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In days now that suggest to me that there is a reason I was given my pitiful life, I am involved with a dialogue at this link that has unfolded in particular today and I urge you to Avail yourself of it. Much.....

In days now that suggest to me that there is a reason I was given my pitiful life, I am involved with a dialogue at this link
that has unfolded in particular today and I urge you to Avail yourself of it. Much of it is encapsulated eloquently with my correspondent of today, Dave Schwenk , below with an important caveat that I mentioned below his long an eloquent comment. 

From Dave just now:  This dialogue is confirming the direction of my thoughts and providing me with clear insight into our purpose in this dying world. I believe the final collapse is well under way. Current events show this in apocalyptic visions of fire and ice and nature reducing man's arrogance to rubble. We need a miracle. So I struggled all fall to choose the way forward, considering devoting all my time to fighting pipelines in PA, or building community centers of resistance and sustainable living. I even thought of walking across the country in search of a few kindred souls who would help me lay siege to Washington...all striving, all turning up little that resonated in my heart. I follow James Mcginley closely, for he is one of the few -- two, three? -- that I have met who has devoted himself totally to goodness and justice and walking the talk, or riding the bike as James is doing...all true revolutionaries are wandering refugees and exiles... it is no mystery that I have been led back to dialogue with James. I met him on the Democracy Spring walk in 2016 and later showed up at his modest flat in DC some months later to learn more and share. Among discussions of Gandhi and King, James articulated my disappointment with marches/staged arrests, etc. and my sense of how the left played into the hands of the power elite. I fear so much of the way the "resistance" is structured now does not provide a viable path to transcendence from our miserable state. There is a fundamental flaw that is never addressed -- the moral dilemma of living in our modern world, shackled as we are to products and consumption that perpetuate horrific suffering. Our current predatory system could never exist without our participation. Just look how vicious the oligarchs become when we threaten their flow of money, as the BDS Movement boycotting Israel has shown. Not only have they told us it is illegal to boycott (consider the implications of that for a moment), but they have now banned 20 organizations from Israel, including our dear friends at Codepink. These dear people are the spirit of peace. Why are they such a threat to Israel? Ladies dressed in pink? Because they have advanced an agenda of non-participation, BDS movement, that denies the system of our complicit guilt. Another incident that infuriated the architects of our false reality is when Colin Kaepernik took a knee and challenged the symbols of our empire...when people no longer believe in the bullshit of the flag the whole fucking thing will collapse. And this from a black man! They devote so much energy into the illusion of freedom and democracy -- into the illusion that elections matter and that demonstrations without sacrifice will change the world -- because the continuation of crony capitalism depends on our suspended belief. So back to my point...we must accept the reality of our situation and what it demands of us. We cannot be rebels on the weekend and slaves to our consumer society all week. We are at that critical existential moment of end times where the forces of good and evil are clearly felt to anyone with a heart. It is all or nothing time. No one wants to face that or the implications involved with that. Face it now and build your spiritual strength or perish in the collapse. I was directed to Krishna in October for a reason and the Bhagavad Gita...I turned again to the life of Jesus, which I have studied throughout my life...and James led me to these writings between Gandhi and Tolstoy. And the message is clear: embrace goodness, love, selflessness, service to others. That is the sole mission we must do to be a ray of light in this world. So many of us despair at the suffering we see and our powerlessness to do anything about it -- without realizing that the power is within our hearts, and that once we surrender completely to goodness and love, once we abandon the failed institutions and permanent lies that secure us to the decks of this sinking ship, when we do that, we create the conditions for the miracle to happen. Surely, we need a miracle now. But that is beyond me. I will continue to resist and continue to disrupt pipelines and the pageantry, but I know that the true way forward -- for me -- is renunciation of this sick society, a total severance that can be achieved through exile and simple living and our own self-sustaining communities. This is long and rambling but I wanted to share my experience and how liberating this knowledge is for me -- I have far to go but I know the path. Once I give it all up -- and how painful that can be, the comforts, the illusions, the protests of my ego -- I believe I will find liberation and nothing to fear. I know this in my heart. If you made it this far, thank you.

