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SPDF: When the police start acting like a gang A journalist learns that if you photograph Border Policemen committing a felony, you’ll probably end up paying for it.

**** CRUCIAL.PLS READ. 'if Israel dropped its guns, not a single resident would be alive within days....... more

****  CRUCIAL.PLS READ. 'if Israel dropped its guns, not a single resident would be alive within days. If Syria, Hamas, the PLO, and Hezbollah droped their guns, there would be peace in the middle east.'  ( this comment from a high school classmate from the white, criminally elitist, Wall Street banker suburb in northern New Jersey, Short Hills, in which I was raised and indoctrinated to my life of sociopathic white overprivilege, exploitation, subjugation...  ).

MY REPLY.  'You are right.  I stand corrected. You make a good point.

That's why the white plantation owners in the south needed to oppress, enslave, subjugate the n******. That's why the white European colonists needed to exterminate upwards to 100 million native Americans. That's why the white Europeans in South Africa needed to so savagely oppressed the blacks, stealing their resources, stealing their land, from those non white savages. That's why the white Australians have needed to exterminate and opress the Aborigines. That is why you white supremacists needed to exterminate upwards of 100 million blacks in the Congo. It is why you needed Jim Crow in the south, and your oppressive, white racist police forces across the United States today.

And yes, as you correctly assert, that is exactly why Israel today needs to imprison the rightful owners of the land between the river and the sea, those by nature, genetically, inferior, savage, godless Arab Muslims who demonstrated their subhuman, savage, evil, warlike, terrorist... nature by having the audacity to live peacefully with the 3% minority Jews for thousands of years in the land of Palestine, in their 500 villages, and their relatively advanced, civililized, peaceful, Godly, culture. It is why Israel needed to preemptively mount a massive terror campaign, Plan Dalet, in November of 1947, mount 30 to 50 atrocities including the rape of women, the summary execution of old men, pregnant women, children, such as in Deir Yassin, in November of 1947, expelling through terror and force 250 thousand of the native inhabitants against all international law, against the UN Charter that allowed for the creation of Israel, and against their explicit promises to the United Nations . It is why, among the population that unlike Europe had welcomed them as protection from the Nazis, it is why they needed to carefully and aggressively build military units in anticipation of the ethnic cleansing, incremental genocide, campaign that Ben Gurion engineered and preemptively launched in November 1947, and it is why every day since with ever increasing savagery, the white Israelis have needed to persecute, torment, terrorize, and terminate the Palestinians.

Unless you sociopathic white state terrorists oppress, exploit, rape, colonize, ethnically cleanse, mass murder , exterminate... the non-whites, they will kill you, you a assert, over, and over, and over, and over.... .

The only slight problem with what you say is that your argument is based on three things that are just ever so slightly questionable:

1. Ignoring that you white supremacists are the ones that actually do the mass murder, state terrorism, consummate deceit, consummate lives, unending exploitation, unending terrorism ,

2. It is not their behavior, the non-whites, but you're pathological rhetoric, insane, savage lies and propaganda about what the non-whites will do, that suggests that they would kill someone. Not their behavior. But hey, who's going to value their behavior over your lies, deceit, and propaganda. Of course what you whites say matters, and what they don't do, as inconvenient for us that may be, doesn't matter.

3. The non-whites ( any and every oppressed, occupied, population ) by international law have the right to resist by any and every means available the war criminality of you white, racist, bigoted, sociopathic, state terrorist colonizers, oppressors, exploiters,, robbers, subhumans... .

Have a nice day

SPDF Day 52-14: Supreme Court allows state to replace Bedouin village with Jewish one