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Day 41 The Value of my effort is EXACTLY that It's IGNORED

Every President and Congress Are Complicit in Israel's 'War Crimes' - Salem-News.Com
Under International Law and America's War Crimes Act, all U.S. Presidents and the 535 members of the U.S. Congress are "complicitors" in Israel's long history of genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.And as

2 LAWLESS TERRORISTS - Netanyahu asked Canada's Harper to thwart G8 support for 1967 borders

G8 statement would have supported Obama's policy that Israeli-Palestinian talks should be based on 1967 lines with land swaps.

Jesus 'Good Tree' is Heart n 'Bad Tree' is Head n Flesh

Down with coal! The grassroots anti-coal movement goes global
A worldwide anti-coal movement is coming together. Here are a dozen places around the world where people are uniting to halt coal projects.

Cancer Now #1 Cause of Death in China, Coal Largely to Blame
Image: Haldini via Flickr/CC BY-SA China is beginning to see the costs of its rapid march towards industrialization -- the heavy industry, coal-fired power plants, and numerous factories have so saturated the air with pollution that cancer is officially

"If you don't find their 'message' in their Life, don't listen to their lips." SL

"If you don't find their 'message' in their Life, don't listen to their lips." SL

'Never listen to anyone whose message is not courageously, honestly, sincerely evident as their way of Life. Listen carefully to those where it is." SL

'Never listen to anyone whose
message is not courageously, honestly, sincerely evident
as their way of Life. Listen carefully to those where it is."  SL

Giant Wind Turbine Blades Tested in Boston
by Caleb DenisonThe race is on to build a bigger, stronger blade for wind turbines. Bigger blades can harness more wind power, thus generating more electricity. However, as it is often said, the bigger

It's time the U.S. dropped support of Netanyahu | The Des Moines Register |
President Barack Obama's tentative and halting attempt to forge a peace between Palestine and Israel is failing ('Obama Jolt Unlikely to Spark Peace Talks,' May 21).Early in his presidency, Obama boldly asserted Israel's settlement construction must stop, backing off later as Israel ignored his call


AFP: Israeli figures urge Europe to back 'Palestine' at UN
JERUSALEM — A group of notable Israeli figures, among them former senior officials, are calling on Europe to recognise a Palestinian state at the United Nations in September in a letter published on Friday.

Spitzer: Netanyahu picked the wrong fight
Editor's Note: In The Arena's Eliot Spitzer is a weekly contributor to CLICK HERE to read his essay, "Netanyahu Blew It: The Israeli prime minister picks a stupid, unnecessary, and wrong fight with President Obama.

Olmert urges PM to make concessions, not speeches
Former PM says in opinion piece that Netanyahu is an impressive speaker who knows how to speak to Americans in way that touches their heart.

West Bank land won't give Israel security: Jordan
Israel will not gain security by holding on to territory beyond what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called its "indefensible" 1967 West Bank border, Jordan's foreign minister said.

Zakaria: History will pass Netanyahu by
Here's a transcript of my conversation with Eliot Spitzer Thursday about Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress: Eliot Spitzer: You wrote an article in today's Washington Post and to say it is critical of Prime Minister Netanyahu is perhaps an understatement.

Hunger Strike Day 40 Woe unto you who dismisses me

West Texas sees worst drought since Dust Bowl « Climate Progress

Low U.S. corn supplies
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A bidding war is heating up among users of corn in the United States as livestock feeders and ethanol makers scramble to lock in supplies before extremely low stocks run dry by this

U.S. Electric Car Revolution to Go Forward, With or Without Congress
New federal legislation encouraging mass adoption of electric vehicles will only help 'to catalyze the change that is coming,' says Hertz executive By Elizabeth McGowan, SolveClimate News WASHINGTON—Jack


Secreting bacteria eliminate cost barriers for renewable biofuel production | R&D Mag
A Biodesign Institute at Arizona State Univ. research team has developed a process that removes a key obstacle to producing low-cost, renewable biofuels from bacteria. The team has reprogrammed photosynthetic microbes to secrete high-energy fats, making byproduct recovery and conversion to biofuels

Day 40 WE HAVE 4 MONTHS. We CAN, we MUST do it. 4 MONTHS LEFT.

Hunger Strike Day 40 I'm doing this EXACTLY to take care of 'MYSELF.' SO MUST YOU.

Hunger Strike Day 40 None Die, We're not here to survive, No half measures

GOP DARLING Chris Christie: Global warming is 'real.' - Darren Samuelsohn

Smart Grid Benefits ‘Could Top $2 Trillion’ · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental
Smart grid technologies could deliver between $1.3 trillion and $2 trillion in benefits over the next 20 years, according to a study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), reported in the ...


