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Things are progressing well.


And now this.
And release is now scheduled for tomorrow morning which I'm glad about because I'd like to stay here long enough that we verify that yes I'm really consuming and processing everything properly.


First the bad news....

 While sleeping I messed my bed. And of course that's the good news. Fish about 45 minutes after receiving the pint of fluid down my NG Tube which was to be dye for contrast x-ray to pinpoint the blockage, and also act like a laxative. Not yet if I had any medical discussion about this was just happened but it must mean that surgery will not be necessary which is a great blessing.

Oh, and most are all of the die is gone having visited the bathroom twice as well.


An extraordinary team.

 UP Health System - Marquette (906) 449-3000

These folks are just as sharp as they can be and as kind as they can be. The tube is back in but not the same one the large-diameter this is the smallest they have because the needs are different now, so thoughtful and expert. Much less uncomfortable.

NG tube going back in

 Also there is a chemical they want to put down in my stomach, apparently it tastes like vomit, can't be swallowed and they need the tube in place to be able to put that there, it both helps the system get going and also apparently enables them to do more precise diagnosis some sort of Imaging I guess as to what's going on.

Notice anything different?


This is second or third time I've been hospitalized for bowel obstruction associated with the cancer surgery. It's just a  known byproduct of doing extensive  abdominal surgery. The prior times the NG tube has been left in for 24 48 72 hours. My doctor, Tomah, she said we'll hook up your pump again and see if it's productive and if not we'll take the tube out. So about 2 this how out it  came, hurt like the blazes and then within 15 minutes felt almost normal. Slept well. Today they give me some meds some combination of three chemicals that they have found can increase the chances of the Bowel resolving and starting to move again. Then it's pretty much wait and see. The  surgeon here was not particularly pleased with what he saw on the CT scan. He's not real hopeful this will resolve itself as it has the prior times and that surgery may be required. To my knowledge the big problem with surgery is it creates even more scarring and therefore more potential for this to happen again. We'll see.




Keeping the world's suffering children in the room with me is immensely helpful, gratifying, joyful.


Surgery requirement not unlikely


Worst pain ever? passed out in the lobby lost bladder control


Waiting things out outside the medical facility.


It feels like a bowel obstruction, from cancer operation scarring, they hospitalized me several times before for this. Since 3 this morning. Trying to resolve it here in place.

 I am not pessimistic about it resolving itself. Once before I got it to do that years ago in DC.

Update. If this is resolving it is doing so very slowly and there are two time factors that could be a problem, dehydration, I'm avoiding taking anything that would put pressure on the stomach, and the stomach filling with file in that works against the resolution process. So the Saul and I are planning to head toward the hospital or emergency care that's about 2 hours away to be in the vicinity if it looks like we need further help. And this need to Head East maybe one final warning not to go west into the mega drought and fires. Probably.