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MMASS DD. Everything is dying now of Massive Mutilation Assault and Starvation of Soul Destruction Disorder. MMASS DD.

This is the science of it. This is the physics of it. The only chance for Humanity, for the human species, was to accelerate evolution by placing the soul, the mamalian brain, in charge of reptilian brain and cerebral cortex, we have done the opposite and aggressively visited mass disorder on virtually all of humanity.

There have been those that saw this mass destruction, throughout history, Confucius, Budda, Hillel, Jesus , Muhammad, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others. They have been ignored, crucified, turned into bromide State, used as room deodorizer on the otherwise slaughterhouse stench of our cultures these last seven thousand years.

It is now beyond hope for the species and a million other species immediately. It is beyond hope. But there will be remnants, poor souls, brought into the world by already dead soul-crippled parents, because no one of soul would bring another child into this deadly hell of a world in writhing deathspiral.

But none the less there will be remnants, there will be the The occasional blade of grass that for some unknown reason has the potential to sprout out through the otherwise toxic waste dump to the re-ignition, The Rebirth, of their soul, their DNA given limbic system in charge. And all of our efforts must go toward these green shoots.

And what is the form of this mass disorder?

Churches, Synagogues , mosque, schools…. They are death chambers for the soul. They are places where children are sent to be turned into cog in society, in business, in the corporations, in corporate medicine,.... and this is not possible without first destroying the Soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, or so cripping it that it is totally totally near death. The soul being the place of honesty, truth, wisdom, compassion, unity, revolution when necessary, justice, goodness, equality, community, Universal family. Business can't have that! Psychology can't have that! Academia can't have that! Politics can have that! Extraction industries can't have that! Politics can't have that! Klan supremacy can't have that!

No, these are death chambers for the soul. Gas lighting, is mutilation of thinking capacity, death to the notion that earth can be heaven, no, only some life after this hellish existence. Realize your Creator given potential as a human being? No! Become a cog in the machine! Destroy those wings, burn them, mutilate them! Docile thinking machine, or useful docile arms and legs for some soul-crippled monster at the top to manipulate and exploit! All causing Walking Dead, joyless, pleasure-addicted mutilated creatures.

And what must we do now to counteract this massive destructive disorder?

What is known of that, and the elements of that answer are to be found at this site, which is an ongoing work in progress.

But the essential challenge, the essential need, to help those One in a Million grass shoots against impossible odds, is to create the mechanisms that Foster, nurture, life based on intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic. Although this is not the language at all or purpose of a book called Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner, a mediocre book, but an important placeholder, our neuro biology is pointed to here that supports, and calls for this effort.

James has long diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and underestimated the scope of the disorder. Up until now understanding it as MEDD, massive empathy deficit disorder. It goes much Beyond empathy.

Trump, conservatives, fundamentalists, GOP, Divine Justice, or Poetic Justice, if you like.

Of the movie Dogma, the vague recollection I have is that part of it is a angel gone bad? Ben Affleck? Wrecks and destroys everything.
Trump is a brilliant sociopath, clinically, buffoon. The Republicans are totally mutilated Souls, our fault, and they are succeeding and will succeed in the total Destruction of everything decent. It is Armageddon that will not be stopped.

And it is completely just. Is it not? Who Among Us can look in the mirror and say, I have completely followed, I have aggressively followed, I have substantially followed, what I know in my soul to be good, above all else?

Not one in a million in the last seven thousand years can say this. What the f*** did we think was going to happen?

No, and I do not believe in the evil destructive thought of some Sky man God that is orchestrating this. We deserve all the credit, our neglect and perpetration.


Do I fear, hate, loathe, despise you, or are you a Christian? Is Jesus your lord and savior?

These were not the words, but they were the content of a brief dialogue with a thirtysomething white man today in town. It was shockingly revealing. Christianity is a way for this person, and most liked him, just simply be on the winning team. They experience being losers otherwise. This gives them license, even a duty, to hate and feel Superior to everyone providing the wrong answer. It is simply a means of having a license to hate and feel Superior. There are few exceptions.


Ignite Soul log May 16. Severe test, passed quite well.

Yesterday James reported becoming more of a body than a soul. This was so boring.

