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Devastatingly important. 1901 the deadly fundamentalist Jesus was born. Read and Ponder this passage.

From the Karen Armstrong book on Paul.  "Before the twentieth century, the
phrase pistis Iesou Christou was regularly translated into English as “the faith or loyalty of Jesus.” It did not refer to the faith of ordinary mortals, but only to the “trust” that Jesus had in God when
he accepted his death sentence and his “confidence” that God would turn it to
good; and God had indeed rewarded this act of faith by inaugurating a newrelationship with humanity that saved men and women from the iniquity and injustice of the old order, ensuring that all people, whatever their social status or ethnicity, could become God’s children. But ever since the publication of the American Standard Version of the Bible in 1901, this phrase has regularly been translated as “faith in Jesus Christ,” equated with an individual Christian’s belief in Jesus’s divinity and redemptive act.11

 And then she continues, also devastatingly important.

Paul went on to argue that the Torah
had not been revealed for all time but had been only a temporary arrangement. He illustrated his point by comparing the Jewish people with an heir to a great estate: As long as the boy is a minor, hehas no more freedom of action than a
slave; he is emancipated and enjoys the
privileges of a son only when he reaches
his majority. So it was with us Jews,
Paul explained to the Galatians. But then
God sent his son “to buy freedom for
those who were under the law in order
that we might achieve the status of
sons.”12 For Jews like himself, he
explained, the law had fulfilled the
function of a paidogogus, the slave who
accompanied children to school,
ensuring that they behaved themselves
and came to no harm until he had
delivered them safely to their teacher,
when their true education began. “The
law was thus put in charge of us until the
Messiah should come,” Paul continued,“and now that faith has come, its charge is at an end.”13 It was because of the faith that Jesus had shown on the cross, Paul told the Galatians, “that you are all sons of God in union with Jesus Christ”; Jews and gentiles were now in the same boat, since the old divisions and categories no longer applied.14