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Financial Rapids ahead for this Mission. Heads up. Several of you have indicated that you are committed to helping this Mission financially.

James is probably going to plunge this Mission into dangerous Financial Waters where it is not been for many months now. Two weeks ago and tomorrow major investment in an infected tooth, the extraction being tomorrow hopefully. Hopefully affordable at a community health clinic. The pain is saying not to let this go on any longer.

Another other issue is the ongoing pain with this wonderful vehicle. Forever there has been far too much stress on the current mechanical and electrical system in that rear drive wheel. It is a constant source of Maintenance and expense and breakage and damage and catastrophic risk. Also although the vehicle has enough power it does not have enough traction for those times that a camping spot needs to be reached on a off pavement, gravel or packed dirt road and with the dystopia we're headed into this is likely to be more and more frequently essential. So within a week it may well be that James will plunge into the major expenditure of putting two Motors in the rear trailer wheels.

And his portal on the world, his cellphone, the refurbished that he got a year ago, well he finally cracked the screen and that was a major expenditure today to get repaired.

So for those that do not want to see this Mission die prematurely from lack of financial funds James does not see an immediate need for your help. But it is likely that all of the cushion that he's been able to establish will be gone within several weeks and if there are any other blows then your help might make the difference between survival and not.

Cycling this vehicle with the idea of keeping the crankshaft turning is quite miserable. Cycling it with the idea of doing as large a share of energy every inch as I can is quite wonderful and automatic. I owe more posts on this. True for many weeks now.