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Slowing down, bleeding financially, Tires & More tires and stuff becoming a cyclist again. Three or four days to Casper.

Also, water destroyed a $300 inverter. And the speed of travel as the weather gets cloudier and the days shorter does not allow energy and time for cooking so costly junk food day after day .  And junk food in consideration of the wall socket time to top off the batteries many days as well.  Anyone wanting to contribute can message me. 

***** Solar RV cycling log September 14. Delicately James and saul are together the 5" wide 7" diameter fly wheel Between James knees and thighs.

Solar RV cycling log September 14. Delicately James and saul are together the 5" wide 7" diameter fly wheel Between James knees and thighs. 

 Progress each day. The missing piece yesterday which is huge was a Cycling role for James. 

 And this is huge. Never to be completely solved probably.

Protect reignite soul log September 13. We couldn't care less about our children and grandchildren's world. Virtually no 1 disagrees when James says this period

 About the most they'll say in defense is, well, not everyone. When James persists Virtually all back down. 

they don't show signs of guilt. Nor of surprise really. Although maybe they haven't said it this way to themselves. But when shown the truth they simply find themselves recognizing it. Young and old. Liberal and conservative.

 James says that this is because we have Killed our souls, worshipping head and flesh instead. Again, Pretty much no one disagrees although not all grasp what James is saying nor do they discount it or object.

All that is not truth, is not love.


General thoughts for tomorrow

Solar RV cycling log September 13 period of important new friend. Thighs rapid fire falling forward and down.

 Much progress recent days including today. Still a search for something that seemed relaxed . And this friend is what showed up. A cadence 90

Protect reignite Soul log. September 13th. James has been so lost.

But if you're not getting lost you're not traveling hard enough. In life.
James has gotten swept away from his mission of attempting to bring back to life a dead Soul here and there. He has become obsessed with cycling. Without realizing it's he became obsessed with achieving All 48 states within 12 months.  Yes there would be huge logistical advantages to that but at least for now it is too hard to Pace  for James and Saul.  Maybe we can accelerate again later from 30 and 40 miles a day up to the 65 that we've been doing. But not now. If you do not fail, you lose the opportunity to grow. No denigration to James in any of this. Medic knowledge might of the process.
Now he'll get to see if he can grow from this. And, he may have the help of Having learned a lot about how to comfortably without too much distraction partner with Saul.
And a refocusing on the mission which is not to move the vehicle, is not even to survive, is to use whatever breaths are given, and whatever resources, to try and Resurrect The Rare Soul where that's possible.
And he realized several days ago that the Blog has gotten taken over by cycling posts. And This is distracting to the one in a million that ever looks at this blog. So it is anticipated that was in the next week or so he will find the time to extract those posts to a different blog.

This is the plan for the next two days. In the middle of nowhere tonight, but should be internet.


Current thoughts next 12 days. Pick up three additional States not in the initial plan.

This still allows for getting down to New Mexico in early November. Anyone knowing this to be a foolish plan please advise.


Stuck in Billings waiting for package deliveries.

The wonderful new trailer tires are cushioning the solar panels from rumble strips and reducing or eliminating breakage hopefully. It seems. But they wear very quickly, 600 miles Maybe. Got caught short. Hopefully two Replacements arrive tomorrow. And another package forwarded to me from my post office in Lone Pine. Hopefully tomorrow. The lady at a Walmart said, no problem with a couple of nights here. Body is very tired and taking a ridiculous amount of rest and sleep. A kindly and capable machine shop did some work on several sprockets that was needed. Then beginning with a long trip South through Wyoming Colorado Utah Arizona New Mexico.

Solar RV cycling blog September 10. Updated attempt at technique very for James.

Item. Lower legs 100% relaxed. No energy. 0. 

Item the mission is to establish maintain and protect momentum averaging 10 miles per hour. 

Item current The technique must be