Quite a test today, between 50 and 60 mile an hour plus gusts. Even much stronger than had been forecast. It can be quite terrifying for the body. And invisible fist easily capable of destroying us.

The soul remained a loving compassionate supervisor of body and head. Few exceptions.

Major work was done to update and organize the card catalog reading list on the site.  And James substantially updated the availability of readings he expects to prioritize in coming months.


Solar RV cycling blog May 15th. 50% off, James! F*** it!

James was doing everything right at the beginning of tonight's voyage.  One leg at a time! Top priority on finding a way that was comfortable for the body. It never happened! What the f***! 45 minutes into the mission, James, are you taking all of the weight off of the unused leg each cycle? Well, uh, no. Well f****** do it!

How can this be so difficult?!?!

Only about four elements, maybe five that have been so magic these recent days. And forgetting just one f**** everything? That's not fair! Well, James, that's how it is.

What a mercy to finally remember, 50% on, one leg at a time, one leg totally weightless at at a Time. Mercifully, It did the trick.

Something else, there is something about the beginning of the journey that the left buttocks gets a terrible cramp that just will not be shaken! However it was not nearly so prominent in the recent voyages but there it was again today. Maybe it was entirely due to the fact that I was not totally making one leg weightless each cycle. But maybe something else helped. James was remembering to keep his head back and to the right. But it was only once he thought to lean the Torso to the right that they cramp in the left began to subside.

Update, another third of the way into tonight's voyage.

The linkage between the horrible left buttocks cramp and 50% weightlessnrss, is this I think. The absence of 50% waitresses is the body trying to do a trick. It is trying to cheat. It is trying to be lazy. It is trying to exert power without completing the full extension of the  stroke. And it is just this completion of the forward stroke that delivers much of the power and lengthens the muscle so that it does not cramp.

So the importance of 50% weight list nurse is gigantic. But for  emphasis another criterion, full length ending of the stroke each stroke.

But for  now the top top top priority. James, do not have an extended part of the journey that is terribly unpleasant for the body. Just don't. It creates  psychological and physical barriers that drain so much energy and time to overcome.

another factor tonight is it different power level.

Also, without the 50% off the body loses visceral contact with the physical nature and movement of the vehicle and the body freaked out! 50% off! Full extension! Stretch and relax those muscles.

Ignite Soul log May 15. Spinoza added to the must study list.

Searching for Spinoza, neuroscientist Antonio damasio. Interesting read. Valuable to James. Much good and many Mines to step on.

He is drawn to Spinoza and now so am I.

Scientific integrity and Brilliant on the part of damasio. Emotions are largely automatic. Virtually every species has them. Feelings are a more recent development that enable higher developed nervous systems to deal with those otherwise unconscious intangible emotions. They are in a sense the language and the manageable attributes of the automatic emotions.

Minefield? Damacio is a wonderful cerebral cortex. But not much of a developed limbic system, soul. At times he does a remarkable job of speaking clinically About Soul. But not being a highly developed soul he is Clumsy, word salad, and unintentionally disrespectful and dismissive of soul. He is deeply drawn to Spinoza, but in the end, he has to reduce Spinosa, possibly a highly developed Soul, to elements of cerebral cortex. And if the reader does not understand this then they are there by encouraged to dismiss Soul as well. So often. George vaillant. Karen Armstrong. Certainly Brock and Parker.

James got terribly thrown off balance by a very unhappy body tonight. Important learning experience. Of course it's not his body's fault. Looks like it's set off quite a storm. Because James was not operating it properly it got really really uncomfortable, it just would not approach the performance of recent voyages. James didn't know what to do. So his soul rather than remain as loving supervisor entirely in mashed in the Affairs of the body. Not a very good example except that it is recoverable and an important learning experience.

And some level of recovery is occurring.


Solar RV cycling log May 14th. Yes, one leg at a time, transformational.

James should feel silly maybe, but he does not. So long, so many months, to find this simple solution. Yes, this massively heavy object in coordination with the motor can be moved one leg at a time up the steepest climb in the country, except for a few others.  James carrying his own weight always, his own weight Plus 20 lb always, and often his own weight plus 50 or 60 lbs.

Refinements to the vehicle, small and large Lessons Learned, body strength gained.

