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Cycling blog long overdue. Recap of the last 2 months by speaking of today.

Item. Savoring and Treasuring 100% energy Extraction and investment every inch of travel. Allowing not any second to escape without making an energy contribution. It is a wonderful thing. Not intuitive But very natural when the body keeps in it mind. Update. A round dish sort of object emerged again today about 2 inches toward the groin from the knee. And what was most helpful to implement this item was to allow no instant when there was not upward action by the thigh complimented by downward action by the other thigh exiting a rolling energy on that object.

Item. Adding power with 100% Engagement 100% of the time summoning power rather than attempting to periodically force . Summoning power is a Conceptual sort of thing. Requires considerable faith but today that doesn't mean a lot of mental effort. Just keeping it in mind. This is a natural partner with this 1st point above. Savoring Every inch of travel as an opportunity to feel contribution of energy and when more or less energy is required attempting that within the constant velocity cadence of the moment by summoning additional power or energy Every fraction of an inch of travel

item through Every other element of the last 2 months is it play. Probably largely unconscious today.

Item. Thee feet and therefore the legs weight are hanging on the pedals which is Ana notion of rest and also correlates with the proper Relaxation Virtual limpness of the lower legs from the Upper part of the shin forward All the way through the toes.

Item. Constant velocity stare step.

Item. Note. The metrics for this 1st day of resumed travel are certainly respectable. at 212 watts per hour.

Item. Note. The experience of power is in the thighs and as far as the Part of the thighs closest to the knee. If James tries to explain it it is not unlike the cute nursing action of a cat's paws but James is reaching for that. but that's what it's like.