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A fellow I know mentioned that he is soon going to have a child....

 Some very thoughtful and well-intended individuals think that we can only become, or we are most likely to become, full human beings when we take responsibility for the life of the child. In my own case there's much truth to this oh, that is the things I'm glad of in my character probably would not have happened had I not had two biological offspring. In our horrible culture it is more likely that that responsibility will bring out the worst in us. But if we take great care it may do the former. It has always been true that the choice before us that we refuse to see but the choice before us each individual is to live a life of pleasure  safety material well-being, or, or, or, a life with joy which allows the former to be at riak and is willing to pay that price for Joy, forgetting self and serving others. What has not been true until now is that every child  virtually now faces material hell where the old choice of Happiness safety and comfort material wealth is no more. So it is only those children by luck and or good parenting that have their taste for loving service of others for joy nurtured that will have a life worth living. Hugs.


The Amish vegetable man, Jan.

 Oh, and at the very end James mention to Dan, for years I tried to stop the Armageddon I tried to get in his way and what that taught me was we're not going to wake up we are not going to stop at that left me with a question will change what do you want to do? The answer that came to me was, you're going to do what you can to stir a soul so that they can find joy in the material Armageddon anyway. Dan's reflexive reply which was genuine was, that's all any of us can do.


Could genocide really happen here

This article was shared widely by me and led to this following messenger dialogue with a very thoughtful fellow.
B: Have you read anything by Guy Macphearson?  He concludes with quite a bit of scientific research that our climate will only sustain mamals (humans) only 10 more years
J: Hey man! No, because it has been clear to me for years now that the apocalypse will not be stopped. I believe my responsibility and I think the opportunity of us all is to Pioneer how to live joyfully in the apocalypse oh, the unmitigated material hell, so that we can show others how to do the same. I believe this is exactly what the man Jesus did and I suppose Buddha as well. It is irrelevant that we have the material and scientific means to save the planet we do not have a tiny fraction of enough sane in human being to use those material means and the science to do so. Of course I may be wrong but it has been horribly clear to me pretty much since Standing Rock. And our opportunity to show how to live joyfully anyway is such a wonderful opportunity. I shared the article I did uncharacteristically of me in recent years because I think it is a warning particularly those at greatest risk should have to consider getting out of the country while it's still possible.

But as to the premise of the book you mentioned I suppose part of me hopes it's true because I'm not a fan of prolong the misery. For me or for anyone.

And thank you for telling me of the book. I will be looking into it as input as to how much time the project has left.


***** Noam Chomsky. "It is hard even to find words to capture the scale of the crimes they are contemplating. A small but telling example is a 500-page environmental

It is hard even to find words to capture the scale of the crimes they are contemplating. A small but telling example is a 500-page environmental.... assessment produced by Trump’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calling for cancelling new automotive emissions standards. They have a sound argument. The study projects that by the end of the century temperatures will have risen 4 degrees Centigrade. Auto emissions don’t add that much, and since the game is pretty much over, why not have fun while we can — fiddling while the planet burns.


Ignite Soul log May 26th. It's all going down. Being soul, of creator, for joy, and for others, the work to be done.

More hours of work and study of Jesus teachings, as translated by the extraordinary Soul, Leo Tolstoy. James Studied Tolstoy quite deeply 20 years ago. And now again after 20 years more experience. Everything decent is in flames. Possibly in this extreme Darkness the light of Jesus through the Tolstoy translation is that much clear?

I thought so periodically over the last 20 years and then been distracted away. Again I'm finding myself persuaded. Toward intensity? Toward being distracted away again?

Not many years ago a beautiful poem, at least it seemed that way to me at the time, was about, kindness is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

being that of creator, Creator rains and provides sunshine on the evil and on the good. Being that. Which is the soul in charge. Is that the only thing that makes sense anymore?

At the moment I can't think of anything that makes as much sense.

This will be interesting going forward.

Part of being of the Soul, inseparable, is being glad to die at any time, though not careless of the opportunity to be of service. All those of any goodness to retain that goodness in the accelerating hell that is the United States, the den of evil, to hold on to that goodness, their soul, must learn to be glad to die when the time comes. Not knowing when that is. But being ready. I think James is.


MMASS DD. Everything is dying now of Massive Mutilation Assault and Starvation of Soul Destruction Disorder. MMASS DD.

This is the science of it. This is the physics of it. The only chance for Humanity, for the human species, was to accelerate evolution by placing the soul, the mamalian brain, in charge of reptilian brain and cerebral cortex, we have done the opposite and aggressively visited mass disorder on virtually all of humanity.

There have been those that saw this mass destruction, throughout history, Confucius, Budda, Hillel, Jesus , Muhammad, Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and others. They have been ignored, crucified, turned into bromide State, used as room deodorizer on the otherwise slaughterhouse stench of our cultures these last seven thousand years.

It is now beyond hope for the species and a million other species immediately. It is beyond hope. But there will be remnants, poor souls, brought into the world by already dead soul-crippled parents, because no one of soul would bring another child into this deadly hell of a world in writhing deathspiral.

But none the less there will be remnants, there will be the The occasional blade of grass that for some unknown reason has the potential to sprout out through the otherwise toxic waste dump to the re-ignition, The Rebirth, of their soul, their DNA given limbic system in charge. And all of our efforts must go toward these green shoots.

And what is the form of this mass disorder?

Churches, Synagogues , mosque, schools…. They are death chambers for the soul. They are places where children are sent to be turned into cog in society, in business, in the corporations, in corporate medicine,.... and this is not possible without first destroying the Soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, or so cripping it that it is totally totally near death. The soul being the place of honesty, truth, wisdom, compassion, unity, revolution when necessary, justice, goodness, equality, community, Universal family. Business can't have that! Psychology can't have that! Academia can't have that! Politics can have that! Extraction industries can't have that! Politics can't have that! Klan supremacy can't have that!

No, these are death chambers for the soul. Gas lighting, is mutilation of thinking capacity, death to the notion that earth can be heaven, no, only some life after this hellish existence. Realize your Creator given potential as a human being? No! Become a cog in the machine! Destroy those wings, burn them, mutilate them! Docile thinking machine, or useful docile arms and legs for some soul-crippled monster at the top to manipulate and exploit! All causing Walking Dead, joyless, pleasure-addicted mutilated creatures.

And what must we do now to counteract this massive destructive disorder?

What is known of that, and the elements of that answer are to be found at this site, which is an ongoing work in progress.

But the essential challenge, the essential need, to help those One in a Million grass shoots against impossible odds, is to create the mechanisms that Foster, nurture, life based on intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic. Although this is not the language at all or purpose of a book called Born to Be Good, Dacher Keltner, a mediocre book, but an important placeholder, our neuro biology is pointed to here that supports, and calls for this effort.

James has long diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and underestimated the scope of the disorder. Up until now understanding it as MEDD, massive empathy deficit disorder. It goes much Beyond empathy.