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"But if one wants to understand the Gospel, it is necessary above all to remember that the first action of Jesus before preaching was to deny the external God......

"But if one wants to understand the Gospel, it is necessary above all to remember that the first action of Jesus before preaching was to deny the external God and every kind of worship. The destruction of the temple, repeated by all the evangelists (which is very rare), is the purging of the soil for the sowing. Only after the destruction of the former God the teaching about the God of Jesus and about that service of God, which Jesus teaches, is made possible........ Leo Tolstoy for gospel translation and harmonization.


Ignite soul log may 23. Two giant explosions, and other things.

Quite a beautiful day.

Much time spent with Tolstoy’s Four gospel translation.

What did Tolstoy find? I don't know. I never will for sure. That is, I will not know if he found the teachings of the man Jesus. But certainly he says he did, and he thinks he did.

But I do know he found a teaching that saved his extraordinary being from suicide and ignited his soul for the next 40 years. And it ignited him in a way that he ignited the man Gandhi, who was instrumental in ignited Martin Luther King, and toast toy with some of his writings in directly.

On a different note, awakened James was with a shocking thought smacking him in the face. Holy f***. Jesus has not ignited one in a billion souls. Tolstoy has not ignited one in a billion souls. The dozens of the souls at the site have each not ignited more than one in a billion souls. Entertained? Yes. Ignited emulators? No! The historical record is horribly clear!

James exploded twice today. And a couple more little explosions. Exhausted after part of the journey tonight he took a quick nap at a little pull out off the main road. It was steep getting back on the road and the rear wheel did not gain traction. So it was very very very slow getting out onto the highway. No cars in sight when James started. Very little traffic. As he got onto the road a white car came up at probably 60 mi an hour. Blaring it's Horan. No f****** problem. It could easily if gone around. No traffic. I f****** exploded. Turn stuck my torso out of the vehicle screamed at the vehicle, what? Was this horrible? Of James? Does he feel like a terrible failure? Does he think he did something really awful? No, no, and no. But is he glad he did it? No. What better world is the outcome of that? That is not a different way of being. There's no hoping that. So what he's glad about is that he was aware, he was a body at that instant, not a soul, but he didn't see it coming, and now he has a chance to reflect and prepare for the next time.

James is understanding his opportunity, really the opportunity for all of us, to ignite soul, and to disrupt the status quo of the head and flesh in charge, respectfully, thoughtful E. Disruption is much easier and James is working hard to establish a ratio of his time, the large proportion on ignited, starting with himself, and a small smaller portion on disruption. Having said that, the greatest strategic opportunity  James senses right now is to complete the project he began several months ago, creating a clean easily accessible copy of the Tolstoy Four Gospels translation and Harmon is Asian that is on the web in really old hard to access PDFs. Today he listened to the summary text that Tolstoy has throughout his huge Lee technical volumes, and they're extraordinary, those explanatory and summary texts.

Note. Something very significant happens, when after 67 years, this individual James for the first time begins asking himself, who is that, James? Is that your soul? Such things prompt that question as finding himself in a point of frustration, maybe over how things tangle, over some discomfort in his body. And more surprising, but so useful, when he finds himself twirling around in his own brain. Pretty much each time James instantly realizes, I prefer being in my soul. And almost instantly transports there. This is pointed to width the capacity for meditating. But at least for James what he's just outlined here is a dramatic enhancement. Profound.


Apologies. Number 6, again. Critical review, saving Paradise, Parker and Brock. Free download

Pps 2/20. Apologies, of A Sort, or regret maybe? Not that I wish I hadn't done it, I wish it didn't happen. This thing I have with several recent books where after first listening, as the vehicle and I travel, I am so euphoric and by the end of the process of deep study including annotation of the written text, I'm so disappointed. this was true of spiritual Evolution, George vaillant, and this saving Paradise, Brock and Parker. I am not sorry that they came to my attention and receive my deep study. I am profoundly grateful for that. I am not sorry for bringing them to your attention. I am sorry for us all that they in the end come up so terribly short. We are blessed by the maybe even Giant Steps that they give us, vaillant, by giving us back the most important part of our nervous system, the limbic system, soul, Parker and Brock by giving us back the truth of early for the first 1,000 years Christianity that it was 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, about entering Paradise in this life on this earth now. But so many landmines, so many creation destroying weapons of mass destruction mixed in with their words, no discredit to them.

Anyway, I guess I was so discouraged and disappointed with the end of saving Paradise that until last night I neglected the first point number six, mid article below, until last night when I added it. It was the reason for my initial Euphoria and it is reason for euphoria, Parker and Brock giving us back the fact that for a thousand years Christians believed that paradise was to be found, entirely and only in this life on this Earth. And that is one trillion percent correct. It is 1 trillion per cent incorrect that it depends on, or ever consists of, establishing a physical Paradise, it never has, it never will, it never can, although a physical Paradise can tremendously increase the odds of finding the only Paradise there can ever be, the kingdom of God is within you, as Jesus lived, died, preached, and taught. and as pointed toward by the dozens of greatest Souls that have ever been Among Us many spoken of here inhabited every moment that the individual, or group, For Joy serve those poor souls, in solidarity.

