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Strike while the climate change iron is hot

Strike while the climate change iron is hot - ‎3 hours ago‎
The small, but financially powerful, klatch of Climate Change deniers must be feeling beleaguered as so much information contrary to their belief system surfaces wildly throughout our media.
Signs of Climate Change
Obama address cites heat record, steers clear of climate

The Nun Who Broke Into the Nuclear Sanctum New York Times

New York Times

Links Corrected - Aug 10: Tracking Plan B - Lester Brown's. SUBSCRIBE. NOW.

Tracking Plan B - Lester Brown's

    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 03:29 PM PDT
    Keystone XL pipeline may threaten aquifer that irrigates much of the central US Washington Post - ‎8 hours ago‎ A Florida native who moved to Nebraska in 2007 after marrying a rancher active in Democratic politics, she did as much as anyone to bring the massive Keystone XL crude oil pipeline to a halt last year. James Goecke is a counterpoint to Kleeb.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 03:21 PM PDT
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 03:20 PM PDT
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:53 PM PDT
    ScienceOnline2012 – interview with Adrian Down Scientific American (blog) - ‎3 hours ago‎ These days, I study methane. Specifically, I'm developing techniques to “fingerprint” methane sources. If you've got high methane concentrations and you want to know where that methane is coming from, I can help you. There are a lot of sources of ...
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:51 PM PDT
    Study: Reservoirs May Produce 20 Times More Methane Than Normal During ... ThinkProgress - ‎1 hour ago‎ Methane is a greenhouse gas 25 times more effective than CO2 at trapping heat in the atmosphere over 100-year period, and is a hundred times more potent over 20 years.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:40 PM PDT
    Anti MTR activists charged The Lincoln Journal - ‎8 hours ago‎ HAMLIN - A number of activists, opposed to mountaintop removal mining, were arrested on misdemeanor charges in Lincoln County, Saturday, July 28, 2012.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:37 PM PDT
    As Coal Sinks, Renewables Soar to Insignificance, Decades too late: Emissions Report Shows Start Of Clean ... ThinkProgress - ‎6 hours ago‎ Some experts have been anticipating the coal to gas switch for several years now, but these results show that it's happening faster than expected.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:12 PM PDT
    Rising Temperature Raising Food Prices Sustainablog (blog) - ‎22 hours ago‎ By Lester R. Brown. Over the last two months, the price of corn has been climbing. On July 19th, it exceeded $8 per bushel for the first time, taking the world into a new food price terrain.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 01:05 PM PDT
    UN Agency: Global Food Prices up Due to US Drought ABC News - ‎21 minutes ago‎ A UN agency says an increase in the cost of grain and sugar helped to drive up global food prices in July, as a widespread US drought continues punishing corn crops. As food prices spike, how close is the world to another crisis?Washington Post (blog) UN food price index registers rise in prices
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 12:06 PM PDT
    Cross-sector partnership on deforestation could be game changing The Guardian (blog) - ‎2 hours ago‎ By most accounts, the United Nations Rio+20 summit in Brazil was a failure. Having been there, as government leaders quibbled over where to place commas in the negotiating text, I can say this is not entirely true.
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 12:02 PM PDT
    Indigenous Peoples Are Being Pushed to the End of Their World Jakarta Globe - ‎10 hours ago‎ Globally, although the indigenous peoples represent only about 5 percent of the world's population, they occupy one-fifth of entire earth's territory from the Arctic to the South Pacific. International Day of World Indigenous Peoples: How We Can Solve the Our ...PolicyMic International
    Posted: 09 Aug 2012 11:10 AM PDT
    Boston Underwater: Global Warming Is Going to Gobble Up the Go-To Spots Say ... BostInno (blog) - ‎29 minutes ago‎ A powerful storm surge could put some of Boston's most beloved landscapes under water if global warming isn't addressed, according to state elected officials.

    HungerStrike Pastor Accuses Na Oil Co of Deception

    Hunger Pastor Accuses NOCAL of Deception - ‎12 hours ago‎
    Mr. Wilmot Ben Yalartai, the pastor who is on a hunger strike in protest of the controversial oil contracts awarded to US oil giant Chevron and nine others has accused the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) of embarking on a deceptive campaign to ...

