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3/12 update. Cycling video log. I've been making an ass of me for 4 years? SMH.

Sat Mar 12:

  • 170 W sustained for 2 hours today was easier than 100w sustained a week ago.
  • Sucking your belly to create added room, James and focus on your lower lower spine as the place to push off from 10 until 2. 
  • Think push-ups.
  • Think reaching out from behind 10.
  • Push it out, reach out, move out, from 10 at the lower spine as low as one in from the base.
  • Savor The Impossible incredible power at half an inch from the base of the spine seated fairly squarely against the back.

  • The perineum is the crank axle, the three in femur stump the crank arm.
  • Press the point at 2 in on the femur stump forward with between 10 and 40 lb of pressure, from 10 until 2, repeat.
  • That's it. It's heaven.


Notice: quite certain is James that he finally understands the biomechanics outlined below and in these videos. And he expects to be updating this particular Post in coming days, as opposed to issuing more new ones. Check back.
  • Gently wind things in close. In a deadlift you pick up the pot close to your chest. You climb a rope right against your body. You wrestle your opponent really close in. Same with this cycling.
  • The first 3 in of your femur is a mirror image of the pedal crank arm.
  • To maintain the close tight relationship between your femur and your torso, accelerate, or sometimes decelerate gently, your velocity, Cadence.
  • If you ask it, your body knows that there is only one part of the body that can possibly power into the pedal crankshaft, the lower Torso and first 3 in inches of the thigh. The extremities of the leg are critically important linkages, but no more than that.
  • Luke, wage the 3-inch demer stuff with the Torso. You have nothing else. You need nothing else.avoid distractions, Temptations, get everything else out of the way of the femur stump  let them do their job, keep them coiled up close to the b e l l y. A slight lingering there give it reality and position to the Torso.
  • Monumental importance. Awareness of the entire femur stuff awareness of the entire crank arm but ribbon is Pocus on up, I'll point the third up on East. A permanent relationship keeping track of that is not feasible or necessary. Focus on the points and drive the point on the femur stump forward it will understand its doing so is pushing the corresponding point on the track star further forward. Linear it can handle, curbing it cannot.