PS 2/19. Crucial note. If you read the earlier version of this please skip to the very bottom to number 6 below. A crucial Omission in the original submission.

2/18. Saving Paradise, Parker and Brock. Preliminary review.

So you are never going to see the Sistine Chapel, in this example. This analogy. You will never see a picture. But I have just recommended to you a description by two very well intended very bright Scholars that describe it. The best description I know of. Brilliant. But I know of two major flaws in these well-intended Scholars that even they are unaware of. Do I tell you? I do.

If I know they have severe color blindness, and severe astigmatism, I tell you, and I try and help you understand how that impacts their otherwise useful work.

The brilliant work of similarly afflicted psychiatrist dr. George vaillant, spiritual evolution, summarizes for us the indisputable studies of the last decade highlighting The crucial existence and value of the previously denigrated and ignored third brain, the mammalian brain, the limbic system, what I understand to be the soul. This research summarized by him in very real terms gives us our soul in material location. This is profoundly useful. Such a cruel irony that one writing about the soul is limbic system crippled, limbic system, Soul, the only thing that can grasp the essentials of soul. But if this is understood his work is tremendously valuable.

And similarly Brock and Parker. They write of the quest of the Soul, Paradise, Heaven on Earth. And I find their scholarship tremendously helpful. And also a terrible Minefield, terribly crippled by the fact that they cannot see the essence about which they write, Affairs of the Soul, but they write from that which they have, highly developed cerebral cortex, that anatomically cannot grasp the soul.

I'll share ways that the book, their work, is profoundly helpful to me. And it may be of no use to those who have done and or read the scholarship of others of this last four thousand years of religious development, culminating in so-called Christianity of the last two thousand years.

You may laugh, retch, disconnect at this point, take your pick, but so far I know of no one beside myself, zero credit to me, that is grasping where Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and others were unknowingly pointing toward, almost reaching, go in the case of Jesus may be reaching, and definitely living. Joy, one of the Myriad alternative states of consciousness, is Paradise, stimulated or discouraged by external factors but never an external Factor , state, or condition, it is only a personal internal phenomenon enabled by our DNA and crippled by the time we are three or four in all but one in a million in the cultures of the last 7000 years. The formula for activating it, and it can be inhabited every breath, is: for Joy, serve those poor souls, in solidarity. Not only are you welcome to disagree, this is all a waste of your time if you don't task yourself with deciding whether what is being stated here is worth reading any further.

For me the work of Brock and Parker is monumentally important.

  1. They are showing me what I had little if any idea of, there have been historical figures in the last 2 thousand years of the otherwise malignant cancerous organism called Christianity, individuals that in fact have been close to showing us Paradise, as were Jesus and the others I mentioned  above, founders of other religious traditions. This is profoundly useful to me and I will be digging in and writing of it soon I hope.
  2. And actually, it may be that people considering themselves Christians as a group for the first Thousand Years we're largely not far off. This is going to take more work on my part to understand, completing a detailed annotation of saving paradise, and then digging deeper, this because of the color blindness and astigmatism, cerebral cortex dominance, Soul crippling, of Parker and Brock. But for certain a large group of early Christians we're much more on the path or close to it than I had any idea and this is quite encouraging. Why? Salvation of Christianity? No one with a soul, no credit to them, could care less about Christianity, or about any other religion per se. They care about those who are examples of the soul in charge. And what they want, and what I want, and what is needed, what we are dying for, is examples, and in the two respects I just mentioned Parker and Brock have brought to me many more examples than I realized existed, within Christianity, and before. A tremendous contribution to us.
  3. There are brief passages throughout this book but particularly in the last two chapters that are cerebrally brilliant, and terribly useful distillations of key issues in human development, cultural development, political development, developments within America that have great pertinence to what's going on today, not only in Christianity, but especially in Christianity. Breathtaking glimmers of Brilliance, cerebral though they may be.
  4. And in contrast to the examples of souls striving for life over the last four thousand years, striving for freedom from dominance and decimation by their own personal head and Flash, and the head and flesh, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, of others and systems in general, government Etc. In contrast to these examples they also provide a brilliant and tremendously useful look at the inexpressibly evil corrupting factors, maybe no discredit to themselves, that have attacked, perverted, killed, ended, stopped the hopeful shoots that have emerged from time to time throughout history and especially within Christianity, the focus of this book. How extraordinarily useful and important to be brought Closer by Parker and Brock to seeing these examples and hopefully moving toward an understanding of these corrupting factors and how they work.
  5. And certainly there are other tremendous benefits of the work of these two but this will suffice for this preliminary review.
  6. They establish with historical Clarity and Authority is that for the first Thousand Years starting with Jesus Christianity was about establishing Paradise on Earth. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

As to the analogy, severe color blindness, severe astigmatism, in Parker and Brock? By the way, just for emphasis, if someone has color blindness, to mention it, to someone whose work you otherwise recommend, is that a slender? It is not.

