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Greta and I have the same soul...

 Greta and I somehow have the same soul. Though as you can yes if you follow my posting at all, we all have the same soul, but only one in a million of us put it in charge. The rest of this strangle it to death. Thinking that normal. Head and flesh in charge, The Executioner's.

cycling, revelation? My bottom bracket may be twice as wide as originally and maybe that's when Iowa was lost.

 It has not been all in my head this going insane trying to recapture Iowa. It was at least one thing and now it seems equally too. It was definitely the inability to lower the seat and move forward as I'd been done prior to Iowa. But near certainly it was also the subsequent introduction of a extremely wide bottom bracket to enable torque sensor which in essence create two systems for James to deliver power to, not just one. Typical bottom bracket is about 70 mm as James is coming to understand it, and his current is twice that, 1:36. Because everything shorter was out of stock. He was told by the world Authority on e-bikes, oh James, you won't notice the difference. True or false in all things I strive for Simplicity, unity, in skiing for example where I was quite expert learn to treat both legs as one unit and had done so on the elf at Iowa I'm quite certain particularly Unity at the knees. But Curt experience today indicates that with such a wide bottom bracket that's neither possible nor necessary. Will be interesting to see.

And all this holds, on a trike, Whitewright, this is vastly more consequential because unlike conventional bicycle that is always perpendicular to gravity and the cyclist always in line with the crank system that is rarely the case in a trike.
And guess where it may be that Unity can be found? Not at the knees as before but in the small of the back and the abdomen not as this whole place of operation but as the place where some Yuri can be established not to replace the independence just discussed but as a place of sanity.