My crucial comment in caveat:

Dave Schwenk, your words are filled with such truth in this comment above and so beautifully stated that it brings great emotion to me. With one profound exception, please don't take this personally. It can be done, Gandhi did it, but it is not our nature to renounce. I will fight that in what I see as otherwise promising efforts including Within Myself with all of my strength. And this is not a problem, only falling into the Trap as a problem. It is within our nature to greedily go for the optimal experience that we know to go for. We absolutely can have the renunciation that you want, my life is a testament to that and I'd have thought it impossible. But never ever could I have done it through an attempt to renounce. The consequence has been to renounce! What I have attempted to do is greedily understand where Joy comes from, Roy Bean the ultimate human Experience, emotion. It comes from the opposite direction of pleasure. And as best I can now described the north star of causing my body to produce the chemical reaction of joy, it is to fully embody the loving Spirit of goodness in action. I will now post your beautiful words on my blog and Facebook page with this disclaimer. As always if I take Liberties it is never intentional just let me know and I will remove.


My life's discovery, and contribution just now.

The first part of the following first appeared on my Facebook page. The second part will not be added to my Facebook page for the same reason that I implore you to read the extremely short booklet at the link mentioned below before you read part two of this post also below. It is very important that my thoughts not in any way Cloud the reading of this the most important document that I've ever read. Just within the last couple of days although I've had it on my computer for years.

FB post yesterday:

Please read this comment. I believe it is true for me to say that although not infrequently recently I have posted and tagged some of you in whom I have the greatest hope with readings that I am finding particularly important for those that would like to see a better world. It is true I think that never have I asked you to read it, or very very rarely. I have simply brought to your attention. Well I have just completed a very short document, these letters, and in my 20 years intensive study and practice trying to find the path to true Revolution toward a better world this is the most insightful important document that I have come across. It is the root of Tolstoy s writing, I thought it was Jesus gospels, but it is far more broad than that, and it is the root on which Gandhi built his life. And I find it not immature for either of them but rather the seed Crystal that is more important than anything that came afterward. So unlike fryer times that I have tagged you I am asking as a fellow traveler with you in whom I have any hope that you will read this almost immediately. If you haven't the time skim through about 2/3 of the way and find the letter to a Hindu written by Tolstoy. And read that. But if you are not exceedingly strapped for time start at the beginning of this document and read all the way through. I suggest that if there is a Manifesto for the true revolution of saving some small portions of what is left on Earth this is the closest that has been written. I do not find it perfect. I see one major flaw though of course it could be a flaw in me. But I see one major flaw and I believe I see how to fix it, with substituting just one word for another. I will share what I mean, Creator willing, in a day or so in a comment to this post which I think will be brought to your attention by Facebook automatically. Those tagged here will automatically receive a notice that I have left a comment. I simply don't want to Cloud your reading of this document and I will say that if lightning strikes or a boulder rolls down onto my tent which is not impossible that this document will have brought you as far as any document can bring us to seeing how we should go forward, including some of the resources that we should be tapping much more deeply from Tolstoy and Gandhi. And from the likes of John Ruskin who was an Inseparable seed for both Tolstoy and Gandhi.

The most important documents, a booklet, but I have ever yet read . At this link look to the left in the middle  where it says click to read and you will get a download option.

Part two. Please please do not read further until you have read and deeply pondered the booklet at the link above.


The following I suspect is the reason I was born, the discovery, the contribution to humanity, if no one even ever knows it. It certainly I expect to be the Cornerstone of the rest of my life's work.

Above where I asked to read everything at the above link I mentioned with some hesitation that although this document is the most important I have ever read of a mountain of important items these last 20 years it has one I termed I think flaw and I would say a fatal flaw. Yes I am no one compared to these towering historical figures.

Yet I stand by what I say and more importantly I'll say that as I try to inform my own walk in this unstoppably dying 2018 World I find in the document of the above link near perfection, but a fatal flaw, easily corrected by me for informing my walk and then it is near perfect for the purpose of informing my walk.

If in nearly every instance within these letters I replace the word love with goodness or the phrase love of goodness then for me if becomes a virtually perfect document for informing my path forward.

Isn't that curious? For years I identified myself as start loving or more specifically loving. I am glad that in 2007 the words start loving and wage love were tattooed on my face. I am glad for those words and how the concepts were propelling me centrally before and ever since in my life.

Yet I think that if Gandhi and Tolstoy, two profound influences on me these last 20 years and before, if they were reading this document or in dialogue with me would be agreeing that I am correct.

It is also possible that they would be me a heretic, lovingly of course, but I think they would see that I am correct.