  1. They are highly religious, extremely degreed preachers, theologians, and each comes from from long family histories of that as I understand it. That is not a slander or a denigration. It is said that the fish are the last ones to discover water. It seems that the water they know is religion. To them the problem has been religion, but the answer is proper religion. These are not fundamentalists. They are extremely accomplished cerebral Scholars, but it is as though they cannot imagine that religion is not the answer. And it is not. A larva becomes a butterfly, fulfilling its DNA, not because of some religion. As does a seed. Does the environment matter? Tremendously. But in nurturing that is within, not imposing from without which is always crippling.
  2. As cerebrally dominant soul atrophied limbic system crippled, they absolutely cannot grasp the substance, the nature, of what the little bit of good religion is grasping toward, dominance of the Soul, the soul in charge of head and flesh of the individual and the group.
  3. If you know, and you do not do, you do not know. Anonymous. From a cerebral perspective, they brilliantly and in such useful instances reveal how the White supremacists and the like, unwitting though they might be, pervert their own perceptions such that whatever they do is good and whatever anyone else does is not. And they express this in specific useful ways far better than I just summarized. And yet these poor souls, Parker and Brock, are exactly there. They are so much of the unintended perversion of what the great religious exemplars tried to show us, and they don't see it. Their academic elitism. Their American Supremacy. Their intellectual Supremacy. Their material Supremacy. And on and on and on. It's heartbreaking. Why? Why heartbreaking? Because we need work of the caliber of theirs without these hidden landmines! Yes, they're doing the best they can, and what a tremendous contribution to me.
  4. I'm quite sure, though I need to read the text carefully, I'm quite sure that either it is certain to Brock and Parker, or they are extremely biased toward, a view that paradise is not as I say and more importantly Jesus says, the kingdom of God is within you) totally and only an individual's psychological State, influenced by external factors but never of them or determined by them, if as I say that is correct, it may well be that Parker and Brock are exactly of the opposite view, that paradise, Heaven, yes on Earth, of this life not some afterlife, they are right about that, is primarily if not entirely external circumstances both of natural environment made healthy, and physical community made loving.
  5. And our greatest example and teacher in history, the man Jesus, not the blue eyed white guy, the brown-skinned Palestinian guy, they distort, obscure, corrupt that man by never distinguishing in all their work that I could see, never distinguishing the real man, and the roughly 20% of the verses attributed to him in the four gospels, they never distinguish between that real man and the fiction written largely by John but also appearing elsewhere in the New Testament. They comment in their notes that Dominic crossan early on in Courage their work. And then they quickly add that others checked their scholarship. But not Crossing. I suspect this is the reason. It is shocking that they seem to have totally ignored the work of the Jesus seminar that has helped us determine those 20% of the verses attributed to Jesus that Jesus likely actually said.
  6. Jesus said, in vain do they worship me, preaching as Commandments the doctrines of men. For 2,000 years the so-called Church, and then relentlessly, relentlessly, without exception that I see, done again by these two otherwise fine and certainly well-intended authors!!!! Teaching as Commandments the doctrines of men!!! As mentioned in the point above, not only do they totally ignore the indisputable scholarship that in the gospel only 20% of the verses were actually spoken by Jesus, maybe another 30% by people that got him, not only did they totally ignore that, but no where in the book do they bring Christianity back to his simple teachings!!! He said, do unto others all things whatsoever that you would have them do unto you, on this hangs all the law and the prophets!  and of the other 20% of the words in the gospel attributed to him that he actually spoke, all of them contribute to this and none of them diverge. For 2,000 years, including this book, we have had his teaching, we have had his religion of do unto others all things whatsoever, and for two thousand years including this book we have looked for the answer every place but where he told us to find it!!!!!

I expect to continue and complete at high priority my personal annotation of the written text, saving Paradise, mining it for the positive and negative aspects just briefly pointed to above. This will be a tremendous value to me. Whether any of my further results will be shared in a more detailed review remains to be seen. It's quite possible that my duty to you, as someone who has been highly recommending this book as I have, this summary may have to suffice in my duty of warning to you. People with individual questions if they have done their homework my detailed annotation would put me in a position to provide some specific replies.



Your soul is needed for my calling.

Your soul, (limbic system, mammalian brain,  heart, the most important part of the nervous system that should always be in charge,  the other two parts being the  the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, the computer  and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, respectively) , is needed for my calling, just not quite yet.
The needs of my work does not dictate that you should or are expected to respond.
There are some of you that when the time, times, come where several hours or more of your time are required, there are some of you on my list and I'll put out the call with no expectation.
If at sometime you sense you would very much like to be on the list, message me or something.
Although this work has been my life for my entire adulthood it becomes ever more focused week by week month by month.
As best I can articulated at the moment, my work is to provide an advantage to the one in a million Souls in this 2019 and future world that have not been so mutilated by the culture, that they can stand being captive, subjugated, enslaved and killed by the all worshipped cerebral cortex and Reptilian Brain, head and flesh, any longer.
This morning's brainstorming began to flesh out for me what some of the aspects look like. No attempt has been made to make this more intelligible to anyone beside me, so far, but this is what came out this morning.

I expect that in my lifetime no one will be called too seriously collaborate with me in this effort. But who knows? The work will be substantially stillborn if that's the case but I am resigned to that. But if and when I can get even the littlest bit of attention from those that need to collaborate at least a little bit it will be of immeasurable value.

My work will continue along the lines of the list above and at such Point as I think the materials could warrant the encounter with your soul such that feedback from you could be forthcoming, at that point, I will put out the first call.


Review, spiritual Evolution, George vaillant. An invaluable gold mine in a deadly minefield.

