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Maybe a Cornerstone of my most joyful year, freshman year in college, was just rediscovered. Untested, too important not to mention. The Ironclad rule that regardless we must be fully rested for the next day. Every day.

 Maybe a Cornerstone of my most joyful year, freshman year in college, was just rediscovered. Untested, too important not to mention. The Ironclad rule that regardless we must be fully rested for the next day. Every day.


If I could ask God one question, I'd ask her, how could it have taken me more than 6 years to find my relationship to this vehicle? There's no other way I could find out.

 3 things definitely to my credit. 1. I knew I didn't have a working relationship with this vehicle. 2. I was near certain it was possible., 3. And day after day, day after intensely frustrating day, I chose not to commit suicide, and to continue the attempt. Madness. Divine madness?

Today was was a monumental breakthrough, and would not have happened without climbing Peak after Peak after Peak after Peak after Peak for more than 6 years, more than 54,000 miles.

Early in the day today a question came which quite possibly could not have come earlier and not been answered earlier than today, james, why don't you meet the vehicle where it is, where it is in your legs, rather than searching for it each stroke? What I believe made that question possible and the answer possible, was, embracing to a much higher level than ever, the legs do not work in tandem james, not in this vehicle, not on these roads, they are independent agents that can coordinate with one another, and they can't ask for help, in fact they need to constantly provide help, to the Torso and the arms.

And with those in place on today's ride they were able to begin answering the question, why not meet the vehicle where it is, for the first time in 6 years. And for the first moments they thought that answer was felt at the back of the thighs and on the arch of the foot. But then quickly something new materialized. Wait a minute james, it is felt in the entire area of the ankle and the foot. With the legs operating independently as agents, and not locked into some relationship with the torso, they can make the choice to stay in constant relationship with the vehicle at the ankle and in the foot area.

And that A Whole New World opens up. So in this relationship area, james, you can make independent choices. You can choose to have that area higher or lower physically relative to the vehicle, and lower is a much longer stretch for your legs, and higher is much shorter. Shorter is the obvious choice. Yes the thighs complain a little bit about holding things higher but not a big deal. Not today anyway.

And james, you know how you've wanted to use a whole range of muscles? And we're always awarded in that one way or another? But guess what, by maintaining a constant relationship with the vehicle in this way, all of a sudden your ankles and the balls of your feet see what they can do. They can articulate forward at the 2:00 and 3:00 area of their region and thereby help maintain that higher and closer area of contact which the thighs and the rest of the legs prefer. And also add a little bit of energy there toward contribution to your overall movement. And guess what the heels can now do, within that region, that area of constant contact, that's fear of contact, that tube of contact, they can pull back both helping to keep the area of contact closer to the buttocks which the whole leg area prefers, and also adding energy at the same time. Engaging new muscles, relieving the area, the most contribution area the first 2/3 of the thighs.

Will this be replicable tomorrow? Not if history holds. Just one more slightly higher Peak with others endlessly stretching beyond.

HHowever, and I thought this many many times before, I think this is different, I think this is a Quantum Leap to the final Plateau where we can refine from here.

The video is just the first part of these Revelations today. The rest of them and all of them outlined in the post above.

Notice, this my primary blog for many many years has stopped being so since at least the beginning of this year. Now I use it pretty much just for the occasional cycling breakthrough. All of the posts that are fundamental in my life, and the fundamental contributions I hope to make, are posted at and secondarily at my Facebook page.


The mission that a lifetime has been developing me for.

 Note: this post is repeated from what has been my primary website these recent months and will be my primary personal website going forward,


The answer has been hiding in plain sight. But only this morning, before dawn, did my lifelong obsession come to a point, come together, come to a clarity. Christianity has appalled me, from my earliest memory, but Jesus has drawn me like no other individual in history as he has drawn many extraordinary Souls like Dorothy day, bonhoeffer, tolstoy, Walter Rausch & bush, Martin Luther King jr..... 

He taught and practiced a religion, and it wasn't christianity, and we've never tried it. That's a problem. That's a missed opportunity. And all this time it's been hiding in plain sight, right there in the non mystical non-dogmatic instructions and examples in the gospels. Not the stuff added after he died.

Who knows what would have happened if we had not diverted from his religion to Christianity? Who knows what will happen if some of us try to resurrect it and practice it in our own lives which means living so that we can Inspire others to do the same.