    Anemia drugs made billions, but at what cost?

    Anemia drugs made billions, but at what cost?

    Romney declares Paul Rand the 'intellectual leader' of the GOP Los Angeles Times

    Romney declares Paul Ryan the 'intellectual leader' of the GOP

    Los Angeles Times - ‎43 minutes ago‎
    NORFOLK, Va. - In the shadow of a military battleship, Mitt Romney formally named Paul Ryan as his running mate Saturday, saying that the 42-year-old Wisconsin congressman was the “intellectual leader” of the Republican Party with the experience to ...
    Romney introduces Paul Ryan as his running mate
    Romney introduces VP pick Paul Ryan as part of 'comeback team' GOP ticket

    Day 3. Death Fast Aim: 1.5 Degrees C MAX by 2100; Straight Ramp to $311/ton by 2026 in Wreckage Cost PAID IN FULL.,

    Day 3.  Death Fast Aim: 1.5 Degrees C MAX by 2100; Straight Ramp to $311/ton by 2026 in Wreckage Cost PAID NOW on carbon fuel purchases, and $6000/ton on natural gas seepage by then as well.

    Said another way, the policy equivalent of what Joe Romm, Lester Brown, Jim Hansen, Michael Mann... have called for, before some of them lost their balls and unilaterally surrendered to comfortable political 'reality' post Copenhagen bloodbath.  The near universal acquiescence to 2 degrees C is unilateral surrender of our next 200 billion children to Hunger Games, and much, much, much, much worse.  Over my dead body.  Not on my watch.

    "Plan B 3.0"  Lester Brown

    "Hell and High Water" Joe Romm

    "Storms of my Grandchildren"  Jim Hansen

    "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines" by Michael E. Mann 

    The Copenhagen Diagnosis
    The Copenhagen Diagnosis - updating the world on the latest climate science.
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    Download The Copenhagen Diagnosis ... Download full ...

    Corporate Leaders Turn on

    Corporate Leaders Turn on Obama

    Mitt Romney ad says President Obama launched 'war on cult-religious' Washington Post

    Mitt Romney ad says President Obama launched 'war on religion'

    Washington Post (blog) - ‎19 hours ago‎
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused Democratic President Barack Obama of launching a “war on religion” in a television ad released Thursday (Aug. 9).
    AdWatch: Romney ad hits Obama on religious freedom - Offbeat News
    Romney charges Obama with war on religion in new ad

    Obama Has Been The Best President For The Stock Market Since Eisenhower Business Insider

    Analysis: Obama presidency great for stocks. Will it help him?

    Reuters - ‎10 hours ago‎
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barack Obama often gets slammed for his stewardship of the U.S. economy, but for stock investors, he's been one of the best presidents since World War Two.
    Obama Has Been The Best President For The Stock Market Since Eisenhower

    Balls for Decency: Obama praises Huma Abedin, Muslim American aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton Washington Post

    Obama praises Huma Abedin, Muslim American aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Washington Post (blog) - ‎10 hours ago‎
    President Obama on Friday voiced strong support for Huma Abedin, saying the top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been “nothing less than extraordinary in representing our country and the democratic values that we hold dear.

    Day 3. Death Fast: Internal Bleeding? Neo? Luke? Resurrection?

    The doc's guess as to the cause of the anemia is internal bleeding.  I don't recall her going further in her speculation.  Maybe she mentioned intestine.  I'm guessing stomach.   Decades ago I didn't know how to manage my stress levels sufficiently and, well, I know what ulcers feel like, at least, what some ulcers feel like, and a stress stomach.  And that isn't what this feels like.  But maybe I don't know what three, 40-50 day, water only within 15 months, induced ulcers of the stomach or intestine feel like.  But my body is saying she is correct.  Parts of the day things feel fine.  Other times my stomach just aches, like someone punched it, or, like it was wounded, bleeding.  It is not excruciating.  It is disturbing, and distracting, and an unhappy experience. My work doesn't need this right now.  And more and more, extreme fatigue, for now apparent reason.

    Last 39 days without water there were periods of very large bowel movement, but without taking food.  I thought, that's odd.  The cells that accumulated from bleeding maybe?