Review, spiritual Evolution, George vaillant. An invaluable gold mine in a deadly minefield.

The gold, the life-saving truths found throughout this book are extraordinarily important. But the book is laced with landmines and unless one procedes carefully they will do themselves permanent damage.

George is an extremely useful probe for us, the right person at the right time to observe important developments in the realm of psychobiology. And thank goodness for that. But whereas he has a lifetime of observation he has little or no personal experience. By way of analogy , he has spent countless years observing those who climb sheer Rock faces and communicates that to a population who has never seen it. But not being a rock climber himself fatal it would be for his readers to proceed to the rock face on just what he says. And also it would be a mistake for the would-be rock climber to ignore what he does share.

The author of this review, James, for reasons no credit to himself, has spent a lifetime practicing, studying, exercising the capacity for unselfish love, living with the soul in charge, which is at the heart of what vaillant shares with us. To this lifelong practitioner, James, the gold nuggets throughout this book are invaluable to the extent that he has spent months studying what vaillant provided. But also months agonizing over the extraordinary errors also laced throughout the book.

Although it will seem that James has some desire to speak negatively about vaillant and the book this is not at all the case. The Nuggets that vaillant provides to us are so extraordinary valuable to the life of every individual, that the poisons that he also unintentionally introduces are that much more consequential and must be flagged.

Throughout the book vaillant authoritatively identifies the extraordinary intellectual failure that the field of psychology has been and continues to be, as evidenced by the recent vital progress being made by a few in the field and related fields of Neuroscience, ethology, primatology, cultural anthropology and the like.

Imagine that the field of psychology had ridiculed and even more so denied the human capacity for lust, anger, violence, intellectual Pursuit…. Flesh and head respectively. How incredibly bankrupt, correct? It has done the equivalent, not the equivalent, infinitely worse. It has violently denied the human capacity for unselfish love, Soul in charge, demonstrably the most important capacity to the survival of the human species over the Millennia and into the future. And the solitary source of the ultimate human emotional state, Joy. It has violently, violently, viciously denied, belittled, ridiculed the existence of such a thing.

George does us an invaluable service of laying out the studies in a variety of disciplines that indisputably indicate that in the human limbic system, the mammalian part of our brain, the inbuilt capacity and orientation to unconditional love is inbuilt not only in our species, especially in our species, but also to varying degrees throughout the mammalian Kingdom.

This aspect of the book is beyond invaluable. More than any other book I know if everyone read and grasped this aspect of the book it would change the world. No, that won't happen, but if it did, it would change the world.

But as the book stands if the book were read without supervision it would change and hence the futile effort of this review. In one sentence George brilliantly presents the truth of unconditional love, and then three sentences late later conflates it we lust, selfish love. And this pattern repeats itself over and over and over and over.

George does not grasp the importance of those gold nuggets. And he is willing to dilute his presentation trying to appeal to too many audiences and too many goals, particularly the religious communities around the world. He has the right, it is understandable, but we are out of time as a species, and each living individual is out of time to get it right.

At some time in the future I would like to have the time to present the detailed notes and analysis paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter that I have agonized over these last weeks. And one on one, if asked, I could do so. But for now the following will have to suffice, a quick assessment chapter by chapter of highs and lows.

Chapter 1. Positive emotion. George opens with a Majesterial encapsulation of the gold Nuggets that he strews throughout this book. It is a magnificent true story and the bottom line for him of the story is this: “Unselfish love (soul, heart) had conquered both Darwinian “selfish” genes and Kantian pure reason (flesh and head respectively). The transformative power of positive emotion had interceded. Positive emotions—not only
compassion, forgiveness, love, and hope but also joy, faith/trust, awe, and gratitude—arise from our inborn mammalian capacity for unselfish parental love. They emanate from our feeling, limbic mammalian brain and thus are grounded in our evolutionary heritage. All human beings are hardwired for positive emotions, and these positive emotions are a common denominator of all major faiths and of all human beings. Thus, this is, in some respects, a revolutionary book. I shall argue that thepositive emotions are not just nice to have; they are essential to the survival of Homo sapiens as a species.”

Had George tightly adhered to this in every paragraph of this book it would be the most important book on earth. Truly. Sadly, this is not the case. But the truth that human kind or the human individual needs to understand is in the quotation above, often substantiated throughout this book, most importantly with the scientific advances in the last 10 or 20 years richly documented here in. Substantiated most importantly by finding the organ, if you will, previously unknown, Limbic system, mamalian brain, the most important part of the triune brain. Most important organ for the human species survival past, present and for the few that will survive what a world dominated by head and flash, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus respectively, is in the final stages of destroying.

Proceed with this book if you can keep in mind, and measure every passage by, the quotation above which strikes right to the heart of the truth. The reader who does so will find the gold Nuggets richly strewn throughout this book and avoid the land minds. Otherwise, do not proceed.

Over all chapter one is fabulous, extremely constructive. But George can't seem to help himself. He clearly does not see with his limbic system what thank goodness his cerebral cortex has brought to us in this chapter as he blunders into, “If readers will permit me to define pleasure as the result of positive emotion rather than mere hedonism, then…” WTF? And George nowhere in the book evidences that he sees the centrality of this horrible deadly error. Pleasure is the neurological psychological reward provided by the nervous system when it senses that we are pursuing what our hypothalamus, our Reptilian Brain, our selfish brain wants. Joy being the exact opposite reward, when the nervous system senses that driven by our soul, our heart, our mammalian brain, our limbic system, we are attempting to serve those Among Us in need!