His body wasn't cold before for whatever well intended or awful blind reasons a new religion developed in the place of his, starting with mary, the women at the tomb, the so-called apostles, paul, john, John with revelations, constantine, the popes, luther, Calvin, virtually every preacher, every pastor, every priest all speaking in his name which he warned us about and said should never be allowed to happen. And it's all that's happened. Well I do my part to try and stop that now.

This morning his religion began a resurrection. How far will it go? Probably not far. Maybe it'll be killed again, in the crib. Like the first time. That's not for me to know.

What is for me to do starting now is to do my part of giving it a chance for rebirth, for resurrection.

All the appropriate domain names to do with Jesianity were purchased this morning. How telling that they were available? . com,.org,. Info . info is the one I will use, and the others were purchased to preclude some easy messing with the effort.

I won't be surprised if within a matter of days the website is constructed. And if it is clever, if it is creative, if it speaks for Jesus then it is no different than what we've been doing for 2,000 years. I don't think it will fail in that way. You must tell me if it does.

Speaking with a farmer that owns a massive property in This Magnificent part of the country the other day, nice fellow, about my age, climate destruction came up and he said oh how wonderful if there was a technology that would have saved the planet. Something came into my mind instantly that he said that and I shared it. We've had that technology for thousands of years. It's the teaching of jesus. Do not lay up Treasures on Earth. And why are we destroying earth? Because our religion is laying up Treasures on Earth rather than in the spirit and soul of our fellow creatures. shows prominently on this wonderful miraculous vehicle. As soon as replacement vinyl can be ordered those website names will be papered over with there is nothing at that site yet.

By next Friday my new uniform should arrive that I will wear over my existing black clothing to conserve on expense.

My task is to attempt to replant the seed. To replant the seed. It is infinitely Beyond me to know what consequence that will have. No more success than Jesus had I suspect. Objectively, factually, total failure. Aside from the obvious which is it could increase the odds that I'll be killed. As he was, for much the same reasons . No, I'm not feeling at all aggrandized. Lol. Which concerns me not at all except I would like to put the rest of my time, quite a bit I hope, are you listening creator? I would like to put the rest of my time into planning those seeds.

I expect that I will receive no help, no collaboration. Only being ignored, and maybe violently opposed. But I'll start saying now, help and collaboration is desperately needed of all types if well intended, well grounded, humbly provided from the soul. If only to review the materials and provide input. And if it's constructive, including saying, james, that's the wrong thing for you to attempt and this is why.

It seems to me at the moment quite clear that the method that I've used for planting seeds, this wonderful vehicle at a slow Crawl Through the country is an excellent vehicle for planting these seeds. The thought of resuming a 47 or 48 state tour occurs to me. I don't know that that's necessary, it would be much more strenuous, arduous, dangerous, exhausting, expensive, risky... I've just dropped down to 18 or 20 miles a day. But I'll keep it under advisement.

Of course all this is contingent upon the mosquitoes not killing me first. And they're winning so far.

The formation of this can be seen on what has been my active website for the last 3 4 5 months: and I expect to be using that site to prototype, really to refine, the content that is on that site and the root of everything,


Free Refrigeration, who knew? Some notes.

 Yes there are parts of the country in the world where the following totally does not apply. Sadly.

HHere in the mountains of utah, I have free Refrigeration that turns out. Who knew? From about midnight until 7:00 in the morning.

And was just a little bit of care that's all I need despite the hot days.

BBetween a small bottom of the line 12 can cooler, and towels and sleeping bags that I have for other reasons, if I harvest that free Refrigeration at 7:00 in the morning, using the insulation just described to keep it cool, I've got what I need for cool drinks, Refrigeration of vegetables so then instead of spoiling it a day they'll last three or four days, oh, and a cool beer at night.


Cycling. It's like pushing a car uphill

  • It's like pushing a car uphill, or coasting. That's it.
  • Leg presses one after another forever.
  • The 2 round places at the top of the pelvis on the back against the seat are our number one friends. Everything goes out from them.
  • The first three inches of the thighs are 80% of the power against that vehicle we are pushing


Most promising cycling developments ever.

 Promising encounter 2 trillion 789.