Obama Scores Points With the Iranian People
Under a single-entry policy, Iranian students studying in the United States could not leave without their visas expiring. But a newly revised policy allows Iranian students to enter and leave the US multiple times.

Day 39 Truths in the Desert NOT Amidst the Sick Society

Bombshell: High and rising price for carbon pollution emerges as credible deficit reduction strateg

GE sees solar cheaper than fossil fuels in 5 years « Climate Progress

Killing Millions with Coal Fine, but Greenpeace activists handed felony charges in smokestack protest,0,6241801.story
Eight Greenpeace activists who were arrested Wednesday after climbing down a smokestack of a Pilsen coal-fired plant were charged this morning with felony criminal damage to property.

In US-Pakistan relations stability means obedience: Chomsky

NZ in great position to ditch coal - scientists, activists
Ex-Greens MP Nandor Tanczos gave out Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee's phone number to activists on the weekend. NZ in great position to ditch coal - scientists, activists

Obama throws the weight of the west behind freedom in the Middle East | World news | The Guardian
The president redefines the role of the US and its allies with a stirring speech to both houses of parliament in Westminster Hall

Distributed geothermal could supply 7 percent of California’s electricity
Small, geographically dispersed geothermal power plants could play an active role in reaching California's renewable energy goals.

How to Quit Coal in 30 Seconds
Beautiful time-lapse footage of activists painting "Quit Coal" on the smokestack of Chicago's Fisk coal-fired power plant. The activists occupied the smokest...


Barack Obama: Leadership is about deeds, not words | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
Editorial: The challenge of declining influence is not the relationship between America and Britain, but that of both countries to the non-western world


ACT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW Appoint Elizabeth Warren to Lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Republicans are threatening to block ANY appointment to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Join top progressive voices on a letter urging President Obama to give a "recess appointment" to Elizabeth Warren -- add your name here!

Netanyahu's Boorish Performance Gives Obama the Edge | The Nation

FINALLY, Joplin disaster spurs media whirlwind on link between climate change, extreme weather, and tornadoes

US Extreme Weather Consistent with Climate Change | USA | English
The powerful tornadoes and other extreme weather events that have cut swaths of destruction across the United States over the past month have prompted many to wonder if they are part of a new trend. Are these violent storms the result of climate change, or can they be explained as normal weather var

Climate inertia shows ugly side of the Australian character

Mountain Justice Summer Fights Back in the Heart of MTR Country - Scrapbook
On Friday, May 20, Cumberland Chapter volunteer leader Rick Clewett and Water Sentinels Deputy Director Tim Guilfoile, below, traveled to the mountains of eastern Kentucky to spend the weekend sampling water quality in local streams and training other volunteers to...

Japan eyes solar panels on all new buildings
Grappling with strained power supplies, Japan may require all new buildings, including homes, to come equipped with rooftop solar panels by 2030, the Nikkei newspaper reports. Read this blog post by Tim Hornyak on Crave.

Day 38 An Eventful Morning - Arrest, My Dad, Dead Tired

True Torah Jews Denounce Netanyahu Speeches

Netanyahu has angered American Orthodox Jews by drawing on Biblical themes to support his Zionist ideology, and by blurring the boundaries between the Jewish people and the Zionist state.

A New Social Venture Takes the Lead from Toms Shoes to Fight Child Hunger
Two Degrees addresses malnutrition in developing countries with a get-one, give-one sales approach.

Climate change may be linked to allergies -
Increased prevalence of two allergens -- mold and ragweed -- linked to climate change may account for an increase in U.S. allergies, researchers suggest.


ISRAELI POLL: 'NETANYAHU SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTED OBAMA'S PROPOSAL' is your source for the latest world news covering current events and top stories from Pakistan, South Asia, US, Europe and the rest of the world.


Google & Partners To Make 5-Billion Dollar Wind-To-Wire Investment Along US Mid-Atlantic Coast
High power transmission lines. Image credit: Naama's photo stream on Flickr Google and its two business partners are approved for construction of a $5bn power transmission project, conveying power to land from wind farms to be built off the

India's Solar Power Needs $110 Billion Capital
India needs $110 billion in total investments over the next decade to develop solar energy to the extent that it can meet nearly 7% of the nation's power needs in 2022, according to a report released Tuesday by advisory firm KPMG in India on the potential of solar energy in the country's tropical cl

Australian Climate Commission says act now or “the global climate may be so irreversibly altered we.

Colombia’s disastrous floods make clear world isn’t prepared for catastrophic climate change « Clim


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Climate change is real. We cause it. But then, you knew that
If the Climate Commission's report felt like scientific deja-vu, then so did the politicised and self-interested responses.