Chapter 2. The prose and the passion. With this chapter George gets off to a pretty wonderful start, “Only recently have scientists discovered that the compassion, joy, and unselfish love so important to religion and to the Neolithic mind are not irrelevant to science. You see, the
Neolithic (hunter-gatherer) mind that “natural selection built” was more like that of a four-year-old—all images, animism, magic, and emotion—than like that of a modern, highly educated adult. Dependence on the written word and the use of the scientific experiment to verify imagined cause and effect were still far in the future by the time that natural selection had completed the “hardware” of the Homo sapiens brain. Moreover,ever since our invention of new “software” like the printing press and the scientific method, we have had less and less respect for the superstitious, mystical brain that natural selection built.” Bravo! Except for the troubling mistaken quote from EO Wilson with which he begins and then goes back to after the quotation above. “Only recently have scientists rediscovered that the compassion, joy, and unselfish love so important to religion and to the Neolithic mind are not irrelevant to science. You see, the
Neolithic (hunter-gatherer) mind that “natural selection built” was more like that of a four-year-old—all images, animism, magic, and emotion—than like that of a modern, highly educated adult. Dependence on the written word and the use of the scientific experiment to verify imagined cause and effect were still far in the future by the time that natural selection had completed the “hardware” of the Homo sapiens brain. Moreover,ever since our invention of new “software” like the printing press and the scientific method, we have had less and less respect for the superstitious, mystical brain that natural selection built."The task of a thoughtful future humanity must be to correct the “misalignment” between our scientific and our emotional brains.” because he and Wilson think that somehow the cerebral cortex and the mammalian brain are equals in a successful human life or humanity is a species. But Time After Time After Time the wonderful examples that he introduces in this book are no such thing, they are the soul in charge, the heart, the limbic system, the mammalian brain in charge of the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, Reptilian Brain. Nowhere does George evidence that he sees this although his examples scream it from the rooftops. And his examples are exactly correct.

A profound value of this book is that it brings us such important revealing research from the last 10 and 20 years. But our research is conducted by those like George who worship their cerebral cortex in charge so quite possibly never the available instrumentation will be used to reveal what the likes of Abraham Maslow saw so many decades ago. That the mammalian brain, now clearly identified, when activated brings to Bear the full spectrum of white light, all of the positive emotions, activated and put in charge in addition to things he does not speak of, wisdom, Vision, which he speaks of tangentially, creativity, inspiration which he says is of the cerebral cortex but it is not it is primarily with the limbic system in charge.

With few exceptions this chapter 2 is helpful and extraordinarily so in many cases. He courageously lays out the anatomy and existence of the limbic system. There is little to be careful of in this chapter except for where he says, “Emotions, like the smooth muscle of our viscera, cannot be controlled by conscious will.” So incredibly blind, and wrong. And almost by his own words, elsewhere in the book. Where he speaks of the capacity to focus, and by being self-aware, self-monitoring, and focusing on what we look at and how we conceptualize it we are choosing which part of the nervous system, head, flesh, or soul, to activate. How can he be so blind? He is cerebral man. It is.

But with this chapter George gives us back Far and Away the most important part of our nervous system, that which makes us human, that, when in charge, gives us joy, and Hope For The Individual or group that keeps it in charge. Thank you George.

Chapter 3. 3 evolutions. For the most part a lot of very helpful material. Useful to highlight three types of evolution important to humanity, genetic, cultural, the software if you will, and the individual aging, maturing process.

There are some significant landmines in this chapter however. Among overprivileged people like George, the elites that he views as the healthy human beings, probably the opposite is true, he assumes that mature morality comes with age. That may be correct. But more likely it is a reflection of the sickness of our culture, and structural changes. How much easier it is for his Elite study subjects in their Advanced age to be moral, when they have structured their Financial Security earlier in their years.

And what of a young Rachel Corrie? Still, like virtually all of psychology, the unhealthy population is studied for its extremes and the most positive of the unhealthy population is held up as the optimum. This is crazy. When will we start with the healthy individuals, like young Rachel, or young Greta? Maslow did.

And then this. “As developmentalist Carol Gilligan points out, we have no self to give “selflessly” away if at first we are not “selfish.”” What kind of culture-specific, unexamined, superficial garbage is this?

And in the final several pages of this chapter there is quite a bit more garbage. Be careful you don't step in it.

But it ends on a positive note. “what human evolution is all about. Over time, just as evolving humanity is better shielded by science from capricious famine and infant deaths, just so its faith traditions—once dependent on the protective but negative emotions of abject fear and righteous anger—can give way to the positive emotions of faith, love, hope, joy, forgiveness, compassion, and awe—the positive emotions whose biologic underpinnings will serve as foci for the next seven chapters.”

Not that his attempt to save the religions should be lauded, it should not. They are cancerous Corpses and should be allowed to die.

And does George even realize that he is not speaking here of connecting the prose and the passion, but rather having the soul, the heart, the limbic system, the mammalian brain in charge?
……. Creator willing, to be continued......