  • Stability of the pelvis makes relationship to the pedals predictable and without it the legs cannot cycle. If for whatever well intended reason, letting the Torso and the upper body help, or trying to do the job of the legs, you allow the pelvis to move, the legs cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot figure out what to do. 6 years have been lost to this I think. Tho we've learned a lot and gotten good exercise.
  • 100%, 110%, of the responsibility for cycling energy is from the legs.
  • It is also the responsibility of the legs to cycle in such a way that they ask from nothing, for nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, from the waste or the torso.
  • However the waste and the Torso can ask the question and respond, how can we position ourselves that nothing is asked of the waste or the Torso and the legs are empowered?
  • The legs can help themselves a lot by being aware of the mid thighs as an indicator, not a Thrust point, but an indicator and secondarily the feet. By doing so the legs are empowered to seek an amplitude and other minor Corrections that ease and smooth their job.
  • Being aware of the momentum of the mass that is the moving vehicle and torso through space particularly the very lower torso can be extremely empowering of a smooth sustainable rolling action by the legs and feet even encouraging them to decrease in effort so as not to create unnecessary acceleration. Very empowering.
  • And the next day more:
    • Nothing from the back, neither except nor demand anything from the back, other than the center of the pelvis up to the first vertebrae as an object to push against the seat.
    • Do not abuse the legs. Ask nothing more from them than they are able to give at the moment.
    • All movement of the legs, rolling movement, is to be initiated by and completed by the legs. Listen to them and adjust posture of the Torso accordingly. Pay particular attention to being forward enough in that posture that the balls of the feet don't have to go looking for something to push against at any point. Make sure that it's always there for them.


In defense of James insane struggle with this wonderful vehicle these last 6 years. A massively and wonderfully modified Organic Transit elf, not a 180 lb payload, But A 850 lb payload before I get in it. Because of...

 In defense of James insane struggle with this wonderful vehicle these last 6 years. A massively and wonderfully modified Organic Transit elf, not a 180 lb payload, But A 850 lb payload before I get in it. Because of... its weight, and internal rolling resistance, Tires heavily fortified against puncture, an internally geared motor with massive internal turnover resistance, it provides 30 times less feedback to the cyclist than a traditional vehicle. I wouldn't change a thing with today's technology unless someone points me to some breakthrough. We can climb anything that's paved and I love being in the mountains, it feeds me. It is a fabulous platform for my work, a true miracle. But it is insanely difficult to learn how to effectively move. I was called a world-class skier, I was a more than competent College swimmer, college skier, High School Runner, cross country runner, etc. And 6 years into it I think I'm just beginning to figure this thing out. The only sport I can compare it to in terms of difficulty is becoming a world-class golfer and this is much more difficult.


Cycling. Significant developments the last couple of days.

 * take responsibility for a certain portion of the mass, moving that, leaving the rest to Sol, but taking my portion as a sacred opportunity.

* assuming that mask, collecting it, but somewhere just above my belly.

* moving it along with us by cycling the legs, all aspects of the legs cycling. Only the legs.

* recognizing that the velocity of us over the ground is a key point of information and that all aspects of the legs cycling should be with respect to that and slightly ahead of and in in anticipation of but respectful of and not out of sync or discontinuous with that.


Update, nope. Cycling. Cycling, finally, after 6 years? Quite likely.

Was today extraordinary because recent days have been so hard? Possible but I don't think so.

Why is the Rubik's Cube not five times greater in each dimension? Because it would be so many variables that no one could make any sense of it.

Cycling is just the right amount of variables, not too few, but not too many. Guess what James has been trying to do for 6 years? Have an infinite number of variables to manage, almost literally, and he didn't realize it of course.

Some things that have been developing in the last weeks converged today into this realization and some other factors. In no particular order:

* cycling becomes possible when the Torso provides a sufficiently stable environment, even as much or more than the right relationship to sol.

* three points provide the environment where the legs can cycle. The very very lowest point of the spine or pelvis, about 3 in up from there in the spine, and the point in space where the toes would almost reach full extension but instead experience the place where they should slightly drop, a null space.

* the first two points when the upper point is slightly ahead of it provide a vector and a backboard if you will against which the legs can extend.

* it is entirely not the function of the Torso to provide any of the energy toward the pedals, it only confuses and introduces infinite variables and locks up the legs when it tries to do so.

* it is 100% the function of the Torso to provide the structure that frees the legs to cycle.

* one of the features of cycling is constant Cadence and in this case constant contact with that null space described above as the objective point and synchronizing point, the timing point, for the cycling.

