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SL here. Friends, I'm severing all ties but those committed to our neediest.

Christ Jesus is told, 'Your mother and your brothers are outside.'  Christ Jesus
replied, "Who are my mother and my brothers?"

Friends, I'm expecting to sever all communications / ties but those radically
committed to our neediest.  Huh?  Start, I thought you'd already done that! 

First of all, my Love for each and every person is unconditional, especially you all.
But in the face of the unprecedented horrors, dangers, emergencies of the last
few weeks I am more acutely aware of being almost entirely "alone" in putting
body on the line for Our Family - Palestinians,
Gulf Coastians, All Humanity thru the protection of/
standing with Pr. Obama... that I must further dispel the illusions I relentlessly
harbor as to who are "Family" to My Family - almost no one.  We are brutally
abandoned.  Remember the scripture of Jesus talking about the king that
threw a party, and all the invited guests had to decline - I just got married....
I just bought a house... etc, etc, etc.  It is about us.  God, the needs of our
suffering brothers and sisters calls out to us but we have excuse, after excuse,
after excuse....

I'm redoubling, I NOW NEED to redouble my attention exclusively on our neediest,
because more evident than ever, it is obvious that even those with whom I
have been blessed to associate, refuse to abandon even a significant amount
of their "stuff," meaningless selfish pursuits, for God, for Our Neediest.

Your Loving, but now much more remote, brother forever, no matter what,


"Spat into my face by the wealthy Jewess, 'You should be SHOT!'" SL

Among yesterday's drivebys outside the Holocaust Museum as I stood
silently, like a statue, in my American Flag shirt, holding my signs (below),
on day #4 of my 3-5 hour afternoon vigil there:
  • "You should be shot!" spat the wealthy, old Jewess, 4" from my face.
  • "Excuse me sir," she said to get my attention, "GO F*CK YOURSELF,"
    said the very pretty, tall, highly educated Holocaust Museum 
    Jewish executive
  • "YOU ARE JUST GENERATING HATE" said another wealthy, old Jewess, 
    with all the HATE she could muster.
"I could have saved thousands more if I could have convinced them that
they were slaves," said Harriet Tubman, starkly revealing how we are
enslaved by our own false perceptions of reality.  I'm thinking of 
myself, how I've been life-long-blind by a romantic, false notion that my
Israel-supporting brothers and sisters are these nice, suffering
victims.  Many, most, all in fact are so incredibly mercenary, so vile,
so sick that without compunction they can desecrate something as
horrible, sad, inhumane as the Holocaust to perpetrate exactly the
same evil on Our Palestinian Family.

God forgive me for my earlier blindness.  A movie that reveals this
dynamic clearly is "A Dry White Season," about a South African 
white man whose sight becomes clear, and the hate that engenders
in his wife, and other "nice," white South Africans.  "The power of 
one," and "Cry Freedom too show how we nice, over privileged folks
who dominate are really dead, blood sucking killers behind the 

Every bit as much as we white oppressors were ALWAYS seen as
brothers by MLK Jr, just so my insane Israeli are seen as Family by me.  I am almost
as distraught for their grotesque, living Deadness as I am for the HELL
they deliver to our Palestinian Family, entirely due to the 


To beloved friends that expressed concern -

Thank you Friends.  xx oo

I never have and never could do what I do for the purpose
of 'helping Connie.'  I've always considered this Thomas'
vigil.  Always have, always will.  My work at the vigil
ALWAYS has been to continue HIS work, and to leverage
the massive power that this thing has.  Now, doing it for
those reasons, do I go out of my way to be kind and
helpful to Connie?  I do.  I enjoy doing so.  I deplore her
behavior and ideas much of the time.  But I profoundly
respect her savant-like commitment, and it does keep
this Sacred monument going. 

My sun doesn't rise or set on anyone's behavior but
my own, so she shocks me with pain, but it is never, never
central to my life.  Sort of a different chronic neck ache
that only rarely goes away.  :-)  :-(

But now, if my work is ever called away from the vigil,
her behavior and statements enumerated below, well, they sure take
away any sense of obligation that I might otherwise
have had.  I've done as much as anyone could, or should.  Pity.
Oh well.

Love you,


Award for Paul, applause for Obama - Politico


Shock Therapy for My Family - Israel, We The Sheeple

Rough mockup of the new sign

I have to PhotoShop it, but this is the general idea.

START, Israel isn't on world domination!!! Friends, Israel is perfectly happy to destroy the entire world to achieve their aims. Our German sisters and brothers were insane. Our Israeli brothers and sisters ARE INSANE. We snap them out of their psychosis, or it is 1. More dead American soldiers killed by Arabs that despise us for enabling Israel to violate all international laws and human decency; 2. More dead Palestinians; 3. Blown up US cities by Arabs that hate our HATEFUL, ILLEGAL role.

A reply to my sister's questions: " what?? what's going on??? are you getting attacked???"