    Last night, my beloved colleague came by.  Before the Death Fast began he had brought his sleeping bag, tarp, mat, and at times slept at the signs in front of the embassy where I am near 24/7.  We can't communicate, I being among the millions that are walking dead now due to the no-charge dumping of future destroying, our homeland destroying, Bangladesh destroying carbon emissions waste.  He seemed to understand, and respect that the dead and the living can't communicate.

    He lives as a person should, out of his need, not his greed, out of his Love, not his Lust, with the exception of his smoking, killing himself; in a pretty radical life of voluntary service, thus far.  I've never seen his like before. A God-send?

    He seemed to understand that the only thing we walking dead from countless places like Bangladesh, Athabasca, Indigenous Alaska, Maldives... can see or hear, is facts, life and death Truths:  the fact that folks that could resurrect us before it is too late are finally assembling to make a stand, or not.  The fact that folks that could resurrect us before it is too late are still in the thinking and talking stage, or have shifted into the Loving stage - 40 ARE, or ARE by xyz date, putting and keeping our bodies, our lives, all that we are and have in the way, until the resurrection of you millions, and our 200 billion occurs, or not.  Not 'maybe.'  But unmistakably, 'failure is not an option,' John Q. .  'We know that you, our canaries in the coal mine where we all live, are just the first of us to go.'  40 that are irrevocably, unshakably committed to stand until the legislation is passed, and unmistakably, unquestionably implemented in such a way that it will not and cannot fail... that is all that we walking dead can see or hear; be it in a month, 3 months, 3 years....  Sorry, everything else is final death for us.  You can understand.  Can't you?

    If I, Loving, as a Bangladeshi father, an Athabascan Father... see that, or hear and believe that the fact of those 40 has been achieved, even if not yet assembled, then I might be allowed to leave my state of death, this Death Fast, and become #41 alongside them.  There are other ways besides mine now, the Death Fast, to 'die' for a cause, to joyfully give all, everything, totally, for a cause.  40 keeping their bodies physically in the way in waves of to death's door hunger strikes, rebuild, regroup, restart... until the evil is replaced with sanity, that too is a way of 'dying' for a cause, giving all, with Joy and Love.  In the face of this insanity, by the way, they would not stay 40.  If they really stood, they would become the 1000, the 1 million, the 1 billion....  And then the future of Humanity is resurrected from Plan A-rmageddon, status quo, business as usual.

    Can my beloved colleague play a role in this?  Could Neo?  Could Luke?  Yes, he's the one.  Are there 40 in the world, INSHE warriors in waiting, in the US, or who will come to the US, in time, not already so sub-humanized by our toxic culture, that they could respond to his brilliant goodness, his example, his wisdom, his humanity, his knowledge, his heroic focus..., and to this greatest Hell every to face humanity?  Probably not. 

    However, Necessity is the mother of all Miracles.  "Example is not the major thing in influencing people.  It is the only thing." (Schweitzer).  Sometimes when we devote everything we are, every breath, even unto death, sometimes the Creator steps in beside us, and Miracles happen.  All human progress has been thus.  Miracles never happen without this, but with it?  Sometimes.

    Speaking of breathtaking goodness, you should have seen him last night.  Breathtaking.  As we were sitting there on the sidewalk an extraordinarily hostile, mean, large, drunk, expensively dressed mid-30ish, big white guy came by, towering over us, saw the 'till enough are seen dying for it, co2 won't stop' signs, and with disdain, threats, hostility, aggression... began spewing at us.  That he would be physically violent too was far from out of the question.  My friend, reflexively (I being dead already I couldn't speak or react), my friend:  zero evidence of any fear; returned zero but Love, tough Love, brotherhood, intelligence, calm, peace, acceptance, forgiveness....  Gandhi would have glowed, beamed.


    1. URGENT.  Someone needs to take 1 or both of my sleep mats to where there is a bathtub so they can see where the leeks are. I have a patch kit.  These literally make my work survivable, including being my shade from the otherwise killing sun on the sidewalk, and my rest at night.  This is quite dire.  The new one, the leak is slow enough so far that I can use it; the orange one, worthless, until patched.  If someone comes by to do this, to act, to follow thru, I can hear that, and make available to them what they need.  Best, by far, is if first the orange can be fixed and returned to me - takes a day for the patch to dry and be tested; and then the black/greenish one.  These, and all I have will be available for liquidation or use by the next INSHEs after I pass on, after I pass over.