But the massive breakthrough, one leg at a time can move this vehicle. The thought of this was too frightening to consider. But there it is. Probably four voyages or now successful with this as The Guiding realization.

There are several permutations of controllers and Motors that can be used. And subtleties there are being learned and applied. But they are not what is transforming this.

An old friend from several months ago showed up. Not transformational but quite nice. James, on the steepest parts, look just inches over the dashboard, and concentrate on moving the vehicle just 6 or 12 inch per rotation, / thrust of the leg. This is hard psychologically because it is right at the borderline where the Cadence is so slow that the motor would kick out and we would stop. Not a tragedy but these are dangerous climbs. But physically it can be done and with this refinement today that became more manageable. 1 mile an hour instead of 1.2 is quite a bit nicer for the body.

Another really central element these last three or four voyages is to keep very much in mind, James, are you doing what the body wants you to do? That's the top priority. Don't stress it, don't worry it, first priority is that the body is doing that one at a time thrust, one leg at a time thrust in a way that makes it the most happy. And it turns out this is quite achievable.

Ignite Soul log May 14th. Improvement, slight, but positive.

Practice is mildly affirming that being a soul is something James can make progress on, and he is making progress on. The original Spark 4 improvement came with the severe back pain of days ago which is now subsiding mercifully. But not before delivering that spark. James, are you going to be your body? Are you going to be the pain in your body? Or are you going to be your soul which is aware of that, affected by it, but not of it, not captive to it?

It seems that James has been much in the habit of being enmeshed with the body. In so many small ways. And with the spark of several days ago Liberation seems to be in process.

There are minuses, the body does deliver pleasure. It fills up space in consciousness averting boredom or a sense of emptiness.

But it may be, and James suspects, that with practice these negatives will be way offset by the positives of a much more free soul to soar where creation needs it to soar.

In part enabled by this enhanced Liberation from control by the body, an important project was finished today, first revision, but James is comfortable with standing on it. His translation of the words of Jesus that we have been handed by a incredibly corrupt Church organization. Post below.

And without too much disruption a multi hour project of changing a worn rear tire, The crucial tire, was spotted as ready to explode and replacement completed this morning, probably half the time it would have taken several months ago.

The new graphics may be working beautifully. They are working beautifully, these new graphics on the rear part of the vehicle, because they are communicating the Paramount insights that James' life has given him.

But although the evidence is Slim, they may well be serving another purpose. They may be discouraging the otherwise casual empty-headed, gee, is that solar, tourists. Avoiding wasting the time of this Mission, and avoiding making it easy for others to waste their lives. If this guess is correct then at least they are given something to think about. An attraction to the technology for entertainment value, and a direction away from encounter by more serious messages. What a healthy encounter for folks to have. And what good protection for the time and energy so limited for this mission.

Paradigm shift. Some unusually accurate thoughts here. Sadly, about 10 years too late.

Or fifty years too late. Maybe several hundred. No, I'm not being cute. We have been digging our moral hole for thousands of years but horribly accelerated these last hundred and fifty or so.

James, leave the apple core out here, not in the garbage. My friend seems to agree.

Buddha, Jesus, Confucius... The most Godly, good, souls in history. One thing in common. None were of a religion.

Every expectant mother to her baby, I'm only thinking of you, dear. I love you so much I just want you to enjoy this world I'm bringing you into. Love, Mom

Greta's gift to us: Not a saved planet. It's way too late for that. She shows us the Joyful Way of being, available to us all.

The only important choice ever in existence, is the only one left. What kind of person you will be.

James' translation of Jesus' words.

Stop! F****** stop! The notion of Utopia is a poison to exactly that. What? External. Always about external. Never about the internal. What? The only Utopia could......

Stop! F****** stop! The notion of Utopia is a poison to exactly that. What? External. Always about external. Never about the internal. What? The only Utopia could see a place of near total extreme Humanity, goodness, within each citizen. Only when the individual bricks have such Integrity can the overall structure in body Integrity. Who writes this? Who reads this? Who wants this? No one. Because wherever we are given fish deadly distracting impossible delaying ideas. Be the change the world needs to see. There is no other answer. No other answer has ever been or ever will be possible.

Trump is our mirror. In him we can see the rot of we Americans what he is, that he got where he is..