"what?? what's going on??? are you getting attacked???"

Start's reply -

Hey.  Well, it wouldn't matter if they were attacking me physically,
in large numbers, already. Maybe it is massively
important that I be attacked, but it is not my plan do draw
attack - physical or other on myself.  And it IS my intent to
place you all in a position to protect yourselves.  Yes, maybe
NOTHING will happen, to me, OR any of you.  Maybe the Deep
Water Horizon well wouldn't blow up, BP said, but it did.

Did the poster I had at the Museum today come thru in my email to you?
AOL sucks as far as passing links and photos.  Here's the link
just in case.,+ISRAEL.jpg


Half a dozen wealthy, over educated Jews
found it massively offensive.  It is nothing, NOTHING compared
to the one I am designing now.  You'll see, tonight or tomorrow.

I've known for many months that I was to be at the Holocaust
Museum doing something like this.  Now, it is clearly the time - tween
my morning and evening shifts - noon till 5pm, unless Connie
crosses the line to far in her abuse and violence toward me,
her "nigger," in which case it may be time to make the holocaust
museum full time.  BTW, I understand Col. Ann was on the
flotilla.  Any word?  In a letter that MAY have been hand-carried
to Pr. Obama, I think I shared it with you at Christ-mas time,
I told him that if need be, he needed to put his very life on the
line to stop the genocide of our Palestinian family - that it was
putting EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the world at risk.  Funny,
every time I think that someone ELSE should do something, sooner
or later the finger comes pointing at me.  :-)

They may ignore me.  They may make an example of me - hurting
me and everything I attempt to do for the rest of my days -
making me poison (even more than I am already) to every one
and every thing that could ever imagine connecting with me.
That they could care to do this to me, could be delusion and
aggrandizement on my part, but it is not.  But realizing that
they DO this - is utter reality.  I've felt bits of it earlier in my work
with Darfur when naively I used Rachel Corrie as an example of
the level of self-risk, paying the price we needed to all display.
Oh my God, Zionists, heavily involved with Darfur, using it as
cover for their Genocide of the Palestinians I see, now, just
as they use the Holocaust as cover; well, out of the blue,
at light speed they incinerated me.  I had no idea what hit me.
But in naive shock I backed off like mad, and they relented.
I'll not back off this time.

Hey beloved sis, I'll be writing and maybe even shooting some
self-interview to be transparent on all this for anyone that
is interested.  You'll see more the next few hours and days,
but I don't have much time, so pls be patient with me.

sl    ps:  I know you care, I think, maybe I'm getting too
weird even for you, and your caring means a lot to me.

pps:  Email below had some pretty clear thoughts about what
I'm up to here.  Pls read carefully too.

SL here. I'm pondering how to sever ties with you, to protect you.

I'm now in front of the Holocaust Museum attempting to be
shock therapy for my Israeli Family.  Today I had this ...


with me.  Tomorrow
I'll have a 2nd stating
what I stated verbally
when attacked today -

Israel - Today's Nazis.

These are the most
vicious folks on the
planet today.  To hurt
me they may try to
hurt you.

The next email I send
you I expect to be my
last to you, until I
see how this plays out.



ps:  Contemplate your own protective measures - don't email me, de-"Friend" me at
Facebook, Blogger, wherever, etc.  I'll honor and support any and all steps you take.

SL here. My desperate attempts to draw his punches, failed -

As the day started to cool yesterday, 4 hours after I took up
my post in the street in front of the White House, starting
to pass out from the 92 degree sun, about 70 from the
DC Ranters Club, uh, I mean "activists," came to
whine, I mean, demonstrate in front of the White House, for an entire hour!!!!! Hey,
the slaughter of 15 of the world's greatest souls deserves
at least an hour, tween lunch and dinner, don't you think?

A look into the aid flotilla attack by Israel (1)
A look into the aid flotilla attack by Israel (1)

Well, the press that gathered didn't know how self serving
this group is, so the mid 50's guy stripped to the waste, acting
like a drunk, drawing all the Press Camera shots was an
attack on our Palestinian Family's plight.

The DC Spoiled Brats Club was upset, angry, impotent,
cowardly and completely ineffectual as usual. 

After stashing my stuff at the Vigil, my large poster and American
Flag umbrella, I made a b-line for the guy, but not before
passing one of the more serious activists I recognized and saying,
"I'm gunna try to draw a punch from this guy to get him outta here.
You'll need to get coverage for me at the vigil 6pm-10pm."
He nodded agreement. 

I got 1" from the guy's face and started
taunting him.  Did I hate him?  Was I angry
at him?  Was I trying to hurt him?  He's my brother, how could
I do any of those things?  I was desperately trying to draw
a punch which would get at least him, and maybe both of
us arrested, and thereby mercifully get him away from destroying
all the press coverage of the Gaza Activist Slaughter by

Within seconds a late twentys Secret Service officer was on
us.  He recognized me, tho we've never spoken.  "Don't touch
him or I'll have to arrest you," he said as much out of concern
for me as anything. "I'm totally not going to touch him," I
declared as I jammed my hands deep, deep into my pockets,
"but I've got to get him to punch me so you can arrest him, or
the both of us and get us away from destroying this press coverage."

