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Solar RV cycling log July 19. 1. all energy In lower legs Is subtracted from forward. Two. All....

Solar RV cycling blog July 19. 1. all energy In lower legs Is subtracted from forward. Two. All ....jerkiness is subtracted from forward.

Protect re-ignite soul log July 19th. Moralize. Moralize! that's it! Moralizing is what we have failed to do!!!

 Haven't we systematically and overtly made moralizing out of bounds? Poor taste? Something that decent people don't do? What the fuck's? And if we had treated cancer the same way, our physical health the same way?   The results would have been what? 

The results would have been Infinitely less dire than they planetary extinction that now we are Completing. 

Utter fuckings insanity. Were we taken over by some species , some aliens from space That saw this as a cheap and easy way to extinguish us? Showing the notions of this insanity that what is off bounds is the most essential for survival? Moralizing? Achieving for ourselves individually and collectively An acute expert sense for what is moral for the species? Ecocide, our own extinction, is the Obvious, unavoidable result of this insanity. 

James for one will redouble his efforts To do what moralizing he can, heath producing he can, within himself, and thereby, possibly with the one in a million, for the joy it will produce for both. 

 You are going to do the same, correct? ....

And so, if one says, I love God, but will not love my brother, he lies, for he who does not love his brother, whom he sees, cannot love God, whom he has not seen and cannot see. The commandment is for one who loves God to love his b.....

But love consists in sacrificing our carnal life for another. There is no other definition of love. Gospel, Tolstoy translation.

How much do you think they care about your life or anything else, folks of cigarettes, guns, the care so little about their own, and that of their children?


Solar RV cycling blog July 17th. Subtract lower leg energy from forward energy! Subtract all jerking energy from forward!

These items in the subject line have been pointed to four weeks and longer but now they are clear.

Subtract every tiny bit of energy in the lower legs from forward movement. Glad about that?

Jerk and tug and poke and prod all you want. The horse is in the motor only know how to respond to firm and smooth pressure. Knock yourself out.

Put that lower leg energy, and the jerking, into the forward movement! It's nice.

Solar RV cycling log July 16. Rust, friction, in the locomotive driveshaft. How helpful is that? That's what energy, resistance, in the lower legs is.

almost certain this seems. Surprising it has been so long in coming.  but experience and metrics certainly indicate that this is the case. 

James is self diagnosing and correcting much more

Protect ignite soul log July 15. Many things.

stream-of-consciousness regarding recent days. In no particular order. 

much disruption of the unifying and very helpful thought,

Solar rv cycling blog July 15. Get everything out of the way of the thighs.

combining several thoughts, keep everything out of the way of the thighs, cycling with, not on, the vehicle. And at

It may be the what we owe the Young is to exemplify soul by accepting the deaf by this insane culture with dignity, Grace, and joy. As slow or fast as it may be.

Can one live without hope? James does, over a year now. Seeing possibility, is sufficient, even without hope. No responsible Soul can have substantial hope.

When it is time for me to go, it is time for me to go. And so it is with the United States, have the human species.

Christianity is so we do not have to take Jesus at his word.

Christianity is designed in many ways virtually always, to replace what Jesus said with what men want to hear, or to use, to oppress and exploit others. So unfortunate these words from James sound mean or cynical or cruel. Because they are obvious fact when one looks at it long enough.

You can't have joy. You can have passionate human purpose oh, and the result is joy. Pleasure, happiness, joy, you can have.


Solar RV cycling blog July 14. With, not on, James. With the vehicle. And, be patient with your helpers.

All recent principals were born out but substantial Improvement came when the notion, and old long forgotten friend, the notion of we, as opposed to James operating on, the vehicle.

And another old friend although not as familiar, be patient with your friends, the horses represented by the motor. They take their time in responding to your legs. Be patient.

Vomited contempt on US did this poor dead wretched soul.

First inclination this dead creature is a rich elitist. But the fireman shirt on his back and the not completely brand new vehicle suggest non materially wealthy white supremacist elitist.

upon parking and casting a complete Shadow over the

Waiting until Thursday when the Warren damaged Fabric in the back will be replaced. Heading up to the mountain and reportedly beautiful lakes.