January 3rd, 2019 note. The plan was to complete this review weeks ago. But it will be several weeks s till until it is ready to go. Higher priority than completing this has been assumed by attempting to basically master the invaluable work of Karen Armstrong in, the great transformation recommended in George's book. Also, work is being undertaken to internalized, grasp, and even memorize certain of the passages that scholarship indicates were actually said by the man Jesus 2000 years ago. Roughly 20% of the words and sayings and examples actually attributed to him.


For those few serious human beings, indescribably important.

On my third reading now, beginning a detailed annotation and digestion.

If like Karen Armstrong you are a great spirit, International scholar on the world's religions, unlike me, then this book is not important to you.

If you do not have an undying Agony over the pain in the world, Unstoppable for most, but not for all, then this book is of no importance for you.

If you think that so-called spirituality, religion, is either just a personal choice or something to fight over, this book is of no value to you.

But Armstrong clearly sees it differently by implication, and I'm finding it Beyond invaluable. She understands that the giant founders of the world religions were creative Geniuses, inventors, regardless of how they thought of themselves. They created Solutions to improve upon the Life of human beings and all of creation, by creating a vision, an understanding, of how to be that was a less painful, more joyful, less destructive, integration between the truth of our human being, and the physical and cultural environment in which we live.

I do not know of a more important book, or body of information to study and go beyond, in this 2019 world for the serious human being needing to personally grow to be of Greater service to creation.

It is legally free for download here.

Often I have thought of myself as that character in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, driven mad by a vision that grasped him that he did not understand, in his living room sculpting he knew not what. Armstrong's understanding is not new to me, but the exhausive scholarly insightful underpinnings are. It is gasoline on my fire.

Almost exactly a year ago an iteration of that Fire Within Me, The Vision Within Me, took a large step forward, much larger than I realized up until this moment, I'm seeing now, here. We have all got a lot of work to do.]


Vaillant.... The Buddha taught, “As with her life a mother cares for her own, her only child, so in your hearts and minds let there be boundless love for all creatures great and small.”4 That was the faith that the Buddha spent forty-five years of his life trekking the length and breadth of India to share with all he met.

The Buddha taught, “As with her life a mother cares for her own, her only child, so in your hearts and minds let there be boundless love for all creatures great and small.”4 That was the faith that the Buddha spent forty-five years of his life trekking the length and breadth of India to share with all he met.


Over the last two thousand years literate humans “forgot” how to think with the brain with which they were born. The more humankind learned to think rationally, the.... Vaillant

Over the last two thousand years literate humans “forgot” how to think with the brain with which they were born. The more humankind learned to think rationally, the more estranged they became from their innate emotional spirituality. Since the Enlightenment, this divorce between emotion and reason has become complete for many in the West. As I have already noted, until the penetration of neuroscience, cultural anthropology, and ethology into the culture over the past fifty years, the positive emotions were virtually abandoned as a focus for respectable scientific research.

While the cultural memes of compassionate religions spread throughout the globe, the simultaneous spread of literacy overthe last two thousand years made possible the gradual evolution of science at the expense of spirituality. Vaillant

While the cultural memes of compassionate religions spread throughout the globe, the simultaneous spread of literacy overthe last two thousand years made possible the gradual evolution of science at the expense of spirituality.

Practically 100% of my posting in the future will be on my blog, not on Facebook, Facebook being irresistible temptation for people to vent without actually becoming more of a soul, becoming more of a soul the only Revolution, the only hope, the only joy.

Practically 100% of my posting in the future will be on my blog, not on Facebook, Facebook being irresistible temptation for people to vent without actually becoming more of a soul, becoming more of a soul the only Revolution, the only hope, the only joy.


Overthrow of the head and flesh by the Soul / heart, the only true Revolution possible. Pic

No, really.  Bet your life on it.

We have a Triune Brain, Reptile (Flesh, selfish), Homo Sapiens (Head, selfish), Mammalian (Soul, Heart, Altruistic, Otherish, Altruistic).  This is the science, neuroscience, ethology, primatology, psychology, anthorpology.

The only possible revolution is to put the Soul, Heart, in charge.

The Titanic we, WE, are sinking, is the necessary certain result of the Head and Flesh in charge.  They DO NOT KNOW, CAN NOT CARE ABOUT, future of creation. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.  THINK ABOUT IT.  Only the Heart, Soul, is designed and capable of CARING for the future of creation.  This is what my life, and this site, have been about for the last 10 years.

The proof of the head and flesh (Reptilian brain) in charge.  Trump and his hoards are the Reptile people.  No?? The Democrats, Liberals, are the Head... Silicon, Cerebral, gutless, heartless, intellectual people.  NO?!?!?!?!?

THE Revolution, Soul/Heart in charge, HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED.  Jesus tried to start it and BEFORE HIS BODY WAS COLD, his 'followers' genned up a Religion of Head and Flesh under his brand.  The exceptions prove the rule.

Why wage this Revolution?

1.  Waging it is the only Joy.

2.  Waging it is the only possibility of Joy for those you can influence.

3. Waging it is the only way to possibly provide a good future for future generations, though ecocide, armageddon, is now beyond avoiding, but the survivors....

