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These rural folks, are you really so different?


Jesus: the most horrible, wonderful, necessary riddle of them all.


Cycling, OMG, a freaking Revolution.


As good a place to die as any. Better than most. Sometimes Sol and I get really really really really lucky.

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 As near as I could tell from Google Maps there were no houses on this dirt road. About an hour after being here car drove by. Half an hour later a young woman with her three dogs appeared oh, Karen. If you need anything we are in a house a mile up the road, don't hesitate to come up. Oh my goodness what a nice Soul. Stay as long as you want! We had a lovely chat. I expect we'll be gone in the morning. Magnificent place. Extreme difficulty, pain, in walking, after being beaten to a pulp by Katahdin several days ago. But we can cycle. The mission goes on.

I have few regrets, but not telling this man thanks years ago is one.

 He was the gym teacher in middle school and track coach in high school and he was always decent to me and that made all the difference period 

What kind of treatment do I want to give this hostile, this irritating, this Clueless oh, this endangering....?


These little leaf fern and fungus folk are just all over the place screaming, life, we are joyful life,bee like us!


James, that was a pretty raw video you posted from the last day or so about everything your life.....

 I mean maybe you're being exhausted and in extreme pain from attempting Katahdin had something to do with it. Are you sure you should have posted that?

WWell, I thought of that, but that's my core oh, it doesn't come to the surface hardly ever like that, but that's my core. I think it was Jesus core.

Daniel every one of the Godly Souls obviously saved by Jesus were obviously saved by his example and teaching and if anything just disgusted and horrified by all the attributions of magic and mysticism.