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Walmart Hilton parking lot, Grants Pass, Oregon. Hoping for a quiet night. The next 2 days working on the vehicle waiting for the new rear tire rim to arrive.

Approximately 10 Days travel from time of departure until Silicon Valley. If all goes smoothly. The drought has returned to going over Siskiyou Pass. If that is survived, unless the maps are incorrect as far as elevation, the rest of the journey you should be difficult but achievable. Estimated departure Wednesday, depending upon the arrival of a rear wheel rim to replace the brake discovered today.

The toughest rim in the industry, the second one is broken on the same rear tire. No complaints. Terrible pounding. Marooned until the replacement comes sometime this week. Grants Pass. By far the nicest town I found across the country

By a factor of many Grants Pass is the most elated by this vehicle. A high percentage of affirming vocalizations.

A blessing that someone blocked me on Facebook for 3 days. Gave me time for A New Perspective. Switching to blogger as my daily primary way of communicating.

Rich, educated people, are so f****** lost. Their capacity to see the loving man Jesus, isn't there anymore. It was when they were young children. Not now. They are God of material power from their education is so all-consuming they have lost that ability. The exceptions prove the rule.

Switching to blogger, another reason. The Path, the revolution, what Jesus and Gandhi and I walk, is a profound paradigm shift. It is........

Switching to blogger, another reason. The Path, the revolution, what Jesus and Gandhi and I walk, is a profound paradigm shift. It is...... very hard to learn to see life this way because it is so Farhan and all are examples are in the opposite direction. But learning to see a new paradigm, look it up if you're not familiar, he is always hard. It takes work. And like the picture of the old woman and the young woman simultaneously that cannot be seen at the same time, the path can be looked at, but not seen, with the liquor not realizing they don't see. So by being so accessible on Facebook I may be feeding the notion that I'm seeing without being seen. Rare is it that someone does not experience me with great excitement until they get closer to knowing me. Then the reaction can be very negative. Hey realize I am not what they projected on me to be, but they don't realize they are not seeing me, and the path.

Another reason I may revert to blogger for my posts, I have two strikes on Facebook, I don't know how many strikes they give before they block you permanently. Would be quite a loss to lose all those posts. I suspect I'm less vulnerable to that on Blogger.

I don't feel foolish, but it's funny. What terrified me literally yesterday, is a challenge and feeling ready to face today. This is a repeated pattern. If it doesn't kill you grow. I'm........

I don't feel foolish, but it's funny. What terrified me literally yesterday, is a challenge and feeling ready to face today. This is a repeated pattern. If it doesn't kill you grow. I'm........ thinking of the Terrible unknown crushing climbs down from Siskiyou pass for 100 miles. Back roads in the middle of nowhere. But it happens repeatedly. Like depression, or maybe a form of depression, fear, Terror, can be very adaptive. Shocking the nervous system into a brief Retreat, giving time to ponder, regroup, learn.

Zero credit to me, I think nearly everybody needs what I have to offer, a clear view of the path to life. But maybe no one feels the need for me. You got to want Jesus, the man, bad. You kind of want Gandhi, bad. You got to want James, the path, bad. I'm thinking I baby wasting everyone's time, and being a coward, by being so accessible, I'm thinking of Facebook. There is a significant chance that all of my posting will be done on Blogger now, much less easy to get to but very easy for those that want. In a way I think I've been disguising what is available by being so available.

Who knew? The mountain bike Schwalbe rep said now or tires are less likely go flat, less surface area.

It has succeeded every time. Speaking the truth cost me everything material, and gives me infinitely more toward building the kingdom of Brotherhood on Earth. Divine.

Grants Pass Oregon


update. The sky seems less dark now.

the sky seems the sky seems less dark, less deadly, than it did The middle of last night. It turns out that there is gearing available from a small company that can give the motor better advantage on horribly steep climbs. Not terribly expensive and should arrive for my pickup and installation tomorrow. Even more important I'm told by several parties that instead of going south through Siskiyou Pass two Sacramento, that heading to the coast now, Brookings, and then down the coast is much less hostile. And reexamining the map it seems that may be the case. It is not interstate and the problem with that is there can be extremely steep climbs. And sometimes the maps do not show that. But with this new gearing at the least it appears that heading to the coast and then down to San Francisco is much less suicidal then heading south to Sacramento.

I'm frightened. The mission is in big trouble. Help likely required.

I will totally get through this. You know me. I'm quite frightened. I don't feel foolish. I'm pressing so hard that I can only look so far ahead. And no support. Any sane version of this would have a ground crew of three or four people working out all the details I had. Siskiyou Pass makes truckers turn white. 7 miles of twisting 6 degree grade either side of the pass. It is a killer. That has been my focus and I still think I can get up at. I've asked people to research bicycle use of Highway shoulders like I've done the last four states. No one apparently has had time to do so. I made time in the middle of the night tonight. It looks like it is almost never allowed. Why is that a problem? The next 300 miles down to Sacramento. Way way way way way off in Parkland. All it takes is one long 10 degree Hill off on some back road and this vehicle is stopped. I see 4 options. Scrap the mission. Find a truck to take it from Ashland Oregon where I expect to arrive tonight or tomorrow and take it to Sacramento. Run the interstate in the middle of the night and take the consequences . Or try and turn this vehicle into a mountain goat. Flatbed truck, or turning this into a mountain goat, is going to take money. There is a gear made in Germany but costs about $1,500. Everyone in the industry knows about it, rholoff the name, sp? That alone won't suffice. A lower gearing is needed on the motor.. Scrapping the mission turns it into a total loss. That's not going to happen. Oh, and someone got me blocked on Facebook and messenger until Tuesday or Wednesday

blocked on Facebook until Tuesday. start underscore loving at