Get on with it.

For more, click on the 'tags' below for more posts and information. Explore this site, posts at the right timeline, tags at the bottom left..  I am a pitiful instrument, but am 40 years ahead of the 2018 science.  I know what I'm talking about.  Ignore this at your peril, a the peril of all whom you  influence.

Regardless, never say I didn't do my best for you.  I have, and will continue to do so.

My life remains devoted, every breath, to this revolution.  Subscribe at the upper right, to the daily email summary. Or not.  I cannot do your part, nor will I anymore try. You can lead a horse to water....



George vaillant, spiritual Evolution. modern neuroscience has also allowed us to appreciate that we have more than one brain. If there.....

George vaillant, spiritual Evolution. modern neuroscience has
also allowed us to appreciate that we have more than one brain. If there.... are important differences between ideas and emotions, there are differences in the parts of the brain most important to their appreciation. If there are important differences between lyrics and music, there are differences in the parts of thebrain important to their creation. To oversimplify, the left-brain hemisphere specializes in details and articulates and understands ideas, words, and component parts. The right brain specializes in inarticulate music, visual images, and wholes (gestalts). The limbic brain specializes in emotion. Cognitive ideas can be expressed in
words and controlled voluntarily, and for their expression ideas are powerfully dependent on the Homo sapiens’ cerebral hemispheres—the neocortex. Emotional feelings are equally dependent on our more mammalian subcortical brain—the limbic system and the hypothalamus.


The heart is one hell of a pilot. About 15 years ago I got tired of my head and flesh being in charge and made the heart, soul, my pilot. It is one hell of a ride. Not for one breath.....

The heart is one hell of a pilot. About 15 years ago I got tired of my head and flesh being in charge and made the heart, soul, my pilot. It is one hell of a ride. Not for one breath..... have I regretted it. And early in my business career of running into failing situations to turn them around, I started to get pretty good at it. There was no way that my fairly sharp mind was going to figure things out in time. I had to turn to that much larger part of the nervous system, the heart, feed it like crazy with appropriate information, and hope it coughed up the Solutions in time. Pretty regularly it did. And that's the way miracles happen. Einstein said something like, I think 99 times and nothing. I go swim in a quiet pool and there's the answer.


***** Your help needed: Exploring for Life in America, part one, South to Florida and back. Late August through late November. The free Palestine, wagers of loving, solar bike car and me..........

***** Your help needed: Exploring for Life in America, part one, South to Florida and back. Late August through late November. The free Palestine,  wagers of loving, solar bike car and me.

(There is much to do in the next several weeks before my departure so this rough crude correspondence will have to do.)
I think it likely that after my next cancer exam Sept 1 I'm Going In Search of Life. I don't share this lightly. Life is that of Amazement, Wonder,  awe. I find none of it in Washington DC. Virtually none.  Do you see it in DC?  Do you see it around you Where You Are? I find little to none of it among we advantaged anywhere where the gods of data, infotainment, Dogma, affiliation, fear, competition, Comfort, safety, wealth, greed, self-centeredness,  reasonableness, practicality, responsibility... displace them,  Wonder awe amazement, that uniquely  and always are the ever present features of the God, Creator. Wonder, awe, amazement, Inseparable from if not the same thing as the penultimate moral concept from Albert Schweitzer, reverence for life.

I don't know that those with the potential for, or the being of, Wonder and awe and amazement, exist elsewhere in the country ( Beyond most children below the age of two, and among all members of other lifeforms ) but I feel that the most important task on earth for me, for us all… all hope depends on, finding and or kindling these.

I think that if I can find them, encounter the potential, possibly Kindle that potential, it is through undertaking and undergoing and enduring trips like this. Time for part one.

Some of this happened on the 6 week 800 mile Journey last August September over to Ocean City Maryland, Virginia Beach, Durham North Carolina and back to DC. In rest stops, on country roads, at grocery stores, at fast food cheap food stops….

What about my ongoing work in Washington on policy, politics, Civic planning, working through churches,  activist on behalf of the homeless and or poor in this region?

Spirit is everything. It is not that groups I've been working with are bad or useless per se, but in this last decade and throughout my lifetime I find no spirit in these, not yet, anyway. Not since  dr. King  was assassinated  back in the sixties. Groups and organizations and activities like these are instead of spirit in charge. No magic comes from these. Magic happens, Revolution happens, in the spirit of Wonder and amazement and awe. In my prior quarter Century successful business life and in my life-long studies I find no exceptions.

Magic, the spirit of life as we've all but never seen it in our lifetimes, is all that will save us. A new ocean of it, a global infection of it.

I'm quite sure that in September and October I need to go on the first leg of a search, down to the southern tip of Florida in back on the byways and back roads, cities and campuses, churches, synagogues,  Mosques ...

What? Too risky. Too difficult for a 65 year old. Too dangerous. Too exhausting. To impractical. Stay in your nice safe apartment in DC and continue your work there uninterrupted… . All life on Earth, all goodness, all decency is in the final moments where Extinction can be avoided. The only hope is to start a fire of spirit, Humanity, decency starting with Wonder and amazement. I came to bring a fire, and oh how I wish it were raging. Jesus. Me too.