* output has not been better in years. Perceived effort for output has not been better in years. Enjoyability has rarely been so good ever.

* an attribute of cycling is proactive initiative, the legs, need to feel proactive and somewhat in control and the above provides that, and the slightly aggressive tilt of the angle of the first two points, roughly the pelvis, is essential to the legs finding and having that initiative.

* 100% of the cycling is a convergence inside the triangle defined by those three points.

* update: It seems impossible to overemphasize that the starting and ending point is keeping the Torso properly occupied so that it is not trying to do the legs work and leaving to the legs the work of the Torso which is to create the frame of the cycle.

* and anchoring the bottommost point of the three at the base of the spine against the back of the seat so it can be pushed again, there may be nothing more important than that.

* and it is the opportunity of, it is needed of, the Torso by positioning it's own weight and gravity to cause all the energy to be within the triangle and not to escape.

* the opportunity of the Torso is to fulfill a proactive I've got you to the legs. The opportunity of the legs is a predictability for the torso. The focal point being cycling of the feet out to the no point.


Cycling. Is the recumbent seat back there to drive me insane?

I've had mostly cycling that felt wonderful for this last month or so as I frequently reported, each day better than the next. And beginning with the climb out of Boulder I knew nothing about cycling. I could make no sense of it. It's been Brute Force ever since. Not complaining, but frustrating and a bit discouraging.

2 days ago was a monster climb up through Rocky Mountain National Park. Magnificent. Taking nutrition before leaving at 5:40 in the morning, was totally forgotten. 3200 calorie day. Over 12,000 FT elevation at the top, oxygen deprivation.

About 3/4 of the way up, when every recalled technique was just not flowing, a new thought occurred. James, all you want is for this to have the intuitive Simplicity of a conventional bicycle, correct? Correct. Does the conventional bicycle have a seat back? No, it doesn't. Would you have wanted it to have one? No, I wouldn't. Then why do you want to use it on this recumbent bike? Because it's there? Maybe that's not a good answer james. And for the rest of the day where there was still a lot of peddling left, and yesterday in an hour's ride, it had the intuitive simple elegant nature of a conventional bike.

My recollection of the years I spent on a conventional bike, is now that the exertion is not between the back of a seat on the bicycle that doesn't exist, it is between the very lower part of the spine and the toes and everything in between.

All this brings to mind Jodie Foster in the movie contact where finally she does what doesn't make sense, she releases the safety belt of the seat into which she has been strapped. And all of a sudden things make sense.

Attempting to use the seat back for some sort of leverage in this recumbent sets up a thousand variations that change from instant to instant which means different body mechanics are required instant to instant. All occurring while the body is desperately trying to contribute energy to our travel, exhausted. It comes close to driving me insane everyday. By instead focusing james, your starting and ending point is the very base of your spine, the lowest part of your pelvis in the rear, the simplicity just was what it should be and the body could focus on what it needed to do, and the output has never been better, the cardiovascular workout has never been better.

Two or three hours of cycling is far from any proof. But James is not without some optimism.


James, a radical change, for now


What if Jesus, not the church, what if the man Jesus discovered, lived and taught (his 1000 teachings) the best way yet known to live an individual life of intense joy, love, peace, life?

This is a hypothesis that could be tested by science, wouldn't that be wonderful, but also by any individual.

For the joy of it, and out of a deep love for a suffering, dying, world James for the moment at least is making of his life as intense, accelerated, deep, honest experiment in this hypothesis as he possibly can.

He's always open to change when a better path presents itself, but he feels that this may well be the reason he was born, to undertake this experiment. To test this hypothesis with all his might.

At least over the next few weeks if not longer, this is likely to manifest in substantially changed behavior by James. He has spent the last 22 years overtly advocating for many causes. In order to increase his hopefulness for those causes, his usefulness for those causes, he expects to be rather maniacally focusing his efforts as described above, which will manifest in a withdrawal at least short term from over efforts for those causes.

He expects to be doing much or most of his posting now at the site in the picture above.


🤣. Is James being too hard on himself?

