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Act, Enough, Now, or these kids lose their teachers, meals... Future. Lives.

Organizing for Action Start --

Megan Allen is a fifth-grade teacher in Tampa, Florida. At her elementary school, 90 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Many live in poverty, with unstable home lives -- some have parents in prison, others go hungry over the weekends. But at school, they're winning science fairs, challenging themselves, and eating two hot meals a day.

For Megan's 36 fifth graders, school is a safe place. The budget cuts known as the sequester could change that.

In the county where Megan teaches, 142 schools stand to lose $3 million in funding. The sequester could also slash as much as $2 million in federal funding for special education.

When those cuts kick in, Megan's students could lose teachers that help them every day -- for example, the folks who coach them through tricky arithmetic, or give those who are having reading trouble the special attention they need. The Head Start programs that got these students ready for kindergarten will be dramatically cut down. Their class sizes could go up, leaving less time for individual attention.

The sequester isn't a list of numbers made up to scare you. It's a very real thing that will negatively impact real people -- like Megan's 36 students and their families.

Congress needs to hear those stories. They need to know that their inaction has consequences -- that's the only way we'll put an end to these cuts.

Share your story right now on how the sequester is affecting your community:

Thanks for speaking up.


Lindsay Siler
National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

Let's finish what we started. Chip in $75 or more to Organizing for Action, the grassroots movement that will get the job done.


***** vid WashPo: Lincoln's Army Carried him. I'm re-joining the Citizen Army that carries Pr. Obama

***** vid WashPo: Lincoln's Army Carried him. I'm re-joining the one that carries Pr. Obama

Pr. Lincoln was carried to greatness on the shoulders of the sweat and toil of a citizen army. And Pr. Obama too. I'm rejoining that army - Organizing for Action, and you need to do the same. We'll not get another chance, and neither will the next 2000 generations of those that follow us. The need is now. The time, is now.


Obama wins praise abroad for climate change goals. Reuters

Obama wins praise abroad for climate change goals.


01.22.13 Day 20: Heard Pr. O yesterday. Expecting to Terminate the Fast; Devote to Pr. Obama's/Our Organizing for Action

Speech Gives Climate Goals Center Stage. 

Barring anything to the contrary, I expect that by tonight I'll have decided to terminate the Fast and redirect my Life in the direction of Pr. Obama's / Our, Organizing for Action army against Climate Change / Ecocide - and I suggest you, and everyone you know, do the same.  Now.

As I've maintained loudly, for 5 years now, Pr. Obama is the greatest Leader the world's ever seen.  I know almost nothing, except High Stakes, Complex Leadership - what I've studied and practiced my entire adulthood, as an "Organizer" within and between high-tech businesses, while Pr. Obama started by doing it in disadvantaged neighborhoods of color.  I "know" Pr. Obama better than anyone I've ever encountered or heard of except his immediate staff, no credit to me, but that's the fact of it.

Now, Pr. Obama has an army, Organizing for Action, enabling him to go after Ecocide, which in my small way I've begged for, and helped build - including over 700 phone calls (32nd most productive caller in the nation at one point I was) to get him elected, preventing Romney, btw, who would have been the final nail in the coffin of our American experiment, and in Earth's ability to support diversity of Life.

I know of no activist, no environmental activist, that KNEW that if and when he could, Pr. Obama would fight to Avert Ecocide with his very being.  But I always knew it, having honed my Vision for Leadership my entire life.  It was obvious.  And Now, thanks to fellow citizens from the American Center, he 'can,' he has a way - us, in Organizing for America - a citizen Army.  And until I see otherwise, I expect by tonight, to have redirected from the Fast, to that Army.

Mother Nature will give us no more time.  We've run the clock out on our children's future.  Pr. Obama, a Truth Seeker, a father, our Brother... knows this, and a lot more.   Join him.  Join us.

Should I abort the Fast, my digestive tract will be in chaos as it re-learns to consume normal calories - making an immediate return from recent refuge here in Phila, to the streets of DC, the Canadian Embassy, ill-advised for a few days, at least.

Yet, if I re-direct, I'll also need to make a priority securing and enduring cancer treatment, provided that I can make lodging arrangements that satisfy the hospital / care facility but arrangements that leave me free to fight in the Army on each of those days I'm not in treatment or recovering therefrom.


videolog Ecocide's Death Fast redoubled 01.21.13  

Pr. Obama's Inaugural Speech Was Bold, But Following Through Won't Be Easy. TIME