The theory that I'm operating under explicitly, is one that I have implicitly held Central for my entire adulthood, the need for, and the need from me to be,  catalytic change. My sense is that catalytic change is the most dramatic, transformative, powerful available in nature. A miniscule amount of an element is introduced into a system, the right type of element, and the right type of system and the entire Mass transforms almost instantaneously. This notion was Central to Leo Tolstoy’s ideas expressed in his book, the kingdom of God is within you, that was read by Young Gandhi in England that caused Gandhi to totally change the course of his life,  180 degrees. Tolstoy was that kind of catalyst for Gandhi, and Gandhi became that sort of catalyst for India and the world for a brief period in time.

That I am explicitly pursuing this strategy in no way is a statement that I think I'll succeed. Quite the opposite. Few people in history have succeeded at this although few have tried. But I pursue it of necessity and I think you should consider doing the same. Unless some small element, some minuscule elements, evolve and emerge quickly that cause a massive immediate catalytic Global transformation.... the game's over.  Understanding how Central this is is necessary to understanding when Gandhi says, Be the Change you wish to see in the world. Be the catalyst.

Your help is needed. There are currently no resources for lodging along the way,  and only partially for food, and I'll need about 3800 calories a day,  I pedal 100% of the time and I anticipate 6 to 8 hours per day of that. In the Six-week trip last August September of 800 miles there also was no money for lodging, and little for food. Walmart parking lot every night was my lodging. That again is my plan A, but it is pretty rough psychologically and physically to do every night with no brakes. Unsolicited donations along the way when Wonder awe and amazement were kindled and or encountered provided barely enough food.

Who do you know? What organizations be they church, mosque, synagogue, Civic organization, activist groups,  friends, family,  business,  Facebook,  other social networks,  schools... could you tap into that might want to provide a garage floor for a night, an or a brief shower, opportunity for laundry, a spot in the backyard for in a church synagogue or mosque corner... where I could go unconscious for a night, a day or two to recover…,  and or a meal?

I'll be honest, my expectations that anyone will help with this, take action based on this communiqué, are zero. Zero.  This is what my experience tells me. I'll proceed regardless. My ability to complete it, physical well-being, psychological well-being,  safety (storm season is by then upon us) will be far less if no one steps up this time.

I will do my part. I can't control whether others do theirs and my only business in that regard is to make the opportunity known,  and with this communiqué I am feeling that Duty.

Feel free to share this. My contact information is start underscore loving at, Facebook startloving1, 202-749-2158. I have zero time for idle questions or tire kicking. I only have time for those who find that they have a fire for this journey to take place, already know that they are going to help, and simply want to briefly explore the best way to do so.

So, what I am quite sure we can all count on as long as I last is that I'll be peddling about 60 miles a day south as far as I can get with the ability to return by mid to late November before the weather turns too bad. Unless some of you step up and through your networks come up with alternatives… each night I'll be in Walmart parking lot and each day consuming far too few calories. Oh, and I’ll stink to high heaven and be filthy. Or,  one of you, some of you, line up one, two, three... folks, organizations, institutions, friends, family... Along the way that when I am in their area would like to help. Would love to help. Needs to help. Has to help. Is on fire to help.

But if not,  not in Creator's eyes I won't be filthy,  bedraggled, weak.... And not in Creation’s eyes I won't be filthy. And not in the eyes of our sisters and brothers who are suffering or on the verge of being crushed by our Mass, cultural, pathological, suicidal, Ecocidal, and all but now irreversible inaction and cowardice and self-protection and selfishness and timidity, and indecisiveness, and prudence, and ‘responsibilities’, and denial, and delay, and procrastination and excuses....

Whether or not you help doesn't matter to me. I'm just being honest. This isn't about me. Whether or not you help is about the mission, it's energy, it's ability to continue, it's ability to persist, it's ability to survive, its potential to contribute. Its ability to discover and or kindle life.

There is not and may never be a route map. It will be an interactive process. Spirit number one, and if and when people step up with a place where I can throw down for the night in a garage or whatever then they and their location will become part of the planning process. They're very spiritual, very organic, very pragmatic. So if anyone says, hey, I'm south of DC in Florida or between comma if you're in my area you're welcome to a corner of the garage, then they become a pin on my map and stay on my radar screen.

If this plan holds September through November will get me to Florida and back. If there are Parts two, three, four... as I suspect there are then all of the states may be in the cards. Right now what's needed is people tapping their networks as creatively as possible for part 1.



***** To a young activist worthy of the name, musing over several outlets she is considering now: Not that you asked, but I think it is more important how we do, than what we do. The only true Revolution is the Absolute, Total, every breath, embodiment of the spirit........

***** To a young activist worthy of the name,  musing over several outlets she is considering now: Not that you asked, but I think it is more important how we do, than what we do. The only true Revolution is the Absolute, Total, every breath, embodiment of the spirit of unconditional loving by whatever words or none at all. I find almost none of that anywhere including in Progressive actions whose ideas I support but whose spirit I do not. Bernie has the spirit, I see it in few of his supporters.  Those on the 10 day March from Philly to DC had the spirit, and then lost it almost immediately upon arrival.  That spirit is all hope. There is no hope besides that spirit. Everything we detest is symptom of the spirit of unconditional loving, serving from the soul in solidarity, being missing. James