Many times during the day James is prompted by a randomized timer, Android application, to ask himself how he's doing in Jesus family business? The scale he uses is minus 5 to +5 and in recent days the ranking typically comes out around 3.2. 8.2 on a scale of 0 to 10. Better than he's been doing in years, or ever, but very exciting? Not really. A thought just occurred to him. James, how many are doing as well as you in the eyes of Jesus and his father, now or throughout history? Well what occurred to me is, very few now or ever. And that made me laugh. It continues to seem to me that it has occurred to No One except for James that what's important about Jesus is that he showed us the Joyful Way of being, given our DNA determined nervous system, which oh by the way could have saved the species, too late for that, but nonetheless the most Joyful Way of being for any individual that chooses to learn, follow, master his lead. And I'm not sure that Jesus even understood that. I think it had him rather than him grasping it. That fact. That it was the most joyful Way of conceiving of one's life and living ones life. Which is to say that as pitiful as his efforts are, James would in fact be delighting Jesus and his father, my father too, considerably higher than that 3.2, or 8.2 on a scale of 1 to 10. And that makes James sad. Because his abilities are so limited, no one will ever know what he's discovering, but that's beyond his control. For the joy of it James will continue to do his work.


Jesus the man: what if every moment of his adult life what's the most gratified that anyone has lived?

I've always thought that this was the case. And for weeks now I'm explicitly experimenting on myself to see whether that was true. From the gospels I'm attempting to understand as deeply as I can who he was and to be the same way inside.

Regardless of how he thought of it, what I'm seeing is someone that totally identified with the highest potentialities within him. Potentialities that were probably shaped by his upbringing including the Jewish prophets, and in my experiment I am having my highest moral potentialities shaped by my experience of the man Jesus in the gospels. And as he personified his, I'm personifying mine, my creator. And I'm working to have my every moment with a side glance over to that creator, and that's a thing for me now, asking myself, how can I make creator laugh at my next attempt at goodness? And when I connect with that I can feel Creator laughing, and that gives me joy.

This is madness to our world. Saturday that prevails in our world is destroying all of creation for today's children and tomorrow's grandchildren and great grandchildren at all species.

I I could reach the point of deciding that this is no longer a worthwhile experiment, and/or that the results are clear to me that his is not the most gratified life for some, many, or all of us humans. Living his internal life which is there for anyone to see through detailed examination of the thousand teachings he gave us on how to be in the world. All of my experiment so far indicates that it is. 

By living at means just above the federal poverty level I'm afforded the luxury of doing this experiment, at least some would see it that way. Others, if they were honest would say that I'm sacrificing everything important for this experiment.

This time of my work calls for some more weeks of getting as close to the man Jesus as those thousand instructions allow me to do. And that can best be served by continuing to be quite stationary as I am in this Owens valley area. And if I don't wear out my welcome then I expect for some more weeks to be here. And then to take myself back out into the world. To continue the experiment. And that others can see and experience the experiment in different settings and situations. Me too.


As I get to know Jesus....

20 years of focus, and now many weeks devoted to intimate understanding, I'm patiently waiting for increased Clarity that percolate Within me. What are the primary things that were instrumental to him, that he tried to impart to us?

If and when I find sufficient clarity, five, 10 major elements, then I expect to affix those as labels making his 1,000 teachings searchable by those.

Progress is being made by me I feel, and these are current elements: 

Tickle Creator: keep Creator joyfully laughing at your pitiful attempts to do good in the world, as a toddler keeps the loving parent laughing with their joyful attempts.

Be of Jesus/Creator: so identify with creator and his earthly embodiment, Jesus, that you become more and more of them, as we might rarely say of a child, I see the parent in them.

Find Creator within you: Creator may exist outside of you, but clearly Jesus experienced Creator within him, the kingdom of God is within you. Make yourself, keep yourself, one with that creator within you, your highest moral potentialities. Personify that.

Fear Satan's World: fear, not as in cower, but as in the healthy respect one would have for keeping their finger out of the way of the knife blade. Everything outside the kingdom of your highest moral potentialities is hell. The place of pain, suffering, selfishness, hatred, hoarding, cruelty, anxiety, worry, depression, physical pain.... Every breath you remain in the kingdom within you is instead living the fruits.

Joy Peace Love Life the Fruits

If one of the few great psychologists there's ever been said to a patient, if you enter by me you will be saved. One...

 If one of the few great psychologists there's ever been said to a patient, if you enter by me you will be saved. One might be skeptical but one might also have faith in the psychologist. Jesus was the greatest psychologist that's ever been. That is how he should be understood. That's how I'm understanding him. And my experience is that he's correct.