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James, a radical change, for now


What if Jesus, not the church, what if the man Jesus discovered, lived and taught (his 1000 teachings) the best way yet known to live an individual life of intense joy, love, peace, life?

This is a hypothesis that could be tested by science, wouldn't that be wonderful, but also by any individual.

For the joy of it, and out of a deep love for a suffering, dying, world James for the moment at least is making of his life as intense, accelerated, deep, honest experiment in this hypothesis as he possibly can.

He's always open to change when a better path presents itself, but he feels that this may well be the reason he was born, to undertake this experiment. To test this hypothesis with all his might.

At least over the next few weeks if not longer, this is likely to manifest in substantially changed behavior by James. He has spent the last 22 years overtly advocating for many causes. In order to increase his hopefulness for those causes, his usefulness for those causes, he expects to be rather maniacally focusing his efforts as described above, which will manifest in a withdrawal at least short term from over efforts for those causes.

He expects to be doing much or most of his posting now at the site in the picture above.


As I get to know Jesus....

20 years of focus, and now many weeks devoted to intimate understanding, I'm patiently waiting for increased Clarity that percolate Within me. What are the primary things that were instrumental to him, that he tried to impart to us?

If and when I find sufficient clarity, five, 10 major elements, then I expect to affix those as labels making his 1,000 teachings searchable by those.

Progress is being made by me I feel, and these are current elements: 

Tickle Creator: keep Creator joyfully laughing at your pitiful attempts to do good in the world, as a toddler keeps the loving parent laughing with their joyful attempts.

Be of Jesus/Creator: so identify with creator and his earthly embodiment, Jesus, that you become more and more of them, as we might rarely say of a child, I see the parent in them.

Find Creator within you: Creator may exist outside of you, but clearly Jesus experienced Creator within him, the kingdom of God is within you. Make yourself, keep yourself, one with that creator within you, your highest moral potentialities. Personify that.

Fear Satan's World: fear, not as in cower, but as in the healthy respect one would have for keeping their finger out of the way of the knife blade. Everything outside the kingdom of your highest moral potentialities is hell. The place of pain, suffering, selfishness, hatred, hoarding, cruelty, anxiety, worry, depression, physical pain.... Every breath you remain in the kingdom within you is instead living the fruits.

Joy Peace Love Life the Fruits

If one of the few great psychologists there's ever been said to a patient, if you enter by me you will be saved. One...

 If one of the few great psychologists there's ever been said to a patient, if you enter by me you will be saved. One might be skeptical but one might also have faith in the psychologist. Jesus was the greatest psychologist that's ever been. That is how he should be understood. That's how I'm understanding him. And my experience is that he's correct.