    2.  URGENT:  My work needs, the bodies in the way need, on the sidewalk in front of the Embassy, to have electricity.  I'm in possession as of last week, finally, of a solar battery now; but so far, it seems that the solar panel I have, for 3 years now, is not working.  The $319 solar battery is not returnable, it seems.  After I pass on, this will remain, if we get it functioning now, an invaluable tool for the work of any INSHE warriors that emerge. The packaging is being held by my brothers at Firehook Bakery, 4th and D, so it could be sold on ebay easily.  By Tuesday I expect to have the situation finally diagnosed, including the price of the absolutely lowest cost panel to do the job, if required.  I'm in communication with a solar engineer that I think will help me find the cheapest, regardless of how rube-Goldberg.   Probably between $100 and $350.  If someone(s) wish to donate funds for this, I'll be able to hear that.  The packaging could be kept for that too, and sold on ebay for 70% of the original price, after my passing, if no INSHE's emerge that need it.  The funds can be placed in my hand, or arrangements can be made to place them in my PNC checking account, easily.


    Day 2: Replacement Hand-out - Global Warming's Death. Fast.

    Day 2. Global Warming's Death. Fast2. Aged 20 years by a diagnosis?

    Day 2 and I feel like day 60.  Wow.  Day 2 has never felt like this.

    Is it the blood tests that say anemia, the diagnosis, or is it the diagnosis, the anemia hitting me?  My backpack that was 35-45 lbs now feels 80.  My 2 lb each Secret Service boots now feel 8 lb each.

    There is likely hospital time ahead for the Death Fast and this month was the month I had to renew my Medicade so today has been about a 40 block walk, thus far.  Well, a walk, stagger, sit....

    I'm at 1000% peace.  I'm a Bangladeshi father with the unspeakable gift of being able to put and keep my body in the way of Environmental Armageddon for my children, and grandchildren..., in the most powerful city on Earth.  What a luxury.  What a Divine Blessing.

    Next Wednesday I go back, uh, stagger back for the blood test results, for this latest round, Creator willing.

    Woke up to rain.  Massive rain called for this evening and tonight.

    I, we're dead, we Bangladeshi's, Maldivians, Athabaskans, Indigenous Alaskans... and soon the miracle of our resurrection will be impossible, unless you work a miracle, now, and find 40 with the sanity, the moral imagination, to put and keep their bodies in the way of this soon unstoppable Environmental Armageddon.

    Sikhs showed love in response to hate CNN



    GWDF2 Day 1: Blood tests, symptoms suggest possible anemia

    Unity Health Care in DC - from God, from what I've seen so far.  If I lived long enough I'd possibly find time to do some research and found out where in Heaven they came from.  Whether or not you have money is pretty irrelevant, tho I have Medicaid.  Doesn't matter to them.  They just treat.  Most of my adulthood I was among the most affluent care.  None are more kind, more professional, more thorough than much of what I've seen at Unity for we indigent.

    Med Trucks, Doc on board, do outreach to we homeless, which is how I connected, probably 4 years ago or so, a variety of issues.

    About two-three weeks before the first death fast I felt so ill - stomach, bowel, restless legs at night, for so many weeks, months, that I went to see the doc on the truck, a young woman, Georgetown grad, that I've gotten to know.  Smart, kind, respectful, thoughtful, understanding, accepting....  Stunning Heart.  An Angel.  She wanted to do blood work, said it could turn up something that would be inexpensive to treat (my constraint, morally) so I said, 'sure.'  I got the blood work done, but totally unexpected, and to my delight, the 1st Death Fast crystallized in my mind, just hours before I'd have gone to learn the results, so I never did learn them.

    "Doc Cardile wants to see you," nurse Penny admonished me when I saw her at one of the homeless Med Truck places last week as I was passing by.

    This morning I saw the doc.  She's doing more blood work now.  I'm feeling fairly ill again, starting about a week ago.  My blood tests thus far are registering anemia and she is testing to diagnose why.

