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Ignite soul log may 23. Two giant explosions, and other things.

Quite a beautiful day.

Much time spent with Tolstoy’s Four gospel translation.

What did Tolstoy find? I don't know. I never will for sure. That is, I will not know if he found the teachings of the man Jesus. But certainly he says he did, and he thinks he did.

But I do know he found a teaching that saved his extraordinary being from suicide and ignited his soul for the next 40 years. And it ignited him in a way that he ignited the man Gandhi, who was instrumental in ignited Martin Luther King, and toast toy with some of his writings in directly.

On a different note, awakened James was with a shocking thought smacking him in the face. Holy f***. Jesus has not ignited one in a billion souls. Tolstoy has not ignited one in a billion souls. The dozens of the souls at the site have each not ignited more than one in a billion souls. Entertained? Yes. Ignited emulators? No! The historical record is horribly clear!

James exploded twice today. And a couple more little explosions. Exhausted after part of the journey tonight he took a quick nap at a little pull out off the main road. It was steep getting back on the road and the rear wheel did not gain traction. So it was very very very slow getting out onto the highway. No cars in sight when James started. Very little traffic. As he got onto the road a white car came up at probably 60 mi an hour. Blaring it's Horan. No f****** problem. It could easily if gone around. No traffic. I f****** exploded. Turn stuck my torso out of the vehicle screamed at the vehicle, what? Was this horrible? Of James? Does he feel like a terrible failure? Does he think he did something really awful? No, no, and no. But is he glad he did it? No. What better world is the outcome of that? That is not a different way of being. There's no hoping that. So what he's glad about is that he was aware, he was a body at that instant, not a soul, but he didn't see it coming, and now he has a chance to reflect and prepare for the next time.

James is understanding his opportunity, really the opportunity for all of us, to ignite soul, and to disrupt the status quo of the head and flesh in charge, respectfully, thoughtful E. Disruption is much easier and James is working hard to establish a ratio of his time, the large proportion on ignited, starting with himself, and a small smaller portion on disruption. Having said that, the greatest strategic opportunity  James senses right now is to complete the project he began several months ago, creating a clean easily accessible copy of the Tolstoy Four Gospels translation and Harmon is Asian that is on the web in really old hard to access PDFs. Today he listened to the summary text that Tolstoy has throughout his huge Lee technical volumes, and they're extraordinary, those explanatory and summary texts.

Note. Something very significant happens, when after 67 years, this individual James for the first time begins asking himself, who is that, James? Is that your soul? Such things prompt that question as finding himself in a point of frustration, maybe over how things tangle, over some discomfort in his body. And more surprising, but so useful, when he finds himself twirling around in his own brain. Pretty much each time James instantly realizes, I prefer being in my soul. And almost instantly transports there. This is pointed to width the capacity for meditating. But at least for James what he's just outlined here is a dramatic enhancement. Profound.


  1. "Harmon is Asian" - - - Harmonization. Is there a hidden meaning or purpose to this toast toying with words or is James just having fun with the reader or himself?
    Please don't take offense, James. Not criticizing, just curious.


  2. Dang! Michael, so sorry. Most near all of the initial creation of these logs is done while pedaling speaking to Google Voice typing on my Android. Road noise, wind. Sound of the vehicle. And much of the time no internet access and the voice typing is much more accurate when there is. But under the worst of circumstances it still does an amazing job. Yet upon arriving in the evening where there is internet access quite a bit of work is done to try and catch the typos. But not all, and some due to fatigue on my part I just left side. On the internet Google can figure out harmonization, but in the Android only mode it doesn't have a clue. Hugs to all 3 M's. James