Someone that believes in an afterlife, is someone that cares not about truth, God, just whatever delusion they want to believe.

Someone that believes in an afterlife, is someone that cares not about truth, God, just whatever delusion they want to believe.


Solar RV cycling log May 12th. Major breakthrough to simplicity!

Yes yes yes! Almost every time up until now I have been wrong, or at least, only partly correct. And this time?

I'll say it, I think this is a breakthrough.

A world class skier of snow I was described as once.  1990s in Utah. Nothing I am proud of, long I had been an excellent skier, captain of the ski team in college.

But this comment to me in the mid 90s, it was the Supreme skiing ability of my life. It was near impossible for me not to be extremely excellent. Until it was lost.

Not unique to me is this. We know this.

What magic this speaks to, the relationship between the nervous system, the physical tissue, and the external reality. Mystikal. But not entirely.

Point being, this experience of recent days of a major breakthrough maybe an illusion, maybe short lived. Maybe more.

Repeating recent logs, trusting each leg, primarily forward thigh, to move this heavy vehicle alternating strokes, is a revolution. No pun intended.

It seems that the legs have some magical thinking that by trying to spin something they are sharing the work in some optimal way. What they really do at such times is cheat with each other. They give each other the illusion of helping each other which is energy away from actually moving the vehicle.

These last three voyage is also a first time ever experienced of trusting one leg at a time to move this heavy vehicle forward. It is transformational simplicity.

A constant movement there is in this nice journey between the following. 1. What does the body want to do, James? 2. Each leg intern moving the vehicle. 3. Are you in touch with the vehicle, James, or the magical fakes of the motor? Double check, 4. James, are you making each foot weightless in its turn each cycle? Repeat….

And the position of the head! It matters, maybe a lot!. In the wrong place it creates significant problems. In the right place it prevents significant problems and provides significant advantage, a place of stability for the body to organize and operate around. Unconscious Lee it was being allowed to lean left and forward. It seems a much better place for it is to the right and slightly back. And stable. Where as it has a tendency to try and help the muscles cheat and relax but that never works.

Ignite soul log May 12th. Vital new insights.

James clients, his purpose, his reason for being, are the one in a million soul dying to combust, to ignite, to be empowered to lead and throw off soul subordi nation to the head and the flesh. Written of earlier today, James thinks this may be tremendously em powering, liberating, focusing, of his work. It feels that way already.

Not natural, not human nature, is LSGIA being. New, this is, for James understanding of things. Foreign to him it is. And possibly incorrect, will be re visited. But seemingly ines capable, and not un welcome, in light of Franz de waall our inner ape, must read, and now, looking for spinoza, neuro scientist and Antonio Damasio.

Profound Lee instructive to James these are. Much more clearly defined are our psychological building blocks, components, pree disposition, than had realized James. So much more to learn. So much more to digest. In these and similar works. Hi on his priority list.

But this is not discouraging. Nor encouraging. But tremendously en lightning.

No, it is not natural for people to be LSGIA being. It is not our predis positions. But it is an extraordinary failure in the system, the opportunity to be an LSGIA being! A hack!

Heartbreaking Lee this hack could have saved what is good in creation and caused it to be the norm! That opportunity is past. But it is not past the opportunity to ignite the one in a million, the two in a million, the three.... The building blocks are there. The capacity to ignite is there. It is not normal. It is possible for all!.

You know, I think this needs to be said. There is a tendency in nature for the female to be beautiful, sexy, to get sex from the guy, and then to go to seed. Three things....

 You know, I think this needs to be said. There is a tendency in nature for the female to be beautiful, sexy, to get sex from the guy, and then to go to seed. Three things.... about this. One. We should not be in denial. Two. We should help males understand that this is what they should expect. This is what they are signing up for. Thre3. We should not expect females to do differently than this. I sure the f*** wish I had been taught this. And females earlier in my life would have been better off if I had. has been updated to reflect the most intense.

Me too. Dramatic Clarity this morning. I exist for the one in a million like this.

A bit of a mystery to me why this notion is being experienced by me as so dramatically helpful, this morning. It is a notion that I have expressed for a long long long time. But it seems to have found its place this morning. Defining who I am here for, the one in a million, and who I am not here for.