    Day 1 of the death fast is usually pretty easy.  Between the heat, and whatever is wrong with my body, not so easy this time.  Not so easy with the Indigenous Canadians dying one after another from the denied pollution from the tar sands; not too easy for Maldives watching their nation slowly, not so slowly, disappear below the waves of our US apathy, greed, lusts, and international treaty obstruction.

    I'm a Bangladeshi.  I'll not leave my post.

    GWDF2 Day 1: I'm already dead. Pls understand.

    I know it is awkward, but I'm already dead.  We Bangladeshi's, Athabaskans, million species, Maldivians, Indigenous Alaskans... we're already dead.  Plan A, Plan A-armageddon, that's what is certain for us.  We're already dead.  Many physically, many culturally, because you are letting our world be killed. ravaged, raped, mutilated.  Oh, we still move around now, but we're already dead.

    Awkward for you, I know.  And for us.

    Loving here:  as hard as it is for me, I WILL NOT FAIL YOU - no acknowledgement, no eye contact.  I'm dead now.  I am dead now, and you will see this if you encounter me at the Embassy.  I am dead.  I am dead to you.  I fail you, if not.  I am a Bangladeshi, Maldivian, Athabaskan, Indigenous Alaskan.  A zombie American child. A zombie American adult.  Like you?

    Maybe it will help  you see that you want to change this specter of things to come, before it is too late for you to resurrect us.

    We haven't much time... days, weeks, months.  Not years, anymore.

    If you are going to save us, it will be now, or never.


    Atheism is on the rise on a global level, international study reveals -- the ... God Discussion

    Atheism is on the rise on a global level, international study reveals -- the ...

    God Discussion (blog) - ‎4 hours ago‎
    The 57 countries represent more than 73 percent of the world's population. Those surveyed were asked, "Irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not, would you say you are a religious person, not a religious person or a convinced atheist ...

    GWDF2 Death Fast - Logistics

    Location:  Canadian Embassy, home of the Alberta, Calgary, tar sands, the Environmental Auschwitz of the 5th Holocaust, 501 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC


    Roughly 23 hours per day, tho closer to 19 per day until the solar panel starts working or I get a replacement.  I have the battery, but so far the panel isn't working.  Brian, those funds?  Anyone else want to contribute?  The 1-5 hours per day I'll be using the rest room, and repowering my laptop at various local places where I've found I can beg electrons, and be granted them, with good humor.  Oh, and using my food-stamp card to get vitamin water and electrolytes (zero cal both) at the CVS 6 blocks away.  If and when I need to be away from the Embassy doing library research, I'll do so.


    Day 1-3 - work
    Day 4-8 - probably be pretty sick.  Those are usually the worst days
    Day 9-23 or so - probably pretty productive work time, though the heat is a wildcard
    Day 24-35  work some days, just hang on others as the body fades
    Day 36+  Wait, work, pray, doze, lose it, pass on


    #1 Priority:  Finish Book 1 - Global Warming's Death.  Fast.  Expected completion August 22nd.
    #2 Priority:  Upload audio book versions of both books.  Expected completion August 26th.
    #3 Priority:  Rewrite as many as possible to focus on achieving a Maximum of 1.5 Degrees C by 2100, of IEA June Report, The Copenhagen Diagnosis (expansion as required); Plan B 3.0 to bring the Carbon Emissions part up to date - A. Where are we; B.  What do we need to achieve by year by 2020 or 2025 to avert Hell and High Water, forever.
    #4 ongoing priority:  To some degree continue the news scan daily of carbon related news and update Tracking Plan B blog.

    Help needed:

    #1 Find 40 people to put and keep their bodies on the line, in the way, until the totally, completely, absolutely failure-is-not-an-option Legislation that the environmental wreckage cost will be paid by the wreckers (fossil fuel users) is law and implemented leaving zero risk.

    #2 Find 40 people to put and keep their bodies on the line, in the way, until the totally, completely, absolutely failure-is-not-an-option Legislation that the environmental wreckage cost will be paid by the wreckers (fossil fuel users) is law and implemented leaving zero risk.

