a severe sensory experience it is.
I think, for a few fleeting seconds, it just overwhelmed me emotionally.
Part of it I'm sure is also the potential distraction and/or delay of my work, this journey around the country in this solar vehicle for Palestine and to stop ecocide. I think part of it too is the profoundly intense emotions that I have felt today in reading President Obama's words today regarding the Pope Francis visit, and the words of Pope Francis, especially those in the homily tonight where he instructed Catholics to stop talking so much and to start living their faith in service to the neediest in humanity more.
Next week and the following week I see a neural opthamologist and my cancer doctor as they try to figure out what's going on in my head that is causing my left eye to go blind.


***** major update. How are things going here in DC? My medical Outlook?.....

***** major update. How are things going here in DC? My medical Outlook?..... If you saw the video log ( speaking of Schweitzer's concept 'reverence for life' then I have little to add regarding how things are going here in DC. ( if not, I suggest you take a moment and view it now.)If he was correct that reverence for life is the essential ingredient in sanity, Humanity, decency, being of hope for the future rather than its destruction... then my return to dc has only confirmed that... There is no Life here. There is frenzy. There is a feeding frenzy. There is a frenzy for stuff, status, position, stimulation, sensation, safety, superiority ..... But there is no life. There is no reverence for life. Exactly as one who is color blind does not have the receptors to see certain colors, exactly in that way the over privileged that populate DC have had those receptors for reverence for life burned away, systematically atrophied, by their upbringing In this sickest, Most suicidal, of all cultures. I am speaking most particularly of the left, the Liberals, but also of the right. The great intellectual Ashley Montagu said without trace of cynicism, we die by degrees in this society, high school degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, PhD degree.... Teresa of Calcutta observed, the greatest poverty I have seen is the poverty of spirit in the West. I do not suspect she was speaking of the poor and disadvantaged. There is no future other than hell on earth unless by some miracle that reverence for life is rekindled Among large masses of people. And to that end of my life is devoted.

As to the outlook for me personally: The major CAT scan including radioactive(?) dye occurred this past Monday and the review of results with my oncologist is scheduled for this coming Monday. My sense is that I will be back on the road spreading the gospel of citizen uprising for many many many many many months. Hence I am working to get all medical issues resolved including dental and other, and logistics such as redirected mail. I have had one dental appointment and another scheduled for several weeks out that could lead to another yet. Also, with up to 10 hours per day of traveling that I do I am scheduled to have an old orthopedic issue addressed the end of October. Whether I will delay my departure that long is not clear.

  oh, and an odd, possibly serious, concern has arisen regarding my left eye. Only 2 months ago two different ophthalmologists evaluated my eyes and prescribed my first set of glasses. In just that short time my left eye has deteriorated to the point that one of the opthamologists says that it is no longer possible to give me clear far site. He is somewhat concerned that something may be going on neurologically or behind the eye. In several weeks there is an appointment scheduled to evaluate that situation.

Mercifully and miraculously the very tough staff of the shelter I have been staying in broke all rules several times and fully allowed me back after being away for 35 days. Also, the parking arrangements in front of a massive DC Municipal Building at night is also working out allowing me to sleep away from the vehicle.

 While confined here in DC for reasons mentioned above I am situating the vehicle and myself in high traffic areas spreading the gospel among the zombies; yesterday and the day before at a park three blocks from the White House on K Street, the heart of lobbyists and nonprofit land. Today on Capitol Hill. Next week with Pope Francis drawing huge crowds to DC I will hope to situate in the midst of those crowds outside of Union Station. I will not know till then if security arrangements will make that impossible.

 Strategically my sense is that I have been blind for years but now can see dimly. That is, now that I see what the problem is the absence of reverence for life, ( ) which may be essentially what is correctly meant by the Holy Spirit, I am equipped with a workable problem definition. Equipped with this problem definition it is possible I may learn to better fashion myself into some minuscule remedy which is all that I wish to be, which is the only interest I have in remaining in this prison we call 2015 life. One of the impacts of this vastly improved problem definition that I now have is the notion it has given me that when I am in the presence of another I am in the presence of one of two things that are almost always possible from that individual: I am in the presence of their zombie, evil, spirit... Or, highly unlikely, the presence of the Holy Spirit, their reverence for life with which I believe we are all born. My a tendency has been to confront the evil spirit, the spirit of death and destruction, and the evil and idiocy, and or the excuses, cowardice and diversions... that it invariably spews. But the new insight with which I am now equipped at times, and I think possibly will become a primary response from me, causes me to simply wait, yes, maybe for eternity, but to wait for the Holy Spirit return within the individual who is in front of me. Yes, I do think there is some minuscule hopefulness to doing so, an infinitely greater hopefulness than any other response I can think of. What hopefullnrss? The hopefulness encapsulated in this: nature abhors a vacuum. If I am now, after a lifetime, finally seeing the problem clearly, I think the hopefulness would be in then, with my current clarity which may well increase substantially with practice, to be a presence in someone else's life, even for a few seconds, someone who is in the spirit of evil, self-centeredness, selfishness, lust... that is inhabiting them, a presents that sees clearly and with conviction that this evil spirit is not their natural, true, only spirit.... That putting them in contact with, in the presence of, someone who sees this truth might well be the, the only, way that one person can provide another the chance of salvation, escape, from that evil spirit. -- Sent from Fast notepad


800 miles in 35 days. What I have learned from ELF .

800 miles in 35 days. What I have learned from ELF .

