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THE SECRET OF JOY / LOVE / LIFE / PEACE: "Do unto [the LEAST of these] ALL that you would have them do unto you." Repeat. Repeat. Repeat....

"Do unto [the LEAST of these] ALL that you would have them do unto you." 
Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat....


LOVE: Embracing resopnsibility for other(s); LUST: Coveting, "loving" stuff.

[This Easter season I've read through the Gospels. Has me pretty stirred up! I so desperately want to understand what Jesus so desperately yearned for us TO understand.]

Life-giving / Peace Making....

Universal Love - Gandhi, King, Jesus embraced responsibility for the wellbeing of all of humanity.

Death-dealing / Peace Destroying....

Conditional Love - Start embraced responsibility for the three in his"family," and NOT the other 6 billion in his Family. Cancer.

Universal Lust - the parasite, the freeloader, the megalomaniac - Bill Clinton, W, Cheney.

Conditional Lust - the lecher, the addict, those that "love" money the way Jesus Loved PEOPLE.

Exactly Cancer's Deadliness is its IRRESPONSIBILITY - the Ultimate Threat to Life

Exactly Cancer's Deadliness is its IRRESPONSIBILITY - the ultimate threat to Life / Peace / Joy / Love.


HYPOCRITE (the word): Death-dealing as "attack;" Life-giving as "diagnosis."

The greatest, most tragic mis-translation in the Gospel - suggesting that Jesus used the word Hypocrite as an "attack?"  I think so.  This mis-translation has cost me many decades of wasted Life.

HYPOCRITE (the word):  Death-dealing as "attack;" Life-giving as "diagnosis."

The Ultimate Threat - Hypocrisy's (Chronic, Ongoing Dissonance between Word and Behavior) dual, ultimate malignancy / violence / destructiveness of Victim(s) AND Perpetrator.

[I received this portion of my Easter gift this morning. Please let me share.]

What most in all the world horrified Jesus, Gandhi's #1 Hero, was Hypocrisy. Here is why:
  • The most toxic, damaging, destructive force on the mind is the "double bind," that is, being subject to an environment where WORDS express one thing and ACTIONS another. Among the only concepts upon which psychologists agree is this concept of double bind, and its preeminent destructive consequence. This, by other words, is the word and its impact - Hypocrisy.
  • Sustained and or extreme exposure to Hypocrisy DESTROYS, DESTROYS, DESTROYSthe all important cognitive function of Conscience / Soul / Moral Navigation / Heart / Sociality / Community / PeaceMaking / Love. "My daughter, the reason I am raping you is because I Love you." Hypocrisy thereby amputates Humanity - the ULTIMATE VIOLENCE.
  • Hypocrisy quite literally burns out these circuits of Life, Love, Compassion, Joy, Humanity, Peace, Conscience, Truth.
  • The dual, ultimate malignancy of Hypocrisy (Chronic, Sustained Dissonance between Word and Behavior) lies in the fact that Hypocrisy destroys the Conscience / Soul / Moral Navigation / Heart of BOTH the Perpetrator AND the Victim (s) (those in the environment upon which the Hypocrisy is imposed).
  • AND THEREBY HYPOCRISY DESTROYS ALL KNOWLEDGE OF MORALITY / MENTAL HEALTH / SOCIETAL HEALTH... BY DESTROYING FOREVER THE PROPER DEFINITIONS OF ALL RELATED CONCEPTS (Orwell's dreaded DoubleSpeak)! "My daughter, the reason I am raping you is because I Love you." The meaning of the word "Love" is forever destroyed, is forever PERVERTED in both the Perpetrator and Victim(s).
W, Cheney, the Repugs, the risk-nothing Dems... are among our most recent, global current examples of Hypocrisy.

But far more destructive is Bill Clinton.
  1. Why more destructive than even W, Cheney the Repugs...? Because of his extraordinary social skills, "Teflon," "Stealth," that multiply his ability to DEEPLY penetrate and destroy the very capacity for Humanity many, many, many fold beyond what the social cripples W, Cheney or Repugs, or risk-nothing Dems ever could do.
  2. 'Ohhhhh, I care for people so much,' as he, Clinton, sanctioned the Genocide in East Timor, and sat and did nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda lying that he knew nothing; deceitfully perpetrated the bombing of East Europe for oil while claiming it was for social reasons, starved 500,000 Iraqi CHILDREN for their oil; destroyed the of Hope and Life Support among Poor / Middle Class Americans and Billions in the Third world with his expansion of NAFTA (Mexico) and Free Trade more broadly; destruction of Social Support for moms on Welfare who themselves are society's victims; destruction of the US economy by de-regulating Wall Street.... There is a specail place in Hell for this man.
Extremely destructive also is the vast majority of what calls itself the Peace Movement / Peace Activists that is so impassioned in its/their words about the suffering of and threats to Humanity, Justice, Peace but is/are so SELF SERVING IN (in)ACTION - selfish, self protective, self serving, self centered, self indulgent, self promoting, COWARDLY.... "No one chose war. They chose selfishness and the result was war." David Dellinger.

The Ultimate Perpetrator - The CHURCH. This brings us to the ultimate toxin, the ultimate Perpetrator of Hypocrisy - the Church of Love - whose "Priests" bless aircraft carriers, sanction war, protect pedophiles, HATE queers, HATE "Free Choice" and those that support it, Torture the Poor with Over Population, love the poor while bleeding them to death of their resources for their own big houses, fine robes, elegant buildings, support of the rich....
Remember the story about Gandhi? A mother came to Gandhi with her child, having walked for many, many, many miles. ' Gandhi, will you please tell my child to stop eating sugar?' 'Hmmmm, please bring your child back to me next month.' Frustrated, the mother agreed to do so. She returned with her child that next month, and to her distress received the same answer, and then again the 3rd time the same thing happened a month later still. On the fourth visit Gandhi said to the child, 'You must stop eating sugar.' Well the mother was both delighted and enraged! 'Gandhi, why didn't you say this the first time? This would have saved me all the enormous time we spent traveling?!?!?!' 'I couldn't say this to your child until now, because I was still eating sugar myself.'

The Ultimate Threat - Hypocrisy's (Chronic, Ongoing Dissonance between Word and Behavior) dual, ultimate malignancy / violence / destruction of Victim(s) AND Perpetrator.

Good News!!!!!! Diagnosis is 99% of the way toward cure!

Happy Easter!