The Officer was taken aback, but relaxed and backed off as
he saw that I'd disarmed myself with hands deep in pockets.
I'm sure he was a bit stunned, curious, and more than a bit respectful.
Immediately I was back in this guys face.  He
had tattoos on his back talking about peace.
I yelled nasty things in his face, meaning none of them, but
trying to draw the punch (my preference over a kick to groin
which I was totally defenseless agianst. 
Within seconds, the officer (watched
by 10 more) was at my side, this time clearly trying to see if he
could help, without violating the guys rights, but trying to keep
me from getting hit.  He didn't know what to do, but it was way
cool he at least was there trying. 

Between my ludicrous taunts, and the officer's presence, all of
a sudden the massively inappropriate guy (who I'll leave nameless
to protect him) went totally relaxed, and half smiled.  Melted.  "15
of the world's greatest Peace Makers were slaughtered by Israel
this morning in international waters.  Why are you trying to
interfere with this group's attempt to bring attention to that???,"
I screamed in his face?  "Huh," he said, indicating he knew not
what I was talking about?  I explained about the Zionist commando
massacre of the activists in international waters.  "I didn't know,"
he said.  "Well, instead of you and me drawing attention away
from the demonstration, let's walk down the street and I'll fill you
in," I suggested.

Off we went.  He instantly and totally changed before my eyes, but I kept
him talking with me, safely 30 yards from the action for another
15 minutes, as I didn't fully trust what he'd do if he went back.

Your brother,


ps:  About 2 hours later he was back at the park, to find me at
the Vigil - "Hey Start, I'm sorry for what I did."  Hey, stuff happens."
We enjoyed shaking hands warmly, and he was off on his way.

Protesting Gaza Aid Convoy Massacre Start Loving joined by others  at White House
Protesting Gaza Aid Convoy Massacre Start Loving joined by others at White House

Glenn Beck's attack on Malia Obama angers public

Pls Broacast:



Protesting Gaza Aid Convoy Massacre Start Loving joined by others at White House

I expect to be diverted from the internet for In-the-Sun Gaza demos

Tween my morning and evening vigil shifts I was in the full sun
smack in front of the White House sidewalk 5 hours today.  I suspect
that will be my meager, pitiful routine trying to be a brother
to our Palestinian Family, and you.

So if you see a change in my behavior, things slowing down, or
falling by the wayside, that's whats up.



Isreal Masacre in Int'l Waters. I'll be at WH Gates w/ this. YOU?

Isreal Masacre in Int'l Waters.  I'll be at WH Gates w/ this.  YOU?


2' X 3'

Krugman NYT: The Pain Caucus

"Nazis schooled Israel well - If it leaves your Addictions and mine alone, they can ...." SL

"Nazis schooled Israel well - 
If it leaves your Addictions and mine alone, 
they can kill whomever they want, 
whenever they want, 
wherever they want.
(Even if it kills our children,
our Troops, our "terrorist"
victims.)"  SL



Israeli Navy Approaches Gaza Flotilla New York Times

TIME/MSNBC: BP Oil Spill Is Bush’s Second Katrina

If you like our Troops Dying - DON'T Read, Watch, Share or Broadcast this -

Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)

16MAR2010: In his recent testimony (pdf) before the Senate Armed Services Committee, CENTCOM chief Gen. David Petraeus stated that "insufficient progress toward a comprehensive Middle East peace" is among the "issues that serve as major drivers of instability, inter-state tensions, and conflict."

2006 Iraq Study Group — the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a key driver of instability in the Middle East, and that working toward a resolution to the conflict is an essential U.S. national security interest.

Why Our Troops Die - Petreus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to  make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petraeus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)
Why Our Troops Die - Petreus to Congress 16MAR2010 (& how to make it stop)

" 'Love-life,' is neither, but rather Lust-death." SL

" 'Love-life,' is neither, but rather Lust-death."  SL

"Your Being is Mortal Combat, Love V Lust, till 1 wins, and 1 (or millions) dies." SL

"Your Being is Mortal Combat,
Love V Lust,
till 1 wins, and 1 (or millions) dies."

As oil spill damages Gulf, will US change energy use? MiamiHeral

Do we continue to spectate?  Really?  REALLY?!?!!?!?

Barack Obama 'heartbroken' as BP top kill fails to plug Gulf oil spill The Guardian

SL here. I'm sensing real terror by the Zionists with my new graphic...

It tells the Truth they are in terror of being revealed. 

I expect they'll be coming for me violently, now.

"SALVATION IS soooo Loving the Neediest, that our Self just vanishes away." SL

"SALVATION IS soooo Loving the Neediest, that our Self just vanishes away."  SL