* my opportunity is to add power, not to speed the ELF with my legs
* I carry my own weight and let ELF carry his. that is, under most circumstances I can deliver about 1.5 amps per hour and I use about 2 amps per hour from the battery on long distances
* ELF will easily flip if I am not careful
* if you are insured against theft (Veloinsurance) and you are not locked you are not insured
* using my legs like pistons seems to work best for me
* the faster I go on battery the less energy I can contribute per mile lowering the battery range
* I can get seven or even 10 miles per amp except where there are many hills and there I can drop to as low as 2 miles per amp or less.
* at 63 with stage 4 cancer I can contribute 1.5 amps, 75 watts, per hour
* regarding reliability and maintenance the vehicle is a sophisticated three wheeled bike, not a car. align your expectations accordingly.
* 'Solar fusion bike car' is my best phraseology so far for grasping this vehicle
* very few bicycle repair operations will touch the elf because it takes up too much of their floor space, or is too large to get through their door. but some can. Find out.
* this is an extremely sane way to commute around Washington DC proper
* shallow pumping of the brake flashes oncoming traffic from the rear greatly increasing safety in highway situations. Pumping so shallow of course that you don't actually activate the brake itself
* I often feel much more comfortable with additional flashing lights on the rear of the vehicle in highway situations to alert fast oncoming traffic from the rear to a slow moving vehicle
* pulling a second solar panel on a trailer for my cross country trip is wonderful more than doubling my energy generation
* after caulking around the solar panel ELF no longer leaks in the rain
* despite numerous rain storms rarely have I wanted doors. Sometimes I use my rain suit
* due to the necessary vehicle weight the nuVinci gearing gives me an additional 5 or 10% range over traditional gears I am sure
* a no slip  shelf liner helps keep my butt in place
* a full graphics wrap of the elf cost around 1000 bucks applied
* chaining the handlebar in a sharp left or a sharp right turn with a lock is almost always sufficient security even in the city for me, and it is quick and easy to put in place or for me to remove
* the folks in Durham are very nice, very competent, and like a very large informal bicycle shop. Set your expectations  accordingly and you will be happy, as am I.
* I have found some pockets where the culture is extremely hostile to bicycles like Fredericksburg Virginia.
* I've been very glad to have a can of tire repair slime
* as an extensive rider I'm glad to now have cycle analyst
* even without cycle analyst I can judge the battery charge with a multimeter measuring the voltage, 54 volts roughly full, 45 volts empty, rather linear in between
* for security reasons in a city I am glad to have a large trunk that can be closed
* favoring long range without wall-recharging, as I do, the vehicle is an seven to nine miles per hour vehicle except on extreme flat where it may be 10 to 11 miles per hour at my level of strength and technique.
* running errands all around Washington DC the elf is plenty fast enough, has plenty of range, speed being limited by the horrible potholes
* elf is often too wide for bike lanes. one needs to be willing to ride in a main lane often. it is not for the faint of heart.
* Google Maps: on cross country trips I generally lie and say I am a car selecting the option for no tolls, no highway. often I do not want to be away from where I can plug in, where otherwise the selection for bicycling would place me
* if I plug in for an hour, then unplug from the battery to check the charge level with a volt meter, unless I unplugged from the wall for several minutes, the charging does not resume. no problem, now that I know
* for me the elf is like the early Wright brothers planes. In some respects a joke. The beginning of a new future which sadly is coming too slowly to save creation.
* I have profound respect and affection for this vehicle. I think it is an important invention
* the vehicle is quite stable at 35 or 40 miles per hour, speeding down hill, watch for crosswinds. However, very unstable if not toed-in 3 degrees (?) in the front.
* the front is very light and can easily be flipped by even a low speed bump under one wheel or the other or a fast turn. Just keep that in mind and you will be fine
* I find the front cargo tray extremely useful
* you need a bike shop that will happily work on your vehicle or you need to learn to do it yourself. It is not a car. It is a high-tech tricycle
* I wish Organic transit would put up a very serious support site up with well done, way longer than 1 minute, videos on how to maintain and repair the vehicle.
* Organic transit should publish a list of required tools and possibly assemble into a kit and sell the same, as they once did.
* I have found ELF very sturdy and reliable
* I have learned that my technique makes an enormous difference to how much power, and range, I can inject. where I place my feet on the pedals, where I adjust my seat. I wish I had studied articles on cycling technique earlier. I'm glad I finally did, and do.
* I am happiest with very very fast cadence until I achieve speed of 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 miles per hour... and then slower cadence to maintain that speed.
* on steep hills or any breaking from higher speed I think that pumping my brakes may produce less wear on the system.
* Runtastic Pro is the best Android app I have found. Many useful features. For most or all of the cycling apps I have found that they understate distance traveled by about 13%, oddly.  Google Maps seems correct as does the cycle analyst.

note: all serious questions and comments and or suggestions on the above would be welcome.


***** vlog Day 35 and holding. My message as I travel through the country....

nd. Day 35 and holding. Three days of little more than sleep. Apparently......

nd. Day 35 and holding. Three days of little more than sleep. Apparently 35 days of all day cycling and resting in Walmart parking lots all night was much more exhausting than I realized. Subject to my cancer exam next Monday I hope to be resuming the journey for many months after that. -- Sent from Fast notepad


nd. SLEEPING SLEEPING AND SLEEPING... upright here in ELFusion in dc where tourists can see the signage. Very tired. Cancer test monday and consult with oncologist following week. Then I expect to resume the ride.

SLEEPING SLEEPING AND SLEEPING... upright here in ELFusion in dc where tourists can see the signage.  Very tired.  Cancer test monday and consult with oncologist following week.  Then  I expect to resume the ride.

Day 33. The Spirit to STAND... we lack... my parents gen had

Day 33. Solar Fusion Bicar... this is

Day 33.vlog. America attracts the most capable... at abandoning the neediest.

Day 33. vlog. The Muslim brother offered too much, and I refused