When I thought that they world could be saved by me or anyone and this is as recently as a year ago my view was that awakened loving was sufficient to propel enough individuals to save the world. And in fact that may have been a correct calculation.

What was a misunderstanding or a missed judgement on my part was that there were enough people with enough love left at least in embryonic form that that love could be awakened and clearly the last 20 years has demonstrated to me without exception that this is not the case.

But how to move forward in a world that by every objective measure cannot be saved will not say that self? For me I find that love could probably enable me to continue stumbling forward but not with any significant force or passion or clarity. But the value that to my surprise I suddenly find supreme within me, goodness, goodness in the world, all of the words and expectations and instincts of Tolstoy and Gandhi fall into place for me with a level of clarity and completeness and sufficiency I’ve not had before!

Even in a world that can't be saved yes I love goodness in the world way more than my life, comfort, safety, happiness. I love it more than justice and truth though they are always integral to love and goodness. And maybe most importantly and hopefully I love it more than the life of others when a choice must be made!

I think that left alone love as a concept is insufficient for all but a Gandhi or Tolstoy it seems to be able to avoid all or most use of what they deem violence.

In fact I think it is a destructive fetish on the part of both Tolstoy and Gandhi, a Blindness, that they wish to have a law that is immutable. That is nothing Organic. That is clearly not within the human being  regardless of culture or as far back in history is we wish to go.

But the capacity to love goodness which once in this document above Gandhi said was God, God was goodness, the capacity to love goodness as a Supreme value I find as the best expression yet of what my entire nervous system seems to have been gravitating towards since my earliest years and I think Tolstoy and Gandhi would agree as would Krishna and other religious leaders throughout history that this is not unique to me!

Whereas they have all used the word love centrally, and occasionally goodness, I think they would all agree where they participating in this dialogue that goodness in fact is what they were trying to move toward. I think they would agree now that God is not truth, love, life, although these are inherent elements, but that Goodness is God and God is Goodness.

As a side note I think both Tolstoy and Gandhi take a Liberty or indulge themselves in a way that is unsupportable and self defeating in suggesting that to shoot someone about to bludgeon a child is violence and violating the law of Love!

Well, as they desperately search for something which is not there in an immutable law of love and as they crippled themselves by using love as opposed to love of goodness they blind themselves to the truth and fall into the trap of searching for this immutable law. Part of their trap is to equate violence with you so physical force! To me this is obvious rubbish. That says that someone should not have a cancer operation, an operation which obviously is using force against a life form.

They both defend not killing someone who appears to be about to brutalize a child on the basis that to do so is violence and more particularly violating the law of doing to others all that you would have them do unto you. Well I would love to ask them if they see it differently than me that I would want to be shot before I brutalized a child. I would I absolutely would. Shooting me before I did such a thing, that's not violence! Violence is violating what is good, violating what is right. To kill me before I harm a child is good! This is obvious.

At the onset I mentioned that their flaw is self defeating obviously, and by obviously I mean that it has been 100 years and the world is moving away from the law they said exists in nature and that could be imposed by awakening it in the soul of an ever increasing number people. In a world that is rapidly destroying itself and that cannot be stopped I'm afraid we’ll never have the opportunity to prove that the world could have saved itself had they understood from Tolstoy and Gandhi not that law love is the ultimate value but that goodness is the ultimate value.

But I do suggest that for myself and I think for the one in a million with enough of their soul left, that were they to search long and hard inside themselves they would eventually find that like I they would realize, discover, that goodness is their ultimate value, that goodness is what gives them the ultimate gratification, in its existence, and in their personal pursuit of it in the world. I do suggest that they would find that amplifying their life transforming their life in using their life with a level of joy which is extreme and cannot be achieved any other way and that they will find that they are a vastly more hopeful entity for the one in a million seeds, people, souls, on earth that through their help can be cultivated to a similar level of joy, which is the pursuit of more goodness in the world.

And within me I believe that I do not find the supreme law that Tolstoy and Gandhi speak of, the in Violet law of love,. more particularly I do not find the strength within that to fully amplify and animate my life on this sinking Titanic Earth. But within the higher law that I find written within me, the law of goodness, the law of being goodness, the law of cultivating goodness with every breath, I believe that I do find the powerful amplification, passion, animation to fully move my life forward for whatever good that might be to Creation.