    #3 - 10 Find 40 people to put and keep their bodies on the line, in the way, until the totally, completely, absolutely failure-is-not-an-option Legislation that the environmental wreckage cost will be paid by the wreckers (fossil fuel users) is law and implemented leaving zero risk.

    #11 Let me know, if I'm still lucid, and if they think I can do more good alive, fighting along side them, than by passing on, let me know.

    GWDF2 Handout: Global Warming's Death. Fast. Canadian Embassy, round the clock

    GWDF2 Video Log: I'm a Bangladeshi. Global Warming's Death. Fast. Restarted 13:14 East Coast Time August 8, 2012 . .

    URGENT: Death Fast resumed 1314 today. It's time to Stop Talking, Stop Thinking, Start Loving

    Brian, Ian, Joe, Cathy, SC...

    Death Fast resumed 1314 today. 

    It's time to Stop Talking, Stop Thinking (blogging, booking, planning, speaking, legislating....), and to Start Loving.

    My intention last time was to be physically mute from day one, minute one.  I changed that, and that was appropriate, then.  Turns out, that 1st Death Fast was an unviolent-weapons test.  I learned. 

    Not this time.  Neither with you, or anyone else will I dialog, except on routine logistical stuff with my beloved Secret Service, CVS clerks where I'll get zero cal electrolytes and zero cal vitamin water, etc....  Zero. Zero.  Did I mention, Zero?

    The Creator is having some fun with me.  LOL.  Internet is pretty much down throughout the city.  I've done a 20 min video log to you, and am transcribing it.  When the internet is back up that will be my final such outbound to you, or anyone. 

    I will continue working as long as I am able.  Those caring about my work will subscribe to my two blogs.

    I care about all, hence what I've done till now, the video log, this email, etc. Now what is needed is my Death Fast, and silence. 

    Whether you listen to the video log deeply, and read the updated transcript, up to you. I've done my part.

    As of now...

    This is my last Goodbye.  Know that any and all personal contact with me or from me is not at an end.  If you wish to frustrate or hurt yourselves, don't believe me.

    Loving, all

    Ahh, the pedophile club: NY Catholic cardinal suing Obama on birth control invites president, Romney to ... Washington Post

    NY Catholic cardinal suing Obama on birth control invites president, Romney to ...

    Washington Post - ‎13 minutes ago‎
    Dolan has asked both Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to attend the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation charity dinner on Oct. 18, a spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York said Tuesday.

    AdWatch: Romney's welfare ad relies on assumptions CBS News

    AdWatch: Romney's welfare ad relies on assumptions

    CBS News -
    WASHINGTON - TITLE: "Right Choice. LENGTH: 60 seconds. AIRING: Mitt Romney's campaign did not disclose where the ad is running.

    Romney's starting his race to the bottom Chicago Sun-Times

    Romney's starting his race to the bottom

    Chicago Sun-Times -
    BY MARK BROWN August 8, 2012 7:56AM Mitt Romney on Tuesday reclaimed welfare as a central issue for Republicans this campaign season based on a specious and cynical claim that President Barack Obama has “dismantled” Clinton-era ...


    Obama, Romney battle for pro-coal mantle The Hill

    Obama, Romney battle for pro-coal mantle

    The Hill (blog) -
    President Obama's campaign hopes to flip the political script on Mitt Romney in Ohio - a coal-reliant battleground state - with an ad highlighting Romney's 2003 claim that a Massachusetts coal-fired power plant “kills people.” The new ad follows ...

    GOP's VP? Jindal's voucher program called 'bad for religious freedom' by Interfaith Alliance Washington Post

    Washington Post (blog)
    - ‎1 hour ago‎

    “We never think we’re out of it,” US Women's Soccer

    “We never think we’re out of it,” says Rapinoe. “We’re kind of like, ‘O.K., that just means we need to score another one.’ Huge heart, huge fight on this team.”

    nd Sincerity - Complete Subordination to the Truth

    nd Sincerity - Complete Subordination to the Truth

    3rd Month Romney's Billionaires Buy America

    Romney cashes in as Obama lags for 3rd month

    Bend Bulletin -
    Highlighting the challenge for Obama, Romney on Monday reported a July fundraising haul of more than $101 million along with the Republican National Committee, compared to the $75 million that Obama's campaign said it had brought in along with the ...

