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Cycling. Extraordinary ride.


See today's video logs in the archive. In addition to what is described in those logs:

  • Keep the bottom of the feet off of the pedals using the Torso and thigh stumps to do so. 
  • Benefit from the fence of a circular area septic knees make and by far especially the top half of the circular area maintaining contact there and everything else happens.


Cancer-related bowel obstruction. I hope I am a vertin a new one just now.


Cancer-related bowel adhesions. Blockages. I think I may have just averted one. Sitting up in the middle of the night, I hope I am averting one. Hospitalized four or five times so far for these, when an hour ago I felt a twinge instead of waiting and watching I began moving my bowel and have kept it moving since with stomach exercises and constantly moving my posture. Maybe it was not beginning to add here, or maybe my optimism is premature. Will be interesting to see. The photograph is from about 6 months ago in Marquette Michigan. My reaction to the twinge this time was, no no no no no no bowel you're not going to shut down. Let's get moving. We'll see.

Bike Traveler group: How does a person bike camp in frigid areas, for weeks at a time, in regards to drying wet, sweaty clothes?

 Bike Traveler group: How does a person bike camp in frigid areas, for weeks at a time, in regards to drying wet, sweaty clothes?

James reply: I have cumulative weeks and months of experience with this. Number of things come to mind when I think of what makes it manageable for me. Managing my layers while exercising so as to minimize how much clothing gets damp or wet. I use  the cold environment to my advantage while exercising to minimize sweat. The last several days in weather between 25 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit after warming up cycling I removed all layers except for my base layer and put windbreaker over that. I was perfectly fine while exercising and only got one layer wet. I have also at times managed my arrival such that in the preceding 15 minutes or half an hour I would move from highly vigorous exercise to cause me to sweat to something less than that but warm enough I figured to be evaporating the clothing. If the next day I figure it will be warm enough and sunny enough that I can dry my base layer I'll strip it off and put on a dry one when I complete exercising and then of course layer up with warm stuff. If I do not figure that the next day will be good for thawing and drying out a wet base layer I'll take Extra Care in having it as dry as possible before I finish exercising and then I'll layer up with it on and use my body to dry it out.