    Christ-likes: Chicago Sikhs react to shooting with education, prayer vigils Chicago Tribune

    Chicago Sikhs react to shooting with education, prayer vigils

    Chicago Tribune -
    Candlelight vigil for victims of Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin at Palatine Gurdwara in Palatine . (Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune) Reeling from the weekend attack that left six worshippers and the gunman dead at a suburban Milwaukee temple, ...
    Sikh temple gunman Wade Michael Page was a "gentle and kind and loving" child ...
    Gunman exhorted other white supremacists to act
    Readout of the President's Calls on the Wisconsin Shooting
    Sikh shooter: 'Frustrated neo-Nazi'
    2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting


    nd 'It's a Life-wish I have, not Death. Life for my Family of 200 billion, yet to be born.' Loving

    nd 'It's a Life-wish I have, not Death. Life for my Family of 200 billion, yet to be born.' Loving

    White Cops Instantly Human-Shield US Sikh's they Never Knew,0,4837148.story

    Montana: Anti-coal protesters rip Land Board over rescheduling Casper Star-Tribune Online

    Anti-coal protesters rip Land Board over rescheduling

    Casper Star-Tribune Online -
    HELENA, Mont. - The Montana Land Board, accused by anti-coal activists of rescheduling its August meeting on Friday to avoid a weeklong protest in Helena later this month, quickly voted to advance a proposed state coal lease for an eastern Montana ...

    READ THIS: Open Source, Free, Solar Power Entrepreneur

    Meet the Guy Whose Tech Will Transform Solar Power...and He's Giving it Away

    Forbes -
    What makes Nelson noteworthy, beyond the solar power technology he's invented, is that unlike most everyone else trying to score in this market, Nelson's vision for success includes giving away the technology for others to replicate and improve upon.


    2012's most Dangerous: NOT Ahmadinejad, Khomeini, Chavez....

    2012's most Dangerous:  NOT Ahmadinejad, Khomeini, Chavez....

    It's Netanyahu.

    By What Moral Authority they Ban Gay kids? Boy Scout files reveal repeat child abuse Washington Post

    Report: Boy Scout files reveal repeat child abuse

    Washington Post -
    LOS ANGELES - Internal documents from the Boy Scouts of America reveal more than 125 cases in which men suspected of molestation allegedly continued to abuse Scouts, despite a blacklist meant to protect boys from sexual predators.

    Everyone not an 'extremist for Love,' (MLK) Sikh BLOOD's on your hands

    7 dead, including gunman, in shootings at Wis. Sikh temple

    At least seven people were killed Sunday, including the suspected gunman, when a man opened fire on worshipers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, police said.
    Police: 7 dead in shooting at Sikh temple in Wis.
    At least 7 dead, including shooter, at Sikh Temple

    Pharaoh too was a denier: Harsh weather doesn't prove global warming, Republican lawmakers say The Hill

    Harsh weather doesn't prove global warming, Republican lawmakers say

    The Hill (blog) - 
    And Republicans have said efforts to enact a cap-and-trade mandate would spike the nation's already high unemployment rate

    Investors have said it all: US is still AAA to us CNNMoney

    Investors have said it all: US is still AAA to us

    CNNMoney -
    By Hibah Yousuf August 5, 2012: 8:20 AM ET The United States lost its pristine AAA credit rating a year ago today, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the Treasury market.

    nd Fact: Capitalism is Sanctioned, Open Warfare, Revered Lust Free-for-all as a cultural means of existence

    nd Fact: Capitalism is Sanctioned, Open Warfare, Revered Lust Free-for-all as a cultural means of existence

    nd Hillary Clinton for VP.

    nd Hillary Clinton for VP.

    Former Boy Scout: Gay ban belies teachings on equality The Star-Ledger

    Former Boy Scout: Gay ban belies teachings on equality

    The Star-Ledger - (blog) -
    By Victoria St. Martin/The Star-Ledger Enlarge Donna Gialanella/The Star-Ledger An undated photo file photo of boy scouts from Cranford's Troop 75.

    nd 'You work for one of two masters: Lust, or Love. No 3rd Option.' Loving

    'You work for one of two masters:  Lust, or Love. No 3rd Option.' Loving